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emotions run high whenever India and Pakistan are involved whether it is the ongoing tension at the border or the historical animosity between the two nations the situation has mostly remained far from perfect shortly after the reported clash between Indian and Pakistani jet fighters a very interesting development took place which somehow didn't get much attention due to the flurry of news and constant updates just a small clash with Indian fighter aircrafts led Pakistan to shut down its entire airspace on the other hand India only had to temporary shot a few of his airports down in its northern region it is important to point out that during the whole incident India remained connected and operational the effects of war are great and then war itself and this particular incident was a good example here it becomes clearly visible that a single situation ended up affecting detonations in very different ways is it really fair to compare India and Pakistan according to the available data it is evident that India's defense budget is bigger than the entire federal budget of Pakistan for instance India's military budget in 2018 was fifty eight billion dollars compared to Pakistan's federal budget for 2018-19 which was about forty two billion dollars India spends more than five times more than Pakistan does on its defense and it does so without going overboard according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute between 1993 and 2006 Pakistan spent more than 20% of its annual government expenditure on its military and India spent under 12% according to the global firepower 2018 military strain of ranking India has the fourth strongest military in the world on the other hand Pakistan is ranked 17th lower than countries like Egypt South Korea and Indonesia globally multiple think tanks and Institute's believe that India is on its way to become a leading economy in purchasing power terms it is already the third largest economy in the world and in nominal terms it is the sixth largest the Center for International Development at Harvard University expects India to be the fastest growing economy in the world for the coming decade Pakistan's economy is more comparable to Bangladesh it should also be pointed out that Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan today as an independent nation Bangladesh is doing very well and in many social indicators it is ahead of Pakistan already historically India and Pakistan have had many conflicts 1947 the first war between the two nations took place over Kashmir 1965 the second Kashmir war 1971 the Bangladesh Liberation war 1972 the line of control was established 1984 the chn glacier was seized by Indian forces 1999 the Kargil war took place 2001 the Indian Parliament was attacked 2007 the Samjhauta Express attack happened 2008 the Mumbai attack took place 2016 India conducted surgical strikes across the line of control after its security forces were attacked and now in 2019 12 days after the Pulwama attack on the Indian Army the Indian Air Force had to cross below sea to strike the non-state actors so what lies in the future quite obviously both countries are going to continue expanding their defence budgets in the coming years today injured spends 5 times more on its defence and Pakistan there is already a significant gap and it is only going to increase India is expected to become a ten trillion dollar economy in a few years imagine the size of India's defense budget ten with an economy of that size if absolutely necessary India will not hesitate to engage in a non-nuclear limited war such a movement by India would drain its opponents financially due to the cash advantage that India has it would be much easier for India to convince foreign defense companies to share their technology with them in Jays already taking money initiatives to produce cutting edge defense equipment locally gradually this will bring down the overall cost and will make India more independent it will also increase India's defense exports many defense experts predict the future of warfare to take place in space according to Brian Whedon of the secure world foundation the idea of relying on space and even fighting in space was one science fiction but now it's real India is an emerging global space power with the expected rise in its economy its space budget is bound to increase as well India is determined to increase its soft power and its influence globally it wants to solidify his position in various global forums and it plans to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council Pakistan wants to match India and the military domain but to make that happen Pakistan first has too much India's defence budget while Pakistan be able to match India's budget in defense or in space in the coming years can Pakistan expect the size of its economy to be as big as India's today Bangladesh is well placed to be a role model for Pakistan in economics and in many other social indicators ideally the winner of the so-called war between India and Pakistan should be peace what does Pakistan think of this what does India think of this and what do our viewers have to say about this see you again


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