Madden 17 Ultimate Team - NTL, Sean Taylor, Mack Debut!

by: Chris Smoove

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seasons mode is back in Madden and a lots been happening with my team I got Antonio Brown and clowny for doing those chemistry solos I also participated in the blitz promo I got two good legends that were selling for over 200k here's the new squad I've got a bunch of new players on offense and on defense the only bad thing about seasons mode coming back is that now you have to use contracts for every game so all my limited players like Adrian Peterson ensue and Hopkins and even my Josh Norman they're going to be gone in about 20 games with the old system you go into a season you only lose two contracts but you could play a lot more than two games if you're winning so I went ahead and picked up players to replace them since they're only temporary they're not going to be there forever and I've got a lot of chemistry cheese going on with this lineup look at all these chemistry's I even have a bunch in tier 2 this is crazy putting all this stuff together I have Halley and Clark as well it's always nice to start on defense because if you get that stop you really put the pressure on him first play play action clown and get stuck come on clowny you supposed to die you're supposed to get through that right there this guy loves his play action so we just got a pass commit he's not running the ball we just pass it here comes a motion it's play action again on a motion I said why would you go after the running back when I said past commits are you guys going to do what you're paid to do go sack the quarterback just ignore the running back he's not gonna do anything I said oh well he didn't hand it off we got on the hook these dolphin jerseys are looking sexy aren't they interaction on a six-game winning streak can you believe it they've won six games in a row bet they lose this week now that I'm talking about this I bet they do ah I was there but I wasn't there hurry up offense third and four we're gonna go to cover two you know he's probably going to try to hit a slant or maybe a flat so we got that flat we got that slant I'm waiting on that saying I hope you throw that sling where's that slant is it number 44 is the number 44 on the right is he slanting my way why is he wasting so much time maybe he's debating oh here comes the motion here it goes and it is a slit but it's also so flat cloudy cloudy lays them out bus go wow he's gonna go for a field goal here 4th and 2 I guess he felt like my defense was finally getting stops we were stingy but only 2 yards to go should I even sub in Peterson in this game because I think if you don't play him in the game he doesn't use a contract so we'll see we're gonna toss this though we're tossing it to the right side they're gonna need help you need help Gronk is gonna push him out the way there goes well he's gone he's out of there oh you're trying to strip you can't strip bail baby I'm running a counter this time to the left but we're gonna make it look like we're doing the same thing we're tossing it again will he have some look there goes some movement he's using the linebacker we're going left though nobody's on the left oh he's he's fiving on four ankles are broken I didn't even need to do Oh Deion Sanders touchdown Wow that Juke I just did that Juke just the Juke I didn't really need the Juke they were already on the ground that Bell is a beast that hell milestone card is a straight-up beast I have no idea why this guy called a timeout with one second left in the first quarter I don't know why he did that to stop the clock he's going with play action below it look at that pass go Mitch Singletary this formation is doing a much better job defensively I think it's because of where the players start off on the play they're in better position already and he's going to run the ball you can run that ball third and 21 you can run a little bit we don't care about that fourth and 12 any calls a timeout again Wow see he already wasted one time I don't know why now he's going to punt I don't believe it though why would you call a timeout the punt if you were going to punt you and just take the penalty and then punt right why would you call timeout apart it's a fake I know it's a fake give me a ha ha you can't fool me baby this is a risky fourth down I really don't need to go for it right here he's begging me to run the ball though so we have to run look at that he's got one guy behind his line so they're gonna block they're gonna block that line and there we go we got the first half Bell is fighting again and now it looks like he's still in a run defense so now we can throw the ball and it's going to be play-action good protection wide open he got the hand out more begging for the ball there that's how open he was let's go waste every second of this clock get this score go into the second half I think I get the ball in the second half Nona I think I do I think oh no I should have put in sighs I've got to settle for three I should have just cut inside on that run instead of going outside this is a totally different game if I lose this onside kick come on CPU get this please don't let this be a nightmare get that get that onside don't you dare fall bullet strong let's give him a different look a different formation and now he's in a pass defense so let's go ahead and run it whenever he's in pass defense that's what we do you come out and pass we run you come out and run we pass another first down for bail look at him shoving people out the way now he's all up in the box so we're gonna go ahead and pass I like it when I see those linebackers that 4-3 when I see a bunch of linebackers instead of the defensive back so we'll pass that out Belle's open in the flat I'm being annoying oh he's trying to strip he's still stripping I just want to waste the clock here because even if I only get a field goal I take off the clock I'm up by 10 points Dorsett is in the game let's see what Dorsett can do perfect blocking he doesn't have to do anything he just has to put his hands up and celebrate but in those sexy jerseys that drive right there has to be annoying we passed we ran didn't be passed and we we just alternated back and forth let's see if we can get them antsy we're going to be screaming you're gonna have to make your decision quickly you got to hit the flats you got a nickel and dimed your way let's see if he nickels and dimes if he does we'll switch to the nickel or the dime defense nobody's open he got sacked by three players three players were screaming how did three of them get there I ain't mad I'm glad but whoo let's see if we can do it again they're coming through they're come oh he fell he stumbled nobody's hoping I'll take that yeah nothing easy third and 20 the heat is not stopping you got a block seven you got a block the running back you got a block of tight in you got to do it the heat is coming you're not going to have time so those twenty yards he's running that same play-action biggest suck by two players are you serious they're hungry this defense we know he ain't puting baby I'm not in that punt defense we don't care you can put it back down don't care you're not putting that ball you know you're not putting look look look you don't know this guy oh look at that out thank you thank you let's get Mac it's Mac's debut - hello Mac welcome to the team oh he's out of there wow what a game seasons is back let's see if I can get the cops leaning I'm staying right here look all he turn around I got him leaning haha look at that beautiful crossover move they don't see me see those cops are on foot they can't do anything to me I'm out of here they're turning around they don't see me I lost

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Night Train Lane, Sean Taylor, and TOTW Khalil Mack making their debut!
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