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it's bring your sons to work day hi I'm Jessica from Dallas Texas good mythical morning you know what day it is it's Thursday and Thursday means pretty good guys today's episode is brought to you by Catullus the guys were the goods the good today is a corrugated metal American flag for those of you with metal buildings you'd like to put the American flag on the side of it good tools can make that happen guys watch yourself on this it's sharp it could cut you okay you want to put this up in your room yeah yeah okay all right all right if you haven't noticed I've got a couple of guest hosts today and yes ladies and gentlemen these are my children children why don't you introduce yourselves tell us a little bit about yourself my brother's name Sheppard and he tries to chase me a lot and he's weird Sheppard tell us a little bit about yourself you cut your brother pretty weak okay you guys seem like you have some things that you need to work out and we will take care of that another time because right now we're gonna open mail this is real simple guys here's what we're gonna do okay I'm gonna open mail and you just be yourselves okay just be yourself okay thank you joining me by the way I really appreciate this dear rhett and Link I've always thought the idea of putting your own face on money is a really cool idea I thought that you would enjoy having your face on money grace from Utah look at this guy's these are completely worthless dollar bills one has length one has me can't do anything nope in fact it's actually illegal to do that it's illegal to make counterfeit money so don't ever do that I know uh Thank You grace dear rhett and Link here's a little game for both of you guess how many times the most link has pushed up his glasses in one episode don't cheat and go back and watch all your videos just take a guess okay guys give me a guess Shepard how many times do you think link has pushed up his glasses the most he's ever done it in one episode Shepards first Shepard [Music]

okay 18 is Shepards answer luck 27 is when I'm gonna say and let's see what the answer is sealed in this envelope 23 I beat you but you were pretty close man only five away like that was pretty that's four that was not a good answer but you know what it's okay you're home school that's your excuse okay here we go now you guys these are games rhett and Link in this box I placed two puzzles I was hoping the two of you could try and figure them out in the show if you don't mind but mainly wanted to see you to figure them out figure out the puzzles if you figure them out I've placed a small prize in one of them and that is from Phillip thanks Phillip you guys occupy yourselves with these like you try to get this this block out of there Shepard you try to get this open it's not good by yourselves leave me alone for a bit I'll do this we send you our mythical greetings from Turku Finland we asked your viewers that you asked reviews to send you some candy so here it is the queen of all candy Sally my some salmiakki anyway so to help you reach actually okay here's where they say and filling its well-known fact that child has not reached adulthood until he or she likes salmiakki these are ammonium chloride based taste sensations that from sufi and you look I'm sorry I probably did not pronounce that right guys I want you to try these with me you can put down your games you're never gonna figure that out it's okay baby so goodbye it was just a trick it was just a dad trick you know I couldn't even figure those out so good prizes yeah I'll give you something later in fact here's your prize right here some sodium some sodium ammonium chloride can t you love it just put in your mouth just putting him out just do it don't ask questions just eat it don't smell it don't put it up your nose put it in your mouth it fires on it you don't think you would eat it all right I'll taste it Shepard is pretty wait wait yeah it tastes pretty pretty bad all right it's uh it's like kind of a like a really sour licorice kind of thing that I don't think Americans in general would enjoy and I definitely don't think American children would enjoy us well I try to get my kids to eat as you can see one of them has eaten it he's not happy about it Shepard you don't want it okay you give me yours right well I just put it over there and then this bit just bit it that way just put it in that general direction we'll clean it up one of these see did don't ask any questions just either put in your mouth don't smell just put it right in your mouth to put around your mouth put it on your mouth put it right in your mouth put it right in your mouth just put in your mouth what are your mouth give you six Pokemon

guys a little disappointed okay here's something that you definitely will heed okay thank you idea rhettandlink I love your videos of watched EMM everyday use these for unexpected emergencies when you can't make bacon in time PS they are probably disgusting this is from Ashley in Orange Park Florida guys these are bacon beans they are jelly beans that taste like bacon hey listen Shepherd don't smell this one just he did just do me a favor on the count of three we're all gonna eat it okay one two three it's just weird what's weird about it it's like barbecue in your mouth boasting what you think Shepherd all right you guys want some more Shepherd you want you like two or three at a time

okay there we go enjoy that Sun and last but not least you still spitting over there who's this from Jason where's the letter for the right here oh here you go this is from Sofia she said my name is Sofia I'm 12 and I'm from the great state of North Carolina oh so what I sent you as a comic of traffic team it took about two days because my computer is so slow so she has actually created a comic book for our characters traffic man and conehead the two characters that we have ended in a previous episode she also sent a little TARDIS a TARDIS is a time machine I'm aware I've seen Doctor Who from a favorite show Doctor Who and she is suggesting that we put the TARDIS into the mythical time capsule you can think about this what's the minute come back so anyway I figured out what it's gonna be yet it sort of sad why is it sad you're also more bacon beans just just enjoying you like it wouldn't be an episode of Thursday means mail without an episode of time Ranger Brewers and spoil alert link is actually in this because we taped it ahead of time so don't get alarmed and worried how is link involved in this episode we take tit ahead of time here's time Ranger Rivers [Music] hey man hey I didn't know you were here oh I didn't either but I am at the zoo it's awesome yeah the zoo yeah hey I'm about to go over to my favorite exhibit you want to come with me oh the miniature horses exactly yeah over there over there yeah let's head that way huh where are they excuse me sir yeah where is the miniature horse exhibit manager horses have been extinct for over 200 years ever since Merriweather Neil went on a personal crusade to rid the world of miniature horses What did he say Merriweather Neil yeah my great great great great great uncle the guy we traveled back in time to save from scurvy and then at the same time we killed his neighbor the guy who happened to almost be inventing the gazebo oh my goodness not only has our time meddling resulted in the prevention of the invention of the gazebo it resulted in the prohibition of bacon and now the extinction of miniature horses this is horrible but I've got an idea uh-huh let's go over there over there yeah you see that bounce house mm-hmm let's go get in it okay okay we're in the bounce house here's what we're gonna do we're gonna travel a few weeks back in time and we're gonna convince our former selves that we should not go save my great great great great uncle because that's what got us in this whole mess man but how are we gonna do that this is such an unreliable time machine agrees a stack of his RT established we don't know how to get to a specific time right well I just think the best thing we can do is just think really hard about a few weeks ago and then jump really high really high yeah 1 2 3 jump jump jump higher higher higher higher high okay okay we made it we're here it worked nope it didn't work yeah that would be because we're an ancient age of 13 30 BC dang it this is not a few weeks ago one of the pyramids yeah look over there over there yeah over there you see that group of people it looks like somebody dignified and they're like did something so let's go check it out Kay okay here we are like best King Tut for real you know the mummy no he's not a mummy now this is like when he was not a mummy but this is pre mummy yeah I knew that and he's like talking to his people hold on you feel that what no did you did you pass gas I feel some rain oh yeah but look all of you all the people are getting really concerned because they don't see rain very often and they're worried that the king is gonna get wet oh this is huh hey Rhett okay all right go for it excuse me mister tut tut yeah yeah I know you you don't want to get wet and all that and you have so much power and prestige and honor and dough that why don't you pull your resources and build a circular structure with a roof over it that can keep the rain off you that is a great idea but what would I call it you know what I think we know the perfect thing to call it we could call it gazebo

it's not over I thought that was the end I really like you guys I'm going to keep you both as my inventing slaves Oh No Oh No look Rhett he's getting a whip out he's about to lash you in the face of the whip oh he got me right in the eyeball with the whip it'll be okay man just don't panic get me back to modern times and modern healthcare let's go and get back to what guys you wanted in this episode with a wheel of mythicality you know about that right it's right behind you Shepherd Bennet link wakes up after 1 million years and that guy you know how it works when links not here the guest house has to be linked so I'm just gonna hand this one over to you guys just do whatever feels natural blink wakes up after 1 million years you together collectively both of you are linked together roll with it are you waking up yeah how long has it been about a million years Nevada's million yeah then just like a Planet of the Apes and what and then we find eight people but yeah and then what and then we die and then I die then we meet ready get ready Scheffer do you have any of your own ideas


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