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by: TheOnlyBentley

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hello everyone welcome back to stone blunt to episode number 21 and since we last left off I have might have gotten out of control a little bit I have been working on a few things and I know in the last episode we were working on some chickens and I might have might have done some some chickens so I went ahead and made up a few things we made some red chickens we went ahead and made a green chicken when I had made it saying chicken I also went ahead and made the redstone chicken which most of these are pretty easy to do these are just kind of a lot of the starter ones and as well as the yellow which we already had and then I made my way to the Glantz chicken because of the nether quartz chicken and then I made my way to the diamond chicken which which is pretty nice but there's even better there's even better trust me about this so we have eight you know watches of flowing time going currently and I made emerald chickens because emeralds are better than diamonds emeralds give us sixteen thousand over sixteen thousand DMT is whereas the diamond only gives us about you know 8,192 I do believe if I'm not mistaken but we do have yeah 8192 so we do have plenty of those and yeah so I kind of went a little overboard I do believe let me just put those in here just in case we haven't on those to them yet and we'll just toss that and there as well there we go so let me just run you guys by this this is pretty simple all we've got going on here is just some tin tin tin emerald chickens which obviously by the way these are actually pretty easy to get once you get them made emerald chickens are not even in the book so once you make a diamond chicken at least I didn't see them in the book I don't see them in here I see the ender pearl chicken jerk cone iron pig blood nether Ward the slime I don't even see anywhere in here anything about the Emerald chicken there is like no record of the Emerald chicken they don't want you to know about the Emerald chicken why because the Emerald chicken is awesome and the reason for this is because it makes a lot of emeralds that is a lot of EMC just being constantly generated while sitting here now I've noticed probably notice I've lost some time in my time in the bottle because I've been using it to also generate us up some more well just to kind of get this done in a quicker fashion mainly because I was using it to breed and make tinting 10 versions of these emerald chickens here so now that we got ten ten ten year-old chickens it's pretty easy to you know set up so um yeah I've been letting it run I've been letting it run and we have a lot of EMC just one of these rows which let's just go ahead and say let's do the top row here let's just do a top row and then we're gonna take all this and we're gonna put it inside of here that brings us up from our five hundred thousand or five hundred million emt to four about 4.5 billion emc that's a lot of EMC that's a lot of stuff to do things with and we're going to make it even worse so I'm gonna show you guys is a little setup real quick this is a very simple setup and I have it set up here because it is definitely as you can tell working with the watches of flowing time which is great so our chicken breeder is working on making even more ten ten ten chickens and currently we have an energy condenser setup at the top I just put a lot of EMC like a big EMC item inside of here so that way - this just basically lasts forever and the hopper is also being affected by this so it is increasing its its tick speed sending even more seeds into this than it can and it's just producing us a lot of emerald chickens currently we are sitting at 3,700 and we're about to 3,000 yeah they're just three 3720 emerald chickens and 10-10-10 why do we want all this because we're about to make this extremely overpowered today or at least gonna try so that's what we're gonna do we're instead of a nice little EMC setup but first there's a few things I actually want to do we're gonna go ahead and set up the area for this and in the end of the episode the end of the episode or around then we're gonna start setting up something else that's gonna be a little bit better than just using this here the energy condenser so let's go ahead and start working on setting this area up alright so we're gonna grab our flux bore here let's go ahead and set this to 3 by 3 by 3 sounds good and we're gonna come up here and we're gonna trying to Center this I believe is right about in here this does look appropriate to me clear out a nice little room back here actually you know let's go one deeper yeah why not does not hurt um some torches actually would be very helpful we're gonna have some mob spawning in there which is fine I guess can we go down please thank you torch told you hi Fred what's going on buddy my friend I see Union alright so let's go ahead and do this so we're gonna go out one this way one this way and one this way and I'm just gonna make a nice-sized room it's probably gonna be a lot bigger than it actually really needs to be in all fairness but we're just gonna try to make a Lincoln a decently sized room real quick so we're just gonna use our wonderful flux board I can help drill us out a small area and eventually I guess we'll try to make it look nice I'm not sure I haven't really been one for trying to make things look nice because I have just been extremely busy outside of the pack here which is quite unfortunate but yeah we can at least make it kind of fun I think this is gonna be a kind of a like a a a more fun kind of thing to do than anything because this is gonna generate probably a lot of EMC that I'm just not used to having so that'll be really nice so there we go there's some light in here and we're just gonna go ahead and pop maybe a torch there there there might as well go and pop one at the door as well that way it's nice and lit up in here it looks pretty good alright so now we got that set up let's set up some other things now I've noticed that all these uh watches a-flowing time I'm sorry about the jitteriness with the you know like this my mouse is acting up and if it's not one thing it's another see like I can I'm trying to switch to two right now which is my ID chizel and there it goes finally and it does that sometimes with my torches but two is the worst and I've been trying to get that work worked out but yeah the whole thing at this and I've even cleaned the bottom the laser everything it's just kind of giving me some issues so anyways let's go ahead and start working and moving this over we're gonna grab a stack of dark matter pedestals super easy like that and we're also gonna start grabbing some lunches of flowing time I'm actually a little unsure if this is going to end up breaking my computer I'm actually a little worried this might when end up breaking my my computer so I kinda had an idea to do this after setting this up because this just kind of seemed I don't know perfect for this so we're just gonna go ahead and do this

the shame we can't just like pull these out fully charged up so this is already more than what we got going on over there and I'm actually going to go ahead and just activate the center one because we're probably not gonna be able to touch that one very well after this but I'm thinking like a 3x3 these guys is possibly gonna be enough I hope see what we got here five six let's grab a few more and I might actually just go ahead and put a few of these in my bag so that way I can just pull them out when we're ready so I don't know how this is actually honestly I don't know if this is gonna work or if this is just gonna destroy the world or if it's gonna break my computer I would definitely recommend doing this if you have a slower computer in increments definitely do this in light increments because this could turn out pretty bad if you just scale this up really large there's not much telling how how this is really gonna thank my computer I would assume or even just the world in general so yeah definitely take caution in doing this if you're gonna play along as well that's all I'm gonna say so I'm gonna do my best here to try to take it to where I think maybe my computer can handle alright so there we go all of these should be ready to go let's go ahead and start working on activating them currently I have my computer on and I'm not hearing it well obviously Mike Peters on I mean like I have my my case open at the moment just so I can kind of hear this but uh yeah that looks pretty good alright cool let's go grab some stacks of emerald chickens and see if we can gonna get this going that might be enough that might be enough alright so we're gonna go and take our roosts and we're gonna go and just start placing these guys now pulling out of these guys is gonna be a little bit of a probably a hassle more than anything but I'm gonna try to make this look somewhat nice as well obviously we're probably gonna be able to get a little bit more out of these but uh yeah if we need to we could probably expand this just a little bit more if we really really wanted to but there we go so that would be 36 of them currently as it sits and just kind of doing this oh my gosh holy jeez well this is gonna be fun this is gonna be very fun oh my gosh and it's gonna be so much AMC well I mean one of the quests in this is to reach the max amount of EMC possible and that might be doable this very well may be doable we're about to find out ish it might take a little while because that is a lot of EMC I think it's like over a trillion or something like that but still so currently running all of these watches of flowing time doesn't really seem to be hurting me at the moment hopefully that doesn't come to bite me in the butt a little bit later on I'm hoping but uh we're gonna go ahead and send all of these guys up first and then we're gonna figure out how we're gonna move all of that out of that afterwards now currently as we got down here we're using flex duct or item ducts I'm sorry item dunks and I don't know if that's really the route I want to go or not I mean it doesn't really matter cuz I'm pretty sure the launch is a flowing time we're gonna speed up legitimately about anything we use so I think we're just probably gonna pull out the front of them that might be the best bet I mean we can go around and do the around thing but then we're also gonna be missing the center one so the center one would have to be pulled on the front unless we just want to break this sooner one

I mean it would be 32 which isn't bad I kind of like a number 32 yeah we might do that we might do that actually all right and then yeah let's go ahead and figure out what we're gonna start using to pull all of these guys out now let's go ahead and make some item conduits I guess item conduits are great so let's go and grab a few stacks of those we can also make some facades up a little bit later on to make them look even nicer and yeah we're just gonna go and start working on that so let's go ahead and pull these guys up and around I guess we'll go underneath as well that's just gonna make sense all right there we go I am also gonna need kind of get under here a little bit what about a conduit probe actually a conduit probe would really help us out on large scale things like this so let's go ahead and do that probe conduit probe so we're gonna need the yet a wrench we're gonna need some iron electrical steel grains of infinity let's just see if we can actually get that what do we have and what do we don't have so you need things like that we don't have any electrical steel well that's nice to know all right well let's get that fixed up real quick pulverized coal coal pulverized we need a little bit of silicon which we get I'm just gonna put a little extra in there we don't need all that right now and we're just gonna toss this inside of you to give us what we want real quick and then we're just gonna emc it because it is 'i'm seeable it's beautiful excuse me oh okay there we go all righty and learn let's get a few stacks of you out of there it's going to put you back inside and let's try the probe one more time there we go a nice beautiful yet orange we got grains of infinity which is fine we don't need our seats anymore which is hilarious by the way and those don't go into a drawer so I am gonna have to make those up real quick so there we go nice how much are we doing Wow so we're generating a lot we're actually gonna be able to see how much we're generating per second when we're done with this so let's go ahead and set this up so we're gonna set this up to extract always active and we're going to shift rank is it shift right click or shift this work oh there we go all right so mouse wheel up or shift mouse wheel up my bad and that changes it between these so you kind of want it on the bottom right you see the like the little copy look there's like two pieces of paper make sure it's on that and then when you're done copying it with a shift right click swap back over so basically now we can just go like this I think this oh okay I guess you have to stay on that one all right then well I'm sorry I thought um I thought differently I guess so I need to stay on that why don't you just ring click there we go makes life so much easier so I don't have to go in and out in and out in and out on everything just gonna be really nice so we're just gonna go ahead and just you know wrap around these guys like so thank you um and currently as it sits these guys are basically doing nothing because they are full so we need to start working on getting that taken care of here in just a second which is the plan and yeah we're gonna be making a lot of you see we're gonna see exactly how much EMC this is actually gonna be making us and it's just gonna be extremely awesome all right so let's go I didn't finish that off there we go so I think we're pretty much good to go and I'm probably gonna go ahead and take out these Center one so let's go ahead and do that real quick because there's really not any need and we can just if we need we'll have access to kind of look inside which actually is kind of cool I think that's pretty awesome alright let me just do this real quick cuz this is actually a lot we're gonna put a few things inside of our bag so we could break these no problem I didn't mean to open that but it's fine there we go so 32 is what we're gonna be doing here 32 roosts with emerald chickens is a good start let's go ahead and start working on these settings again and make sure you you and you are good you you you all of these and all of this should be increased so we shouldn't need like any upgrades or anything on our item conduits they should go out pretty fast because of the watches of flowing time we're gonna basically see if that is indeed the case here in just a minute which I am fairly certain this is not gonna be an issue so we're gonna have all of these guys go down into oh I didn't do the bottom of this one yeah I know sorry about that easy fix oh and I do believe that is good alright cool so let's get the last part of this so we're gonna have to do a little bit of crafting for what we want to do here there is an item and I just recently learned about this from playing project om3 if we type in ant project e X we can see that there is a very nice personal EMC link sitting here so we're going to do a little bit of crafting so what we're gonna do real quick is we're gonna pick up our transmutation table this is all stored in your player data so the amount of EMC that you have is stored on your player data not the tablet so don't be afraid to break this and copy it up so there we go so now we got a bunch of these guys and this is actually a little bit better than the dark matter pedestals because it has more EMC so we're just going to go and leave that in there we're gonna grab an extra which I guess honestly I can't really put them Bank in there so that's fine so let's go ahead and put some of those in there let's go and put those inside put those in there we don't really need any of that at the moment and yeah let's just go and start clearing our bag out a little bit we're just gonna go ahead and you know put all these beautiful emeralds by the way a stack is over a million emc which is nice and we're generating that pretty quick with just four I wonder what 32 is gonna do with even more dark matter pedestals alright this is gonna be cool alright so what do we need we need not only the transmutation table we're gonna need a red matter furnace so there's a few things we are actually gonna need to make here I do believe we have not even made a block of red matter yet either that's fine yeah I don't think I did look at that so we're gonna need let's see we're gonna need three of those and we're gonna need some Dark Matter Blanc's as well so let's go and grab one two and three and a little bit of dog matter I have not even talked to this thing dark matter yet I don't even have any dark matter what holy jeez I have no dark matter well I'm gonna solve that problem right now can't believe I didn't even teach that thing yet all right there we go let's just grab a stack of dark matter we're not really in a need for you know absolutely just needing well to worry about EMC at the moment so let's go ahead and go back to furnace and then we're gonna surround this with a little bit of dark matter there we go dark matter achieved or dark matter furnace achieved and now red matter furnace achieved so this is actually more than our table so we can actually use this instead and that is what we're gonna want to do if we keep using a condenser but what we're working towards we're not gonna need that alright so we got that we got that we got the nether stars and we need an MK ii condenser something we have yet to make which oh wait a minute actually we might not be able do this in I don't really want to go through and craft it yet I didn't even think about that holy crap it is an MK 2 but we need to make the drink Connacht I'm not gonna worry about this at the moment we're just gonna use an energy condenser then so we're gonna go ahead and save red matter furnaces because they cost even more alright so energy condenser will work just fine for now it's fine don't worry about it we won't be able to see the amount of emc we're generating but we'll be able to kind of get a rough idea at least trust me we'll see yeah we can kind of probably be able to count it up a little bit so what I'm gonna end up doing I think is probably go ahead and start turning this one off so let's go ahead and just disable these for the time being there we go all right so we're just gonna disable those for the time being we'll just kind of look how slow this is without that it's pretty pretty slow let's go ahead and grab these transmutation tables and let's go ahead and put them inside and see that we are over 12 billion EMC now holy jeez alright let's enable it let's enable the enabled here we go so we put this just about anywhere um dang I was meant to grab some I mean to hold onto those actually let me grab some stone as well as so we can make this look nice don't have any stone in here so yeah we're gonna have to work towards a drink conic which we actually might make some of that stuff today just because it is it's gonna be necessary but let's grab some stone item conduits okay you're not in there I wish there's a way we could link these two together that'd be great but I don't think that is a thing actually hold on let me check I don't yeah I don't think we have like an equivalence anything for applied energistics unless it's calling something else which it very well may be called something else actually you know let's just put it down here in front I think that's gonna be a better a better thing yeah we'll just put it down here in front so we're gonna set this guy this is gonna be the only one that's gonna be set to just insert and there they go and here we go yep we're generating about you know just a little over 10 million emc pretty quick that's pretty nice and we're not done yet by the way there's still one other thing that we can actually do to just to kind of make this go faster speed this along and maybe even break things even more by using our time in a bottle and our acceleration one you can do this on more than one if you wish I'm just gonna go ahead and say I'd recommend maybe for now just one but time in a bottle on these speeds all of the other ones up making this work even faster yeah that's pretty nice and we can make this even bigger so actually I am seeing with that being the case these things actually are not affected mmm maybe we should be using the servos instead yeah I think it's time to check this out and see because these were not having an issue with that and those very melt very well maybe so let's go and grab a few stacks of item conduits and let's go ahead and set this up alright so we're just gonna vein mine these guys for now actually vein minding these don't work crap well that's unfortunate good thing they break easily so we're gonna try this out now I thought maybe item conduits would work but apparently not I guess and like I said that is actually rather unfortunate because I was kind of hoping to be able to make it look nice and use conduit facades around them but I think I can do the exact same thing with item ducts as well I think we just need cover I think there are some covers from thermal that allows you to do that so we can still kind of make it look nice I just I feel like the conduit facades actually help a little bit more like for like performance and stuff like that but maybe that's just me I could be wrong on that yeah all right so anyways that's looking pretty nice already all right let's get these guys hooked back up all right so that's gonna input on you I'm just gonna run these guys around basically like we did that I don't think it looks that bad I don't think that looks bad at all it just looks a little weird we could use the clear ones I don't mind the clear ones I don't use them mainly because it doesn't really bother me like I'm gonna be able to see the items regardless coming in to where I want them to go so I don't really care about seeing them you know flowing through the pipes themselves but all right there we go so we got that set up let's go ahead and start setting these guys up unfortunately we're gonna have to do this this way so just a double right-click and then you know set him to ignored it's not as easy unfortunately so I think the last thing we saw in there was like 50 - I believe and this is gonna start working while we're doing this obviously and it's just gonna keep getting faster and faster because we are adding even more exporting to each of these so basically just more roosts for this thing to just say hey get out of here and these do pull a lot more out so it's like a stack at a time anyway so we're gonna check that out here in just a second let's just say this one do these only export out the bottom oh there they go there they go okay holy crap man okay I'm gonna have to do something about this I think that or my computer just having it difficult to difficult time trying to keep up with this that is very possible my computer could be having a difficult time or minecraft could just even be having a difficult time my computer doesn't sound like it's having any issues at the moment which is why I like everything's nice and buttery smooth but like yeah I think minecraft might be having a little bit of an issue that's why I didn't go to much bigger than this honestly I wasn't sure if this is still gonna be a thing but we need to figure out a way to kind of get items out of these guys faster just so that way we can make this work better and there might actually be a few ways we can do that but almost there and we'll see how well this actually works hopefully not too bad these I can vein mine so if I want to change the sound and do something a little bit different I'm fairly certain we convey in mind these at least that'll definitely kind of speed up a little bit of time and make life a little bit easier for us then the conduits the item conduits that is there we go oh yeah let's go and see holy oh my okay so that's like 10 million EMC more okay that's more than less I think that's more than take ten million okay that might be a lot okay I I think that's over 10 million EMC tick maybe actually some of them are keeping up some of them are keeping up I can't keep up they'd all don't know what to do like some of these are actually keeping up I'm not sure why some of them are and some of them aren't like the ones on the top aren't the ones on certain sides like the yeah it's so weird oh I see why cuz I doubled like these ones up on the corner that's why those are doing it this one I don't know why I'm assuming maybe because it's so close but the ones that are like doubled up are definitely working really well for the most part well this one's a night doubled up this is doubled up so is there a way we could double up the other ones like the top corners well the top corners are doubled up too but this isn't working very well huh I think there's just so much going on it really does not know what to do oh my gosh still though that is a lot of EMC let's see if we could just change this and make this even more why not oops I need to do that that is insane and I think we still kind of broke this so I think I'm gonna have to come up with a little bit better design for this but yeah that's still a lot of stuff coming in and yeah I'm gonna have to figure something out about that some of these are just not exporting at all there's gotta be something we could do about that because that is a lot of EMC that's happening right now and yeah yeah that's a lot of EMC but still this is working alright we're getting a lot of EMC in for sure I just need to come in here maybe play around with a few items and see what would work better just to just pull legitimately everything we possibly can out of this as quickly as possible so today what did we learn well we learned this is gonna work for one the acceleration one works on the pedestals to make the other ones work fast or even because this particular one we're hitting is making all the other ones work faster which it does by default anyway and we also learn that the time and the bottle also accelerates them which actually does I think a lot better job honestly and you'll see even more of like the little ender particles once you make it go even faster so they start generating even more kind of signifying hey we're working really fast right now I'm almost probably don't even know how much time has even passed in this world now because I think it affects real-world time holy jesus that is so much emc that is insane let's go see how much we got and this is just from what is it like five or ten minutes so we're 12 almost 13 billion emc and now we're about you know that's pretty good as over five billion emc in just a few minutes not bad at all totally not bad at all and i can just let these keeper on it even if I wanted to but I'm probably gonna pick those up I'm gonna probably try to play around with this a little bit off-camera if you guys have some ideas by all means put them in the comment section down below see if we can come up with something that's going to export out of these even faster and better because these things may not be doing it maybe because we want to go to a top-tier servo even we could try a resonant servo let's compare these just real quick extraction rate 0.5 seconds was the exact same it just has a speed boost for the items to make their way through and maybe that is something that will help maybe a speed boost would help but there might be some other things that would kind of help out a little bit more even mmm I'll just have to play around and see but if you guys have some ideas by all means put them down in the comment section down if you guys have any helpful tips tricks or comments also put those down below it'd be greatly appreciated if you guys wanna hit that like button it really helps me out lets me know you guys are still enjoying this series and yeah I guess that's gonna do it for today so thank you guys again for watching and I'll see you guys back in the next

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