Tabletop Escapades - Episode 71 "Uneasy Alliance"

by: Easy Allies

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hi everybody welcome back in tabletop escapade the mood right now is a little strange we just had a slightly contentious argument about dragon ball fighters roster so I emotions emotions are emotions are really high oceans are a little haggling in the episode which may be appropriate I'm detective Frank did this on purpose I just want to shoot the show man no I met it was Hubert did you put in the Hubert put the characters that people love in the game humor is right now my screen idea for Napa and red goblin radish I don't think anyone is against because now you and shouts you know because from my point of view these are like when I was growing up who are there were two of the most intimidating villains I had ever seen in my life as a child as a youth growing up Napa come down Neb Napa comes down destroying villages taking on all the Z fighters like foreboding intimidating presence there from the beginning put them in the game I have no problem with resonance I don't want on the game you don't want to I don't want them in the game alright internship if they would have too much of an advantage go figure yeah they would scare that youth growing up in their youths right now you like but exactly right now going on in bold walk we have a warlock who it is tenuously allied with the crew we're old for fame fame is going to come back naturally after one hour yeah you roll one before on a stable creature to see how long they recover one hit point hero the one which is good but also the characters have levelled up after that encounter they are now level 11 which means some of them have access to spells new abilities that sort of thing so tenuously allied with a warlock there are four mercenaries left the Nightingale's that were with the warlock the three ideas were with the Warlock have gone in direction before Slayer has also gone natural as well and so there are certainly things that the world wants to do but I'm going to open it up to the party where you guys have kind of resolved this situation you have an ally who you're not quite sure the full extent of its power the full extent of information what do you want to do Teresa's got some ideas Audrey's also your your familiar is keeping track of Slayer and what's going on okay that's what you you said last time yeah um he joined us he joined us he joined us actually there is one last thing I want to say at the end of the last episode we introduced a new character called the Huntress oh yeah and the Huntress is going to click hit is going to hunt the Warlock that's what I believe is didn't mind it yeah they like each other in the brains and I told him to tell me everything he knows with the Huntress and you worthy you're also the only person only character in this campaign that knows varying is the dragon work oh because you are speaking telepathically right to know fame knows that to fame does not know that when he's not as information phase dreamer everybody okay yeah baby does have every better dad accepting her yeah yeah favorite okay no daddy I need to Kiwi mom so Therese you're gonna have to decide what you want to do with that information um I will we're famous passed out right name is passed that will will get one hit point in an hour okay I will transmit that information mentally to pomper indicator we can just assume I've done that and we don't have to like uh and I do I would not know yes topper would not know right someone who's someone who sent us on this mission oh that's witty right right I remember yellow people did yeah what can you say about him well he'd rather be writing Lord so it's good stringy hair you know a long crooked nose red you're passed out okay has one here oh this temple yeah no but I do want the ones buried mom do want the war like to tell more about the hundreds you wanted more like to tell you that what he knows about her okay so like we did last time and if Kyle wants to again sing Dave Matthews Band you can but the world like is kind of freaking out right now he realized that he realized that he himself is not no good position so he's trying to turn around it was advantage so the information that he gives you about the Huntress is very panicked and she woke up in the morning she's now wake up in the morning too she is she basically the first thought that you get is she is saying she'd saying she didn't think she insane like that's just what is appearing in his head over and over again I like her already yeah so the Huntress is in fact insane and he's serving the Dragon Lord but she's serving the Dragon Lord just because it convenient for her to kill people well basically she lost she is his right hand and because it is so essential to virions grand scheme that his identity make it a secret she is basically his private assassin where she can go and anybody that even has a whiff of his identity will be cured and he has through the power of the Red Dragons given her magic that will allow her to detect when his name is spoken she basically has a tap on all information that has spoken about him good thing we've not set it out loud I tell that is true I tell them don't say that guy's name out loud who but good right the cater sharp no he just forgot he's not been back that is the best you just forgot yeah who again we met a lot of people yeah yeah we actually didn't meet him in the campaign for the campaign I'm gonna just say like we're pretty injured same as papers beaten up final battle approaches I think we need to rest this is your last chance I don't have ulti do you know something yeah we don't know well clearly Abby I'm a dragon that we lived through it is all I'm saying yeah I just I want to fly it again someday well I think the next time we fight will be against a sizeable army or a great intimidating foe yeah so I think we could all use a quick rest before we head out what do you think yeah yeah I'm tired okay we can keep watch while we rest I'll guard you chip let me go to sleep we're the one who wanted to go if I remember the Warlock does the Warlock does want to go yeah which is still true however the Warlock seems to be very interested in pomper Oh and gets close to pomper and you had your power and as pomper is talking about going to sleep the Warlock is nodding his head pensively hey keep your distance you weirdo this is what he says to Nicator you you have nothing like his power greed is different from you yeah he's a freak look at them two colors I'll go over to Terry some points in my head what's up communication yeah what's up he seems pretty strong I'm a little I'm a little worried if I fall asleep I might be vulnerable to some kind of mind tricks is there any way you can guard my my dreams or anything that'll be quite fully under yellow detective I'll get it regarding a dream because I'm oh is it okay for me to sleep around this person it's okay for you to sleep I'll keep you safe okay I'll watch him okay I'm gonna I'm gonna go to sleep we're just in the cave I guess okay okay never ends up lining it up with with my guy friends crystalline body yeah yeah that is true Renne krishna body in the cave oh my gosh we bright on your it you can't the crystal has grown so much that you can't see you run inside it you think I just see a crystalline mass yeah yeah oh my go sleep like ten feet away from that then so I want to wait public drag her in with you aim yeah clean the same just drag you by your hair yeah like you know it prop you up against the wall kind of so you're like mine done mold but bumper the the warlock follows you into the cave oh and when you remember them lay down to sleep he sleeps approximately three feet to your left he lays down to sleep the premise stand up and move like seven more feet away and then play down and go to sleep okay so here's what he does okay on the ground he sees you get up and then he waits for you to go down and then he rolls like three days next to you but he is not appear to harm you and we've not got any spells what is this I don't go to sleep everybody yeah okay Nicator I think you should keep an eye out outside the cave I'm gonna watch our friend here falling you can you can keep watch entrance yeah yeah yeah so I'm going to transfer for hours watching pomper and the warlock in the Cape but like positioning with my back to the back of the case I can also see the door of the cave I'm going to trace on top of the cave go on if sitcom Plato a song and then I need a disgraced update and a Puffs update and a lair update sure it's no disgrace that the puffs are still pretty traumatized by the death of that Green Dragon of their of their kin basically and the puffs also remember that leaves these puffs or sort of what's left over of the Green Dragons energy something that we didn't really get to address in the battle is that they also had a reaction to the Warlock touching you and saying all this crazy nonsense and so all of the puffs what was the name of the one who's on dough carmine carmine are my my even car - it Carmen who's in the cave in just hold on a second so on all of the puffs that are that were sort of doing their own thing remember they were expressing some individual agency during the battle they are now all going to popper and sleeping Omega poppers a kind of huddled around calm very cool I said I thought I might grab a couple like cuddle up with them as I'm passing out absolutely sure Oh The Mercenaries decide to rest outside of the cave away from I thought forgot their mana group they are having their own conversation hmm can I hear this then there's there's a chance that you could hear it but they're there they're trying to discrete autograph the disgraced perfect disgrace is still sort of in topper sprawl because of the gayest spell roll my home inland for a long time it lasts 33:14 cat 30 days and 30 nights yeah if that world I tried to harm you disgrace is on it yeah you're fine you're fine Terri's disgrace is not resting and it's standing directly over the warlock with believed wrong is it if it goes down I um they're Sylvan two corpses outside right oh yes yes you guys are not clean okay I I suddenly have like wait can we do stuff before we rest or do we not get our new stuff after you step before you okay I've suddenly have like a weird feeling and I stand up and I want to try something and I walk out and I put my hand kind of over three of our dead mercenaries okay and I'm not really sure what I'm trying to do but I kind of just like focus on them and I create undead on them okay on page 229 oh cool you need a dead body to start with that swell up to three okay you can cast a spell only at night it's night right I think it still dates for the day is is basically becoming evening right okay so does the count as night on you needed to be after the fill-ins yeah yeah it will count okay choose up to three corpses of medium or small humanoids within rain warlock back why Street what pages are on I'm sorry sure 29 well I just didn't know okay you're right yeah yeah or Pete you know I didn't know if like they'll if I'll be able to control them or what I'm kind of just doing this on an impulse you know yeah yeah do you have snow floats for this this I can do is once per rest without spell a lot local so I'm going to do it before I rest and I'll be able to do it again but as a bonus action when it returns you can mentally command any creature you animate if this creature is within 120 feet so I'm gonna have them stand guard to if this works yeah absolutely so it does work here six dozen reason the three mercenary then army however this has an effect on the mercenaries that are still alive course it does so but when they when they start coming up now I go like huh oh yeah hi I'm like no I'm like afraid I'm from a little bit for a second I'm totally sorry Therese that I was kind of stepping in hierarchies oh no no it's a crazy spell 'some gogo is nuts we'd love to yeah that's what I would do on the other thing that actually retro actively wanted to do it's one of my favorite I'm going to give you the especial distinction of this is one of my favorite things any player is done during this campaign happened actually last session when you were trying because you speak telepathically so much you were trying to get a read on the warlocks like tics and facial expressions I thought that was extremely extremely smart and I did clay up for them but I didn't give you a point of inspiration so I'm going to give you a point of inspiration because that's that is exactly the kind of thing I think deserves inspiration then I thank thee but apparently I already have well then it is the intent whether the thought that counts yeah thank you but I was very good so The Mercenaries Brad you actually were successful in kind of over here in my conversation the general gist of it that you got is that so they've they've sacrificed more than any of you or at least they feel like they've sacrificed more than any of you at this point for a battle that they don't totally understand before you guys showed up they wanted to get out of here and while they're grateful that you created food and water and save their lives from starvation they feel like yours not really showing any gratitude or a most morse for what they've been through and so they were thinking about leaving like just while you guys are sleeping just bailing and now that they've seen the desecrated corpses of their brethren come back to life it's not even like it's just an immediate reaction they start running away how many of them are there there were four left they just start running a net loss of one person where are their stats worse is undead just their juice that's carryover they count as a ghoul whatever that is yeah it says the DM has theirs yes and see what Google comes under my control yeah great we can Google if it comes with a blade we'll obviously address it this episode otherwise what I have I have that shown do we know the undead mercenaries like state of mind or they mindless zombie there or they're basically like undead servants under your control at it I can so can they do we can stuff like that or this going to they'll do whatever I say the puppet I can digital general commands or directions either you did you say this right now that it's powerful as these undead servants are they are not masters at diplomacy and right when I just throw that out there yeah yeah oh I haven't start doing too good I guess yes very good not great too slow magenta the good optics though I think they're I think they're really going to help us when I go to operators they have a sticky thank you in somebody else's persuasion right there now I'm talking to the story if I issue no commandos it will defend them clothing and muscle threats but otherwise do nothing great so they run away they've the mercenaries book it dammit to racial i right am i i'm going to yell at oh come back you won't last out there there's no response from mersen's you're gonna die think I'm asleep yeah nothing nothing great I tell there's kind of a kind of an intentional reaction from them I turn to the three undead guards or embed mercenaries and I say keep a lookout so what they do in a pretty sick way and it just over his overextending my bags please let me know they basically form a triangle formation outside the cave where they go they go like 20 feet west of the insurance 22 eastern entrance and then 40 feet past the entrances so it's like they're on guard where's ago a nautical strip I watch this nice go okay then I go back into trance and watch pomper in the world look cool they're actually kind of forming a diamond dab like wick McAteer I'm hearing none that means well so there is actually something I want to do with popper but before we get into what I want to do is pomper and our passes and you regain one hit point cranes I wanted to stay resting then I'll take that one okay but I want to do you art P like right there well yeah please do RP

disappear if you want to take stock of your surroundings special that was so you you see you do see that critical mass in the cave yeah you see that you're right next to pumper you see the warlock sleeping near popper yeah and you see Therese in the kids and it's great and just great standing over the bed lock you okay but you're just feeling is you're afraid of nothing yeah I don't care she's been in the situation before she knows what she needs to do and it's just sleep more okay so a mechanical thing that we need to get into here so Therese and nakir they only need to transfer just means they'd full four hours for full ready room but do same and popper intend to take a full rest which would be eight at all for us okay lately all right so having flipped in Dave I just want you to keep in mind that is obviously going to put a pretty severe time crunch on the end of the world for sure I'm anticipating the final bet I'm anticipating like the next time we encounter anyone it's going to be like came on either the final boss or like the final bosses henchmen go Huntress yeah like yeah we're going in Judah welcome to see his test yeah mama said I'm assuming we're going into the fog barrier or whatever that was yeah big smoke barrier we're going in yeah go on the bass just castles ever use it no ultimately is Castle okay well i'm altima see ya what a nice way to pronounce it hoping to see it well I'm gonna say Bowser's Castle sorry have you see all to see his castle no it's pretty damn cool we were it's really cool it's cool it on your Bowser castle for being real what do badges gasolina Mario Kart 8 it looks really cool Abita it's it's Castlevania for lush cooling right as we the story of eight gets cray anyway yeah yeah anyway anyway anywho anymore anyhow oh that Quebec you what's what's going on I said any hood who fame does a new yeah Danny the same say guesstimate no but she probably would if she never heard she roses guesstimation oh if I had a mic humpty estimation so would you say country so coppers what I want to get you with you is the walk enters your dreams oh we're all attempts to enter your dreams we had resolved things to rolls okay he's very powerful yeah you gonna spill yeah wait is this wrong I can sleep though or pretending to be sleep you don't know you're sleeping okay oh how many hours if that's my skill transfer you said whatever and just one okay because I'm like watching this world and so is not great yeah disgrace please yeah this race is watching tomorrow no indication that Ben's taking it on no no I know it's killing my nose but yes I trust you alright the world all successively interested no wait sorry sitting in the world like does successfully into your dreams okay I mean I don't want to spend too much time on this but this is kind of a bombshell like the virion bombshell no you don't need a role you're already screwed um actually hold on what are you a con I want the bombshell you revolution roll maybe you general no what was the name of that spell you can ream me a lot of all my spell cards are all gone come over here Sarah well I mean they're here it it believe it was called ben-gurion whoa whoa yep well I thought house address they didn't pull it on I need to see I need to see yeah maybe it's not called me consult read okay Eldridge we're good yeah we eat it we already sit yeah we're very good very good dream car echo range special Yoshi's um Kirby's Dreamland so pauper reckon I dragon ball fighters rosters don't dude where those go we're we're good with this is all of his old lining up so anyway uh copper I needed again reinforce the state of mind of this warlock well the wall I could given information that he knows we get him jailed and so he's in a very vulnerable place the other thing that happened is he does not understand why you have the green dragons inside of you he thought they were gone isn't very important that they're not gone because this is what he says the only chance the only way for us to make it out of here and when he says those words everything is in pitch blackness but as he's speaking my conscious in the stream ran up Russians you know long Tecton you're in blackness you see flames appear in a circle around you oh you are surrounded by flames you don't see the Warlock you only see these small pillars of fire in front of you the only way for either one of us to make out alive is if we achieve what the Dragon Lord is trying to achieve there is a secret of your kind trample you do not know you speak a red dragon of Green Dragons but there were dragons gods before then the red and green were split off from their crystalline forms if we can combine what is inside of you with the power of the crystal we can summon a force powerful enough to defeat the dragon Laden is on me the only problem the blue crystal appears in front of you the one that your gala defiled it is floating in front of your face you to reach out you could touch it if I'm dreaming right you're dreaming yes but I'm saying you can reach and touch it in your dream all it does in the context of within the warlock says however this defilement I'm not sure how it happened I'm not sure that effects before we connect this plan and become the crystalline gods we need to figure out what has happened to the source of the energy

I don't understand you understand yet - no really no do you understand I trust my companions you want eaten alive I do then you must join forces with me but I can tell based on our last encounter that your comrades particularly the one with bloodied red teeth and you Dragonborn and your strange snake friends you are not one for quiet if we are to be successful we must sneak into the Dragonlords fortress we must avoid the huntresses gaze she is on her way here now with with her guilt how can I trust you and how can I trust these new gods their question as far as the god crystalline one you can trust them because they are you you came from all of your friendss came from they are the source of everything and me as far as trusting me well that is a good question but think about my position think about where I am and what's after me and what's at stake this is my only way to continue living can you can you lead us to a hidden path can we sneak in if we get to a particular location where one of my comrades has left a very powerful magical item we may be able to not only teleport into the fortress we can do so under the guise of a magical sheet but it is location it is very valuable to the warlocks they'll either have many centuries there or his location the huntresses after right now

Therese three can you see this or hear this no you bring up a good point and I'll consider it all when you awake you will see a sight that will shock you and I'm assuming your friend as well that will be a reminder that there are not many options left for there is so very little time every step you take every word you speak every action you can it do will affect the lives of everyone she's a little baby Dragonborn being sacrificed for him Oh huh and while the baby dragon boy is being sacrificed you hear a haunting voice crash into beautify yo yeah yeah moved you for sure um wait move as well or moved to the sequel no no to move as well like like all these horrible memories behind it oh yeah you know I miss Mimi not had yet Adam sequel characters yeah and then he has to play through that entire sequence from Metal Gear Solid 3 three on that River yeah never care just up pumpers the star oh yeah anyway that's the extent of the dream okay let me know once four hours have passed and my trance is done four hours of tax okay all right Joe I decided I was going to do this book so look for before all that happened and since I don't know about any of that I would still do it anyway sure absolutely I was sorry I wasn't trying to prevent you from doing an action it's true I'm just saying like this might it might seem a little redundant but my character would still do it yeah also I'm terrified to do it but I'm sitting there and I've decided that we know we need to know more information and so I'm going to contact other plane yeah okay yes which has a pretty good chance of driving me completely insane for like a long time until I rest again finally here we go but I have four hours again so if it goes really bad I could trance maybe a nice in just eight remaining four hours eight it's on page 226 I can just read it you mentally contact the demigod the spirit of a long-dead stage or some other mysterious entity from another plane contacting this extra planner intelligence constraint or even break your mind when you cast this spell make a DC 15 intelligent saving throw on failure you take 66 which I'm resistant to and it would and I guess I would if it's the God doing it no it's about another God doing it I have a damage of God to but uh and you are insane until you finish a long rest going to while I'm saying you can't take actions can't understand whether creatures say can't read can't and can speak only in gibberish a greater disease insanity I think it's just an effective this about ok on a successful say though I can ask the entity up to five questions and I have to do it before the spell ends and the DM answers me with one word yeah and I love this yeah the reason the reason why I laughs and sometimes that I think fit addition nails is they have just made yourself so fun yes so it creatively written and I think this is it is one of those they could have made this like super boring okay so dc50 intelligence check oh okay I'm gonna use my inspiration oh well I'm safe but do you add to that just a review 20 intelligence check right I love how Kyle keeps pushing for the plus seven yeah add some seventy I remember this one's a supports one jury is that a Care Plus do you think that's like school 6ig damage everything but I have I have resistance to psychic damage sure that's fine and if it is something giving it to me it takes that amount to run let me just make sure dumb it to the gods Gummidge to the gone spring interpret your psychic damage so I don't remember how resistance works I take half whatever I won't take well different it depends on the resistance like what what is you have to point to what it's talking about with your class that in your because it's shown bail out how I got shield starting a 10th level your thoughts can't be read by to us the early means until you allow it you also have resistance to psychic damage and weather whenever a preacher deal psychic damage to that creature takes the same amount that I do that's so bad resistance is a holy word though right yeah our resistance is normally percentages I don't remember when it's honestly the way that the wording is there it to me sounds like you don't take any damage but oh I suppose you probably said we should plug diehard dicing diehard gosh humans ice are so nice to hoop that metal feel yeah dude yeah solid it's so calling I feel like anything less than in that twenty what you get a row and we hear that rule in the tower to do the car Oh bull record like a bowling alley had resistance to addy maintaining with that time it has again so you take 66 but I really good 5o when I will soft nice die hard 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 and 20 22 22 so let let it so big 11 damage that I'm insane cool but I just like twitch a bunch and then like transfer marks yeah the only the only thing is like I get where you're coming from at the trance I didn't feel like being insane would maybe make it difficult for you to relax and go into a trance state sure that is does the only thing very much you'll now doing greater restoration can fix it he's like a head restoration yeah alright no we're going to wake you up and we're going to wake you up alright well then I would just go to actual sleep I Reister clapping for four hours here's here's how we're going to do this Therese uh-huh you basically because you're insane because you're so mentally unstable from trying to contact another flame and failing and of terrified and you're terrified you can't sleep right by relaxing us right so basically you're just you can roll plant everyone my I'm envisioning you just like pacing around go like talking to yourself or doing that sort of thing I'm not going to do any additional damage to you but you can't sleep right so it's been four hours so I'm awake now yes and I happiness yeah no well she's in the cave so I'll eat it you if you're like hey I get out and check out my damn I'm just sitting on top of the cave still I haven't like gone down to look huh yeah I mean I guess I eventually would wander outside of the cave sure uh and I'm just like just like I mean anything now let the undead to get reconnected Scullion I'm Nina okay I already did okay and I'm like occasionally like my hands start like charging up eldritch blasts a little bit but I don't like blast them I just like you know like since I'm faster and I'm like weeping weeping so I hear this yeah where it everything is is then you know yeah hell is that what is that I'm going to look down there's if it flows long what happens with the Raven but Theresa interstate is no like the Raven is still hers but she is not able to process with Raven I figure casion aliy I like warring into it and can send it like flies around and then I can help you know but I can't tell the difference yeah so like I'm just like oh okay this is big to be that insane this is I could speak only in gibberish can't do actions can't understand what other creatures hey there's a boundary dead it is not concentration it's instantaneous yeah which is good which is good for me what we don't rush it I don't want to wake up so she's going nuts yeah I'm having nightmares and over here I'm just like that oh my thank you cookie I promise you when you wake up you're going to see things that are like really bad the ones that they're mine like the way I RP like Teresa's magic like she never done that before so she just thought maybe she can do it and it just didn't work yeah yeah like I thought she's concerned she just tried to reach out to that force it was drove her crazy it was a great idea and I think it is great like then it failed in an interesting way Wow but like unless I'm going to catch critter submission on me I'm useless well the comical thing is like you're just going insane for a couple of hours and then popper will eventually wake up until I finish along rat Palmer doesn't have the right stuff Mumper doesn't have great a restaurant oh do I laugh did I have to rest or I stay in sanctuary sure sure uh-oh laughs what's going on what's going on in here the Buffs are surrounding copper by the way yeah they're sleeping oh they're all asleep they're not a way to get up or going to like shake some of them so you've gone down yeah um it came now um I wanna I want to I like to follow you kind of like it and I grab you and I'm like speaking in a panic don't you find a game to do something but I can't it doesn't make any sense that's exactly this is that'll uh so you wake up the puffs yeah okay very interesting so the puffs kind of collectively all get up in there little groggy and carmine says what Nicator one let's make a boxer put her in it she's freaking me out hahaha so that the the puffs all begin chanting the same thing and they're all jumping down and he sounds like really happy cool they start they start hopping up in the air and they say Therese this touched father Therese has touched father me talking about it and then they all jump on top of Therese which I do not like you don't like like they don't hurt you I know I'm not imposing yet again insane yeah they're fair and in fact I think if you were saying you want them now on you yeah oh yeah I don't like being touched here sure sure sure in fact I think that creates kind of a morbid image because this is what they do to you they all start melting into each other and they start forming a dome over your body a small dome that is exactly the size of how tall you are and basically I'm assuming that you're like I'm panic greed yeah yeah yeah liquid pulser going over make a window for should see at least but this has a positive effect they seem to know what is happening to you and they they basically through their own cuff power managed to put you in a state of rest ah sorry Komodo they also there's something wrong with you and their father whoa so you're their mom that's the father year than your mommy mode all right yeah Singh that spell every I look at disgrace they what happened I'm just here for this big guy great my supposed to do now then so that's a great question here so basically what I'm going to do in an effort to try to speed things along if you want to do something in the next was your more than one I'm gonna go back up a top of the cage keep it look at no I don't want any part of this Ricky me a little backup was on top of the cake alright so add with it the Sun goes completely down total eclipse not a total tell Network inside but it is nice like blundered and you all have the benefits of a full rest you're able to eat your spell slots back your HP recovery that's not meat oh right I still know you as well oh really you do that for us all right thanks plus oh it feels good yeah boys pee however as good as it feels to be fully recovered you will wake to a horrifying sound which leads to a horrifying image you hear one giant roar not the war of umber Hulk not the cries of sneak warriors or frightened mercenaries you hear the roar of the Dragon and then following it you hear in sequence more roars and just keeps getting louder and louder and Nicator and I'm assuming others if they go in to investigate the noise you see at least two dozen fully grown red dragons fly overhead two dozen thousand hundreds of feet into the air not they're not attacking you they're flying over you oh my god Oh gentleman influency there you want to put it they don't seem particularly interested in you Cherise when you awake that the puffs get off of you well okay no the the dome unformed and they turn into individual puffs and they start hugging you like crazy they are like wait they are in love with okay there's one other piece of information I want to give you because you you're no longer insane yeah you sort of reform an image with your familiar oh and this is what the familiar sees there is a bunch of blood on the ground can you get sound from your familiar yeah you hear the rattling of chains and you see a woman in white leather leather armor covered in blood outer sides are two sickles in Jessica pepper three the energy know that you hear she's holding both hands there is a line of nightingales there are six of them three on each side the chains are tied to basically restraints around their necks their hands are also tied with iron chains they are naked from the head down the only thing they are covered in dirt and blood the only thing on their head is the nightingale hood the purple and silver Nightingale hood will ascribe the genitals they are normal gym shoes so this is all up like that I said it was white armor there's actually like red on it as well okay there's unruhe driven in the sleeves and stuff cool relatively new looking no I mean it's it's grimy as hell okay yeah and she's can I do how close she is because I'm seeing it with my familiar so basically generally nowhere broaching the edge of the forge forest which is pretty close to fairly close so it's lawyer is gone you do not see Slayer yeah I have the familiar people watch to try to keep out of sight of this person and then I like I have like I feel like I have a strange sense that the puffs helped me somehow but I still don't like being touched so I'm like kind of like trying to carefully push them off me um well I'm just like yes it's okay it's okay so they they they like fall off you but then mace rejoin ya so then after a little while trying I kind of just like hobble over covered in puff and I'd say the Huntress is almost here ah no the hunters are you friends with her I'm not friends with that woman oh well we need to get ready to kill her when she gets here when we define this yo kala kalah probably to another warlocks name and we I say it the warlike so I didn't have a name Chekov you said it was Bill and Moya so pronounced you said it's pronounced by Bob yeah I'll it can be the model uh I just there's a perfect role-playing opportunity here Fame that that just came into my head yeah are you cool with this story so here's I'm involve Ock the hunters actually got you in her chains you've been the only prey yeah that has a seat yeah and we shut up easy by de bourree that's going to obviously be something that she wants she does not like that you have escaped your change yes uh nemesis a nemesis I circulate lightweight sweater big wine makes your face look it's not of the content on it no you touch your hair though yeah get it there it is I'm nori with very wet he's right here base is right there it's just a little spider he's right there yeah all right Dexter that was weird yeah it's we all understand it's not you're no longer fingers and we're all spiders are bad save your life Thanks yeah so that thing you have a history with the first came all tonight a spider on her hair she looks it is not bothered yeah no bother yeah there you are file can you lead us to the hypnotize a huntress is almost here we best avoid her not all wrong circle I would trust me see a warlock analysis dude yeah what do you mean the hidden path properly always is about he came to me in my dream told me about palm front sorry yeah it's okay it's powerful powerful wizardry I had a bad night it's okay said something about New Gods coming back and doing something I didn't know I understand it I don't know something about crystal God's crystal girls that I needed on make a sacrifice or something now there was one time where I was on this mysterious island and I remember a red light a green light and a white light mayhaps this may be involved it may not be alive it was a mysterious island I'd hope to never returned you remember the episodes were fame was unconscious look well are awesome I'll trust them all I know is we're not gonna have enough time to heal up a rest of the world's about to end we need to go find this king this Dragon King and the Huntress is only going to slows down the Dragonborn speaks the truth UNF it to fighting her you still have our stench you've seen mantras you know that once your inner chains she will toy with you in the most gruesome weight loss well time to go sweet on I follow bio follow bile and you please resist your impulses to last year you will see things that you do not want to see but we must remain quiet if we want to sneak into the dragon mode I secretly talk to disgraced disgrace we can secretly talk to think over my shoulder whisper is a worry for that and I wait I wait for a moment when everyone starts moving and there's a lot of action going on yeah screams if you think this warlock is going to betray us or if this warlock starts to run go for the Achilles heel

I renew anything for you my thrall but this warlock can only for himself he will throw us into the Lions Den I know it's a nearest opportunity I know but at least he can maybe lead us to a path he will put us in this understand Jane do not trust him we're out of options then we must strike quickly just keep a lookout the Huntress is out of the forest she's very close we got to go cerise what do you think McKay tur around there what about me well you know this you know this hunters what should we do I mean this combination is happening we simply chopped off a big old hit attacker head-on mmm-hmm look what do you think Therese seems like a waste of time she's on her way here we're going to have to fight her if we take any more time we don't have a lot of time to get out of her line of sight depending on where the Warlock is going to lead us so we either need to go now or set up an ambush for the Huntress there's new Kiner yet yeah let's go let's go let's go let's go follow me now all right go go follow our warlock okay the Warlock dial dy Wow Wow Wow bill says I will create a path that only you can see follow it closely do not deviate from it for even a single step and he creates a path a bright green going straight line north east of the cave it against walking hurriedly Therese what the hell is this some kind of path hurry follow oh I I poked my half of the located okay come on to my undead guys and I want them to follow us absolutely Yahoo here you go stinky Falls let me have a little grace comes with you the marching order right behind me I can mentally command them okay so the peasants all the pups are still attached to eateries okay I'm like inspired by them Decatur is no-nonsense like going in and I'm also unlike inspired by an animal so like defending him just in case anything goes down we have we have a marsh for we have the next thing line up there is one scene that I want to give teacher is before we depart you see the the Huntress again through your familiars eyes and the the naked bodies that she was dragging in Chains she's she's moving forward ahead of them they appeared pretty emaciated pretty beaten up one by one they all start falling to the ground and she's trying them along the ground well as if it's no big thing and then one by one almost like from alien that on their back bump starts appearing and starts pulsating and in their back splits open so really in Covenant ya Aventine alien continent so I cannot control again okay so it's here anyway let him go this is divvied up fellas really mr. Gannon anyway it splits open the fountain of blood and bone and puss suits forth and slimy black ghoulish figures they look almost skeletal in nature crawl out of these Nightingale bodies down oh girl that's freaky that's so gross and they start crawling along the ground behind the strip of them Auto reserves now that they're like falling on leather on the way they fortunately need to be affected by the chain somehow ah but they are not physically attached to it whoa intent see you next time on table tennis evades [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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