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by: Cherry Enchantress

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hi everyone its cherry enchantress I'm here with another pick a card reading so this time mm-hmm this is subject that I've been wanting to do a while and I just haven't got around to it actually one night before I fell asleep I thought of it and I wrote it down and then I didn't get to it but basically and this is what I call the super couple what do we create together and this time I'm going to use charm so I'm calling it charm to super couple anyway there's three piles as usual pile one pile to pile three pile one we're using the twin hearts ring ah it's focused for once anyway it's really pretty two hearts with the Celtic symbols they're pile two is the Esau ring from my aunty Azara and then two pile three is this little four leaf clover ring which is really cute dude aren't you guys so let's take a deep breath in blow your breath out close your eyes now open your eyes and let them cheer to the pile meant for you alright let's begin so here's pile one and I rarely take this off so I'll put it back onto my ring finger and I wanted to put my cards on top and just so you know these cards are for sale and I was selling them directly through the company but they messed up on the order that I just made so I have to correct that before I can make them available through them again but they are available through me I have a few decks available if you want to order them for me I would send you a PayPal invoice and you can buy it that way from me directly all right let's take a look though at what the romance angels have to say first so what do we make together what do we create together or you and your partner you are creating true love and passion and you are making the effort because this is a great love that is worth taking the steps that you are guided to create to take so you're creating a great love together and it's it's full of passion and it will I just feel like just the energy of your love will ripple out to the world at large so let's see what the enchanted romance has the same so you have the page of Pentacles so that's it's just a kind of comfort and good communication like feeling able to talk to each other about anything and feeling safe and secure you also have the 9 of cups so this is the sense that one or both of you just feels wonderful in your environment and your surroundings you feel content at peace like nothing can harm you but also you your feel beautiful you feel you feel loved do you feel special you know it's a a Content feeling and then you have the six of once so individually you guys are feeling good just on your own but together you're making even a stronger connection and so this is you know like feeling famous and adored and admired and special you know and that's what you do for each other you you've built up each other's confidence with the way that you love each other this great love you have for each other and you're feeling very good and happy together now let's I've thrown a little sexual magic you guys so let's see what your sexual magic has to say you have the aid of chalices so the aid of chalices is is exactly what I was saying it's like being happy as individuals but you're happier together you know you're coming together with this great love that just shines outwardly you know and you glow and you are a beautiful couple so let's see what the energy Oracle has to say well you have the door to personal healing and happiness so that's what you're really creating you're creating this amazing healing and happiness for you and anyone that's around you know near you and your environment and extending it out to the world and to you know just just your atmosphere overall is bringing this light into the world you have the love dove and you have the rainbow so this sense of joy and happiness and healing maybe also you might be come together to provide healing to the community you know that sort of thing let's see what else you have yes and see you're forming caring connections you're you're creating this connection as a beautiful divine example what true love really is you know and so that's really beautiful so let's take a look at your charms just gonna put a few here and you guys I'm gonna do some more Scrabble casting it was very popular I will do some more of that okay so now we're here with your charms I had a little interruption sorry about that so you've got this wheel which to me is kind of karmic and also kind of like sturdy like a captain like somebody who's taking care of things but also I feel like it's lucky it's good luck you got another one this is the one that says love love love love love so lots of love in this relationship you had E you got a sanctum yeah that's protecting you you've got a dragonfly I felt like dragonflies are like the spirit kind of like fairies you got two dragonflies so it's kind of like summer flying around spirits like joy could like be fireflies even you get this donut with a bite out of it which means kind of like you know satisfactory no like you you feel bad you feel well nourished that kind of thing in this animation you've got um the Eiffel Tower so you know you definitely have a broad expansive kind of way of doing things where you might travel or go out or see things together be and do and explore together and do it dressed up nicely too oh my goodness one of you or both of you are like well I was called a unicorn the divine masculine you know that rare divine bomb that divine masculine that's just super special you know the unicorns they're they're different from the other men and then you get this Texas one which is theater under the star so um maybe going to shows a lot just you know doing lots of fun things together being a joyful couple you inspire people you create eat drink together you might even play sports and fun outdoor activities together the sundial I feel like this summer is gonna be a special kind of summer or maybe maybe it's just the timing you know everything when you met and things worked out for you just the perfect timing so this might not have have happened yet this might something still be coming towards the future for you and then you a sewing machine so yeah it's kind of like being created it's in the work this this beautiful relationship is definitely in the works blue and you've got um sister of the bride so this might actually this relationship might actually turn into a marriage and you got the dinosaur which I feel like it could be one partners older than other significantly or that that you have a lot of shared past memories and different lifetimes together okay well I hope you like that I'm going to move on to the next thank you all for coming out Tuesday night for the live well I it was kind of really beautiful intense with those messages from the DM and I'd like to do some more of that I think Friday night I plan to either do more of that or maybe some more subscrible casting with everybody so stay updated for that okay I'm gonna move on to the next guy okay and here's number two with the ease our Ring spelt I as a you are a my my aunt is our would not like it if you spelt it wrong all right and here are my enchanted oracle card is chanted romance cards and they're on sale but right now temporarily out of stock from the store so you have can only get them through me and just email me and we'll work that out for you and we have as always or often we have the the romance angels to start us off so what do we create together you know what does this couple create together so you have playfulness you know you're the kind of people that are just full of fun you shine you have a light hearted spirit you might be creating children together if you don't already have kids you might end up having children and it looks like you might be getting married so you're going to have a mirror in children and a light-hearted happy feeling together that's what I see so this super couple creates so you have the six of Pentacles which is a a sweet card it's you know it this one it's the night taking care of the kids and so I can see a really kind father that's good you know man who's good with children who gives and you know who gives more than he takes you know he's but there's a reciprocation of love and sweetness here you know they adore him and he adores them and then what we have another six of Pentacles so this deck I couldn't decide which card I wanted to use for six of Pentacles so I have two choices and this one's more of the feminine feeling where she's feeding the pets and taking care of the baby so it's the same it's the same thing it's this is a maternal nurturing feeling towards you know the people and animals that are around her so this is a very sweet couple that are very kind and nurturing to each other and to the people around them then you also have ten of Pentacles so it's a very secure and comfortable feeling it's it's like it's a lasting happiness it's having it all it's the happily ever after and because it's Pentacles it's it's a state stability and legacy so you are this one strongly suggests you're going to have kids can have something to leave behind to let the world know that you were here kind of thing so let's see what your sexual magic card says you got the judgment card which is another family scene which is so sweet and beautiful and the judgment is about music this this is sound music a burst like of artistic news and light to the world so you you don't you know your partner your children or maybe everybody will have this connection with music that you bring to the world you know so I see a real artistic family beautiful musicians and that's what as you create your family and have children you spread that out into the world through music and sound let's see what your energy Oracle's say well this is like two synchronistic okay so you have the happy family and that is what you give to the world you know you're a beautiful happy family that blesses everyone that comes near them exactly because community you you give your of your time and love and energy to the family and as this not just as a super couple but as a super family your family you and your children will when you get together if you haven't met this person yet you will and you will get married and you will have children and you will bring a sense of wonder and and magic to the community to the world at large so let's see what your terms have to say the best charm collection I I don't know if they've even seen Liz's collection she's got the best time collection that I know okay all right let's see charms would be great for the world what does what is your what do you create together so you got why you've got this um cannon I feel like the cannon is kind of like a dynamic a dynamic energy you know you've got and you you bring beauty and depth and yeah you music rock and roll and you know this this beautiful karmic it's not not necessarily a karmic relationship but it's like karma fulfilled and good luck and for and and a completion of a cycle you got a TTY do remember um those T Y babies hey uh you've got well you got a ring so I told you a marriage and you've got a kiki to each other's heart you bring each other peace and love and the community peace and love somebody's a little bit unusual here you got the mermaid and Jack Skellington as a couple here you are fearless you're all are bold and brave together and do great things this is now or the future you know you maybe haven't met him yet but you will and you have Virgo and Virgo is practical you have this starfish which I feel is you know just everything a star has hopes and wishes but a little with mixed with the sea you got the top hat so like dressing up and stepping out and being out in the world you're you have a lot of luck here you've got the Frog for good luck and this the wheel for good luck and you have a tree so you're creating this family tree and maybe also a home with a garden and trees you got this thimble so that's safety and protection you are someone I can get this you are someone special and oh you're creating memories for sure this is this could also be past life memories but you're definitely creating new memories for your children and grandchildren and and all the people that love you and everybody in your community and looking here the last one had this too so we also have another unique unicorn in this situation of a beautiful DM who's very kind and loving person and we have that wise owl lots of good solid intelligent communication this is like a miracle I know it looks like a miracle but it can happen miracles can happen here's some more depth inna of communication with the with the dolphin yeah no that's a whale with the whale oh you guys are gonna create some money together - and good luck for some more good luck definitely are like a twin flame soulmate couple here some more memories a lot of this is just a lot of storytelling and and reminiscing and bonds like elephants bond they're so beautiful the way they love each other some more see symbols you know like I feel like this could be when you get a home together might be near the sea and yep there's a baby feet of your little babies and you guys are just beautiful diamonds just gorgeous people some more starfish full of love and and the beach and a little birdie so its very nature natural kind of loving natural couple and family and an y'all are made with love uncle goosebumps that's made with love this is a beautiful beautiful one so I hope you like that guys thumbs up if you like that feel free to comment below hugs everyone I'm so happy that that you are here with me and whoever's not a subscriber please feel free to subscribe I love doing this and I'm willing to take any kind of requests that you might have and come out and see me Tuesdays and Fridays I try and keep a good schedule on that so alright I'm on to the next okay and last but not least we have this cute little four-leaf clover ring I got this and I thought I got it the right size for my pinky but it's a little bit large for my pinky alright and then we have the enchanted romance that I'm put together and you can't get it right now through the website that I posted because it's down for some reason so if you want this right this minute I can send it to you I have a few decks at my house that I can send to you and all you have to do is you know complete a PayPal invoice for them and I can you know take all kinds of currency so let's start with the romance angels and see what they've got so what do we create together what do you and your a person create together so it looks like this is the past life relationship and that you've known each other before and you're reconciling someone from your past is returning to your life so yeah your past life or lish relationship is coming back from the past and you're reconciling in this lifetime to create something together and what are you going to create well it looks like you're going to create a lot of forgiving and learning to each other and as you release and heal the past you experience more love in your present moments so you're creating this healing thing that not only helps you but helps everyone around you you know and other twin flame soulmates that are like you can see by your example so let's see what the intention romance says so you have four ones of course you've got the twin flame card and so four of Wands is saying that you know it's a celebration it's community it's it's it's a it's being a twin flame but connecting with the world and and the community and having a celebration and then we have the lovers of course lovers would come out too and so what you're creating is this beautiful unique special bond this union that's so divine and rare that will herald the Ascension of all humans into a higher dimension so that we all live in a beautiful more harmonious place on earth and I know that sounds like a tall order but you know it starts off small and then it grows and grows and grows and then it becomes a ripple effect and you're one of the people that are gonna or you're one of the couples that's going to cause this beautiful ripple effect and then you have the moon so the moon is about you know deep and private and spiritual connections and dreams so you you will one connect with the world but you will also never forget the connection that you have secretly intimately between each other and your dreams and your psychic connection even if you do and you will this to me this reading is about coming into Union in this lifetime and because all it's like your other lifetimes are culminating to this lifetime but you'll never lose that spirituality that you have that connects you so let's see what your sexual magic taro says you got the Ace of Wands so the Ace of Wands is all about union of course and this is the abandoning so abandon is to surrender oneself one loses themselves and their own likeness in the other and become something much greater so it's the two becoming one like I said it's the two pieces becoming whole turning into the the Divine Union turning into the divine connection that will reach out and touch the world and and help us be in a better beautiful more beautiful place so let's see what your energy Oracle has to stay so you have the temple path yes this is the road to the temple this is the road to reaching out in a spiritual way to the world to an internally to like individually you both are reaching deeper and stronger than you ever have before your spiritual your spiritual divinity your spiritual purpose your spiritual goals you know and and by knowing each other you're reaching those goals you're on this path and you're coming towards a door to spirit that will help you know more and more about yourself every day and there you have the doves the love doves who are perfectly United in this beautiful beautiful union that spreads out to the world okay let's do your charms okay let's see what you got so you've got the tree so I see like these branches reaching out to to the world to the community it's kind of a spiritual thing to me I think you got gee you've got em you got Oh go you go guys see you have the you have like a red thread or you know connection this is the Twin Flame connection where this is the bond that never dies you you might even create a home together but this could be the temple you know that you have create you're creating miracles together you're even creating a lot of good luck and fortune as well you are fixing things you know you're causing this great ability to heal the world you have seen you have the moon I told you you have the moon that's the secret connectionist intuitive bonds but you also you know have it out you know practical since about you this represents that you will be physical you will come into union and you will do all the fun things that all couples gets to do and play games and go out maybe have a home with trees and such but to me this is just rootless could be family tree maybe start a family maybe oh you got the engagement ring wedding ring you might even get married here but you definitely be connected you have angel wings protecting you you've got um one of you is kind of a Jack Skellington type an unusual fellow you are you got Pisces so your intuitive see just like the moon your intuitive you have a lot of faith and you're bringing that to the world and a lot and you're secure or very secure relationship and you have the key to each other's hearts I got a lot in this one you got the dragon I love this and this is very kind of rare and so maybe one of you is the year of the dragon but the dragon is the head and the tail is the are like the parts of the to find masculine and feminine it's like this yin and yang thing to going on there and there you go there's your twin flames the twins right there and you got a frog lucky frogs lots of luck for you we've also got lots of music going on for you I see some more music over here more and more music oh every pile got the Unicorn so every pile has this beautiful unique unicorn divine masculine that just means that this is a good man and every pair got this good man that's rare and beautiful and he's got this one's got a little bit of a baby boy is quality about them and and the female or one or another of you or it got this diamond like diamond in a rough of just a gorgeous diamond kind of person you might need actually also create children together if you don't already have kids or build your family this is a bow of being together coming together what I love you might be a little bit old and somebody might be a little bit younger or this just means that you've had many many lifetimes together ah you got also got the infinity symbol which is another twin flame you got the spirit to see the spirit the door spirit opening up and butterflies like Lhasa mean newness you've got the shell seashells and the captain's wheel which is karma again a karma full cycle kind of thing and good luck got the namaste you're the missing puzzle piece to each other any other wrench you're fixing a lot of things over here that's what you're going to bring to the world a lot of your repairing the world and there's this cute little birdie nature and joy and you also are made with love this union and oh I got goose bumps look you have the comedy tragedy so there could be like an acting thing here or some kind of performance type couple too as well all right you guys so I hope you like that I gotta go get my son right away but I hope you enjoyed that thumbs up if you like that please feel free to comment below big hugs to everybody that came out to see me and everybody who subscribes and sends me such beautiful sweet messages and I'm so excited for everybody out there that has taken baby pregnancy tests and finding out they're pregnant and having babies that's so exciting and I'm so happy for everybody all right everybody well you know I'll see you Friday tomorrow night if you like live if you want to come out I should be live tomorrow and I faith

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