Random Lip Balm Haul!

by: Hollie Forrest

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hey everyone today I have a video for you that just kind of happened I didn't plan this or anything but yesterday I just happened to go to a couple of drug stores to check out the sales and I ended up getting 5 lip balms so I guess today's video is just going to be like a haul and first impressions type thing so I'm just gonna jump into these lip balms so the first one is from Walgreens and it's basically like an EOS knockoff dupe maybe I haven't tried it yet so I don't know they say it's new and I bought this specifically because I've heard emily noel 83 just rave about this and how good it is so i had to get it because she's like my favorite so that's why i bought this one here's what the packaging looks like let's see if this is really good I'm just gonna open it cuz I'm too excited so that's what it looks like and I can already smell I can smell it from here it's a really strong oh my gosh it smells amazing it smells like watermelon Jolly Rancher and here's what the little ball looks like it's not exactly like an EOS but it's very similar it feels really smooth on the lips I really like the way it applies and it has a nice Czech stir to it it's not thick and it's not greasy so we'll see how I like that one so then I went to Rite Aid and I went to a lip balm section again because I'm a freak and I saw this little iOS kind of Dookie looking things so and I haven't heard anybody talk about the Rite Aid version so I was like I bought the Walgreens one - look at the Rite Aid one this one is strawberry sherbert flavored so here's what the packaging looks like on that and it says it has vitamin E and aloe for moist smooth lips it's basically the same thing so here's this Rite Aid one it has a little red aid sticker on top this smells like mochi ice cream like strawberry mochi have you ever heard that it's like oh my god it's so good this one smells so amazing this if you like strawberry you need to get this ok so here's what it's shaped like just like the Walgreens one and I'm gonna put it on so this one also feels very smooth and hydrating not too waxy just like the Walgreens one they're probably the same manufacturer I'm guessing because I mean the packaging is the same on these except for the colors are different they both have like the wavy lines on the front and they both just have a little sticker on one says Rite Aid and one says Walgreens so these aren't you know two different though moving on to lips or lip balms and you guys know that lip cyl I have talked about it in a lot of my videos actually um lip so lip balm it absorbs into my lips which is why I love it so much it doesn't just sit on top of my lips and you know kind of disappear like most lip balms do the lips will one it's just unlike anything I've ever used I need to have a whole review on that because I could talk about that lip balm all day long so I bought these two so this one the new flavor is called vanilla plum and says it has intense protection with Swedish moisture lock locks in moisture for healthy lips SPF 15 natural shea butter and coconut oil so yeah the packaging is like the same shape and size and everything it's just a different color so here's what this looks like and olive lip so lip balms have a little B on the side and I think that's like a nice detail I bees terrify me but I think it's kind of a cute detail at the same time even though I'm like terrified of bees this smells like honeysuckle is very sweet and natural though it's not like you know like a cookie or something it's like it smells like a honeysuckle it's really nice it just tastes like honey like natural honey it's not really overwhelmingly sweet like these are very sweet this says it's a vanilla plum flavor but when I smell it I smell honeysuckles and I taste honey I don't I don't really taste and even a lot or plum and I don't remember if I found this outwalk greens are right or not I'll have everything listed down below with prices and where I got it because I went to so many places yesterday like I don't even remember and then I saw this one which said it was new so I bought it because I have a problem so this lips lip balm intense protection honey berry flavor vitamin C and E natural shea butter helps protect and repair chapped lips SPF 15 so there's what the packaging on that one looks like I just love lip balm I don't know why I do well I know why I just like putting on lip balm I actually like get so much joy of putting on lip balm I think it's because when I was little I was obsessed with lip smackers and I still have all of my old lip smackers I know that's so weird but I just I'm like emotionally attached to them so I have all of my old lip smackers in a bag still don't hate it looks like the original one except for the writing on it's orange instead of green honey berry it smells like potpourri that you put in your house it sounds like some sort of like Febreze I just don't know which one maybe like little linen one and the last lip balm that I had to get this was just an impulse buy chapstick mix stick I bought the green apple and caramel one because I love green apples they're my favorite apple I know why it was so hard for me to think of saying that so here's what the packaging on this looks like it's nice and colorful it's pretty fun does mix together and create a fun flavor amazing dual sided lip balm that can be used to create new flavor combinations so here's the size of it I think it's kind of cool-looking so let's do this I'll do one lip caramel another one lip green apple is that weird going to go in with the green apple oh that really sounds like green apple this smells like green Apple Jolly Rancher it's really strong it's a lot stronger than the caramel side I'm gonna mix them together it just smells like green apple but I think the idea is really fun and cool so cool idea with this chapstick I like it so those are all the lip balms that I bought I don't know why I bought them all at once I'm not normal I don't know what came over me but it happened and I just find it to make a video about it so I will be testing all of these out and I'm gonna see how I like them and I don't know if I'll do individual video reviews for each one so I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of random video totally wasn't planned and I just made it because I thought it would be fun and a copy you guys on Twitter we're like you know you should do video so I did it if you guys know of any really good lip balms like let me know your favorites or if you want me to try a new lip balm nuts out just tell me in the comments and as always thank you guys so much for

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Hey everyone, thanks for watching my lip balm haul! ♥ Products Mentioned ♥ -Lypsyl Honey Berry $2.69 at Rite Aid -Lypsyl Vanilla Plum $3 at Walgreens -Walgreens Watermelon Lip Balm- $3 at Walgreens -Rite Aid Strawberry Lip Balm $2.42 at Rite Aid -Chapstick Mixstix Green Apple Caramel $3 at Walgreens I will post a review of all of these balms on my blog shortly. Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money. ♥
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