Marvel Legends CAPTAIN MARVEL Carol Danvers Kree Sentry BAF Wave Action Figure Review

by: erivera94

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hey guys be sure to like me on Facebook and following me on Instagram for extra content you won't see here click the links in the description below hey what's up guys ego a94 back again here another action figure review today we're looking at the hospital Marvel Legends Captain Marvel Kree century build for your wave the one and only Captain Marvel herself this one is the only one in the series that does not come with a build a figure as you see there is no piece so you don't need this one to complete your Kree century on the side we get a picture of Carol Danvers right there on the back it's the rest of the wave along with the read up that says Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe's most powerful heroes Captain Marvel when earth is caught in the middle of ECAL active war between two alien races so there we have her out of the box and this is the figure that is touppercase in the wave so it's more common there's no bill to figure peace needed so it's gonna be more common on the shelves - on top of it being - per case this is your movie version of Captain Marvel so this is the figure you're gonna want to get if you're completing your movie figures your MCU collection for legends and I think this figure came out very nice I'm actually very pleased with it very good looking Captain Marvel figure right the colors the paint the sculpt it's a it's a very nice job by Hasbro I think a lot of people are very underwhelmed with this wave I am too but if you are a MCU collector then you should be very happy with this wave especially this figure right here it's a very good good Captain Marvel figure for the movie so this is how she comes packed in with her mask and her Mohawk which is awesome dis looks great I'm actually very excited to see this in the movie then we do get an alternate head let's take a closer look so there she is I think that looks pretty good not too bad it's the face scanning tech that they've been doing and they even added on a little mole on her cheek so that's cool then we do get to alternate hands it's just two open hands and then the ones that we get on the figure or a pair of fists and there is no though the figure piece alright let's check her out the head will swivel a left and is gonna go up and it's gonna go down a lot very nice the arms will go forward and back in and I will get a soft pliable plastic on the shoulder so that does not hinder anything so that's always great it's only a single jointed elbow there's a swivel at that elbow the wrist will swivel - there's a hinge diaphragm joint at the torso it'll go back this far and forward that far no way swivel which sucks I wish they would have added that the T jointed legs will go forward this far and back in and out fairly far die swivels double jointed knees the ankles will hinge forward and back there is a pivot and there she is without the mask just the hair down and this also looks great very good likeness and that goes well with the suit all right let's start off our size comparisons next to Nick Fury from the same wave of course he is a very tall figure like that another tall figure Puma in red Goblin from the kingpin we've thrown in another female figure here there's the black cat all right all right those are comic speakers get some movie figures in here so here's the MCU Doctor Strange and then Gamora for a female MCU character this is quite the shock and surprise for me this is my favorite figure so far in this wave that I have reviewed I've only done Val here and Nick Fury but I like this Captain Marvel quite a lot so the overall paint and sculpt in just the look of it the head scopes came out very nice especially the masked one I like the smirk on there so I definitely do recommend these for the MCU collectors this one came out nice so hope you guys enjoyed this review leave a like if you did leave a comment subscribe if you haven't done so already and as always guys [Music]



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