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by: PhillipsFiberArt

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hi Brooke here with Phillips fiber today I'm going to show you the ruby ring this is one of our jewel box patterns using the gym 5 and 10 tools this is our sample we're going to be making today oh isn't it cool I love it so let's take a look let's grab our gym 5 and 10 tools let's start with the gym 5 we're gonna cut one piece out of this cream fabric cut all the way around the tool

don't forget those little notches now let's add on our second piece I'll line it like so right sides together so it open it up and now we trim it just trim it here and we're gonna add on piece number three this one is our striped fabric it adds that whole cool element to it lay it on so it open it up now we need to trim it again so grab your gem tin and we're gonna align it really pay attention here because this is what's gonna make it so that it lines up right to the center

you so let's make our Pentagon so we've got these three pieces now I need to cut the other ones so this one's going to use the strip set that we build and I'm going to cut the gym five and I'm going to cut it so that I have two mirror images so here's piece one

and here's piece to putting the tool on in the opposite direction

all right check it out we got two pieces stripe goes on each side and I'm going to lay out my Pentagon using those first three pieces and the two pieces I just cut sew them together like you see in the Pentagon video and here's our finished Pentagon you can see from the back that how we've ironed it and sewn it together all right let's continue on so we need some tens these ones we're going to use a partial tool the line is on the tool and you can find out what that is in the pattern so I'm going to cut two of these

and they fit right on the bottom of my Pentagon so those on now we're gonna add our border yep that's a built-in border right there so I like to find the center fold it in half you can make sure it aligns to the center of your Pentagon so that on there open it up and there we go now we need to trim that off so we get that nice perfect triangle

now back to that first piece that we sewed together we need to add it on so check out the top of your piece and we're going to align the other piece to the top match those seams so that it ends up perfectly you can nest them real nice sew it along there open it up and this is what you have open up that seam lick makes it wide just a little flatter and we're gonna make one that direction and one the opposite direction you can see how when you make them opposite that comes together to that nice star so what do you think that was a good project wasn't it that is the ruby ring and it uses the gym five and ten so visit us at Philips fiber art comm for this product and much more hope to see you there


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The Ruby Ring, featuring the Gem Five and Ten tools from Phillips Fiber Art, is a great way to show your patriotic side or any side for that matter!! It's a lot of fun!! Check out this and more at

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