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we should be able to have these conversations amongst each other without the disrespect say what you say instance talk to your shit but you don't got to disrespect me to prove your point it's all I've been saying in my videos and I don't understand how any person what a sane mind could not understand it I started turning any night calling an affair no no no motor don't you [Music] what it do family should girl Tamika and I am back I am back I am back with another video hey I know I'm coming back with another video if it's your first time here go ahead and smash that subscribe button turn those post notifications on you've got to hit that Bell so that we can always stay connected we gotta stay connected I didn't told y'all being a whole lot of relationship me and y'all we in a relationship it's the T Squad I love you guys from the bottom of my heart thank you so much but the end of support that you have shown us we couldn't have done none of this without you guys y'all be motivating us like a mug I swear to god this video right here is gonna be called the truth about Clarence NYC part 2 if you want to catch part one man the link will be in the description you can click on that thing and check it out at your leisure you know I'm saying y'all put truth in the title cuz I'm shearling like love but listen y'all catch my drift anytime I do videos like this alright there are my personal thoughts in peace ain't that what everybody else call them on YouTube thoughts and opinions idios these are my thoughts and opinions okay if you've been watching me for a while you will realize and I have said from day one there nothing that no one says on YouTube myself included are facts it cannot be facts and so they validated people that's the only thing that I'm saying now I want to get into this because a lot of times people do they take my strong opinion sometimes and they label this me dick riding and bullet ride and things that nature not and I totally understanding you can think however you want to think you can have a different opinion from me that's fear doesn't mean that we gotta be disrespecting each other it really is not that serious so in this video I am going to be sharing my thoughts and opinions not facts but thoughts and opinions and I might bring up receipts so you can understand or why I feel the way that I feel just because I bring up a receipt you know I'm saying or whatever would usually loot are not the case to be right you don't say it but I bring up these receipts so just so you guys can see on why I feel a certain way you know what I mean that's all it is we're just having a conversation viral this video right here man I want to talk about some of the different things that have been surrounding the internet things that I might not personally agree with so what I'm gonna do in this video is I'm going to bring up certain examples of things so you guys can probably get a profound understanding on why I feel the way I feel about my opinion now after I do so you don't have to agree with it but that'll mean you got to disrespect me neither if you don't agree whether you just don't agree with it then you move on like Eileen why do people gotta be all serious and all tight at the chest about shit don't entertain us in the first place bro like I don't understand this man we gotta do better man we got to do a lot better man but man let's get into this video Clarence and why see your favorite bearded nigga came on the scene as a fashion designer he also had a very very heavy Instagram influence he actually took his followers from Instagram and led them to YouTube um patty Queen Naja and his cousin's wavy duo was the ones that suggested that he started the YouTube platform with the help of Queen you know I mean and not necessarily help as far as influence but what the help with her showing him the ropes you know I mean he did start a channel and in doing so his channel catapult now there's a lot of people who feel as if he only grew because of Queen the first headline clearance in YC will be nothing without clean eyes I hate that shit the reason why I hate that is because Clarence NYC definitely had a social media presence and influence before Queen I don't get the shit twisted I'm not slow I'm not naive hell yeah I know that her influence definitely put eyes on that man well only thing that I'm saying in that situation is that she did not make people hit subscribe people people hit subscribe on their own Akaka she did not make nobody hit subscribe so for you to be able to say that she made him it's crazy to me now did she basically bring attention to you yes she probably didn't bring some more attention to him but that does not mean that she made that anybody who clean date that shit is gonna happen to if Queen jumped in this video right now I will have more views on the son of a bitch that I ever had in my whole life that is just Queens influence but why do y'all blame clearance because she chose him I just don't understand I want to get into this other headline that I've seen a lot of different people pull up ahead use this headline and I'm not gonna call out no names I mean you guys are know what I'm talking about or whatever but it was a headline who was saying that Queen eyes you got yelled at by parents and why see because she had smelly cushy I can't make this shit up people this headline I really bothered me on so many different levels because people was dead ass you know I'm saying trying to use this headline and make it seem like it was legitimate facts they pegged that man completely wrong if anybody who watched that video you know what man is clear cyc female hygiene the bed the one particular youtuber that I seen did this basically took this one scene when Clarence was yelling that Queen on a vent on a bed okay about a certain topic they took an 8 second clip and try to make it seem like that he was really talking about her vajayjay when it is not how the situation went whatsoever dude this was a vlog where Queen was on FaceTime with her mother okay he was there Clarence's cousins you know I'm saying Tina was there CJ was there this is one of all of the family got alone okay they had a female hygiene debate leave and queen agreed on certain things and mama Reba and Clarence and Tina agreed on certain things but this was not legitimate facts people he was not trying to say that Queen coochie steam if anybody basically five the royal family this was probably the funniest brawl that I have ever seen in my life because it was like one of the first times that Clarence really came out of his shell you know I'm saying but happy you take a 10 second clip people and then put our different type for a headline with it and try to make it seem like it was something other than what it was see that's the shit that makes me mad so for the people who might have seen that headline there was bamboozle to think that this man was basically putting Queen down or this was just another you know seeing indication I want to show you how we deal with Giant [Applause] [Music] [Applause] right

[Applause] [Music]


in between I'm arguing about the fact that you first of all now you gotta call you you gotta clean your vagina now lady just running around with a wet vagina [Applause]

as you can see that particular clip had nothing to do with that youtubers headline and the thing that was so sad about the situation this particular youtuber was dead ass serious to report that clearance NYC was yelling at Queen Naja because she had smelly coochie like are you like are you serious right now you don't I'm saying and then the sad thing about it is the 17,000 people that follows this person you know understand has now bought into that life bar into that life you're not I mean and guess what those people are going to tell a few more people now we have 30,000 people you don't I'm saying that circulating a lot you're not a mean and tarnishing a man character when it has nothing to do with the truth that's shit saddest foot but listen we're going along this is another headline man that really bothers me clearance NYC isn't out chasing man what the fuck look I don't know we are from but the niggas were I'm from do not clap chase this way people I mean a shit that he do for queen is not cloud chasing behavior this man could have took the title being Queens you know the me and took the money that y'all swear that he's taken from her and elevated the whole desire by white platform this man would have had a whole damn warehouse by now if he was clocked chasing this man has been following this girl around from state to state not doing shit with designed by white man Kyle chases don't do that it would have made sure that it was trying to secure the bag account chaser does not impregnate a woman that has a kid already knock her up you know I'm saying or whatever just just for influence like I don't know where y'all niggas is from but that just don't work that way man listen you guys I'm not slow I would be the first person to admit that in the beginning I do not think that Clarence NYC had any intentions of being with clean action I don't even think that Queen I had any intentions of being with Clarence ears you don't mean but what happens when a love happens it ain't some shit that you can control what I want to know is why is it so hard for you guys to believe that a man could just fall in love with one you know I mean why do you guys hate Queens so much or think so little of her to where you don't think that she would be able to pull a man of his caliber without it being an ulterior motive associated with I just don't get that part why is it so hard to believe that Clarence you know seeing seeing his mother raised him by herself and just want to have something different for his family why is that so hard to believe you know to mean but look dude we've got to get into some of his cloud chasing behavior let's check it out your ankles out [Music] you ready waves reach one where yeah I want you to but you have to like you have to strut your stuff down a hallway [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] strut your stuff down a hallway [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music]


so I'm finished with the menu I'm saying I'm ready to cook let's do it you don't want to see the many Clarence bed and breakfast breakfast I'm one buttery waffle choice of bacon or sausage give me a kiss and you can have my sausage corned beef hash three eggs butene yes there's not a lot of things on his menu because it's very limited you can say because the food is so good so you not understand that the food is that good that there's only five things or many drinks water with ice arms juice cranberry after your meal iron pill will be provided so I just want to say nice to watch you yeah

[Applause] all right let's say that when you came into my life you came to life at a very dark place and there nothing abroad okay don't do it quick you were nothing but lights in my life and you've done December protect me and lift me up and make me feel confident about my flaws and you embrace them and you always told me I could shine alone even without a man before we even got into relationship I love our friendship and I love the fact we still have a friendship and I hope to maintain it I'm happy to be having your son even though others was not planned now but I feel like things happen the way they're meant to happen even if it's not ideal the entire can't look oh you make me really nervous still today yeah yeah thank you for making our business obvious us forever and um you know just not always love you to death you know and Johann race you amazing and I hope that I could be so good mom to our time and and raised wings though amazing just like you and I feel like you've turned out amazing your son you're going to be his hero

[Applause] I chose those three clips for three particular reasons okay first off I'm not a man I don't pretend to be I'm very very in tune with my feminine side no oh just the side I have brothers and I remember conversations that my father used to have with my brothers okay I never forget it he said there's always ways that you can tell when a man is completely in love with a woman one is a man is not gonna be afraid to look like a whole-food in front of the world for that one who was something along the lines of when a woman challenges them you know I mean when he's not afraid to think outside the box of going extra mile you not I mean number three was when a man is not afraid to be completely vulnerable in front of that woman and when I mean completely vulnerable I mean ass naked and I asked Nichkhun in a physical form I'm saying complete emotional I chose those three particular clips because those clips reminded me of those things I recall when Queen and Clarence first started dating Clarence was so shy in front of the camera it was almost to the point where people felt like he didn't have a personality because we do put him and clean together was like firecracker and just like he was trying to figure itself out but when I look at the clip with the feel eyes it cracks me up because the man had a complete and utter disdain for those Feli gym shoes and for Queen to even get this man challenger not to go spend money on those few lies and to wear them in front of the world laughter he was so transparent about hating those damn shoes it cracked me up to the full you know the same but it also let me know that he really really cares about this fear and second the menu the menu in that video was so so dope to me now that's not cloud chasing behavior people it just really isn't like you barely have me and that's in committed relationship think outside the box and do some shit like that I mean you must admit that she was really really dope you don't gotta like that man to be able to say damn you know I'm saying I was kind of cool that he did that when a man made of me alright I want y'all to pay attention to a couple of things that I picked up on alright it was one thing they even took the time to make a meme I mean a man could have just made a breath you know to me but he wanted to do something a little bit different queen is not supposed to have ice at all I thought it was very very cute that when he added the water on there he put the with ice knowing that she was not supposed to have it especially in her last trimester I thought that was very very considerate of him and I thought it was very very adult you know I mean it's not me riding a nigga nuts I think I might jack him for the idea to do on my wife you know I'm saying I thought it was very very dope but the key point in the whole meaning to me you know I mean is when he said and do not forget to take your I appeal or your iron pill will be provided now man y'all can hate this man y'all truly can y'all can hate this man hate this man and I won't hate you for hating this man but you can't not say that that she is chasing behavior this man cared enough about the damn iron pill y'all I got not hearing what I'm saying to y'all I mean I am a woman you know I'm saying and I gotta admit like shit I ain't even with that farm as far as my romanticism you know the me and I just thought that was very very dope or whatever and you don't gotta like clearance to be able to respect that you know I'm saying that was really really keen behavior on what he did I don't give a fuck about when under you people say you know I'm saying that's just my belief that is my personal pain and I'm sticking to it because I know man I am friends with a lot of men do like my homies on my arm and and it's like I know the ones who are kings and I know the ones that are thoughts you not I mean in in Clarence just do not give me thought behavior I'm just being real not a last clip you don't mean was a birthday party I just chose that clip there's numerous clips where Clarence get very very emotional and it's amazing to me how everybody went around our whole woman and told that man how they felt about him even a system but nobody brought that man at Sears into Queens that maybe in tears for this woman and and I don't understand why y'all think that's cloud chasing behavior it's not it's just a man that I fell in love with a woman bro you could probably go and talk to any of your homeboys and it will probably tell you man I had that one that snuck up on me it happens and I just don't understand why people gotta be labeled as would writers just because we're able to recognize that this man truly loves this girl you don't gotta like the way that man talk you do not gotta like the way to that man floss designer you don't gotta like none of that she but you cannot deny the fact that it is quite possible that this man is just in love with this woman that's all I'm saying like until it is proven otherwise and the catfish it didn't work until it's proved otherwise why should I believe that they love each other why should you believe that they don't like that's the shit that I'm saying it's like people be saying and it's in a quick to say that people who defend them is way invested in their lives when honestly is the complete opposite because if Queen come on our platform and says I love Claire I'm gonna believe she loved Claire and she was proving that she don't why would not and this is my point you guys will look at that same pose she will come on there I love Claire you know I'm saying there will be no reasons you don't send her no proof point to her not love me Claire but being I would still be like she loved that nigga there's no way she can do that nigga oh how do you even start with that conversation bro it makes no system me whatsoever it makes no sense to me I mean you could still hate a nigga but you don't got a do not affect that he loves that woman and vice versa I just don't understand that let's move on alone one of the things that I look at when I'm when I'm trying to judge a man's character is I have a tendency to look at his mother or or his upbringing and I'm not into man so Clarence's looks don't mesmerize me into making the decision that I made you understand what I'm saying I look at his mother and it makes me understand that Clarence is definitely cut from a different cloth I don't see Clarence intentionally hurting any woman because of the relationship that he has with his mother and his sister the way that a man is gonna treat the people that send his inner circle will probably be a profound insight on how he's gonna shoot his woman I want you to look at some of the tweets that she had okay a post she says she has my grandchild inside of her that makes her my daughter forever you see what I'm saying she put this post up with CJ I'm so happy dear Lord for my new family members Thank You Queen CJ and Lucy I'm proud of you Clarence then she said on her birthday happy birthday sweetie may God continue to bless you your career and your family may God give you the strength to do the things no woman has ever done so God could get all the glory proud of you and this one she said I won't see them again into December I pray I see my baby for his birthday if not father I pray he has a memorable birthday lord bless everyone on tour Leslie and Georgie give them all the wisdom to do the best that you had called them to do okay when I reviewed all the posts I'll probably be one of the few people that will see something completely different than what anybody else would see see I'm the type of person I look at those small minut moments you know mean when I'd be basing my opinions off of it okay what I see is I see that a woman opened up her home for all you petty motherfuckers opening her basement to a woman just because her son had love and respect for this one okay and I also see Clarence being crucified a lot you know the mean and some of that shit I just don't think that he is deserving of people I do not believe that he's deserving over any of these headlines that people got going on about but she read all of these different type of things about him you know saying idiot system bear with me okay now in reading all of these things in 65 to 70 percent of that it's coming from the woman who you accepted family I gotta ask you guys like y'all don't feel is that that she is a little bit extreme like as a parent I just feel is if you got to let your kids bump their own head and in doing so you gotta let them finite only way you do not jump on an internet dude and bash someone like that especially somebody else's child I just don't know where it Christianity that it's okay to do that I want to have a conversation in the inner comments and honestly I would rather had this conversation with someone who opinion difference to my you not I mean all feedback is welcome just so I was gonna disrespect to each other I don't understand why we just can't talk with one another without the disrespect we could be able to do that she just bigger than us we all we got you not I mean but they say that when you aren't a abuser whether it be emotionally or physically it's usually you know it usually escalates I mean I rarely seen a case that a nigga be like you at 5:55 on being abuse you know is usually something that escalates over time and the reason I say that is because when Clinton was with with Chris you know there was the talks there what we know you cheated but then there was talks that he physically put his hands on point but then yet at the same time we really didn't know what to believe because it was like he'd say she says or whatever and even with that situation I'm like yo you know I'm not gonna be saying that this man is an abuser and so I see legitimate proof you know I mean so then when he got what Parker it was a little bit easier for me to believe the Queen thing man you got him Sam because it's a pattern he cheated again you know I mean and it was talks that he got physically abusive again all right now I say that to say this why isn't there now one female that has come forward and say that Clarence was physically or mentally abusive to me now I can only recall Clarence being in one one long-term relationship other than Denis and that's what we were Leslie all right and even Leslie herself said after the breakup that Queen I mean excuse me that Clarence and Clarence's family was good people that she will always love clearance yada yada yada they just all love for whatever reasons you know I'm saying so my thing is this if there's not one single illness that basically say that cleansed in the same way that uh he's doing Queen especially now with so many people that hate him the story would already surface by now so if he's such a terrible terrible person why ain't nobody else got it like cleaning if he's such a terrible person why ain't nobody else said nothing another thing that I want to touch on before I in this video but not get too much into detail about because I've already shown numerous and lots of clips with CJ interacting with Clarence but I have a couple questions and I'm saying on this topic alright I just don't understand why sometimes when people are in comments they make shit seen form alright if let's take cleaner side of the situation and he just be a regular person that we know all right there brother you off with you whoever the case may be alright if parents have never dated a woman with a kid ever in his life how do you guys expect for him to be the best stepfather alive and not expect for it to be any transition how there are parents there are new fathers that are still practicing on being the best father so how do y'all expect for Clarence to be somebody who never dated a woman you know saying with a child to overnight just being the best stepdad that he can leave how is that even a topic of conversation okay how is that listen you guys Chris sales is CJ's father and as we can see Chris has made a lot of different mistakes as a parent it's not saying he's that he does not love CJ cuz we all know that he loves CJ but he's made mistakes as a father you don't mean there was just a video last month when he laid down and he watched this little boy cry you know I'm saying his little boy didn't know what to do in his whole low life it broke my heart you know I'm saying and I even did a read the video you know I'm saying but if Chris is making mistakes as a father how do you guys not expect for clearance to make mistakes as a new stepfather and a new father at that it's like this man is learning as he goes and it's like y'all crucifying him for for not being with child won't have him to be but then y'all God you guys are not being realistic if a man has never dated a woman with a child and he moves into an atmosphere with that woman in the child it's gonna be a transition no matter how you guys want to sit up here and act like this is a submit believe shit it's going to be a transition a man has to learn a man has to learn like everybody else why do y'all crucify him forward put it in the comments cuz I wanna know look you guys I I purposely named this video the truth about Clarence and YC for trolling purposes okay because in actuality as youtubers none of us have the truth about Clarence NYC and that's been my argument that I've been arguing the whole time yes I might have strong examples and strong receipts to might be able to validate while my opinion is the way that it is but if we really want to be technically honest don't nobody have the truth about Clarence NYC unless you around Clarence NYC it's just no way that you can draw those assumptions of ten minute clips on YouTube it's just no way that you can do it now all I'm saying in this whole situation because people come at my neck and they confuse my opinions asked me did writing them look you guys if it was you I would defend you if somebody was doing you this way because let's be real about the situation it's bigger than Clarence it's bigger than Queen this is about us you're not I mean we need to be able to change and some people you're not I mean we should be able to have these conversations amongst each other without the disrespect say what you Sansa's talk young shit but you got to disrespect me to prove your point it's all I've been saying in my videos and I don't understand how any person with a sane mind could not understand it all I'm saying people is look these people are wrong all right 23 years old and up allowed to use people to Lear their lives like you were luckier living yours we booked our head we bumped our head hard is held I know I have but the only difference is the world wasn't there to see these people are allowing us into their lives yes and therefore they're gonna be the topic of discussion I understand it but as individual people we still have a responsibility to have our own integrity when we're doing certain things just be mindful of how God's view people because the shit is permanent I think that I would probably be able to understand it a lot more if in 2017 and 2018 I seen clean with her family a lot you not I mean and then what her clearance we deal with each other you know when you didn't see her with our family anymore then it might have a little bit more merits but being that all the way dating from when Queen first started YouTube that her family presence wasn't always just just vast like that I really get confused we gotta be saying that he keeping her from her family now this woman could go on her platform and say the reasons why she's falling back from her family and you guys would still make it a point to make it seem like this Clarence so my question is why is it that y'all cannot trust what Queen is saying it's her own feelings itself why do everything or every decision that this girl made it has to be influenced by Clarence now I'm just asking the question and if you're really feeling your heart that he is influencing her can you please show me an example show me a validating receipt can you please show me that Lea and Clarence you know saying went to the bank and pulled out 15,000 of Queens money without Queen being present can you please show me that receipt like this is the shit that I'm saying like you guys get mad at me just because I'm not gonna believe it because somebody's sitting I'm not believing none of that shit without proof and this is what I don't get but you guys can go online and concoct a story you really say that this man is putting his hands on shame on y'all man shame on all y'all bro like look this man has a father okay that is incarcerated he doesn't hide that face all right and I've also seen people basically compare this man to his father just because his father might have made a mistake doesn't mean that Clarence is gonna walk in that same light because they're related if that's the case then I'm gonna be a crackhead you see what I'm saying like some people some children look at the mistakes that they parents made and they used it as a blueprint to be better that's all I'm saying and if you guys can't agree with that and do me a favor after you watch this video and just blocked me and goes to subscribe to somebody who's gonna share your same values now listen I'm welcome all comments even the ones that don't align with mine if you guys look at my comments there's people who hate clairebear there are people who hate Queen and I still chop it up with them like I like the suit like the supporters who support me because I cannot crucify somebody for having a certain opinion about something yes we can go back and forth all day long and we could try to prove our points and there's no shame in blaming that but when a disrespect comes in because you got strong-willed in there surprise look you guys all I'm trying to say is that we got to be better to each other it doesn't matter if it is plants it doesn't matter if it's Queen it doesn't matter if it's me it doesn't matter if it's Donald it doesn't matter if it's the person down the street we just got to be better to each other overall it's all I'm saying so if a person have a problem with me you know I'm seeing pulling out the positive and queen and clarence you don't stand because there are millions of headlines that are displaying the negative I don't understand it it doesn't mean that I'm riding on people it just all that means is that I'm trying to look at things from all perspectives before people you don't see me having a definitive answer or how they feel about me folks that's all I'm saying and with all that being said man I'm a catch

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