Should These Feuding Sisters Split the Full-Time Care of Their Mother?

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after suffering five strokes Amy and Roxy's mother needs constant care the question is should these sisters split the duties Amy says right now it's all on her but Roxy says the one day that she takes her mom is all that she can give with a family of her own Amy recently you both had to make a major medical decision about your mother's health and it led to a big old disagreement could you tell us what happened yeah my mother was in the hospital she had to have a defibrillator put in okay and at that time even prior to the defibrillator my mom was I don't want to live like this if something happens you know just let me go and all this other stuff and I said is that your wishes mom and she says yeah because I don't want to live like this she told me that several times okay so when at that time my mother was living with me she had been living with me for about two and a half months and she'd never expressed that she wanted to be let go so you wanted your mother to not have the defibrillator box I I didn't want to put in okay because I said okay it wasn't gonna save her from having more strokes so what did the pig defibrillator was gonna do was gonna add extra gears to her life so you know and I said mom is this the life you want to keep on living and she was like I don't know and I said well let me talk to my let me talk to my sister okay so your mom told you that she didn't know after everything happened if she wanted that that to be done to her she crazy she went back and forth yeah she did and the nurse came to me and he said I'm gonna tell you what what you're doing right now this defibrillator surgery is gonna add years onto your mother's life mm-hmm your mother has expressed to me I hate living like this I hate being in the hospital who's to say why you here or I'm at work she doesn't have another stroke but then it just the fact is though your mom said that she didn't know yes she because you didn't know she went back and forth with it and then so I when I judge judge Mary what are you doing a situation like that well this should hopefully have been something put in place in writing that mom's wishes were expressed and you know a patient address which was necessary was your mother able to speak and say what her wishes work when the defibrillator was going in she could her mind is there is just trying to get the words out verbal okay read yes or no there was yeah yeah and what did she say she says no I want to live you know I want to be with my grandma she wasn't stable I mean and she had just suffered another stroke and I feel like she was scared but it sounds like you guys really didn't agree on this one so you know Roxy you said that you've wanted to extend your mother's life and Amy you kind of felt differently and Roxy it's interesting because you're the one who had the most conflict and the most resentment towards your mom so can you reconcile that for us it's probably because I know that I want to maybe have a chance to forgive my mother forgive her for work and style and fix the anger that I have towards and their anger you have was because when you were growing up I felt always that my mom was very disinterested in what family life was be she I feel like she resented us do you think that that's why you're so focused on making sure for your children that they don't experience that yes it's a lot of conflict there Amy do you see that with Roxy that she's really employers that knoweth her my mother I do do you understand it I do and do you see the other side to that and I do I mean I have a lot of compassion rock that you know as far as that way you know I'm not gonna and I try not to force it on her yeah you know but there are times where I'm sorry you have to take her I'm at my wit's end yeah yeah what about their feelings towards your sister I mean yeah I mean are you not looking at her and saying oh my god I don't know you you know you deal with it one day think about multiplying that time seven yeah okay and that's what she's doing how are you looking toward your compassion toward your sister who I think you love I mean do you think about that what it's doing to your sister not your mom but your sister something like as growing up the things that I'm obligated to do I always do well and I guess I've never felt a true obligation and I hear what my sister saying I hear her stresses and I hear everything she's going through I guess it's almost expected that she would do those things but because I don't feel the pressure I work best under pressure if I felt more pressure than I would be more successful at it I should put more pressure on your doctors

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Amy and Roxy’s mother suffered five strokes and needs constant care. Amy is giving their mom round-the-clock care and needs more help. Roxy takes her mother for one day and claims that she can’t give any more of her time. In a tough decision, Roxy fought to extend her mother’s life and hopes that she can reconcile with her mother before her life is over. Subscribe to Face The Truth:

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