Swann Add On Spotlight Security Camera Unboxing, Review, Demo: 2-way audio, siren for NVR-8580

by: locoboof

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hey what up guys how's it going to have something kind of cool here I have the latest and greatest from Swan now these cameras are add-on so please don't think they work by themselves you can't just buy this one camera stick it up at home and it's gonna work you need to have an envy are my Envy are that I have is the envy are eight five eight zero so this is not a standalone camera you have to have the supporting hardware at home already in place the UPS just dropped them off I have the swn HD 8 85 and the 865 now the only difference between those two cameras is one is 4k the other one is five megapixel the 4k one allows a couple more features like line crossing detection and other stuff you can get into and the resolutions higher on the 4k system but what's new about both of these they now have a built-in speaker and they also have spotlights in them so you could turn off and on spot the spotlights from your phone absolutely no problem anywhere as long as you're getting a cellular signal or a Wi-Fi signal off and on so you can illuminate an area when it's dark you can use it to scare someone off it's actually pretty cool and since there's a built-in speaker you can hit an alarm you use as a deterrent to scare someone when they approach your home or approach a driveway or approached your warehouse or anything like that and you can now have a conversation with them so with the app you just hold the top button and now you could speak to them and they can hear you through the built-in speaker so if someone comes to your door you can speak to them and don't even have to get leave the comfort of your couch or your bed or you could be anywhere in the world that's the best part they don't even know if you're home or not as long as you're getting a cellular or Wi-Fi signal you're good to go you can hear and speak to them so you could say hey UPS or FedEx guy leave the package there leave it with my neighbor anything like that or someone you don't know why go to the door why risk you or your family safety at all speak to them right through that so it's pretty cool so anyways I'm gonna stop talking we're gonna unbox it get into it because I want you guys to see these cameras are actually pretty cool they don't do a little bit of a light install on the exterior of my home and then I'll show you what it looks like and how it works and all that stuff you guys know that all right I'm gonna stop talking laters [Music] okay now if you have any problems or questions with your setup or anything going on don't hesitate to call their customer service okay so let's get in here and they include a an additional cat5 cable in case you need it and this is sixty feet here is your wall mounting template mounting hardware you have some security decals instruction manual warranty all that stuff right in here and the rest of the box is empty so let's go ahead and take a look at the actual camera itself alright your cat5 will just go ahead and plug right in there but I'll unplug my existing one and go ahead and plug this one in okay it's got the microphone up top there's your lens in the middle this is your true motion detect and heat sensor you have your super bright spot lights here as you can see two of those so I can imagine it's gonna be extremely bright and lastly you have your speaker built-in right there you see that so when you talk your voice will come out through there and you'll hear them from the microphone here now I'm just gonna take out the other one really quick the only difference is this is the 5 megapixel version

as you can see they look identical but different from the ones without the bright lights on them all right you guys so now I'm gonna go downstairs I'm gonna do a light install not a big deal simple plug-and-play gonna take out the old cameras pop in the new ones then I'm gonna upload some footage so you can see what it looks like with and without the lights on and I'm also gonna do some audio test and so you could hear just how loud the speaker is me talking from my phone through the speaker and you can see just how loud it is so pretty cool alright guys okay so after a little bit of a light install all I did was swap the cameras out it's a plug-and-play you're ready to go so let's look inside the app so make sure you have the latest version of the app installed on your phone make sure your phone's firmware is up-to-date and make sure you're in VR has the latest firmware as well so yeah we're gonna go ahead and go into the home safe view app by swan and then that's gonna go ahead and bring up my cameras here now I'll go to the one on my front porch and as you could see I have two new icons here on the right hand side one looks like a light bulb the other one looks like a bell that is to cut the light off and on and that is for the alarm if you want to cut the alarm off and on so if I want to cut the light on you just press it there it's gonna take a second and then now you see the light has cut on and you see how more illuminated that area is so I'll go ahead and cut it off we hit the alarm button and then the siren will go off and it's a pretty loud not so nice noise now you can also control the brightness and the volume level of the alarm I'll show you that in a second now if you want to talk to someone down here at the bottom your options might be a little difficult to see okay so at the bottom here is the microphone icon and to speak to speak to them and here you'd press this now what that does is now cuts on the speaker and the microphone so you can hear and you can talk but to talk to them you have to press this so you press and hold it as you talk you can kind of hear the feedback from my voice only as you're holding it can they hear you then when you let go they can but as you hear that noise now you hear the noise going on in the front of my house because we can hear so it's very simple to do all within the app and it's not too bad so let me stop that then I'll up at the top I'll hit the Settings logo and that'll bring us to this menu okay so at the top it has audible alert you can cut that offer on if you turn that on any time motion is detected the alarm will sound so you could put that on the side of your house or in an area to where as soon's motion is detected it will let off an audible alert and scare away the perpetrator that's actually good and on the NVR itself you can go into the settings and dictate when that takes place for instance let's say you want that to happen from 11:00 p.m. at night to 4:00 in the morning let off an alarm sound so it's pretty cool siren duration how long do you want it to go on do you want it to go off for 10 seconds 60 seconds you can go all the way up to 180 seconds siren volume you can adjust the volume from not so loud to really that same thing with the light you have visible alert anytime motion is detected you could have the light go on you can adjust the duration of the light 40 seconds 10 seconds the range is from 5 seconds all the way up to 180 and then you have the brightness on how bright you want the light to be you want it all the way at 100 do you want it at 50% 40% okay so now I'm in the main menu of my NVR let's go to alarm and let's go to deterrent now let's select the channel of one of the new cameras and you'll see all of the settings here so spotlight enable or disable light level I have it at 98% but you have warning light and then you also have strobe light warning light it just comes on for the duration you set it at and a strobe light means it flashes off and on rapidly duration that's for how many seconds 5 to 180 just like in the app siren I have it disabled but here you can enable it siren duration just like in the app and sensitivity now here setup and schedule so setup so here's the setup area I have as a demonstration so this is great so in the red where I have it set when cars approach the driveway at a certain time or any motion in here at a certain time the lights will go ahead and cut on but out in this area where cars are going to be passing on the street I don't want the lights to cut on so that's where you can go ahead and adjust that and you just go ahead and click on a space and red means motion will be detected and you unclick it and it will not activate it so it's very simple but I like how they made distinguishes between the two so for instance for motion settings I would want everything to record on the screen because I want to catch the cars going by and whatever's coming in my driveway but for the light or the siren to go on I only want it here so I love the fact that they let you choose and schedule here's a schedule so this is in military time but yeah so if you wanted to come on add let's say 8 o'clock you know you go ahead and fill that in here and then D click it if you don't but all the blocks where you said it that's where it will come on so from here so I have it at 10 o'clock all the way till 4:00 in the morning in that area that I set up that zone where motion is detected in my driveway then the lights will cut on so that's what that looks like it's all set up it's all done ready to go pretty cool so now I'm just gonna throw some footage up there for you guys to see what it looks like ok so it's all set up ready to go I might play around with this a little bit more I'm gonna upload some footage so you could see what it looks like with the camera lights on and off and with me talking so you could hear the volume as well it's actually pretty good I've been using these for a little while and I got to talk to the UPS guy and somebody else that was dropping off a package so pretty cool yeah so enjoy the footage I will leave all the links in the description below where you can go ahead and buy these and all right guys Lycus good morning say 1 2 3 4 so you can hear me good ok thank you [Music]


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