The Kendall Mountain Run

by: Aravaipa Running

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machan late-1800s is the miner some miners and you know one of the bars they just said hey I can beat you to the top of Kendal and they got a prize money together and so these guys would actually run in you know leather boots right up the Idaho slide to the summit and back and tragically one of them at least one of them died coming down going over the cliffs because when you come down there I mean it's it's tricky we started the Kendall mountain run in honor of Rick Trujillo who is a icon as a mountain runner and he knew this story and we were actually up doing search and rescue training on one of the cloacal cliffs here and I he'd come over to watch us and I heard him say I think are gonna come over tomorrow after work and try to break that record and I'm going are you crazy Rick so I went and talked to him I said Rick are you serious about this he said oh yeah oh you know I worked in the mine near you right after work I'll come over I'm gonna break that record and it was October it gets dark early and he tore up that thing and then we we went to the south end of town we had up one of my friends had a telescope to make sure he got to the top and he got up there in 52 minutes is it Shane he sounded like an elk coming down through them it was dark but he finished and he was up at the top and he waved his hands anyway and he comes tearing down that thing we're looking at we're going please don't run off a cliff Rick please though and then yeah it was amazing so then we drove back around and we wanted to start this race for him so myself and my wife that you friends I think our first run was 1975 was crazy

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Rich in history, the Kendall Mountain Run takes you back to a route used since the first official race in 1978. Runners start in downtown Silverton, Colorado. traversing jeep roads to within a final 250 vertical foot scramble to the summit of Kendall Mountain overlooking town and the majestic San Juan Mountains. Ascend from 9,318 feet to 13,066 feet to tag the summit and take in the view before descending back to enjoy post race barbecue & beer garden.
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