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and my number one best sonic game is Sonic Generations what an amazing way to celebrate 20 years of Sonic by saving the world by revisiting some of the old stages from the previous games this is actually the one Sonic game I've been hoping for I've been wanting to see remakes of some of the classic levels and this game does not fail to deliver this is the best Sonic game I have ever played it's so amazing I don't even know where to start but you know we're gonna start with classic Sonic and then work our way up to modern Sonic first off classic sonic place just like how we did in the days of the Genesis it's like they copy the original physics and pasted them into this game this is how sonic force physics should have been the first three stages sound almost exactly like their genesis counterparts are only slightly tweaked with a bit of techno mix to them when I'm playing the genesis stages it's like going back in time and having that feeling of nostalgia you know sitting in front of the TV playing Sonic 1 2 or 3 or 3 & Knuckles yes the stage layouts aren't exact copies but you know they have enough of their original and spirit and Chemical Plant Act 1 shows off that sexy Genesis blast proccesing letting sonic outrun the camera it's such a wonderful feeling at sky sanctuary is so bright and calming and it looks beautiful and it's such a shame that you have to run through the stage so quickly as the death egg looms in the background the Dreamcast and modern areas are just amazing to see as a 2d remake most impressive stages being speed highway and rooftop run for the Dreamcast and modern areas respectively and in Sydney escape you're constantly running away from the truck as it just doesn't like hedgehogs seaside Hills feels just like hydro city from Sonic 3 when you're underwater and crash the city is probably the most challenging stages classic Sonic mostly at the end where you have to chase the signpost and the tornado in the background keeps pulling you towards it rooftop run is really fun especially when you go inside the building and need to avoid the wine barrels and climbing up the clock tower is a lot more fun than simply running up it and planet wisp is more forgiving than modern Sonic's version the classic remixes for the music are something you want to have your mp3 player the classic remix for crisis City is my favorite track in the entire game I love it and the sad thing about classic Sonic is that he only has two bosses Metal Sonic and the death egg robot the Metal Sonic fight isn't a race like it was in Sonic CD but you got to keep running otherwise you're gonna fall off the death egg robot boss has an awesome remix of its original song and the fight is almost like the original but it's a hell of a lot easier but modern sonic really steals the show by bringing his moves from unleashed and colors like the sonic boost and it's so amazing to blast through these classic stages with those abilities and like unleash them colors you really get that feeling of speed when you're blasting through these levels I rarely use the boost because I love the remixed music for all these stages too much to let the crews defect wash out the music the genesis eras are really nice but the 3d portions of sky sanctuary are really different I would never expect it to look the way it does in fact both sky sanctuaries don't really feel like their genesis counterpart this is the only stage that doesn't feel like its namesake to me the Dreamcast era is a really good homage to this time speed highway has a lot of those elements from its Dreamcast counterpart like the giant loop in the beginning the helicopter ride and running down the side of a building and all those twisting roads see escape is completely rebuilt from scratch and like sky sanctuary doesn't really feel like its name same as some parts of the level happened in reverse order of its original like the loop that leads down the building is in the middle rather than at the end and the stairs with the gun robots is at the end instead of at the beginning but the truck still chases you at the end of the level and it is a lot meaner than what it used to be seaside hill is really beautiful and it's a combination of its first and second acts and this stage has some of the cheapest deaths in the game if you're running along the water and you go outside the buoys a giant chopper pops up and instantly kills you that's absolutely ridiculous that there's no leeway here I mean at some points you have to actually boost across the water and turn and then you move out of the buoys and before you can get back into them you're dead then we go to the modern era priceless city is probably the second largest stage in the game but I will tell you this it is a lot better then this 2006 counterpart and at the instead of running away from the tornado as a ghost at you you run towards it as a throw at you man son explain some serious balls since that game rooftop run feels almost exactly like it's unleashed counterpart although I don't really remember swinging axes and unleashed planet wisp is the largest level but I can't compare it to its original as I don't have a way so I never got to play Sonic Colors but I'll tell you it's difficult for modern sonic the voice acting is amazing in this game Roger Craig Smith really captures Sonic's personality perfectly and the rest of the voice cast is perfect now I never really minded the four kids voice acting well except for a Rouge but I got used to it but in this game her voice is perfect and mipoulok delivers another amazing performance as Eggman the game makes many allusions to pass sonic games like how Sonic remembers Green Hill Zone well tails dozen or Hawk tails of FEGLI remembers chemical planet sonic immune mentions past adventures like sonic Missy forensics on the colors and probably the greatest nod to the series is at the end when the time eater appears and it's real that both past and present doctors are working together modern Sonic and Tails point-o Eggman while classic tales points out dr. Robotnik who in turn says that no one calls him that anymore and classic Robotnik is actually really surprised at how crazy his future self has become there are some things that I think they could have done to make the game a lot better but these are really just personal preferences and not criticisms because that's nothing to do with the gameplay and it's mostly just their level selection Green Hill and chemical plant are awesome choices special sanctuary what a good choice death eggs zone might have been more fun especially with the gravity change in mechanics speed highway while cool-looking static probably would have been the better choice or maybe even lost temple mainly because of perceived City Escape which is a similar level as their both cities City Escape is a perfect choice and both remixes will follow me up for that seaside hill felt more of an excuse to have sonic go underwater I would have loved to have seen Hank Castle make a comeback or maybe rail Canyon crisis City and rooftop run were perfect choices although I do wonder what Kingdom would look like if it was remade even though I didn't play Sonic Colors I love planet wisp the boss fights feel kind of phoned in though they only take four hits before they're defeated and there's only four real bosses rival battles don't really feel like a boss fight while seemingly lackluster the boss and rival battles are actually pretty epic after you beat the game you get to play a supersonic in the regular stages however supersonic really sucks he's slower than regular something and that energy Humvee emits is extremely annoying the ring count depletes faster than one ring per second and boosting sucks up rings even faster it's really more of an invincible second skin for both Sonic's and there's no special music for Super Sonic come on this would have been perfect to have a remix of the supersonic music from Sonic 2 as you collect red ring stars and complete challenges you unlock concept art music from past games and skills you do get a lot of skills though but you can only equip 5 or up to 100 skill points whichever comes first modern sonic actually has the better skill set if you have acceleration and speed up equipped you don't have to boost to run across water anymore in classic Sonic he has more utility skills than anything else like the shields from Sonic 3 or just stuff that you would find in item boxes this game is perfect for DLC in fact Sega can hold off on a new Sonic game for a while and just add onto this one we've downloadable levels come on Sega shut up and take my money already you actually deserve it this time it would be a huge mistake for them not to capitalize on this opportunity mr. Coombe is no surprise when I say this on generations is a gift from God and my number one pick for the best Sonic game ever made and despite my personal thoughts on it there are just things that I would have liked to see as they have nothing to do with how good this game truly is


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