Feels Like Summer 6x8 SN@P! Album Kit - Layle By Mail

by: Layle Koncar

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[Music] hey there guys it's Lael con car with leo by male and i am back with my latest lele male product kit this one is called feels like summer and it uses the simple story summer days collection and you guys it is such a fun collection I can't even tell you definitely has kind of that pineapple Flamingo vibe going so we're going to take a look at the project as I've completed it and I will take a quick look at the kit so this obviously is the cover and this die cut pineapple is obviously included in your kit I just love the way it looks kind of against that wood green background it kind of gives it a really fun kind of Hawaii beachy feel even if you don't have Hawaii your Beach pictures for your summer that is absolutely okay because you'll notice it doesn't necessarily carry all the way throughout the album alright so the way I have approached the project myself is I have included a kind of my favorite summer photos so as you are looking through the flip through you can decide if this might be one particular summer or just a compilation of some of your favorite summer photos and we will dig right in let me make sure I cut that Center for you okay so fun inside cover and the kit includes tons of paper and chipboard and stickers and decorative bread so we've got different sized pocket pages that I've worked with another die cut that is included in your kit and you'll see it's just great colors really doesn't matter what type of summer photos that you have whether they're Beach whether they are pool you've got a great little bucket list there the Sam finder that we're using this particular item includes three of the chipboard dividers so that's what you will see in that page in the top film and then in a sermon of pocket pages so we see different pockets that I've made for the the album some of the pocket pages are trimmed just because I like to play with that a little bit you'll see that again they're that pocket page is termed I've trimmed the edge off a really fun pocket that we will make as part of the kit out of a single sheet of paper I like to do this a lot too it's a great tip for adding more photos to your albums by just basically adhering to vertical four by sixes back-to-back and punching holes it's another kind of fun little technique there this album my finished project - you guys have 75 pictures in it which if you take a lot of pictures like I do that is great for that's great for documenting and adding a lot of your projects we'll make that kind of great little fold out lots of pop dots and dimension that you will see in in the project as I finished it as always the layout by mail project kits include all the products that you need to complete the project as well as color photos of each of the pages and step-by-step instructions so very easy to put the product together but you also get a product if you want to completely do it differently then I have done it and I am all for that as well so lots of open flips top flips there is another one of those dividers again there's some fussy cutting or I've taken some of the 3 by 4 and 4 by 4 and 4 by 6 parts and actually done some fussy cutting to give you a little bit of a different look and feel in you know in your album but as you can see tons of grief products lots of room for photos and there you have it so that is the project completed and now we'll take a look at source it's so full it's having a hard time clothing maybe it's made of having a hard time closing it website about that totally disrupted in my space and everything so the contents of the kit include one of the yellow 6 by 8 snap binders and as we mentioned that includes it includes actually eight different snap pages ten pocket pages and on those three chipboard dividers a package of the summer days decorative Brad's and I use those all throughout that project a package of the four basic stickers so there are eight four by six sticker sheets in case I use almost I would say I used about 98% of the stickers in in the kit in the project so I love it when you can kind of really use a lot of your supplies the chipboard stickers so there are 26 of those chipboard stickers great little flamingo there you'll notice kind of that Volkswagen bus up here a couple different times throughout the collection from being kind of jute and that was yours on the cover the pineapple die-cut that I mentioned and this is just so fun right a number of different tops so you can get some dimension through and pop dots on your little top there so little insides of the pineapple we're even using those I have included two feet each so 24 inches of the two summer days washi tape and now has come wrapped on a popsicle stick for you then Oakland work die cut that I hearts are die-cut then we jump into the paper there's quite a few papers included in the kit as well so this great kind of cloud paper it has ice cream cones on the other side a nice stripe a good stripe is always really handy I'm really in any scrapbook project that you do with that small floral on the backside the floral in this summer days collection is so beautiful speaking of the floral there is a larger version and that just really neutral teal stripes cameras love the cameras on this paper and then that great kind of pink tone on tone almost that is that woodgrain that we're using on the cover and then you have some element papers and element papers always come in handy when you're working with the pocket pages so you have the three by four feet the 4x4 sheet the horizontal 4x6 sheet the vertical 4x6 sheet and to wrap up the 12 by 12 combo cardstock sticker which includes a ton more stickers and that is the summer daze kit check out the notes below in this youtube video for information on ordering thanks you guys

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(if the video is appearing blurry for you, click the gear/Settings button at the bottom right corner of the player & select Quality 720p) An up close look at my Layle By Mail Feels Like Summer 6x8 SN@P! Album kit for purchase. Kit includes everything you need to complete the project, including color photos of each page as well as step by step instructions! For details & information on ordering the kit by mail, visit laylekoncar.typepad.com

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