Project Luminox: Generative Cubes-- 100% Custom Mechanism 3x3s for you!! (10.07 Average)

by: Humphrey Wittingtonsworth IV

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hey everyone so this is just a really really super mega preliminary thing this is like a preview of preview this is like the pre-alpha version this is project Luminox this is something that I've been working on for months this has been seriously months in the making the plastic alone plastic research has taken at least one month my intern role he's I assistant now Mikey flew down to Georgia to sit down with me for two weeks and we just coded straight programming to create just the bare bones of this system and it's not even like ten percent done maybe more or less but there are so much more to do before this hits market where I'm aiming to hit this market by summer and do a lot of internal testing by spring break which is like next month but I'm just so excited right now guys because this is the first workable model of project Luminox and we'll do a few Sol's I'm going to show you the details but project Luminox is iteratively generative design or generative iterative design with cubes and together with the community we're gonna create cubes I have the capability to produce cubes at really high resolution this QB was generated and produced in-house this is the corner and you can see the quality of this thing this took no post-processing no sanding this was straight from machines and my left arm is hurting me right now but you can see the quality of these pieces the plastic resin like I said this isn't just normal plastic this is Teflon if you can see so like this is just normal black plastic this is a little bit weird stuff this is just research this is black plastic but it looks grey because there's Teflon inside the plastic matrix the molecular matrix of this contains fine micron sized Teflon particles and we can include all kinds of things like I'll have another video about coatings and stuff but this has any substrate I want I could have Dignitas stick Ljubica black plastic Teflon plastic right now is really nice but the possibilities are endless and the whole point of this is you can have a custom cube built just by you designed by you and each stit ur ative step it just keeps improving over time and we can do this now the bare bones app is it's done I just have to make it look stylized better but let's talk about some features do some solves like I said these cubes have no seams like you'll know on a normal piece like this there's a seam in between the plastic and it's just a tiny tiny detail but it adds a tiny bit of friction these cubies you'll need to break in and get that tiny bit of friction away because they are completely seamless now what about magnets you might ask well the magnets are embedded in the plastic themselves embedded magnets and gosh there's just so much stuff that goes into this because it's months of just working at it and getting it to work to get this prototype and there are a few issues like this prototype has warped centers and the screws don't fit right the springs don't fit right but that's just in the process like I said this is like a pre-alpha what else can I say about this puzzle there are basically with project Luminox I have the URL you can go to the URL and you can pick different features so let's say you want the wings of a GTS 2 and you wanted the center of a Gans and if you wanted the corners of a vulgar feat all of those things you can select and design your own cube and then within 2 weeks you can hold that cube that you put together on the internet with the app that me and my assistant wrote completely from scratch like we wrote the database on the back end is based in Python we wrote the front end completely from scratch no editors completely typing every single word on the screen now we have to fine-tune a lot of settings to get the cubes better but in just two weeks of fine tuning I went from a just decent cube we traveled from like 2008 cubes quality to 2015 keeps quality and we're gonna hit the modern day pretty soon like there are a lot of cubes a lot of prototypes that we've been working through and if you noticed in my video with the 12 magnet cube that was printed that was completely created in like a few hours there are so many possibilities and so many things you could even in the long term submit a design to us and then we could make it for you and the whole point behind generative design is the more combinations we find the more tweaks we do as people submit these tweaks because we we have an idea of what's good but we don't know the best we can inch closer towards the best combination as more people helped us tweak and in exchange people are getting super unique cubes and if we stumble or you stumble upon a really good design we can market your design and then you your name these are just possibilities this is these aren't guarantees but with this prototype it's definitely possible now and what else is this week have full control over the plastic you want hard plastic we have like so many hard plastics we can offer soft plastics we can go so soft that it's flexible I wouldn't recommend it but you also have additives first particular feels we can fine-tune the cube to however you want and that level of customizability this is now the true custom cube you choose every single thing in your cube hardware washers core Corner style how squared off you want it and to prevent you from doing a bad cube I just don't list the bad features up there it's generally accepted that certain features are good and certain features are bad I'm not gonna let you combine a 2005 type a with a lund Hui and let's say a thank she's Center that doesn't fit those aren't possible the software not only generatively creates the files and linearly combines them to make the pieces it checks to see that you can't have stupid combinations and has a second level of safety I'm gonna go back through for the first few and make sure that it's good and like I said this is pre pre alpha it's not gonna be released for months I have to write a lot more of the software we have to tweak the machines we have new mesh no new machines coming this is gonna be mine this is probably the biggest project I've ever undertaken and I hope people are gonna like it so if you have any comments put it in the comp of questions comments section I'm gonna do a few solves yo you this listen to the turns do you hear how soft plastic is but because of the Teflon it's also soft and fast the material is very flexible but it's very very smooth Teflon has a coefficient of friction of 0.04 but there are a lot of factors here we're using Lube we have different interfaces of plastic Teflon is a very tough it's a strong material and it's very slick and it's still smooth despite being very tough and we've used that to make cubes we could use any material provided that it has the right parameters and like I think two months ago me and the cubical family we went to CES so everyone's doing their own thing and I went to CES with a goal I wanted to research and get ideas and get inspired by all the companies there I talked super to some plastic providers and I was like picking their brains asking questions eventually they caught on and they're like hey we can't answer any more questions but they gave me so much information that I use to make this cube that trip wasn't just to do a few things and do sightseeing that trip was specifically for me at least to go and get ideas from different people and really expand our horizons and use those ideas to make better rubik's cubes or speed cubes so yeah I showed you the Teflon we can do all kinds of plastics let's do some solves also with project Luminox I want to do an option in the long term that you can select a coating and just completely go nuts have the most absolutely super mega custom cube designed down to the submillimetre range for you choose the size to your hand every single thing super custom real custom so these stickers are really bad these are cute smith stickers I have to submit this to Phil for testing I might remove the stickers because they just look really bad

oh my god that was a 10 average okay I'm gonna stop at the ten average that was a 10 average with the Luminox prototype and like I said anyone can design their own cube and this is just the very very first decently fitting prototype this is just the very beginning of where it could be holy crap I cannot wait to like get back in and do some more programming and create more cubes and work on the interface so you can make more things so thanks for watching everyone and see you all next video let me move the server so you can see so there we go right there uh twelve nine fourteen ten nine I'm still getting used to this cube so there's some bad times but that was a 10 average of five I don't think it's gonna get better than that and those are some pretty nice cases I'm still really inconsistent but this cube is really really nice so see y'all the

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(Also, all credentials are encrypted securely, so I can't see your password details and it's safe and secure) I talk about Project Luminox and then I get an almost sub-10 average with it. (10.07) 10.394, (9.337), (12.747), 10.083, 9.744 = 10.07 I combined my cubing knowledge with my chemistry and computer science degree to produce Project Luminox. CUSTOM DESIGN, CUSTOM MAGNETS, CUSTOM PLASTIC, CUSTOM HARDWARE, 100% unique to the creator! Everyone can have their own cube that turns with high quality! WIth our website, you can create your own SUPER MEGA CUSTOM cube with a wide variety of features. The software then combines the features into a cube, and then it is manufactured JUST FOR YOU, a 100% unique cube. The software also ensures that no bad features are combined, and that each cube is at least a minimum standard of quality. Over time, as better combinations of designs and tweaks are introduced into the system, the software will be upgraded and better and better cubes will be produced in the long run. Together with the community, we will design and produce increasingly better cubes!! Thanks to my degree in chemistry, we also have FULL control over the plastic. Hard/soft, slow/fast, flexible/firm, ANYTHING is possible. In the video, I am using a special teflon blend which combines smoothness, toughness, and low friction of teflon. What else makes Luminox cubes unique? Embedded magnets and a 100% SEAMLESS design. The cubies have a completely solid surface all the way around, reducing small microscopic inconsistencies on the surface. In the super long term, we can even take drawings of your personal designs and make them into reality. The possibilities are super mega vast guys, omg I'm excited to show you guys progress on this. Expect it in about half a year, late summer 2019. Internal testing begins in March. HUGE thanks to Mikey for helping program this monumental task.
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