Warhammer 40k: Kill Team WEEK Ep 05 - Asuryani vs. Genestealer Cult 'Aerial Assault'

by: Guerrilla Miniature Games

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[Music] everybody literally kill team Bala 4head bring hey everyone thank you sir yes sir hey Antion so we can try playing in some Alps and I'm gonna use my genes Taylor called and I'm gonna call them elves cuz their space elves and that's what they used to be called the 80s back when space or space elves that space stores or space dwarves in space line space line and the Imperial Guard were just as miserable as they are today open play mission this is aerial assault where one side is being imparted by the other they're trying to blow up secretly objectives and defined objectives are on the table so one side will start deployed in the board the other one will actually arrive for the course the game so if it's the elder you come out here just like phasing in through the the web portals and the juicer counts are just like Ninja Turtle another man hole covers and shyamu beneath but however you envision that this mission is basically an assault on unsuspecting forces and they have to scramble the defenders try and defend their objectives while the attackers trying to blow the moment so tray the table will tray the forces and get this underway so here's Britain's Azeri Annie kill team you have four specialists first of all you've got your coma specialist they're the dire Avenger X arc you have your leader which is actually the Rangers a sniper in the background I was there the Ranger and then a comm specialist which is a guardian Game+ and hit two folks Roger Roger and then two different two different guardians and four to our vendors to make up the bulk of the kill team so you got looks like eight nine ten models not bad for an elite elder force here on Fortis binary and here's the local emissaries from the Fortis binary mining Union we have my leader there with his power pick and web pistol a medic who has the the cult icon and then my scout with a flamer and my happy with a seismic can those are my four specialists from the cult and then job squad we've got four just regular jeans dealers who will be doing the stabbing and then for regular cult neophytes with shotguns and our Gon's who'll be doing that the shooting and that's my twelve models for my kill team of Jesus Diller cults stable Centre for aerial assault we've already rolled off to place three objectives one two three over here they camping place within six of each other and they get placed anywhere in the table and then we roll off for a tackle and defender there is no recon stage in this mission because it's a surprise talk neither sighs it is actually prepared for the ground for this so two I got a seven need a five so I get to choose attacking and defending I think as I am the cult I will attack and then you get to set up your kill team anywhere on the table now I arrived I during the movement phase by rolling a d6 on a one to four we number the quadrants of the table and I arrived some in that quadrant not within 4 inches the enemy on a5 6 I can choose the quadrant they arrived in Caesar eeny of all set for defense we've got da revenge revenge driver is not there wisely not clumping up just in case I I show up everywhere dire Avenger tower Avenger and then the X arc and the leader on top here holding this objective and then you have your comm specialist your sniper they give them some extra shoots down there and then some Guardians hanging out on the lower levels of the building now before the first turn I roll to see where I arrive so one two three four will be the zones we're gonna start with the gene stealers so one two three and I pick so let's do one I can't even force to you so it's but it's bit dicey and I don't even know if I'm going first hmmm these are 5 inches tall you're more than an inch tall so I can't go above him yes this is bad let's go I guess over here that's the best I can do in Steeler to go in this quadrant over here are you over the line you're not far enough are you let's just check whoa right there I think I'm too close though I is too close no no surprise assaults let's go over here I'm gonna try and zone me out I see how you do and then the third one which has to be in Quadrant three hello hello mr. Dyer Avenger hand over here that's why I can pick I'm not sure where I want to pick though I think I want to pick somewhere down here where can I go that I can't see you it's gonna have to be down behind this pillar I think right there just being sneaky gun cultists to and I can pick so the first guy cultists is gonna hang it over here just being a gun cultist and then I can pick where you want to kill bro you want to I think you're gonna get in a firefight with some some dire Avengers that's gonna be bad but we're gonna try and do it anyway Rose they're gonna go one quadrant four and then when I can pick so quadrant four is over here anyway let's just get let's just get filthy let's do it let's go to town we're in the open from this guy that's okay burnt come from everybody else yeah we're happy and then I can pick I shoot you choose over here so let's to my leader force is gonna have to be over here go your friend thank you anywhere I want you left me real ones in the fight phase you're hanging out with the jeans dealers good buddy and then my flavor anywhere I want oh what's where's the where's a good spot over here's kind of a good spot over here is kind of an even better spot he's gonna go over there and then massage your cannon anywhere I want and I want over here get in a gunfight you're doing great bud five turns we are deployed I'm will dice off right now for some initiative for turn one so start turn one we both have a resourceful leader on the table so you both to gain at two CPS and that's one d6 to see who goes first ah you be my t2 so you tie you to move personally phase B alright ready to our vendor Good Morning America and Beyond Scott ready rip top here guy with the sniper rifle and anywhere else is guardian back fall back with that yeah fell back with this guy so you get to move three and then it's two up two down four she'd be on the other side over here are you to be a measure measure all your ups and downs for the walls yeah but oh that places him right there at that guy no it's true you have to go around the wall or eat the six-inch penalty as well it's called Walker you fell over there and throw a grenade yep way to throw all right he just advanced who's next the sniper leader appeared the Guardian overhearing yeah what about your column specialist what you want to do for Eddy's whoa Thomas whistles kulit yeah I move back a bit and then within 3 inches yes so peeking out this window and her three inches he'll on my viola still help his buddy with his column underneath his hit rolls yeah and then last but not least you have this die rendered I think everybody's going yeah you know I think I should just move straight across so six inches should take him uh uh there's oh geez dealer there's my visa there but then there's also that this guy - yeah with a shotgun ribs I'm just gonna hide in the corner yeah ready yeah we're gonna read him - yeah it's good are you sure they are straight uh movement done so it sort of mean I'm gonna ready ready my seismic cannon we will ready oh did I let this got a good night this fella mr. Oregon over here I'm gonna tap the charge of my gene stealer i'ma try and charge your sniper up top here I'm probably gonna need a nine for nine yeah oh and no over watch them on fire I'm not gonna be able to get into melee with the Guardian but I'll make it within an inch we measured of him let's try it right over here you tried over watch me I'm in covered so you're - one hits and you're in short range though within nine so you're hitting on force all right three sixes R am I talking about it's over watch all these sixes yeah twos them do it and then do I make it in eight will do it yeah we'll just go around you guys should hop these obstacles for free because they're inch and a half and she was gonna go he's you're trying to urge both these guys thinking both over watch me there you go four shots on sixes one for two ends lightning reflexes on a five know what happens so I'm in cover which means you're minus one to your injury rule so I'm four or five six I might but that's minus one so it's a threesome flush wounded do now - one two hit Oh gene stealer all right so I'll see what my charge wrench is I got a 10 which means I charged all day Cerreta go around three and then seven right he's gonna run just oh you need to run just walk over this cover well basically irrelevant if he runs not cuz it's all of them all right already a shotgun ready the last shotgun over here I think we're done no more gains dealer charge get our trench Church you can't see me so overwatch that will do it five six over let's get him shooting face are you have the readies so you get to choose he readies first I just sorry I forgot one one guy he's gonna move you know he's just ready gonna stay there and ready to shoot your reindeer my flamer because if you don't then two guys might get nuked so you get two Guardian was a churning out of bull shots into these guys now you can split them if you want between both the shotgun guy and the flavor guy or you can just concentrate in the flavor ground try and kill yeah I mean he's ready so so force to the Governor on it and then it's a 3d wound what's ups three three three yep no II want to go to see if you're a lot prettier overall that's active oh yeah does it alright so now I am injured but I'm in cover so on a five six I'm out of action on a one two three four I'm flush wounded no I'm just flush wounded but you can't see pre the games you've already use you're trying to go for the face you ready model now I'm gonna use them on my web pistol I'm gonna auto hit UT 3 times with spider webs ah three times now the web pistol can choose to wound you on your strength or toughness but you are equally kimchi in this regard so it'll be on force to try and wound your guardian well played sir do i do i do something about this no I'm just gonna hope you ship don't have you back so ready miles of fire we just pulled forward he's done yeah all right yeah this guy's done to peril I'm a spider-man gun didn't work very well so sir who wants to shoot next yeah he got charged his guy danced shotgun so two shots I'll be open those in threes yep all right and

so he's now fired you still have over he move didn't either in the movie so he's not gonna shoot in the ready space remark there's also dead well I will fire my next ready model which is my shotgunner back into the window so I got on fours fives because you are in cover I'm in short range however wise Oh strength for Castro range one wounds one armor say go EEP all right on a5 up no no and what happens my major role so you just flush with it tonight broken now fire that's the leader actually yes your leader well you still have sniper rifle he can see both these models over here who are ready so you'd be - two dead over there if you want to shoot him cuz of my engine cover cuz you're over 18 let's see and then actually doesn't have long-range penalty so you hit him on a four you want to try him or you could okay we're doing oh you heard me all right strength for three is to wound six is immortal no and you've used your time career roll my shotgun time I'm gonna try and shotgun you so short-range cover hit on 5s against the excerpt one hit strength for on the three make that four pinball yeah okay you have like that was your last ready model so it's back to my ready models let's do some shooting I'm gonna futilely spray bullets and be almost invisible elf up here so I'm in short range but you have conveniently online camel cloak and cover so I'm hanging on sixes you suck tiddly are cleaners and then who else is ready we got my seismic cannon and this auto gun it's gonna spring the window over here so hitting on short-range but cover supplies one hit strength 3 so 4 nope alright let's try and plug this Ranger on sixes shot so only ending on 6 is gonna try and plug the leader up there I mean I got one one more shot I got one it's always strike three though but if I get a wound role of 6 plus it's ap minus 4 but I wound and then you get to make your armor save its - nothing I think you're on a 600 507 guardian don't care well done is my icon bearer he's gonna double top he in the open mister guardian actually I'm starting as a pillar in the way so beyond 5s paused it one hit than a forwards for I wouldn't make that pop save well it does this is the Guardian pyjamas are strong today those are gone so now you get to pick the first active on the fire ok and I assume it's gonna be Johnny green over here have giant grenade yet the eggs are how many shots is that d 386 these oh that's good and this is on the dire Avenger eggs art so hits on threes with cover so force alright managed to get chest pain request misses yeah we're all all misses by using Assyrians blessing here so your CP here so you're it on force but your rear Oh everything now do you want to buy - mom no just go streams that playboy ever try to piss you off make sense see ya so wait so for the rules to mods come after every roles here yes you're all UV roll ones and twos all right and let's just see how about those both yet somebody's doing two wounds TV - is it actually leave us 180 - 106 nope and then you get plus one of this row because I'm already but we roll one die off only one roll yeah it's the only damaged one you wrote for the damaged carriage to the weapon so one die and it'll be on four plus all right Wow from the flamer now I guess she's ready Morrow not ready modifier whoo-hoo I have even nobody else so you've got this guy who ran but he's in mailing I think that's it that's all your guardian over here if he's within 12 of somebody you can see so now we're into the close combat face let's do some charging I like this guy and he's gonna try and kill this this tire vendor so he got three tacks he hits on I believe threes fries - it's nice right for sequins on threes in a six becomes too damaged no a six becomes a P - for running for nothing - Orient's Tuesday's for boss make some buzz just laughs yeah that's what all the time it's right it's - for if they get the six - wound so I the four then fails a major role sex just snip that off Simpson consolidate move I'll consolidate three inches just directly towards this thing but I won't quite make it with an inch I don't get try and blow it up with this guy you guys really work towards our closest guys he'd actually go towards this this phone right here and then my next used to recharged he's gonna put them all into I don't know let's say Moe into this guy then group and then puts three into the first of the two dire Avengers on a for stays flush wounded and then on 3 Z wounds one good last one so follow-up he's good oh wow oh jeez and then over here I charged on that die render all the threes and then on three wound you got matters you got it and I'll see what happens on a four he does what its charger up here fighting your Ranger he is three attacks hence with all of them wounds on threes wounds are two of them - five up I say six ups actually is Ranger his pajamas met light and then one injury role he's done and so we will pile into your guard happy guy that's right so I killed a specialist which means I score a VP kill my you kill my flavor specials well my scattered so we're both at one victory bar right now need to pick someone to fight with sorry he's gonna make a follow up just over there tries country they can both do the same one the same time that's right so just roll all the same time because we're not trying experience for them so you've lost it and then 5+2 wound - it's five swoons one lightning reflexes No and then you plus one is injury role so three plus no yeah I wanna see peace Pauline - gets to try and stop me supposed to hit no the my ways and phase we have tests for broken you have three models oh I have one so for me I have a flush one G store he's leadership amazing but he rolls a six which means a seven Tony he's okay he's not shaken you have nobody flush when I don't think on the table no yeah but I have three guys dead doesn't matter you're only testing for shaking right now because you have to have your group dead for you to make a red checker I have no one within an inch right give someone an inch of objectives and blow that up on a 5 plus John G sealer he does so I score two more then go to three I knew target OC was going first into turn two so we both share our CPS I go to four you go to two LLC's gonna first I have for you know hmm do I want to do this right well let's do some movement first things first I'm gonna advanced with that icon bear down there you turn get in the building he's gonna go five so he it can now go 10 which means how far is it at this doorway it's about eight to there two more he'll go behind this wall alright like so so readying Oh seismic cannon you don't want it ready you want to you want to get in the game buddy sit over here walk just a dance we're gonna have mister shotguns gonna advance he's gonna go six she hops this for free which means he's moving eleven inches this turn ah +3 yeah we're still moving this wall and just stacks the objective not near you we're gonna charge both these uh dire Avengers over the wall so I just do it because I can't roll less than two yeah ready this cultist this shotgun mr. shotgun and then I'm gonna run this gene stealer seven plus five so five down another seven I just wanna go stand under here and just be ready for next turn a solder gun even though yeah it's almost no prayer of actually hitting you and then we're gonna advance him so four is nine it'll cost me four to go over and I can move five more at the advance and just head to this he's gonna run and he's gonna go eight so he'll just run over to here and hide behind this wall it's done for us so it's just these two him and these guys got charged they just make advances so he's not ready is he one advance who which guy cheater move okay just gonna move yeah Gary - Duke grenade down yeah population not change to her yeah later leader uh and then does he want to fall back the rear yeah I think I actually be a really good the idea from them to fall back thank you - because I can't shoot you or I can't fight you you can't sure you even spread of CP to fall back it's you that needs to back because he has patches of jelly right there you go choice you can also build because he has the comms link keeping calling himself - yeah yeah just a gonna move on her in the wall cuz you just try and keep your specialist alive at this point yeah just gonna move him back oh and I'm just gonna get rid of these markers yeah so looks like your movement done huh I have priority though so my ready mall gets to fire first and we read you cap the shotgun when the shotgun buried into this Guardian so hitting on five sees your car and a totally miss and I'm not gonna bother knowing that authority pick already modeled fire alright the sniper or you could do this guy he's already been shot out of a mess when I come bear that's a commerce it on force hence winds on a three oh it's a headshot though what happens no armor so make yourself poor plus no I'm just flush when you want a deer superior all you have 1gb left don't try and do it it is a specialist specials in case he needs to try and get an injury role on that gene Stiller because this guy's in a little little less danger watch on sixes with mr. Lurgan nope doesn't even added sex already balls Dunn's we're gonna move on to normies and let's start with mr. sighs we can't and he's gonna shoot into your bedroom yep they're in the open because you're standing on a Ledge but I'm in long range so I'm hitting you on it looks like fun too and then force to move the size of can two wounds to four saves everyone three I do CP it I to Z P and before daddy bad comes on I think actually or so that's other see that's another victory points for me so I gotta form these your last CP to let him I'm straight you've already done that to make a faint flight your treat so he's gonna be able to shoot so into my Jean stealer on Three's soos to is using your probability to plus some hamstring well it's a good thing you did don't try hit me twice or say that for the rear old wound perhaps yeah four stories no same so just a girl know when it gets worse let's do some other gunshots again on six is only one died cuz long range oh my god don't piss no targets that's all my shooting for the rounds and let's do some oh sorry he couldn't even have shot actually he ran this time though mind um it was just these guys I got to figure charger two fights and we're gonna do mister the Jean stealer he's gonna do all three was attacks into this for i hittin through a wall those hit on force my real ones because my icons nearby that's handy nope three wounds as I reach through a window that just breaches arm through and I got mad Chargers so it's over to regular mailers and I again have the initiative so we're into this guy the only it's on 5s though no so two saves for minus 1 cos Phi so no alright well then we pile in this way that's because dying so let's do some so try and blow some stuff up test do I block this objective on five I don't it's your end phase morale tests so no one has flush wounds which means you don't have to bother making any shaking tests but you want to make a morale test on the highest leadership in the group which should be probably one your diary vendors but they're all gone so yeah it's your Ranger old school test passes they don't care frosty elves very nearly at one CP it's early as your leader is gone yeah and I will go to file do you still here leader should go back to see that's right that's right you see kana specialist let's see what's first me you backwards yeah gonna have that road race and drag that with it running away so high in cover yeah makes the car distance as long as possible sounds good back up slightly just to just to hope that I don't yellow all my charges we back at how behind the pillar yep hi behind that pillar and just yeah just be be away let's do this I have to keep police blow up one of these things let's send Johnny not injured yeah let's do it this guy's gonna go easy to run so he has to go 12 so he's gonna go hide over here next to this we're gonna advance you yeah is he go 12 is well and just stare a little everybody be like what's up nerds let's fight shotguns gonna run doctor shotgun he goes 9 this turn which won't be done nearly far enough but he's gonna go just over this all right hit the cannon is just gonna slide it you'll see that Guardian moving slowly of course you guys haven't fire penalty Freddy's and then oh we're still guarding this window what am i doing we should have totally shot that guy oh there's no window for you see him through let's just peek out over here and be like hello I imagine he's ready yeah and then you need to go hunt specialists go try and yellow this charge it's 10 probably a pinching yep that's not gonna do it well I'm a gene store so I rewrote for Swift and ugly that's just worse so I can I can move my summit as long as it gets me towards you just means you get a Ashanti's turn and that's it because fall is just gonna move forward slightly advance and then do you guys want to do anything doctor shotgun he'll stay ready oh I don't know just gonna have an argument how best to blow this up I guess the Jesus guy yeah he's gonna go ten go over there not only once hot he's gonna run as well I ought to see bees every role oh you got slightly better please over here seven but he offices for free you're just gonna hop either side of these it's being cover over here I until first cuz I already model I'm gonna try and shoot this Ranger on sixes again nope so I get to do regular models now just do you glaze regular halls I know we did it we did ready and then we start again with regular oh well I am oh baby you're a woman so who can see though can't see that guy if I can't see this guy uh he can definitely see the gene Stiller he can definitely see the seismic cannon and the salt are gonna rear window no cuz I'm colors in the way perhaps you like goats if you see the happy specialist right there yeah I'll probably go for that any specialist don't get worse cuz ice you're over six though remember yep you're she over half a chili shoot twelve memory right ah five to the long range oh you're flush pointing to two sixes exits do it nope nope not ready model so he's gonna shoot you back and he's gonna use his mining gargles to ignore cover it cost me one and my mining garland's my mineral analysis gargles let me know your cover modifier summer hit John Force have you finally proving a fine because I'm a heavy and my mining goggles on for gold we've done it yeah that's Forrester wounds save me pajamas to farm safes make one they'll want eyes this you are flush wooded so I'm plus one minus one off for plus no you just got flush burned again what are you you can do your guardian comma specialist you let's try and shoot that gene Stiller yeah I probably well yeah yourself the plus one obviously yellow I'm in the open hit me on three is twos one hits and do you spend it now or spend later spend it now yeah and then force to it you own says he may be super but I let me reflexes for 500 dope and then what happens I'm in the open for boss burgers him why am take that Jean stealer right well this guy shot he wants to fire he did fight he's my ready model over there I got my auto guy shooting into the window two shots on fives cuz the cover what it's on a four I wound no wounds I have not used my CP rule in this phase doing it make that rear all four plus kill him no four should be three like that did you shoot your guardian here into my fleshly juicer so on three scuzz you don't wind it to its and then three swings just are forced to interesting for one wound one five up lighting reflex haha million and then you got mister pistol rear alright hitting on threes hits for students oh he does it by plus yeah if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge circuit pistol so you have to be your brake dust in the round you saying something casualties on some don't care uh you're still hitting it no mods and then to end of turn do I blow up any of these things so this objective I don't and that one I do yeah I go up the six you need to kill some specialists here or top off their ship so you're gonna go to three CPS and I'm gonna go to five that's easy one first [Applause] so I'm gonna go to four because I only had to cuz I used goggles and two-year-olds Australia what should happen to me at that so you can go first never mind I thought you rolled a five ever mind so you saw the fight but I saw this why that's have advanced slightly deal first okay well that's happening let's charge I'm going to charge Q charge Guardian him do it shooby Kelly's nope I mean yet your guardian or your sniper gun this'll still get him shotguns gonna climb the roof he does going 10 hello Jack Rd around the corner a lot of fire now only go seven I think you like it yeah cuz you're only around the corner just 1 plus D actually yeah 1 plus 6 that's actually yet that's all you need me later with it it should still just gonna place him right here will do so I have my dark angles as well prepare means he's gonna run you guys five single tent outside that wall ready and ready over here and then we're gonna run I think with the rest and just try to head up the building for running with him he's gonna go 10 just lurk down here the boss is gonna run and go 10 which will get him to here so shooting phase it's really just over here and I'll use my seismic can I use my mining car goes again to ignore your cover my on force mana to its we on for strike three horse pajamas it again no would you like to be really uh he's not special to you so flesh wound to know well just to use your plus two minus 1 CL MCP die go sin melee so no shooting for everybody else and everybody charged so I had to go first let's just hop hold on hold on oh oh you the Trump the fight alright so you gonna do the to CPS trying fight first over here I'm like a try stuff going down freeze he does lean up horse flies off ice ok doesn't off no +2 dad back to regular schedule charging cuz you're done you're focused fight come on stab you they all hit and they went on threes [Applause] cb1 yeah make your file save say stop action that's right yeah go for higher and kill the leaders so he's 70 yeah did you killed gonna pound him right and then last fight over they're gonna do most abs because of charged boundaries and on Three's 180 amazing right he's not and I can't reroll it so he's just watch moon dude I go over there cuz he's already fought this round three hits wounds doesn't get through passed it alright so and arounds I've now scored seven BP and see if I blow up this last one on five plus I need help so you're gonna be at three because you killed one of my specialists and you have one surviving thing how do we get seven your max right now is gonna be basically three yeah specialist no way idea hi Adam so turn five is kind of moot at this point cuz you needed that last one you do the center one to not get blown up yeah Sencha Lieberman so I wonder the game is seven to three for the gene stealer cults I think I mean played this one now the deployment in the first front of the game for the defender is super more gameplays you need to ring those objectives so that one I can't pile towards them and like get them in the turn I think if I'm not if I'm not rolling to try and blow them up by the end of turn two I'm not getting them all I can only have to do is live you could all die as long as those three objects on the table and you kill a couple specialists there's no way for the attacker to win I think that's the key there is don't let don't stand so close to them that charging you also ends me next to them within one inch at the end of it all is that way you're you're defying them so you kind of ring them in troops to force me to pull it back and then make me fight you one at a time and you actually don't want to stand near them either you want to move out from them during the turns right so that I'm forced to basically like fight you fight through you to get to them and stuff it's a neat one though because it fits the GC recall like it actually it's the way they would fight they would never fight fair they would never lined up and be like today we're going to have a battle they would just jump you in the street basically like every like a prison yard fight all the time kind of you look like prison guards yeah well there those are the mining uniform spider that's what they used to be before someone someone came back from vacation somewhere with a little weird purple pet and it turned them off furfle slowly but surely over generations so anyway big things written for bringing as Eldar big thanks guys for watching we'll see from one of this tell it I'm ash that we're going see ya I'll be very that video if you want to support the channel of course like and subscribe a little double below to get notifications of my post future content I do post stuff seven days a week if you want support the channel further you can course by t-shirt through spread shirts buy a measuring gauge or objective markers from desperate designs or of course most importantly there is patreon patrons let me Excel as possible keeps the lights on pays for the studio costs pays for the equipment model costs and everything else and most importantly puts food in my kids bellies and I'll roof over their heads big thanks to everyone past future who supported me I do this stuff because of you guys and of course I will continue doing it as many like


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