Manyan LABARAN KANNYWOOD na watan February 2019

by: Kannywood Empire

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[Music] that's cocoon Lavar and now I wanna Marconi Germany Pisa Abdullah Taba Jana your daughter called the so tomato question soda in the tickets Nana's at a la salle million Haqqani Achanta nettutor in the hard one on my Bianca akicha I cut the chicken back you say touchy but took a bikini and so I met a haqqani Amal Kumar and Lyle are cheetah in Pokemon Java Aquinas you my name Allah , cool a burning and Aramis I notified that cell phones to area in the heart rate seceded states ago by an hour a shampoo container social media Hakuba mocha Kampala wearing it the nafisa of the lights a bayonet she always had orders at us automatic watches already so that she couldn't leg about so cool sign you know I'm intelligent why take a second one in Jeremy would have you are tuned if we set up the light of Aramis Adam I am the developer team that later for now but is that the way I'm a de briare a Mazda surphanaka our connection buyer in the coca-cola universe a high in the mutiny ck zerg into Asura in a hard as you allah Muhsin Caribbean Anissa Indo votes on Jerome Aramis ROC que ahora de said it's an aesthetic one day come at an early and it's a mature woman if he said of the lightest I know one year ago to take it you were in Arma in ama in hamachi one an abundance Kenny Semiramis water Hakan is a mutiny Skeeter our agenda digital soon achieve are so rainy Hadas what's emotinal re-warm IV as a room Aramis autobuses it had been the new mono also that the singer ash African tennis I'd assume whatever I attend a I'm getting my homicide only sing you know what so Kiowa no assassin chicken technology how Kenya sama bien say award no homo survivors did I give up the key to order for Fe the middle one and sugar in also security welcome are to say I'm finally the colorful tolerance I wasn't known it's a V anomalous mi never come back here again Matsunaga in the worst kuma suki dakara matzo heidi say in a new direction that she won you won in sugar there was a lot of fiery it easy [Music] you must appear there I'm gonna Rio comedones sugar a comment section a custom video and we touch each other multinational house' while to an epistle up to life sorry ma ibaka i Quinta Norma's Anna and tell Connie woods what's a Mohini Hashanah in the 30 by ceasing is rava CPG in a new human table I will tamakwa pneumococcal Urbano worst Jeremy Martin was an entire Connie would suka Sonia was super Tina Wanda Gemma Asuka Donny be that Shiva Weninger medicinal adorama side of the onion Armand in the seeker Sonia was SWOT analysis from chicken soup yeah put so clearly one day Jane you mahogany earring earring malasada the eyeshadow console new Instagram investigate who narration jim dutton Nagano man and sugar I want no more time how can you jalan jalan jalan man a pizza oven lady in the heart Obama a vocal mic enter shower today by seeking his araba like a Pucci Puma my name is haben edenian Menehune and non-veteran eva Tigana di dunia no become a mature in-law a journeyman Altena ouma kurosu ouma kurosu to turn Neiman's una I analogies ooh [Music] my food protection Johnny why - mother Gaia reveal the moon Saturn in guru the other suit I wanna mark who allies you can she be a master rahama another his way yet the finest idea Kabbalah cemeteries I can't hold it this tear down the Canon saddest of infancy the traumas are needed and get support for afraid I come for to see de Mistura milk of Yahweh any suicide Yucca Valley irani adoration yonder is a communion with the Zambia acacia concealed inside of the mixer while I saw int did the odor ha thermal chemical how can me some clarification so far [Music]

now I am another I owe you I can chef Kaimana Facebook Twitter the my Instagram official for Carmona Canyon Empire swear yeah domains in one was way is a homicidal yes Rama to dispel water Suffolk intended to attack Jia ni sent as the auditor I can use a safari to keep comedia mr. unser referring to Peter and Shula listen daddy and I still how can you need to Rafael Furcal unknown Morgan c1 is needed lu cha IRA homicidal highly tilted the key it Sakura homicide or a second and seven I went daily much as a fever digitally I finish high to mechanically shahara me and gentleman on watch for a homicidal Taliban and Kamala beginning entertain a Mediterranean University i casa cypress coming and a haka near a sharp enter the installed room in the Ibaka a Giunta harmony and the secretary marina Mumma monitor at Amarna a lyusya alkane I want your money come on Sam comical abhorrent so watch our room is easy desequerah my name M Masson insane Connie with the money impera in Konya with good idea in the wonder mop of whatever custom one that some because I female Sooners are this any yeah my energy while sugar that Aaron's a wool in send anger in Kaduna helmet invasive animals Aurora as yellow in the kumea credits she was soon M Masson Anson can use my via a Tico's Osaka no.1 and sorrow it's a conservator send abundant Aruba akka sorry miles but for the wallet our city I can use

then dr. chicken money and Yaron Jeremy animism coming soon ahora de mama yeah be in the - ah yeah ah yeah baby - me in the ABC then I'm going give you an idea for a bus to Muhammad are happy to cover the haricot he almost economy the moody ing them to talk to me like it so I can very tiny mosquito famines I guess I guess a good as Alameda me Akuma PDP

between Lima

baka baka to make but he decides how she never posed yes sir your possible mana I won't make it haha dumb bear take a walk means I could say give it as an awaiting some mutton and thus Kira has an uncanny would cut and uncut you are to either one Consuela asam Marcus is in Sanka Excalibur into I went to mark when we agree that worship of Uncas and Nigeria in numbers as ancient Adama some photo Mikado we are surrounded by a Muhammadu Buhari active that it seems as a simple person a DI semana camasta alanine Del Amo hominid in low times the to lend me a fiver the idea Kabbalah so up till I'm asking your question bubble behind congratulations boba hurry Rama canoe so when I al Arabic a bigger share of my here like I love a good him I got a kebab isn't about me ideology congratulation buddy



[Music] de da de da hakama crashing la barra namu nanaho Kasane teto Adamo ahjumma i'm is worthless observable aberrant annual Kumasi burggarten okay no issue no homo Massimo cartilage haesu sir coherent super mature email Nahuatl car needs a fire at Pokemon telephone comical commentary subscribing to my youtube channel amou arcanine empire poco poco demasiado commonness re-cement akamaru facebook sweetie DoCoMo instagram can huge empire

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