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by: TheRetroReplay

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so while I was going through my review bag you know looking for games to review and then I came across this one which is actually the one game that a lot of people asked me to review you really want me to review this game really you guys want me to review big rigs over the road racing well alright I'll review that one big rigs over the road racing or big roads for short is one of those games as infamous for being bad this is one of those games that's legendary for being bad it's up there with games like ET bubsy 3d and Superman 64 games famous for bad programming and rush design but it also shares its infamy with games like the steam version of Dead Island sort of the stars - and Final Fantasy 14 games that were released but were unfinished and had to release patch after patch to fix the issues big rigs only had one patch and it didn't fix anything and I'm playing the unpatched version so I'm going into the shitstorm without a rink oh no this isn't gonna work but before I dive into this cesspool let's take a look at the box why would I want to look at the box you may ask because of the blatant false advertising this game advertised that you need to deliver your illegal cargo while you're being chased by the police but there are no police that chase you in the game and you have no cargo to carry it also says that you need to race other trucks across the country but you never actually raced trucks you race a truck and that truck never moves from the starting line there is no AI programmed into this game there's also no physics or collision detection either the graphics are equivalent to early PlayStation 2 games graphics outdated for 2003 which was when the six generational consoles started to come to an end a time when games are pushing the graphics of the consoles Hardware there is no sound there's none no music no sound effects it's dead silence you know you think that sound would probably be the easiest thing for them to do but I guess they feel there too the controls are dead simple up as forward left and right should be obvious and down as brake and then reverse you can't get any simpler than that you get five tracks to choose from but there's really only four as the nitrite stage causes the game to crash and exit to the desktop the that was released only took the first stage and reversed it so that proves that they never had the nitrite stage at all you only need to complete one lap and that doesn't fit with the advertisement a cross-country run while being chased by the cops implies a point A to point B track not a point A to point a track and you are almost always making a right-hand turn this scheme defies all laws of physics simply because there are none they were never programmed in this game has no rules you're able to climb up mountains even if they're vertical and can even stop on them without falling down and you pass through everything lampposts trees bridges even buildings and you also go faster in Reverse so fast in fact that you go in Reverse indefinitely and it doesn't matter how fast you're going if you let go of the down key you stop dead and speaking of endless there's no boundaries either so you can go beyond the terrain and into an endless void I'm kind of reminded of action 52 when playing this game just a rushed and unfinished product a pre-release alpha that for some reason a publisher said yeah this looks good and put it on the shelves honestly someone had to have been seriously drunk or on drugs at the office when they thought that the idea of this game was good but that this very unfinished build was set to be gold the developer stellar stone was based in America but they had their games developed overseas specifically Russia and the Ukraine so they could pay bottom dollar for development costs usually on a budget of $15,000 because paying developers in the United States or Europe cost up to five times as much to develop there you see how stupid is to have your base of operations in one country what another country develops your game I mean how are you supposed to oversee the quality of your product but why am I even asking this question obviously they only wanted to put as little money as possible and it's obvious because it screams that at the top of its lungs one of the other glitches is that you can instantly win at the starting line as the game doesn't really know if you've completed the track or not but you can also trigger this glitch by hitting the down key when the race starts and you can tell that this game was produced in a non-english speaking country as when you win the race says you're winner not you're a winner no you're winner now patch was released to fix two things and it changed your winner to you in and it made the other truck participate in the race however the opponent stops dead right before the finish line so it's impossible to lose they didn't even address the physics or collision detection or any of the other problems you know I honestly have no idea what to give this game for a rating I mean it's bad and it's up there with some of the worst games ever made but it's laughably bad it's kind of like Manos the hands of fate you know you get all your friends together and you just play it and have a good laugh about how bad this is but you know if you think about it how can you hate a game with no rules and you always win this is the first game that I've played that has truly left me mind-boggled I know I've talked about games and then being unfinished or untested before but that was criticism to get my point across this game however is truly unfinished and untested this game had about seven people working on it and from my experience in 3d modelling and animation and game design this was the work of a single day the patch probably took less than 30 minutes to make and I'm not exaggerating here either with how little this game gives you in terms of content no more than a day's work went into this even more mind-boggling is how the guy in charge of this can think that the state of this game was good to go wait I can top that how did the publishers think that this game was good to go the publishers have the most to lose when publishing a game they take care of the marketing advertising and the manufacturing of the game congratulations big rigs you made me do it I now have to add a new rating onto my system the first ever neutral rating the legendary this game is legendary you will probably never find another game this unfinished out in the wild this is the Bigfoot of video games


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