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you [Music] [Applause] hey everyone my name is Sierra and I'm Joshua and welcome to our live face-to-face event with our musical guests lexi walker nicole a lose Madeleine page and patch crow we are coming to you live from the BYU broadcasting building in Provo Utah and we're so excited to be with you and thousands of other youth from all around the world for this event and to our four guests thank you guys so much for being here thank you we're so excited to hear some of your amazing testimonies experiences and of course your awesome music our guest today will be accompanied by Steven Nelson and the youth of the Lyceum Philharmonic at the American Heritage School in American Fork Utah and this event is really about you finding answers to your questions so send them to us at our LDS youth Instagram face to face LDS org or by using the hashtag ODS face to face and we'd love to see who you're with and how you're participating tonight so take a picture of where you're at and who you're with and posted on social media also please feel free to share some of your favorite quotes and thoughts you're having from tonight don't forget to follow LDS youth on Instagram for some behind the scenes footage of this event we'd like to begin with an opening prayer given by Ivan Kip ebon from Salt Lake City Utah Ivan do your Heavenly Father everything live for this day we're thankful for this wonderful opportunity that we can come this worldwide broadcast and we please bless the speakers and performers that they will do well tonight and we please bless that please post a youth tonight that they will feel thy love and thy spirit you please post us that will make your choices through our lives and we see these things and then he was Jesus Christ amen thank you thank you so much now before we get into our questions we want to give our guests an opportunity to introduce themselves we've done some digging and we found some pictures of you performing that we'd like to show the youth if that's okay with you guys all right well go ahead and introduce yourself and then explain what's going on in the pictures that we show you so Lexi we'll start with you oh okay well my name is Lexi Walker I love to sing I'm 15 years old and I am from Cottonwood Heights Utah okay this this was my first day of school kindergarten picture and I really hated that but now I love it I think it's cute oh wow okay this was from we were filming let it go the music video let it go for with Alex boyé and when West children's choir and I was in my little costume and I but it was absolutely freezing I bet thank you okay I'm Nicola ok my name is Nicola Lewis I'm 15 years old and I'm from Brasilia Brazil oh this picture is from rehearsal for a primary presentation and I love talk so when I was a child a little more and I was saying I think five scriptures were three years old Wow these pictures is that's really my first first concert wow that's awesome and that's an experience that was that's really cool thank you so much Madeline you're next I'm Madeline Paige I am 20 years old and I'm from Provo Utah that is me when I was 7 I believe and it's my 7th birthday that's when I got my first karaoke machine and what you can't see in this pictures I actually have rollerblades on I guess I looked that up in our um this is from a performance that I did in Nashville first time in Nashville well it's an amazing place you should go if you haven't been yeah thank you alright Pat you are next I'm patch crow I'm representing the young adults I guess I'm 22 I was born in Australia I moved to Utah when I was 11 years old so oh man this uh I mean that it was just my regular Thursday outfit no this is the first time I ever performed on stage it was the first musical that I I ever made it into which got me into the career that I wanted to go into so awesome uh yeah and then this I was in a band called beyond five and that's actually Lexie we performed together a long time ago and we had a great time it was awesome you guys made me feel so cool and then this is the best picture this is my beautiful wife I feel bad because because even though it's like the most amazing thing ever I just feel bad that none of you are ever gonna find someone as perfect as she is

sorry yeah she she's amazing she's incredible all right well let's go ahead and dive into our first question yeah let's do it okay so throughout this process we've received thousands of questions for you guys like tons of oh wow and some version of this question is the one that we've received the most of so this is from Gilbert from Libertad Peru and he asked how do you stay strong when you guys are always surrounded by the wickedness of the world and Elena from Arizona asks I find really hard to stand up for my beliefs and keep my standards high when everyone else is doing bad things so what do you do to resist temptation and to keep your standards high oh thank you is it Elena and Hilbert yeah thank you for asking that question I think that's something that everybody has to deal with for me I like to make the decision beforehand as to what I would do in certain situation that helps a ton I think oh I actually have an experience I remember I was invited to go on a TV show and they gave me a list of songs to choose from and I looked up all the lyrics for each of the songs and I knew that I had to say no because they weren't very appropriate and that choice was made a thousand times easier because I already knew the kind of music I would and wouldn't sing so I think deciding in advance is the best for me what about you guys I don't know I mean just realizing that really I've done the same thing in my life I've I decided very early on what I would sing what I wouldn't what I would wear what I wouldn't and it just like you said it made it a thousand times easier when the time came to make a decision and when when those voices were telling me to do something or to wear something or seeing something it made it a lot easier to remember my standards and to turn it down yeah so great answers yeah it's not as wonderful advice and our next question is actually pretty similar but it's a little specific to your musical careers so this is from Katelyn from Massachusetts and she asked what is the most difficult part of being in the music industry and being LDS and Mackenzie from Utah asked do you ever question your values when you are performing because of what people say no I I had an experience because I think I my testimony is so strong in this point once I have an experience was in the voice and one of the producers were talking with me about my outfit and then the dress wouldn't have sleeves and I said oh could I use with the t-shirt underneath and she said oh you look ridiculous and I said can I try and she said fine and I said okay and I put the t-shirt and I was like already pray when I got out she said oh you look like a doll anything thank you but I need to ask you another thing could I use my young woman medallion and she said you know that in the program we cannot use religious symbols and I said but it's so important for me please and she said why is this so important for you and I started saying the young woman Tim and I said this theme is not in my mind or in my heart I need to share this things that I believe with my necklace and with my testimony and she just started crying and she said that was the most beautiful thing that I ever heard of a young woman and I think thank you and she said you can use whatever you want thank you that is amazing I remember I got to sing with the piano guys for a Christmas concert and we were about to go on stage for a soundcheck and I remember I forgot to say my personal prayer and that's something I do before every performance even a soundcheck because it helps me to be prepared and I remember there were tech people swirling all around us and not everyone was warm and of course you know and and I was really self-conscious I didn't I didn't know what to do because I wanted to say my prayer because I was really nervous and there were people all around me and I'm thinking no I can't say my prayer right here people think I'm so weird and and part of a cult or something and not 10 seconds later Steven Nelson from the piano guys came up to me and said hey do you want to say a prayer yes and John gave the most beautiful perfect prayer and I learned two things that day first of all I mean we can surround ourselves with awesome people like John and Steven that helped us to uphold our beliefs anywhere and everywhere and the second thing is to uphold our standards and our values in all circumstances yeah perfect answers thank you guys okay our third question finding music is really tough and it seems to be getting harder with all of the explicit music out there like it's really hard to find clean music and FEV in' from colorado asks although I can't sing I love listening to music and however when it comes to songs that are not hymns how do you guys find clean music and Preston and California asked especially today we are surrounded by so many different kinds of music how does how does the kind of music we listen to affect us and our relationship with Jesus Christ and how can we learn to love uplifting music very cool that's actually something that we've been talking a lot about as we've approached this event that a hymn isn't just something that's inside the green hymn book it's not just something that that we sing at church a hymn like we learned from the scriptures that that music is the song is the prayer of the heart I shouldn't quote something that I don't know but yeah something along those lines that that when we sing things that are in our heart that's a prayer to God and so sometimes when I'm listening to music I catch myself and I'm like wow I definitely would not want to be praying this so music makes us feel things music makes us to makes us experience life in such a completely different way that we really need to make sure that the music that we listen to really is showing Heavenly Father how we feel about him which is something that yeah we have talked a ton about as we prepared for this I mean it can be really really hard to find popular music that's also clean that helps you to feel the spirit because we want to feel the spirit you know all the time it's a feeling of clarity and it is really hard I love the efy albums I think they're really fun to listen to and they're co-written by youth with these producers and so it's coming from youth to youth so I love the efy albums those are some of my favorites to listen to yeah was it was it Evan and Preston yeah yeah I don't know if you guys know but every year for the last five years the church has actually made a mutual album of songs that like Lexie said our co-written by youth so they're going through the same experiences as I was gonna say us but I guess you guys yeah they're going through the same experiences as us they know they know the struggles that that life has for us but they also want to make music that is fun to listen to and and it's exciting and I mean you can download these on the LDS music app you can go to the youth page they're on Spotify they're on YouTube there's over 200 downloadable songs that you can go and find that are completely free and we actually wanted to share with you one of the songs that's going to be on next year's mutual album so this is the first time it's ever been performed is gonna be the debut of it's right would you like to introduce the song to them yeah this songs the name of this song is peace in Christ and this song in and the theme is based on the scripture that we can found in Doctrine and Covenants 19 verse 23 that talks about learn not me listen to my words walk in the macness of my spirits and it shall have peace in me I can believe that

another thing with me and patch and I will sing this song for you and some parts in Portuguese so I hope you please forgive my Portuguese there is me when we learn a fear feel the love felt for us when he bore our sins listen to his words make them come [Music] if we know him as he is there is peace and cries he gives us hope when hope is gone he gives us strength when we can't gives a shelter in the storms of life when there's no peace on earth there is peace and crime [Music] you saw that [Music] but some a man we live under yes see [Music]



he gives us

gives a shelter in the storm when there's no peace owner very space in Christ when there's no peace on earth there is peace and ground [Music]

in addition to sounding amazing you guys also have so much confidence as you perform and we've had a lot of questions coming in on how to appear so confident as you're performing and how to get over stage fright and nerves so what advice do you guys have for that hmm I'll take this I'll start it so for me actually stage fright has been a really big obstacle in my life I used to have stage fright horribly to the point where I never wanted to you know to get up on stage and saying I wanted I was actually gonna like not even be a singer but I I came to a point in my life where I had to make a decision and it was actually similar to Nikolay I had the opportunity to go on The Voice few years ago and it was that decision whether to audition for that show or not and if I had chosen to allow my fears to control me I would have missed out on an amazing opportunity and I wouldn't be here today I wouldn't have had all these doors amazing doors opened for me if I had a lot of my fears to control me so just in order to overcome your fears just do it just do exactly what you're afraid to do be consistent and my my tips I guess are like Lexie I pray before every performance and I think positive thoughts and that kind of carries me through no matter how nervous I feel so simple thing that I always tried to do is hug someone you know hard with heart you just feel good you know I like to hurt yes all here she's doing it yeah I like to hug Kris makes me feel comfortable and calm and I think everyone can do this it's a simple thing that you will feel good before all of the things that are you want to do especially when with someone that you love thank you does anybody else want or want to say anything yeah I think I think it's a huge compliment that they think that we look calm and collected I mean should ask my wife what I looked like last night I was super nervous I was probably acting like a little kid but I think we I think we all go through it like there's never a point in your life where getting up in front of a huge group of people isn't gonna be intimidating it's not going to be something that's scary for you but I love the comments that were made just when when you have that confidence in yourself to be able to say okay like I am confident that I am nervous but I'm also confident that yeah I want to do this I want to go out there whether it's speaking in front of your class whether it's getting up in front of thousands of people in singing we all have that fear but we all have the the capability of overcoming it so I thought their comments were perfect have anything to add like see you guys said it like Madeline and I think that when we have nerves or fear we have to keep trying and overcome it because why would we want to live in the shadow of that fear forever I think you just said it perfectly just try and overcome your fears because you don't want to be living in that shadow forever exactly and it's empowering when you do succeed because we have to remember that we do have the capability of overcoming those fears and of succeeding and what we want to do okay thank you guys our next question deals with the Sabbath day and this can be difficult because it really is a personal thing but Aubrey from Texas asked what advice do you guys have about keeping the Sabbath day holy and Maria from Peru asks what can I say about the Sabbath day to a friend who's not a member wow those are super super good questions something that something that's a little difficult about the Sabbath day I feel like a lot of questions get asked from youth and young adults and older adults about the Sabbath day because it is such a huge question that we have and this isn't this isn't like doctrine or anything but my my personal belief is that the reason that the commandment to honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy so vague is simply because God trusts us I think he knows that that we know how to make good decisions we know how to honor him deep down in our hearts we all know how to do it and so if we're willing to listen to that and and strive to make this this day about him make it holy there's a scripture in Isaiah 58 that talks about how if if you'll turn your foot away from doing your own pleasure on the Sabbath day that he will make the day become holy to you and I think it says that he will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth and I have no idea what that means but it sounds awesome but if I'll if I'll just for one day I can just put aside those things that are pleasurable to me those things that I I I just enjoy doing them but they don't necessarily point my mind to the Savior they don't necessarily help me draw closer to him they're just enjoyable to me if I'll just turn away from doing that and focus on him he's gonna cause that I ride upon the high places of the earth he's gonna he's gonna make things so much greater than I ever thought was possible so Aubree and Maria those are amazing questions that you ask do you guys have anything to add that was great yeah I think somebody else also asked what can we tell her yeah we haven't talked to her friends about um just to simply say we set aside our Sabbath day for the Lord and like you said we we do things that point our minds towards Christ and it's as simple as that because we know that it is between the individual and God and we know what helps us to point our minds towards Christ all right that is fantastic and advice you guys thank you so much our next question has to do with self-image and this is something that a lot of people especially young girls have been struggling with because the media seems to send so many negative messages about it so we have a question here from youth in Arizona who says the world continues to pressure kids especially girls harder and harder to look and act a certain way how do you deal with your own self-image and all of the worldly apparent standards that bombard us on a daily basis and then another youth from Washington asked sometimes I often feel worthless in the eyes of God and to my friends and family around me I feel constantly compared to others around me and I see how much better they are than me what can I do to combat these feelings I will take that one I think that's something that especially girls but boys too we all struggle with this every day especially with social media I think that we have to remember that when we are looking at social media it is perfected photoshopped bits of the best of people's lives and we shouldn't be comparing our worst to their best I think we have to remember that there's only one like that matters one view that counts gods yeah okay addicted something I think always the media we are in the media and we see how works and who are not in the middle see that too can see that too and the media always put the best house that you need to have the best body the best clothes I think the best house is the temple that needs to be our focus the best body is your body that body that gives you the opportunity to be here to learn and to come back to our Heavenly Father the perfect clothes is the clothes that you would use in front of your heavily father with respect we don't need to be ashamed of believing these things use this kind of clothes have anna scripture that i think it's in romans 1:16 that said for i'm not ashamed of the gospel of christ and was the Apostle Paul that was teaching than Romans we need to listen this today because we don't need to be ashamed of the gospel of these things there for us and for our salvation so thank you my seminary teacher thank you so I'm actually gonna sing a song that kind of goes along with this in just a just a second it's an original with mine but I've definitely had my fair share of struggle with this with this specific issue I when I was a freshman sophomore in high school I you know I was going to a new big school and for whatever reason I just really struggled to make friends and I have never felt so utterly alone and invisible in my entire life I had no friends i I I felt like a loner and it was some of the lowest years of my life it really took a toll on my self-esteem and my confidence and I developed a really bad social anxiety to the point where I was kind of a hermit I didn't want to leave the house or or you know even go to family parties it just controlled my life and I started to question everything about myself and compare myself to everybody else and I just didn't feel good enough I didn't love who I was and it wasn't until later on till after I had the opportunity to release this song which I'm going to sing which I actually wrote during this time I wrote it my sophomore year of high school it was until after I released this until after I you know I had the certain experiences that I had that I learned how to love myself I finally learned that the way to truly love yourself is to remember who you are you are sons and daughters of God you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are and it took me realizing that realizing where my real worth came from my real worth doesn't come from what the world thinks about me it comes from what God thinks about me and the last thing that you should be doing is comparing comparison is the thief of joy and the second we start comparing we stop progressing and I learned that too we weren't put on this earth to try and be like anybody else we were put on this earth to improve ourselves and become the best that we can become we're not going to become the best that we can become by trying to be like somebody else and here's a fact for everybody we're not going to be like anybody else ever so that's what I've had to learn and if anything I just I just want to say to those that asked the question and to everybody here and everybody watching this that stop measuring your Worth and the world the eyes and start measuring it and in the godly eyes in the godly way so with that this is irreplaceable awesome thank you thank you so much

[Music] can you see me over here should I just disappear try to fit in next to you decide wasn't clear or maybe I'm just not good enough assume here I can't even be myself trying my feeding with Italian mama shout to or should I just stop trying to be some other girl when I fired a Malo I got it so my South America place Oh busy vibe who's trying to be somewhat ours so myself I'm irreplaceable Wow Wow [Music] some find a way it's never easy while use it so hard I've ever wanted to be like them I don't understand why [Music]

so nice [Music] whoa Wow whoa whoa

Afghan sushi the girl I made

don't leave me [Music] when I fired him although I got it so myself a mirror place Oh Benson by its trying to be someone else I own myself a mirror face [Music]

yeah of course I was just thinking while she was singing there's a just story in the scriptures where Moses he kind of has this incredible moment where he sees incredible things and afterwards he comes out of this moment and he says oh wow now I realize that that man is nothing and sometimes I think about that sometimes yeah maybe maybe we are nothing but what was said earlier about there's one like that matters and there's one view that matters and maybe though the world is gonna tell us that we're nothing and maybe we are maybe we are nothing but the crazy paradox of all of this is that to God we mean everything that although sometimes we may feel like nothing maybe we're like oh yeah we really are the dust of the earth we literally mean everything to God and that's something that I I just found was so powerful from Matalin song is just to recognize that you're irreplaceable like that word is so perfect like there's nobody that's like you there's nobody that could possibly be like you and the world would be a worse place if you are not in it thank you Thanks actually I came across a quote earlier and it's by Elder Holland and it says it is by divine design that none of the voices in God's choir are the same and it points to that fact that we are irreplaceable and none of us are going to be the same and so it's fruitless to try and compare ourselves to other people and try and be like other people because we can only I can only be me like you say in your song that's really powerful thank you yeah thank you guys for taking the time to answer that question it was very very helpful all right patch you're a returned missionary so here's a question for you and that question how can young men decide whether or not to go on a mission and how can they prepare if they decide to go to go on a mission okay all right again with with one of the last questions that I answered I can't tell you what the right answer is I can't tell you what you're supposed to do all I can tell you is the experience that I had I was living at NAT in Nashville at the time and was pursuing music pretty heavily it was my full-time job I lived with my bandmates we were practicing all the time and we we just had the opportunity to sit down one day and evaluate where we wanted to be in our lives and I felt so strongly that I needed to go on a mission that that's what God was calling me to do so about six months later I left I went to the Scotland Ireland mission and when I got there it was so crazy and so so much different than so much is that that correct so so much different so different but going back to what are things that I learned and how to prepare there are there are two things that my mission president taught me that are gonna stick with me for the rest of my life and one of them is to wake up with a happy expectation of the Holy Ghost so something that my mission taught me is is we can always have the Holy Ghost to be with us and when we wake up expecting that familiar joy that comes when we feel the Holy Ghost when we wake up and we know okay he is gonna tell me exactly what I need to do today that was something that always brought a lot of peace knowing that I didn't have to do it by myself another thing that he taught us was to be connected with heaven and that's something that that has changed my life that's something that still has a huge impact on what I do every single day when I kneeled down I know God is gonna answer me I don't have to question I don't have to wonder if he's there I know he'll answer me and I promised that he will answer you too but my advice for going on a mission is probably a little bit different than any advice that you might hear I got told oh it's going to be the best two years of your life it's going to be amazing it's gonna be awesome and I got there and I felt like everyone had just lied to me I was like this is just so hard I was like how do people say this is the best thing ever and so the first thing is I promise you that it's gonna be really hard don't don't decide to go on a mission just because people tell you to go on a mission because you know what it's going to do for you and you know it's gonna do for the people that you're gonna be talking to every day but know that it's gonna be hard but ii know that that cheesy thing that people say that it's gonna be the best two years of your life know that that is true that it is gonna be the best two years of your whole life the best two years for your whole life I know my wife is here so I have to be careful what I say she's gonna be the best two years of my life but I promise you that if you go and pray to God I promise you he's gonna tell you what you need to do and I can't tell you you you should or shouldn't go I can just tell you that it was the the greatest thing that God has ever done for me apart from the atonement of Jesus Christ thank you so much patch all right our next question actually comes from Brazil woohoo yeah so Nicoli we're gonna have you translate it if that's okay and then we're actually gonna play it from the video okay you light and then you can translate it for accessibility right now homo vassilis hotel interpreting Evangelion has owned a payment of onam I'm telling that she brach in the question okay she says like how we can use our talents and music to share our testimony everyone I think I think that once I was in the on the school event and I will sing it and when I was living this stage one of the new girls in this school came to congratulate me and she said oh how beautiful is your necklace it's from Olympics no they're from it's from my church and she said oh it just look beautiful and to go to your church just to God one of this that's it okay come with me in the same day and she said okay but what I need to do to use this and I said oh you need to be very tools you need to keep your standards like faith by nature you need to have patience you need to prayer you need to read a book of them over and she said no I cannot do this and I started thinking about some persons are now ready to hear the gospel to receive this testimony but we need to be always ready to share or thank you so much that's a great answer thank you any other comments for the rest of you guys so Lexi um coming to you a little bit we know that you those of us who are familiar with you and your music know that you kind of came into the music world at a really young age uh so we know that you've written a song kind of about your experience would you mind just telling us a little more about that before you perform it mm-hmm actually this song my song really actually relates to this question that was asked from Brazil so I wrote my very first original called tiny voice with Steven over here and my friend and Annette Mickelson and it was a dream come true I loved writing it and at first I meant for it to represent me as a person and as an artist and my growth as a person and as an artist and they asked you know how can we use our talents to to share the gospel and when I was writing it I was thinking it's called tiny voice and I was thinking about my tiny voice and how I developed it so that I could share goodness by doing what I love but it very soon became something that represented everyone because everybody has something to say and everybody feels like they may not be heard sometimes but when we use a humble quiet tiny voice shared with kindness and love it can become something really powerful so yeah without further ado tiny voice all right

[Music] you [Music] you know this tiny voice it may not be perfect but I know that it's got some good lives to say a tiny voice I don't discern from a tiny voice [Music] it is drowning in the loud it's so easy to tune [Music] day by day it's [Music] [Applause] [Music] it's tiny but it may not be perfect but I know that it's got some good things to say don't [Music]


it's time [Music]

down [Music] from a time [Music] I think definitely that's not a tiny boy [Laughter] you just released that didn't you I did last week it's a single and it's been released so congratulations okay well we hope it's a little okay to get personal with these next couple questions but all of us are striving to gain and keep a testimony and Ricardo from Baja Mexico asks how did you know the church was true and Polaris from Texas asked do you have a firm testimony and how can I find one for myself question I have some thoughts for me personally first of all Thank You Ricardo and Polaris hopefully I said your names were right thank you for the questions personally I I think that doing the small and simple things are so vital and so important and I think it's there's something that I think we take for granted a lot and I know it sounds like a primary answer and it's the thing that we're told every Sunday and we're reminded of all the time read your scriptures pray you know do all these things but I can I can testify that I know that when we do these small and simple things and that one we're consistent that we'll be able to to keep our testimony strong and with every with every time that we read the scriptures and every time that we pray I believe that it strengthens our testimony that much more every single time I know enough people in my life that have straight away because they didn't do these small and simple things where they stopped doing these small simple things so that for me is has been extremely important in my life and that's something that I think it's just really it's really begging I guess thank you yeah are there any other thoughts on that I think that a thing that I think that I I think that always helped me is think like the testimony is like an ice cream if you want an ice cream you will need a money and you need to want and to do something to get this money you need to go to a store and buy this cream and you just ate right so the money that we need is like just one we just need to want to get a testimony and this ice cream store let's go to the church you just need to go there and there we will feel the this period and definitely the Holy Ghost will be buy or say and you know that ice cream is awesome yeah sometimes you got a little frozen right but it's just to learn that you cannot it you cannot put a lot in your mouth so God won't give you how can I say this thing's something so heavy for you so you always have the right thing and ice cream will be delicious the gospel is awesome you will learn a lot and you will deserve that you just need to want to go to the church to have an example and Christ is the best example ever then you have to keep in the lane and one day we will be with him if we keep in this lane it's just one and you will get a testimony thank you yeah thank you guys so much alright and we have one more question and this is something that's um something that everyone has to go through so this question is about trials and adversity Felipe from Sao Paulo Brazil asked what counsel do you have for youth to have them get through trials and Jared from Utah asked have any of you experienced failure in your life and if so how did you use faith to overcome it yeah I know that trials and challenges adversity or anxiety they're all things that we have to go through nobody is exempt everybody goes through these things to some degree and I know it seems silly but it was important to me then I was eight years old and I got to have a solo in a church program and the week before we were rehearsing and I forgot the lyrics and girls behind me started to to giggle and laugh and my insides just melted and I got in the car and I started crying and I said I'm not going back I am NOT doing that I'm giving up and I'm not singing that again well long story short I did go back it was a fight but it was the right thing to do and it's a small example and I understand that there are trials and challenges that people face that are so much greater than forgetting to lyrics and a word for it and I've never been hungry and I have never had to protect my loved ones lives I've never had to do things like that but the principle is the same we share the same responsibility to do the right thing no matter what I remember Paul said to Timothy that we should be examples of the believers and everything that we do and following his counsel can be a daily struggle in a constant battle but we can't ever give up we can't ever give up we have to keep trying because as long as we're still fighting we're still winning I think that one thing that always helped me is read The Book of Mormon and pray always one named Saint buddy how can I say that thanks same video I don't know but it's like one always be like oh I have faith is what I need to do I'm learning with our diversities you know sometimes will be hard and we will fear but we'll be harder if we are not with the Holy Ghost by our sight if you're not reading the Book of Mormon if you are not praying so we will fear but we will feel feel better with these things so I always prayer and when I'm in our diversity and I'm already crying like now I'm trying to sing primary in or whatever some na M of the church and this helped me so won't be easy always never will be easy when we I dream that someday we will be in heaven like and seated in the table with Joseph is made and then they'll say all was like this and this and this and whom wanted to say Oh was easy I think no one no one wants to say that we want to say I work a lot I learned a lot and I stayed by my heavily father's side

there's a quote that I just want to share and it's if God leads you to it he will lead you through it and that quote has helped me and carried me through some really difficult times in my life so I just wanted to show that Thank You Madeleine yeah I was um I went to the temple today just to kind of get ready and kind of prepare so I could be a good instrument in the wors hands and there were a lot of things that speaking of trials and adversity some are small and some are big but they happen to all of us and I was sitting there and there were just things that were going through my mind the devil was kind of beating the heck out of me a bit and saying like who are you to go and speak look at all these things that that are wrong with you and I add this moment with my Heavenly Father where I prayed to him and I said look like I'm trying I'm trying really hard and then I had a moment where I said okay and there are some times when I don't even try but any father I I want to try even the times that that I can't try I want to try and the Spirit was able to come and say I know I know you want to try and sometimes that's enough sometimes just wanting to try is able to get us to that next step we don't have to be perfect we don't have to kneel down say a prayer boom everything's perfect and everything's fine and we're never gonna make a mistake again sometimes we just have to go to Heavenly Father and we we just have to say Heavenly Father I want to try I please give me the strength to try thanks patch thank you so so much I was very beautiful and very helpful those were all great responses thank you so much and on that note the time for our broadcast to end is sadly almost here guys but thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and testimonies and your music I know that I have been blessed for being here tonight and no matter where you are we would love to hear the things that you have learned and felt throughout this broadcast so please share them with us on social media by using the hashtag LDS face-to-face we have one more song to hear before we go but before we do we'd love to hear any concluding thoughts you guys have for the youth of the church would that be okay and our concluding song will be come come ye Saints once again our guests will be accompanied by Steven Nelson and the youth youth of lyceum Philharmonic and after our closing remarks and song we'll have a closing prayer given by amber Brammer from North Salt Lake City Utah like see let's start with you all I have to say is keep trying thank you to all the youth you guys inspire me and I'm imperfect and I am inspired by by the youth of the church so keep being awesome Thank You Madeleine do we hear from you I just want to say you know this this world especially growing up now this generation of youth it's so hard to resist the temptations and resist like we mentioned before comparing ourselves and just feeling bad about ourselves feeling like we're not good enough so if there's anything that I can I can say I guess to finish off is just remember who you are that's the most important thing remember where you come from and remember that you all have a purpose we all have a purpose and it's it's different from anybody else and we are the way we are for a reason and that's there's nothing more amazing than that stay strong you can do anything you set your mind to especially with with Christ in and Heavenly Father on your side so cute catch ya I just want to testify that Jesus Christ is the savior of the world he's not just a cute story that we talk about it's not just something that we use to motivate us he is real and he loves you and I testify that he trusts you so prove him right and what other people see your light I like to share my testimony in Portuguese and I hope that spirit the Holy Ghost help us who you feel what I'm saying come on so get out the pool India you must insist you doc I'll do it nope I ele tested the community the public spirit to protect me and said oh me oh my yeah a lot I mean same a wooded area near Lisa Lisa Quezada Saladin came to your therapist endogenous a then through the convener come also grata pull the opportunity that G todos Dominguez Prague rager put a religion create to klm we live room when you have single master key on those chances he will say by Takuma doers trace hunters chances what's the basis ah ok me cake a vote it was also out the same come along with me a familiar put me a familiar taste there was no central por el same report about the house Brussels Ella it for any simply Italian implemented are coming so Corrado boomers I mean what's keys same with me his baton case having Kiana moves to music's give me fuzzy monkey found by the skin on kanji think reminds me of a head I just come on Sagara to fellows males calling us commence a grad the polystyrene cure potential enemy Aveda for a poder compartir la palma de musica mere testimony in propose a stocky who was very compassionate above me who dances moves Cozumel testimony and at the press upload the snowy pillow Spitzer's Yoko Kanno mio coming with kahdijiha Tamara dining out jQuery selects you want from admin page to fetch crew Christmas here in Java sister entry vase it one makanda when Joe says wind obrigada for that's a person he died Joe someone to grab this attic huge if saying he Christo VV else a casa graduated they don't know thing of to videos your say Jervis give us say no braces on take do with us they bunting on singer kumamoto they see us a parent are from the vasila Vida it to the sarah has from G do want a a common thing effect you so mad about the Paris a here's de Casas costa gravan ami she just kissed me thank you guys

[Music] come come ye Saints no toil or labor fear but with joy when joy [Music] [Laughter] [Music] for us to strive are useless Casper and I still try to do this ensure your heart [Music]

[Music] Farzin Carla heart he's not so Oh [Music] should we be too [Music] the fire [Music] Oh [Music]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] always wear [Music]



yeah Oh [Music]

My dear Heavenly Father thank you for this day that we had to come together and to listen to all this wonderful insight and learn and to have the spirit with us this evening please bless all of us to go home safely and to be able to spread this wonderful gospel with all of those who we love and we thank you that we were able to have the Spirit with us tonight and for all of the music that we have heard I say these things the name Jesus Christ amen


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