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[Music] hello friends due to popular demand I have slept together and expands books versus TV show video but to be honest it was hard to find that many significant differences between the two mediums so far up to season 3 we have had pretty consistently and near exact retelling of the story from the first three expanse books in terms of major and key events anyway but based on the season 3 finale it would appear we are going to get some significant differences coming up mostly to do with the characters probably not though major events someone on reddit put it perfectly when discussing the expanse books versus show sank things differ pretty wildly on how they happened but stay pretty true to what happens in the end at the end of this video I will go over some of these key changes that took place at the end of season 3 I will put a massive spoiler warning here but honestly won't spoil anything significant from book 4 nor will I go into anything from the rest of the books beyond that but before then let's cover what I believe to be the major differences between the expanse books and the show up until now I will do my best to avoid spoilers for anything past season 3 obvious spoilers for the first three seasons and first three books of the expanse however the belters for me this is the number one biggest difference so far between the books and the show at least in terms of the world itself not so much the story and characters in the books humans born in the belt is in the main asteroid belt orbiting the Sun are taller and thinner than those of Earth and Mars they are meant to be at least two meters tall and have weak brittle bones from growing up in low gravity due to this they suffer in higher gravity worlds such as Earth and cannot survive their very long we see this briefly in season 1 when we see a belter being subjected to gravity torture in the show builders are all different sizes and bear no real physical differences from any other human they are still however subjected to the prejudice of being a belter and they have the funny language and the other traits and skills just like in the books it's just the physicality that is wildly different between the books and the show given the logistics of making a show the budget their casting and so on it's really no surprise as to why they've skipped over the physical traits in the show I mean imagine trying to find a ton of decent actors who all like 3.5 meters I mean come on it's just not practical seeing as we're on physical traits let's talk about one of my favorite characters Bobby now although Frankie Adams who plays this spectacular Bobby Draper is pretty tall I guess coming in at 180 centimeters in the books Bobby is a little over two meters and is meant to weigh a whopping 100 kilograms but not because she's a fatty but because she is built like a brick shithouse that's an Australian term for very muscular in the books she is not just a highly skilled kick-ass Amazonian warrior woman but physically intimidating as well due to her size she often gets her own way just by being menacing in the show however she's a badass because of her training and skill predominantly not specifically her size but just like in the show in the books she is considered highly attractive as well I mean if you're into that sort of thing which I am what a babe so while we are on characters let's go over a few of the main characters differences Holden has a slightly different background story but it's pretty much the same in the end nothing worth mentioning I do believe same on Alex pretty spot-on and true to the books a must however I found him to be far more stubborn in the show than in the books usually in the books he just follows Holden's orders and rarely has much of a problem with anything but in the show they created a whole lot of tension between not just Amos but the other crewmates his world it just wasn't there in the books not all the time not initially anyway overall though Amos is just as badass and in the books here's a lot more subservient Naomi well she's more or less the same as well except she doesn't betray the gang by giving Fred the proto molecule that we've seen season two or something I remember in the books I think it's Holden who coughs up the sample voluntarily so as I mentioned the crew get on all really well in the books but in the show they have created this tension that simply wasn't there Holden and Naomi totes bang it out though both in the books and in the show so that's nice there are quite a few book characters left out completely and some have merged together like the character drummer she doesn't rock up the book fire by thing but she has taken on the role of some other characters that have been left out I don't want to say any more on here as I did promise no spoilers even that's kind of a spoiler but not really because she's in the show but also I don't know if he's characters that she took on are going to appear later in a different form so once anything more on that but yeah she is definitely drama that is a combination of at least two maybe even three characters from the books hmm of Sorella Lila is far more brutal and cusses way more in the books she's quite tame comparatively in terms of her language anyway I guess you could say this for most of the characters actually I will never understand why swear words are such a big deal especially in America no offense my beautiful American buddies but you guys need to chill the fuck out when it comes to language how is it okay to watch a dude turn into like human soup but if I say shitty poopy fuckface everyone freaks out I love you guys but y'all confused me so I guess it's no surprise as to why Abba Sirella has had her language turned down quite significantly speaking of tone the tonality of the show is quite different as well I talked about this a bit in my general books versus show video where I referenced the expanse quite a bit link in the description the expanse normals are funny often it's a dark humor but sometimes it's just straight-up comedy you get hilarious witticisms and comments on humanity from the third-person narrators as well as the internal thought and feelings of the characters themselves often they are quite humorous this doesn't translate on-screen narration I guess as it appears that the producers have decided to make the show a lot darker and grittier don't get me wrong the books are brutal perhaps even more brutal than the show but the show does have an overall darker tone so now let's talk about the books and the show seasons how they line up season one was about two-thirds of book one with some book two characters sprinkled on top to add some spice to this few season 2 was the rest of book 1 and about two halves of book 2 season 3 was the rest of book 2 and all of book 3 it would seem so right now the books and the show seasons have all lined up nicely there has been some later book elements seated in seasons 1 2 & 3 I absolutely cannot go into detail about that without massive spoilers but let's just say they're hot they have taken something set some things up for the long run which is something you can do when you've got 7 or whatever books at your disposal you can really plan the show out and put in little Easter eggs that you'll pick up maybe the second or third viewing so that's pretty exciting but I can't go into more detail so we'll see them for B all of book 4 I don't know but I think it probably could be as book 1 & 2 & 3 are very busy but all seems a little bit more chill in terms of multiple storylines anyway I say anymore the show has been pretty on point thus far but there is one major difference I am very excited about so there's a small potential spoiler here for season 4 so click away if you don't want that made me watch my books versus show video or any of the expense videos I made or something else entirely I don't know do whatever makes you happy man otherwise stick around it's not a huge spoiler it's just speculation really ready three two one Bobby is on the rossi again I won't go into too much detail here but as Bobby the babe strapped in next Alex it would appear that she is joining the Rossi crew plus even for if they go into the events of book 4 in season 4 then this is huge as Bobby never joined the Rossi crew on their next adventure so this is kind of exciting especially if you are a Bobby fan who would I am I am interested to see where this alternate story takes us if indeed it does change maybe she's just getting a lift to the shops to buy chips or maybe they will drop her off somewhere so we can see her novella story take place who knows but I look for defending out please leave a comment if you want to add any other changes to this discussion I have skipped heaps of stuff of course in order to keep this video from being like 20 hours long but I covered what I believe to be the biggest changes at least that I noticed anyway if you do comment however please try to avoid spoilers and going into detail on any events post book 3 old delete shit if I think it might ruin the story for our buddies that are a bit behind in the books Cheers now if you'll excuse me I have to go do a little bit of a poo thanks for watching guys be kind nb6


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Here I will explain some major differences between The Expanse novels and the TV show. Leave a comment if you wish to contribute and of course be careful of spoilers! BOOKS VS SHOW: Which is better?

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