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by: Rom Wills

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[Music] hello there this is ROM wills coming back at you with yet another video the way is in physical training now one part of the philosophy teach with the whole nice guys and players of philosophy you know it's not just about you know being cool enough or sexy enough just to attract women but it's also a big part of it is physical training hitting the gym but the thing with hitting the gym or any other type of physical training it doesn't have to be the gym it could be you know bodyweight exercises push-ups and sit-ups at home which actually you can trust me push-ups sit-ups maybe some dip somewhere might even actually be better for people but also I would include maybe martial arts or something playing some type of sport especially some type of contact sport you know if you can find a touch football league or something but it's about a man channeling his natural energy see one of the issues out here is because of the change in society and you know so many men are you know not doing any blue-collar thing some are still but never lee of exercise not really exercising not really using that active energy so you men by nature and forget fuck political correctness and stuff men by nature will build to be hunters were built to be warriors you know we evolved the ability to stocks and prey get that animal you know we evolved the ability to engage other men in physical combat but see that's kind of gone away that's kind of gone away in most cases unless you live in a very rough neighborhood or you had the misfortune of going to prison what you have to do with prison gangs and covering your ass and worry about getting shanked the average man out here is not that active and yet you have a few people who hit the gym but it's nowhere near saturation point and especially for men now like I said even though I talked about this in my books this isn't about women Matalin this one it's just about a man having the energy to go out there and do to go out there and hustle go out there hunt for food but also the ability to be a warrior in indigenous cultures it wasn't a division of labor where you say ok this guy's a police officer this guy's a soldier the rest of us can shell out every able-bodied man was expected to participate in the hunt every able-bodied man was expected to defend the tribe so what developed was a bunch of men who were in touch with their natural masculinity now the physical training I think would has to happen every man has to develop some type of training regimen and like I said it don't have to be the weight it can be you know if somebody say you know what I don't feel like going through some dojo learning some martial arts you know just even hitting the weights can really it'll stimulate the increase in testosterone and also it gives you some confidence you know I've seen big differences and people you know who might not have hit the weights or any did any weight training and those who start is a big difference in how they walk and talk you know is a big difference how they face different things you know and quite frankly if you got that type you've been doing up a few hundred pounds four hundred pounds or something she was you can deter a lot of stuff if you're out here in the streets because that warrior peace I mean reason even talking about it because i'ma tell you what with the economic situation people going to get a little crazy and the reality is first of all many states don't have concealed carry two you never know when you're in a situation where you just don't happen to have a weapon on you so you either have to be look like the type of person who could deter something from happening it will be able to handle it if it does happen like one of my favorite stories and I've told this a couple of times about this uh when I was working at the gym and it was this guy inside you know real real buff brother right and he said he looked outside and it was during a snowstorm he saw these couple young shoots his game thugs who were standing around his car so dude walked out there in a tank top and told me back off his car and you know like I said about the thugs these dudes were armed but it deters him because they looked at him like you know what I want to deal with this you know that's a big part of it you know you can go out there and do whatever or you know taking some type of martial arts some actual combat and I don't mean like honestly the best type of martial arts some stuff you can have some practical use of streets to be honest with you you know every man should train something you know or you know one thing went they growing up every man every boys expect it has some type of knuckle gang if you wanted to get through most neighborhoods with out too many people fucking with you they had to know that you were able to knuckle up it didn't mean you had to be like some World Heavyweight Champion but they had to know you were willing to fight you know they had to know that okay if they wanna fuck with you and I think somebody I think a lot of I don't know we have that like we user yeah we got it in some ratchet neighborhoods but I'm being honest see you know many men many men you just kind of wondering like damn dude you know it's my step to use like that if you have a gun on you or don't have your cell phone call police you give to handle it but every man has to do that every man has to train in terms of just having the energy to do stuff and just to be able to handle himself out here you know and I'm re-emphasize what I said before it's not about the woman because look yes women love nice bodies right and love they love nice bodies but the training isn't about that because one to get that aesthetic look that women like that's a specialized training that's a specialized diet all those fitness models and stuff that you know you women pass the pictures around people don't realize how much of a diet they have to be on how much they have to have good genetics even a half six-pack ABS you know it's not it's not one of those things and half of them it fo maybe start snowing with them we couldn't do anything half up a lot of camp but it's more about having strength because it's a big difference if you feel like it's a big difference in how you feel as a man and your confidence in the ability to handle something if you can only benchpress 135 as opposed to 225 it's a big difference trust me you get to that point you can throw up to 25 or something and that's that's just a baseline I know there's some cats out there throwing up 300 600 shout-out to a shout out to my man ko fitness he crave just all 500 of some just a warm-up could be one hand just showing up I said breath stop showing off hey in fact when you talk about fitness and stuff my mum I'm gonna put a link to my brother's site I mean my brother's a YouTube channel in the description box for training and also it so you know you guys I'd like to call a call for some of the fellows who training in some type of martial art or something shout yourselves out in the description box especially if you have a dojo if you'll master your black belt or something or if you have some suggestions for what men can do to really train you know and you know especially especially like to hear somebody who trains in 52 blocks and I'm not even going to say what that is that if somebody's training in it don't know it you know if you want to if you want to you know shout yourself out because I think that's a good fighting style from a little bit I've seen other but you know just training something something you know some type of physical training you know some type of physical training especially to keep yourself in the best shape so you can just do whatever you need to do and also just the physical train so you can handle yourself in any situation that may come up you know any situation so you know what that's bad that's it I just want to throw that out there because that's a key part of whatever I teach that's a key part like I said yet is that aesthetic part or something that women like but it's really just so you have more energy you feel better you feel more confident walking down the street you know if you got somebody walking down the street with a fine woman got some dudes ready to like you know front on you or some be disrespectful shit you feel better about being out of the leg smack the shit out of one of them Oh body slam one of them if you want to do this throwing up four hundred or whether you've been working at martial artists you know some type of martial arts be ready to do something so anyway that's it that's it for today I can say the ways in the physical training I'll talk to y'all later peace


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