Datz Real Gangsta

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[Music] just like a great wanna shoot now the Barrow up with a net full of that homegrown shit when I'm not ready to take the backdrop to the gravel and all the way that's the way to within the block making hostnet 5000 with the 9 o'clock can you gotta look better just don't stop mr. Webb Rum Red Rum on the back in my nigga [Music]


[Music] that night that we had hoes photos and just fuck we got the right guard spray straight easy on them niggas everyday and it's the baby asleep down must've been drinking oh he what mr. Dino see this wasn't his cheek winner hole in the V athe my nigga art be raping those homes taking those close to them drop the crap in the trigger go boom and me man I'm just a G kick back with a blow and let them come to me good but hey chin every single nigga on the third floor smoker half a hole and forget what you heard hope and you gotta know that it just don't stop mister Redrum Redrum on the cock in my niggas like [Music]

[Music] chauffeur

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