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well we've blasted abruptly into 2019 like the time I was running late for my father's funeral and you know what that means it means it's been a whole year since Megillah boxin and violet ever Gardens Jesus Christ winter is once again upon us and with Europe freezing over the friend of mine in Indiana found dead due to windchill thinking about you Cody god bless and the melodramatically named beast from the east second gig potentially coming up let's all crowd around the burning fires of the anime industry to help stave off both the elements and the terrifying knowledge that we're about to be drowned in a new wave of Kingdom Hearts pornography god help us all [Music] okay the horny gamblers are back getting horny about doing gambling I checked out of the first season when the psychotic lunatic with the fetish for grievous physical harm and/or actual death started becoming the human humidifier so I recall the second half of the first season in the same way I do my 21st birthday not because I was drunk of course because it was the same as any other day subsequently going into this had me in a state of constantly going who are you oh right you're the insert fetish here character for almost a full 20 minutes the show itself I don't know it's it's people getting really horny about gambling that's kind of the whole shtick you can hear the collective orgasm every time there's a rate up in Grand order from a mile away em echos heart the main dude hopelessly vacillates and people keep fuckin breathing on my camera lens it leaves smudges man it's not cool I feel like people are always drugging other people in anime is that common in Japan is that is that like a casual thing people do to friends and family this happened in bunny girl senpai - is that just like isn't this a crime isn't this like an illegal crime I always thought the protagonist of this looked sort of like the lead from persona 4 which isn't necessarily out of character I suppose since apparently everyone except myself played that game as sort of like a Pokemon except instead of catching electric mice birds holding vegetation and purple rats you're catching the female members of the cast of the video game persona for he very clearly marries one of them which basically diffuses all of the initial tension but things title is like my five bodacious wives or something so let's play a guessing game what have I been doing lately no not accidentally streaming pornography on Twitch again I've been reading the manga and I've been looking at it for a few months now and the characters are all fairly likeable well except Nina although you know sort of like become likeable recently she's all forward and aggressive now and I'm into that the critical side of me would say it's inconsistent characterization but the part that willingly watched him otos idea but he because my eater Kenny was and is fucking perfect couldn't care less cookie pops a weird name for a show huh stay stay tuned for more award-winning observations from the channel you've come to know and love again with this one because of madhouses precedent for quality and the visuals present in it's phenomenal initial PV despite the fact that horror and I get along about as well as one might expect from a national of a country whose most iconic feared movie monster as a garbage can with a plunger hot glued to it but this this is a sexual experience this this is a confusing experience yeah I'm not sure what's going on perhaps I'm just not intelligent enough to grasp the scope of a horror story called boogie pop in its first episode or maybe it's because this kids hats dumb I haven't yet seen enough to tell I saw the trailer for this one around halfway through the fall season him I put it on my to watch list without a second thought because it seemed to be a unique original exciting idea that I hadn't seen before then I learned that it was a remake of a show that aired half a century ago so you know teach an old dog new tricks I'm sorry I keep bringing up the terrifying more of time winter is just a very existential season for me I'm excited for this one really really impressed by the first couple of episodes hopefully it can keep up the momentum I love the blending of styles from the 60s and the present I love the thrust of the plot I'm completely down to watch more of this we're going to 4-2 on the old series getting remade in winter season and being some of the best of the crop the producers of shield hero went on record saying that this property was made with a Western audience in mind they couldn't have gotten it more wrong I seen a cowboy hat anywhere a hit I'm so sorry I can't help but feel like having every other notable character in the first episode be utterly despicable really lends believability to the cast in the world but even having known what's going to happen going in watching it was a very depressing experience it was like that sense of impending dread you get when the symptoms for a sickness start to manifest it gets better though and the animations really clean so far it's a easy second I can kind of just let that point stand by itself hey it's quiz game round two what are these kids shocked by a they just saw their dad do a curse bee they overheard that minecraft two is in development see they just watched a markiplier gets shot in an L a gang war or D the completely obvious victim child just received something nasty a friend recommended me this with a suggestion that it was like made in abyss and you could effectively get me to watch almost anything if you described it as being a variation of that theme and I have to say absolutely phenomenal direction in that first episode if a bit cliche at least as far as this girl is clutching a toy wearing white clothes has blonde hair and is far too sweet to live I wonder if they'll rectify that at some point thing is concerned it wants you to dread what might happen next whilst also being about largely the struggle to keep hope alive despite overwhelming odds and the balancing act there is completely hypnotic it's sort of like a Seraph of the end meets attack on Titan meets a made in a bear survived also it's about parkour so that's fun like a 2005 sort of wave and the surprise when it came still managed to shock me even as telegraphed as it was I'm absolutely going to be watching this one despite my previously mentioned intolerance for horror this one seems a really good oh oh yeah yeah alright so I wasn't gonna include this one because it didn't seem particularly interesting but then I saw that its genre was demon and we just don't see that genre enough man area friends hilariously goes by multiple names presumably so the people would stop calling in marinara friends they instead elected to call a man area friends : mr riah friends : then their friend well your mother fucked a dragon how does your family remarkably resistant to internal hemorrhaging ever since Todd skewers on ceremoniously booted from this project bike at a car with all the Grace and magnanimity of someone who just recognized that they've just reached past the tipping point of the chair they're leaning backwards in to say kimono friends too had an uphill battle to climb towards general acceptance would be an understatement it's not made a lot easier to forgive considering the first few episodes of the second season feel rather like a stranger walking out to you with the skin of a friend loosely draped over their face and also they're moving alike twelve frames a second it's hard to walk into this one without that baggage of the debacle clouding my opinion and try as I might to not be biased them kicking this one off with a serval actually forgetting who Caban is and then introducing me to some new lady does like what were they thinking what did they think of raising Caban would achieve it this is like a stepfather moving in and trying to endear you to him by murdering your sister or maybe like I don't know you know something depressing hey speaking of kimono friends - and getting really dark all of a sudden here's kimono friend's altar tan skis new project he's building his own Clubhouse it'll have girls with cute animal is no life after people vibe and nobody else is invited how do I feel about Kamui cursor no no what do you think weird not at all annoying audience insert male character [Music]


man I hope he's not supposed to be the audience insert actually you know they do say you don't really get to grips with the character until you hear them express surprise in approximately 10,000 different gasps over a five-minute time period I mean am I really that am I really that exasperating why isn't anyone saying anything that's like kimono friends but darker grittier it's like the shadow the hedgehog of poorly animated media for children so uh it's like Shadow the Hedgehog well all right this one isn't as much for children considering there's a death in the first episode but still it's it's like Shadow the Hedgehog it's it's literally just Shadow the Hedgehog this this is the Sega property look there goes host apocalyptic check strange alien creatures check oddly cheery atmosphere despite the bleak surroundings check gray wolf chip this is not my beautiful wife this is not my beautiful bus also there's no up psycho season two it's really good all right that's way to seize it now if you'll excuse me I've got a car park to go to to film a reenactment of the entire Kingdom Hearts series I'll see you next [Music]

[Music] such a couple places is this my dear is my mind Tamar besides the body side to Bobby's day resonating hot chips [Music]




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