False Prophet calls for "fire" from heaven

by: True Remnant Theology

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now when you're dealing with what happened five hundred years ago that split got into the hands of wicked spirits in heavenly places cut is for 500 years what will we call protesters what is a protest strife it's and the we hate we haven't been known for the way we love one another we've been known for our church fights and then you gotta know that but that was the big and the longer it went the more strength that devil gained these are wicked spirits in heaven because it got into governments I mean hey this thing's huge just huge and I'm sorry to say most of the church don't know it's over but they better find out I'll tell you what oh one of my favorite days and my life was with Pope Francis what a man he's one of my heroes and this is what he's all about this whole thing that's one of the things you've got me so on fire about and I am on fire I just heard I heard the Lord say this just two days ago [Music] 20:18 is the year of the Holy Ghost and fire the big 18 in 2018 the nine fruit of the Spirit and the nine gifts now released by the authority invested in me as a prophet of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ of metal I released the fire burn the chaff

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Last night, October 24th, 2017 Kenneth Copeland held an ecumenical meeting in Kansas City Missouri with Pope Francis watching by video and his representatives present. In this video Copeland claims to be God's anointed prophet and claims to have the power of God to bring fire from heaven to "burn the stubble", presenting a veiled threat to all the churches who do not get in step with the ecumenical movement. This is the formation of the image to the beast. #TrueRemnantTheology
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