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so this next room showing you is a group called black pink they actually debut last year in August of 2016 so this next video I'm showing you is another dance practice oh all right I love this practice this is actually the dance practice to their song playing with fire so it's an all-out dance practice video it's hardly run up there and handle fire oh I love it that kind of man seemed like Chicago yeah it's like we're less type stuff and I'll never mind anymore this is just a for good uses for a helps more use well I guess I feel your business like so good I still might explain the Quranic basement who choreographed this because I want to keep in touch with some moves let me get some classes mmm they have nice formations even if it's just before them yeah then it works it up they do the runner was wrong and all the Kroenke they're good they're limited oh I like that and when they have the film apart it is how which one it is because the information like highlights just samyaza you know I like bad girl yeah I like her although I like that it's like the I left a lot of these move it's very very like innovative yet you might be still it's both fluid and like dirt on sharp sharp seems like it's not boring no exert in your Galu interest like I feel like I'm sort of transfixed and I can't really think of anything else we're interesting I could dance like that I like I started out with play since garlic said I like the back row like from the song - there's an interesting use of being on arm food so yeah like just like the same like oh yeah that it's like okay yeah full body is merely write all the shorts to think oh sure I like that all really bad the Canada cannons are nice she just like thanks good ever really good oh I love that part where slice again I like that really like go down circle yeah oh shoot Hillary and they are gave to like goes perfectly with the phones exactly yeah good yeah Lincoln yep I'm Michael from us mm-hm would this be a dancing is a lot of Thailand uh yeah yeah oh my god yes I'm sorry and maybe night I buy a I like that it's physical dance yeah so I just think of like the dance practice not I really like there as I said the choreography really kept you interested it was not like it really bored you to the point where you just want to like go on your phone no entertain yourself that way on you and I really like how it's focused on wasn't really you appreciate what they do yet all the hard work that they put into making this video it also makes it this song ooh like be nice yeah its design firm yeah

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Today I had my friends react to BlackPink Playing with Fire Dance Practice! *************PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING!!******************* Every time someone requests a song for my friends to react to, I add that music video/ dance practice/ live stage to a playlist. Once I get around 10 videos in the playlist, I contact the reactors to arrange a day for them to react to those videos. Since the reactors have very different schedules, it is difficult to get them all recorded in a day or two. So, if you request a song, just know that it may take a few weeks until the video comes out. I try my best so that you guys will not have to wait that long, but sometimes it happens. Thank you guys for all of your support!! Just know I read every comment and add all suggestions to the playlist!! What videos you you guys want them to react to next?? Music used in this video: Carefree by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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