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hey guys what's up so today's video is going to be a lip-balm haul if you couldn't tell from the title I'm really excited because so many new ones are coming out right now and I wasn't really expecting that because usually I do these lip balm halls by seasonally what I do with my lip balm hauls is I wait for a bunch of lip balms to come out like by the season usually is what happens so summertime a bunch come out fall winter and so on and lately there's just been so many new ones that I decided to make a little in-between lip balm haul because I have so many new ones that I want to share with so first up here I have three new chapstick total hydration lip balms now these are some of my absolute favorite lip balms at the drugstore I've talked about these so many times I did a full review on the original three that they came out with and I've used two of them up since then I only have one left I have the peach one and I love this formula you guys it is so silky it feels kind of like butter on the lips it's very very intense I would say maybe more of a nighttime lip balm because it does leave behind some shine on the lips but I really enjoy it it really does keep my lips moisturized and I've been staying along with so many other people like I hope they come out more flavors and here we are with three new ones so I'm gonna show them to you this one is called soothing vanilla and I love vanilla so this is pretty cool it also has a hundred percent natural argan oil in it so this is different I've never had any of the chapstick total hydrations with argan oil it says it has an advanced conditioning formula with arkin and rose hip oils replenishes lips with vitamin E oh yeah this one has the same packaging as the regular total hydration locks I just wanted to mention it does have 100% natural argan oil in it which is pretty awesome it smells like vanilla bean so if you guys are into like vanilla bean ice cream or just like a light natural vanilla scent you're gonna want to try this it smells very nice this one's called coconut hydration it doesn't have any argan oil in it but it does say it will moisturize your lips for up to eight hours renew and transform them same claim as all the other total hydration lip balms I love coconut so much I actually want to open this right now because I got to see it I really want to smell it oh okay it's very light it's not overpowering very nice I really like it so far and the last one I have is called wild acai berry okay this kind of smells like strawberries and cream to me it really smells like strawberries if you like berries definitely pick this one up I found these at Target and the acai berry one is exclusive to target but I'd got all of mine there so make sure you don't over to Target if you want these or yeah if you guys haven't tried these chapstick total hydration locks yet get on it because they are on sale at Target right now I think buy one get one free plus I had a coupon from the newspaper that was a dollar off so I got a good deal on these I got all of these for around five dollars and usually they are three something each so try to go to Target if you can so here I also found these at Target while my mom got me these I never even heard of them or saw them until she brought them home to me I was so excited they are both from soft litter called the soft lips luxe lip protectant and they both have SPF 15 in them and they both say they're exclusive to target right here as that little logo on it so if you want to get these try your local Target this scent is coconut milk and this blue one is a Shea Moisture right so here's the little tube and let's give it a go look how cute that is it just looks so adorable I really love this shape I just think it's so cute I'm just gonna pop a little bit on you I'm getting a lot of shine with this it's super super shiny I have to say it doesn't feel very smooth like there's some sort of grit in here that's really weird I'm not really digging that grit feel but it smells very good it smells like coconut water I really wasn't expecting that cooling sensation it feels very nice some people might not like it because it is very tingly I'm getting a lot of a tingling sensation going on but it is nice the scent is very good it's very coconutty it smells like coconut water let me know if you guys want a more of a full review on this I'll have to test it out more and see how I like it I saved the best for last here I have the Hello Kitty soft lips cube butt lip balms I love the soft lips cubes I have almost all of them except for the mango one I'm still looking for the mango both have SPF 15 as well they are the traditional cube packaging but they have Hello Kitty on the front so I'm really excited because I love Hello Kitty ever since I was a little girl I've been collecting things from Sanrio I did find them at Sanrio they do sell lots of Hello Kitty merchandise and these were $4.99 each at Sanrio but I'm not sure I haven't seen them at Target or anything so I'm not sure if you guys have found these in your drugstores please comment below and let people know because I know that Sanrio isn't you know readily available to everybody but you can buy these directly from the soft lips cube website I believe are the soft lips website so I will link it down below so here's the packaging up close you can see on the side of the cube here you have Hello Kitty and she has her little glasses on and this is called smart apple this scent right here so I had to get it I love Hello Kitty apples and soft lips cube so this is like awesome for me I was so excited and then the purple one is called a pretty passionfruit and it looks like this so here is the packaging on the purple one and then you have Hello Kitty on the side and she's kind of like giving you a little wink you know she's being a little flirty here so yeah we have two of the Hello Kitty's soft lips cute alright so here is pretty passion for you I'm just gonna smell it really quick oh it smells really good it's definitely like a strong scent it's not as subtle as the chapstick is like pina colada and fruit punch like mixed together it's really good I just got to put some on because it's that good okay you guys need this I'm just gonna go out and just go out and say you need this because it smells really good it's so cute I feel like soft lips are I don't think they're like the most moisturizing if you want something that's gonna heal your chapped lips you know go for the chapstick total hydration but if you just want like a regular everyday lip balm check out the soft lips cubes I really like these for everyday daytime use pretty much because they are very light I don't feel like they feel greasy or thick alright so there she is let's open it up and try it out this is so good it smells like runts candies like those little hard fruit shaped candy guys so that's it for today I hope you enjoyed this video and as always thank

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