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I will sign no cast away twice is going in what is up guys this fits and today I'll be doing a tutorial on how to use the chroma smacks I took you guys Monday if would hit 5 likes I'll be explaining how to use the cronusmax and a fourth tutorial on what you need to do so you can actually use it successfully alright so first let me show you everything that's on the table we got the cronusmax we got a headphone adapter we have a Bluetooth and then we have a extension cable so these two like these three things right here is for ps4 users just drugged it this is for ps4 users um how it works you take as you can see right here has a 3.5 millimeter jack you'll plug this part into here like that this will go into the console and then the other part you'll plug in the headphone part so there you go guys that's how you use that also you gotta have this plug in this is the Bluetooth the bo-buddies can sync together and yeah that's guys that's how you use that on if you own a ps4 then you got to do this if you want to use a headset but if not it's not really necessary only if you want to talk to people for everyone who's on Xbox 360 and Xbox one we cannot use headphones at the time or headsets they are not permitted so right now we're just unable to talk everyone if you're trying to use different console um so this gonna get right into the tutorial I don't have a penis for so I can't show you guys how to work you but once I explain how to do it I'm pretty sure everyone can understand how you do it the first one beats demonstrating on the Xbox 360 here so you plug in the cronusmax like this it will say once you plug it in it will come on say a you which means optimize so you got an authorized a you're using an Xbox 360 controller on a buck 360 console because it doesn't know what console your own so you have to authorize that with the console so you got to make sure these have a wired controller because that's not only a worry would not work wirelessly and this will work vice-versa so if you want to use an Xbox one controller on the 360 you got to plug in and the xbox360 controller first then the Xbox one controller but if you want to using it it wants 360 controller on the Xbox one you got to plug in the Xbox one controller didn't the 360 controller let me show you what I'm talking about so as it says a you you got to authorize the distance an Xbox 360 controller so you plug in this and then the controller will cut on then after a few seconds it'll stop saying au and they'll say zero reason why I say zero because basically that's for mods and that's what you want me I'll tell you guys how to do it in a second but now that it says zero you can unplug your 360 controller and now they'll just do that I'll make like some little weird motion so now that it's still on and there's knowing that let me show you what I'm talking about by the weird motion and do that right there so once that's done once you do that now you plug in your Xbox one controller like that Daniella's welcome to Luton I'll promise you guys it is work we're not gonna terrify I'll clarify later in the video but guys it works I hope you're not scamming guys and I do anything where you guys are to believe if you don't believe me I'm pretty sure there's millions of videos on YouTube explaining that works and showing your data actually work so you have to take my advice just take everyone else's who has done it before so now that you see how to do that you can work your vice versa as I told you guys just make sure if you doing it with the 360 console you gotta plug into 360 controller first then eggs also on controller be using the Xbox one you gotta plug in the Xbox one controller Dennett 360 controller and if you don't know the ps4 then y'all know you gotta plug in you're doing it with a 360 you gotta plug in three C's no trouble doing the ps4 controller it works that way I don't know what you're trying to do with it so yeah guys there's been that part and showing you how to plug in and how to work your colors max as well as one on xbox 360 now let me show you guys how to install the mods on the crona's next let's get right to it alright guys we are now on our computer and we're about to go open up the Karnas mac software so now you have to download this Karnas make software i'll leave the link to that in the description as well um so once you do that you'll go to Karnas maxpro and load it then once it load and I'll explain everything

okay now that the software has loaded you can match my the screen if you want but yes I know guys this looks super super confusing but imma make this really really simple alright guys so one thing that I forgot to mention is that you have this cable for the corners mechs as well this is only if you want to use mods though you have to plug this cable and to decide the deponents max like that and then that part goes into the PC so it will recognize your cronusmax and know that you're trying to program the mods so make sure this part right there it goes into the side of the conus max and that goes into the PC you don't have to have this connected all the time I think you know start your miles off your PC you're gonna unplug it and then just plug in the cronusmax right into your console and and plug in your control but yeah that's all you need is distance when you're trying to install your mom's let's go down to programmer and now we're our programmer let me connect my cronusmax into the PC right now all right guys once you have your Karnas max loaded up you'll see this like a whole bunch of mods come up for different games now let's say well like that now let's say if you wanna like have a black ops 1 mine you'll click on it and you will just drag it right over here to one of these slots as you can see I got capoeira master and black ops 2 mod set up here I don't really use the black ops 2 I use a call for though that's pretty dope cuz I got rectifier I don't use it all the time anyone listening um so yeah I used those Bobby I'll do is just drag it over here like that I'll just do an example you drag it over here and then it'll bring up all these different things to wrap the fire I say optimize because you don't want to do adjustable cuz pretty sure that's the way you can get banned optimize those too like the files higher wages that weapon has and you can't really be detected burst fire you can have your weapon shoot bursts which I don't do I always keep that my disable fire mine I guess this helps you when you like trying to scope in the stuff was sniping but I don't use that either scope my I mean shot mind here we go drop shot you can set these so once you start shooting you'll instantly drop shot if called duty ghost you assad shot things like that so yeah pretty easy a quick scope adjustable perimeter I really don't know what it is I really can tell you how to know much about that one whole breath mod you can use that press sensitive so once you aim in you automatically hold your breath or you can have it for the auto so every time when you do a min you're instantly how your breath either way it basically works the same way fully auto basically means like when you're running around and stuff you hold your breath no matter what but press sensitive you hold your breath only when you press the trigger where you aim it so fully auto basically sometimes if you aim in and you already got fully auto on you might be out of breath and you got to get breath again so I wouldn't recommend that one I just use recommend press sensitive on fast reload I'll use traditional faster those on different games is different from what you see so I used traditional semtex faster though I don't know how to do that easy sprint yes full auto which basically means if you just push the thumbstick oath you'll automatically run that's pretty cool button layout you can change your button layout up here I'll just keep the default I don't use any other other button layouts button swap doing a switch your bumpers with your triggers analogs bumpers triggers plus analogs and accelerate an aiming system in your set these on two different levels so you actually get better aim assist and once you close this you're just hit program and it'll ask you do you want to program and just hit okay you know start programming see I don't want this mob because I don't have black ops so we just leave it off and there we go is delete it off hit program okay and then go start programming it and programs done and you can disconnect the cronusmax from your computer like I said you can just plug it right into your game connect the 360 and then connect your one controller if you're trying to go through 6th or the other way around for the Xbox one once you connect it you don't have to use do you have the cable plugged in from the PC all the time I told you guys you want to have it plugged in at all and yeah guys this is how you use the cronusmax and that's how your starter March and now let me show you guys how to activate them up alright guys so now that we have this set up I'm gonna be showing you guys how to activate Devon real quick so first off you grab your cordless medics then I'm doing the demonstration on xbox 360 this whole time so you grab your cronusmax and you plug it into as you can see you don't have to have it plugged in this little works without it so you plug it in there and you plug this into here and it says authorize you got authorizes in 360 then wants to authorize you can unplug it

then you plug it in like this and then it'll connect and then booming thank you guys their controllers connected now we got to turn on the Mars turning one of the mods is very very something okay so you can see you says zero if up there on the PC as I said you got you got you got Mars from one to nine so let's say you got cod remastered for one desk on remaster so you can't use carbon registered on black ops 2 and then black ops 2 is 2 so you have it on mod 2 on black ops 2 and then once you load up the game all the mods automatically be activated rapid fire and all that will be animated on the way to the won't be activating you got that ability yourself is if you use someone else a moderate script if you guys want to see me show you guys how to use someone there's a lot of script then I'll show you guys how to do that as well if we can get up to ten lights the only reason I'm not doing that in this video I want to make this video way too long for you guys I'm just showing you guys how to use the Kronos Maddox without you know having to take it too too far I'm using someone else kripp you really don't have to do because most everything we're getting are their own scripts unless you don't like your screaming you prefer to use someone else's so yeah guys is how you use the chromosome AK so guys enjoyed today's video if you have any questions make sure you leave that down in the description below or email me and you

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