Easy DIY Aloe Toner and Face Spray (and OMG WILL ALOE GIVE YOU CANCER??)

by: Veronica Gorgeois

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why ello there welcome to my video on Alan after I got all of the ingredients for my aloe toner I decided it would be amusing to go purchase some aloe leaves from Whole Foods these are enormous these are like as long as my arms and my arms are really long and noodley hello there my name is Veronica I am a skin care expert I'm going for understatement today if you couldn't tell I really just wanted to I don't know camouflage myself amidst the aloe did I just catch my hair in the a lo pro we're gonna just pretend that this is part of the look I'm going for that thing on purpose why not aloe juice looks like water tastes like water because it is almost entirely water but it has a little bit of aloe in it aloe is a humectant that a lot of people believe also has anti-inflammatory properties so why would I choose a low over just water in a DIY recipe and oh my god what's the deal with aloe being on the prop 65 list is it gonna give you cancer no backing up a little ways so in 2015 aloe let me get this right non decolorized whole leaf aloe vera extract that's nice and manageable for the average person to understand so non decolorized whole leaf aloe vera extract specifically was added to what we call the prop 65 list if you've ever seen a prop 65 warning and you're not from California you may have thought oh my god what is this and why is it gonna give me cancer so prop 65 is a thing in California that requires is a law that requires labeling of things that could potentially be carcinogenic it is on so many different things which is very confusing for most people more or less people in California are just kind of like used to seeing these prop 65 warnings everywhere there's a prop 65 warning in my laundry room in this building not uncommon to see in California so non decolorize whole leaf aloe vera extract was added to the prop 65 list because of something called anthraquinone or if you are looking it up in the Internet you can look up a low-end or barbed element so what is that why is it different from this this is aloe vera juice it is from the squishy insides of the aloe plant and just like there is a lot of refinement that goes into purifying mineral oil in petrolatum for cosmetics and for medical purposes because you have to also know about mineral oil sidebar just posted about this on Instagram mineral oil is used as a laxative and as a placebo like a filler for placebo pills and drug trials so there's a big difference between industrial grade mineral oil and cosmetic grade mineral oil or pharmaceutical grade food grade mineral oil and likewise there is a big difference between just munching on an aloe leaf and buying yourself some highly purified aloe vera juice generally speaking from what I understand the farther away you get from aloe being yellow in its extract form the safer you are so these extremely highly purified very not yellow aloe juices that are proclaimed specifically by their creators to not contain aloe in are different from the extract the non decolorized whole leaf extract of the sap the sappy sticky like stuff that is from the skin of the actual aloe plant different things in other words okay now that that's out of the way a euro toner this is one of my classic DIYs that I wanted to recreate now featuring one extra ingredient so what does ala do for the skin it is just a humectant basically that's like the only thing that I'm telling you to use it for and so what this recipe is meant to do for you is just give you an easy cheap DIY toner the last time I posted this I got a comment from someone who came back and said that it didn't fix their skin it's not going to do that this is just a this is just a ton it's a strictly utilitarian thing this would replace like mac fix+ which is basically just water glycerin and fragrance this is just a low juice glycerin and hyaluronic acid so it's going to be lightly hydrating you can use it as a face spray throughout the day if your skin gets dry and you can use it as a toner with cotton to remove residue from your face is aloe an irritant is another question you might have because people are saying a lot of things these days there's not a whole lot of evidence to say that it's like a horrible skin irritant some people are going to be allergic to stuff that happens if you have any suspicion whatsoever that your skin does not tolerate aloe vera well you should do a patch test it is a plant derived ingredient that means it's going to have some fairly high allergenic potential relative to something like mineral oil which has virtually zero allergenic potential so if you are worried about an irritant like even saying that about aloe is kind of comical it happens sometimes it's very very rare though so as far as like the spectrum of irritating ingredients go this is this is not one of the more common ones it is your skin at the end of the day so do whatever you think is best for it I feel weird giving that kind of a disclaimer for something as simple as this when in doubt just do a patch test put some on the inside of your elbow cover it for 24 hours see what happens or you can also do a patch test behind your ear like on your neck to commonplaces this is kind of a difficult place to observe so I usually tell people to do it on the inside anyway hydrating aloe juice toner and face spray here is how you make it look at my lovely aloe leaves they're so green juicy so this aloe face spray / toner is so incredibly simple it takes just three ingredients to make the version I have here which is my new and improved version or you can just use two ingredients to make the original version which I will also tell you how to do the ingredients are aloe juice this is the brand I like it's Jorge's always active aloe you can use any Ella juice you have access to this is just the one that I like that I have used for years I have done this with other brands of aloe juice it works fine I just happen to like this one you will also need some glycerin this can usually be found in the skincare or hair care section of your drugstore and then the third ingredient that I have been using is hyaluronic acid powdered hyaluronic acid this is just from Amazon it is pretty able to use there is just an extra step involved but this is just hyaluronic acid powder it comes in this fluffy white powder it is relatively inexpensive it costs more obviously than just using these two these are extremely cheap considering how much you can get out of these bottles and if you have very dry skin or if you just want an improved version go ahead and pick up the hyaluronic acid because it will take you quite a long time to go through it as you can see there's quite a lot and we're not going to be using very much you're also going to need some containers this is a bottle designed to mix hair dye this is from a beauty supply store it has measurements on it in ounces and milliliters and it has a funnel top which is useful for different skin care DIY preparations less so for this one because we're just mixing something that is a consistency of water but these kinds of bottles can be handy also I recommend having a smaller spray bottle since we are not adding preservatives to this it is a good idea to keep the amount of product that you are currently using in a smaller container in your medicine cabinet or wherever you keep your skincare products and store the bulk of it in the refrigerator for everyone who was asking about preservatives before totally valid question ello does have some antimicrobial properties not enough in my opinion to the point where you could use it to preserve a product that you were actually say opening a jar and dipping your fingers into but for something like this it can help with the shelf stability again not to the point where you could sell this this is for your own personal use and if you ever see anything suspicious in your product definitely don't use it but it is more shelf stable than just using water so if you want to buy some preservatives and those you are welcome to I have not had any issues just using aloe juice on its own but I do also separate it out into smaller containers and that is my disclaimer so there is actually support for aloes antimicrobial properties I will leave that in the video description but let's just get into the recipe hopefully you can see the measurements here on the bottle I am aiming for about 150 milliliters of aloe juice so this really is just the easiest thing I'm going to fill up to the 100 50 milliliter mark so now I have 150 milliliters of aloe juice in the bottle now glycerine has an ideal concentration of 5% meaning that you want to aim for about 5% but with something like this it doesn't need to be exact so what we're gonna do is we're gonna add that 5% approximately which would be 7 point 5 milliliters but we may end up adding more aloe juice after the hyaluronic acid has gelled because it may alter the consistency so I'm just going to add that 5 milliliters this is a 1 teaspoon measuring spoon let that get into the bottle shake this up and then if you wanted to use the ultra simple version of this recipe that is all you would do you would just mix 5% glycerine into your aloe juice and that's it but we are going to make the fancy version so basically what I want to do here is add enough hyaluronic acid to make a difference but not so much that it causes the liquid to become too thick which can happen pretty easy with hyaluronic acid I'm going to start with a very small amount as you can see here it's not very much at all this is basically just a pinch it's not an exact measurement because again this is not for distribution adding that powder into the bottle and you might think what is the big deal that's a tiny amount of powder well hyaluronic acid expands when you add it into a liquid just gonna mix that up real quick so yes how Lorna gasps it expands and being as powerful a humectant is it is it holds a lot of water which can turn your face spray slash toner into a serum real quick so through trial and error I've learned to not fill up an entire container in case after I add the hyaluronic acid it gets to gel like and I need to add more liquid after the fact and I've also learned to start with less hyaluronic acid to begin with so that I don't end up creating a thicker product than I intended so now that I have mixed the hyaluronic acid into the aloe juice it actually needs to sit overnight I'm going to put it in the refrigerator overnight it is actually not dissolved in here right now it is kind of floating around but is in the process of absorbing water right now it is gelling and so it just needs some time to sit before it can be fully integrated into the allergies so it is just that simple you can mix allergies and glycerin you can add some hyaluronic acid if you choose I recommend keeping the product you are actively using in a smaller container than the one you use to mix so that you can prolong its shelf life Allu does have some natural preservative properties not enough that I would tell you to use this as a preservative but it is more shelf stable than water that is not my opinion that is an actual thing that is being researched as long as it doesn't change color or have little particles and stuff floating in it use it as tolerated when in doubt you can just make more of it because this stuff is not expensive that's why I chose al juice over just water because it does have that research behind it people are looking at it as a natural preservative probably not going to replace parabens or phenoxyethanol or anything like that but can it sit on a shelf by itself it seems to be the case so how do you use toner and face spray I recommend using toner with cotton rounds you just do that or if you're using it out of a bottle you can just put some on the cotton round swipe it over your face after you cleanse removes residue from your cleanser makeup what have you if you are like me and you live in Los Angeles and your water is kind of orange because city life this will help also remove some residue from your crappy water every time my sister comes to visit me she always comments on the fact that the water here is so bad compared to where she lives because she has lovely well water it just comes out of the ground perfectly wonderful if you live in those areas maybe you don't need a toner but for people like me who have reactive skin it's kind of a good thing to remove residues from the face so you can look at it that way it is what I call it the last step of cleansing the first step of treatment it's just to remove residue add a little bit of hydration and then you can also use this as a hydrating spray over makeup under makeup if you're going to spray it over makeup you might want to make sure that you're getting a bottle that has a nice sprayer on it and you don't want to mix it too thick because the thicker you mix it the larger the droplets are gonna be when they come out of the bottle when spraying on your face don't hold it too close to your face I'm always reminded when I'm on camera of just how ridiculously long my limbs are Wow hold it kind of arm's length away and Bree submitted it on your face that's pretty much all there is do it you sprayed on your face as you like experiment with it see what works I like it over makeup I'd like the kind of rehydrating effects that it has these little sprayers are from a professional beauty supply company sorry I don't know where you can get them but just see what works they're not they're not expensive you can also use this to mix with clay for clay masks you can use this to mix with bentonite or cable and clay it is better than apple cider vinegar for your face but also it's just it's just a nice humectant and that's kind of the point it's just a nice humectant yeah that's why I like it if you appreciate that I actually took the time to go get these gigantic Allen leaves and then put 15 different green aloe tributed makeup things on my face please book that like button and if you tried the original aloe toner I don't be very curious to hear your thoughts comparing it to this one cuz the original one was just aloe juice and glycerin this one with the hyaluronic acid I think works really really well so experiment see what works for you users tolerated the end thank you very much for watching and I will see you again soon na hello hello I don't think this is working

uh-oh are you a giant stalk of celery

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This can also be used as a hydrating makeup finishing spray, like MAC Fix+. (Neither this recipe nor Fix Plus contain any film-forming ingredients that extend the wear time of makeup like a long-wear setting spray.) Non-decolorized whole leaf aloe on the Prop 65 list: an explanation https://www.dermascope.com/resources/aloe-skin-care-and-california-proposition-65

Here is a very comprehensive NIH article on aloe's uses and benefits: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3551117/

Research into aloe's preservative abilities: http://www.foodsciencejournal.com/archives/2018/vol3/issue5/3-5-11


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