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[Music] what it Duke family is a girl Tamika and I in fact I don't back I am back with another video y'all see that smoke coming down my mouth that's how cold the junk is out here man they did serious shutting your listen official first time here smash that subscribe button smash it you know I'm saying hit that Bell you got to hit that Bell listen you guys it's early in the morning it's about 703 you know I'm saying I came out here to warm the car and I was like man I got to turn the camera on right now today is the day today is the day people like you know understand we got our first appointment for our baby journey you're going to the potentially killing it can't even get it out fertility clinic you know I'm saying we got to make sure that all of the tubes I think it's gonna do a run through with some saline make sure they're all of the tubes are running properly and make sure that the sperm can get AB in there you know I'm Sam I'm super excited I'm geeked I'm really geeked you know I mean we talked about this junk for so long man and to finally be actually doing it I'm geeked yeah I got to part my ashy face I did wash my face I just think putting a lotion on it because I'm excited I'm that excited y'all I don't know what to do you know I'm saying so I decided that since I told you I'm taking y'all on this journey with me I'm checking out of every appointment so y'all got to go to you know saying y'all got to go to listen the appointment is at 12 o'clock or whatever but I figure I'm gonna just check out through the whole day with me cuz I'm excited I'm excited shit you none of me y'all do y'all don't understand bro like to have a kid yo I'm just thinking about it man like you don't even understand how how bad I want this man and I got the perfect person that to build a family with and I'm saying my wife we had a perfect foundation friends for four years we've been married for four years been together for eight years and now it's time to bring us a little one up in a clan you know I'm saying sqt f2t squad junior you understand what I'm saying I'm already gonna Chunnel for my kid we gonna have all the juniors man I'm trying to tell ya so look man I just wanted to turn the camera off tell y'all y'all come in with me today so let's get going

they tell them what we going

I am eat y'all ready no I'm heat from the intro but you know I'm saying I had to flash the camera run away what it do what it do what it do we Bank now yeah we only way to the appointment to the first appointment I'm deep and lit so little slowly I'm getting married you crazy listen I'm super excited man we on the way to the doctor now who just left work lord help me excuse my appearance guys and a little rough we don't care about how you look babe I love you no matter what dance series you shouldn't she's such a sweet way obey you got eat like hail honey listen that's cuz we didn't go nowhere yet what's up guys would you sign on like this meeting she be having the crib hot she'd be having a car I'll be feeling like I'm in a sauna

singing in the background it's so beautiful outside today but it is cold on let the Sun fool ya it is brick brick house might let you know they don't they don't have no courtesy in driving in Boston everybody's all aggressive aggressiveness hail that sunlight looking good on the girls oh we just missing oui baby oui bait would that come from oh come and get your limb coming get rim job with Oh Samuel and Bernie man Samuel Jackson I thought it was a real group until I found out that they just made that movie up just to make it up like and they wasn't even like a real group are you fucking you thought there was a real scene there was a real singing group cuz I'm mighty opposed to so who's this Oh the soul brothers who day just when you think you know a person ah like it is like what is you saying right now Lisa barely thought that so big like what you'd rather have a boy or girl I run the just Hilty but I will but I would rather I would rather avoid super me because I can't do no ponytails baby and she only got one nephew so it's like I want to have a boy for my nephew too girl like and then I'm gonna have him so trippy though that's the thing I'm so just like me my my wife gave me the name Maddie ain't that so cute it's like mama without the daddy she cuz I'm never confusing my kids I don't know fucking nobody say I think this shit is ridiculous but I'm mad I'm mad yo yo yo so excited man I just got such a - it's real an opinion there's one girl in the common space is named our baby Jamil hey I'm like no more EKOS man no more shot no more time we're gonna wait to this appointment and my wife dude like she got a pee so bad in this street that we don't like it never have this much traffic it is traffic like everywhere started like like bumper-to-bumper not moving one bit traffic there you go - you want to go to AA Bon Pain just take the seatbelt off


come on babe if you harm do you want her to pee [Music]

[Music] so you listen guys man we're gonna call you guys when we get to the doctor's appointment saw you guys I mean hard you're gonna meet this shit movie get on the videos like all of them my family you know I mean they ain't be anyway anyway squad soon as we get to the doctor's office from your head in there now we turn the camera back on I told you I'm taking you out with me you know we'd be a family I told y'all we're in a relationship it's a serious understand we'd be right back - hell yeah we already run late for the dental appointment she forget the ticket for parking cuz we're gonna need it to be able to get out I'd be later I leaving this woman's gonna be late to have my kid trust me that ass I know she will she's gonna be late for the delivery look at her ass huh look at this look at her with the Eskimo with the Eskimo jacket she's so dramatic you don't even be this cold yeah now don't be trying to leave me cuz now you back on time yeah with my baby cold she walking like she's gonna go to that fix

just bonkers


baby you gotta put that white thing in you I'm talking about it gonna have to put it inside you know ya know well let's stop that's right yeah that's right

why they gotta be bigger look for different signs coochies me me my lot of do they listen we do have a youtube channel so yeah we're checking our ticket our supporters on a journey with us I'm not filming you at all but is that okay we can't do with certain things I know cuz the Hitler all right so listen we worth the duck but I can't even shop being here I'm sorry if you if you want more information if you're a carrier I'm gonna call one of the genetic counselors that's part of the service we try to just talk to them I think that's it financial she's getting me the card you wanted to talk to us it now so you wanted the cost of the yes yes I don't know I mean if we can't on me week because we have to come back next month on the thing I mean we could schedule it on on there if this if it's me you don't we don't really need a scheduled appointment okay okay is the insurance coordinator okay let's see if she's here now to talk to you to give you the prices okay if she's not thank you very much if she's not you can betrayed that know how I always easily get a home okay okay yes oh pretty good but she's very keen oh she's good she gets a lot of calls yeah I can understand yeah so that's why we're gonna try and get it done today okay all right yes please be - good - yeah no but it's okay definitely look at it still so remember

[Music] no we should have done because when you need a bathroom you can't get a bath well you said to harm it or home so you lied you're so aggravating I thought that that was the now I do remember now that you see it I'm upset you lied to me and Here I am humming like a fool so bad I'm glad to know you lied to me honey you're the sweetest well we see it in say think about water or something cuz I really would have sent me over yeah and it was cold too so he's like it's so cold outside that's all I kept thinking if I was the cold and I needed to use it you're not gonna think honey you're so dramatic

we she didn't have as many as me so you'll be fine

yeah okay don't do that to her she did not to make her have a pass out in here then we are gonna say I know right now you want to be in here passing out at the end of the day man I can't take this one with me nowhere she asked lady is she would pregnant like just cuz the lady was a little thick I mean like I can't check around nowhere with me bro like you can't piss the people that's gonna help us have our kid off like this is unacceptable behavior you guys unacceptable behavior we're making sure that she go potty before we get in this car because you know I'm saying you catch the truck guys I'm so deep so next month is the month hoping the first time she did not this first time April 12 save the date feel me we just left the dock yeah we just left the dock yeah stick us no I'm just playing so we got one more month and it's going down baby you ready I'm so ready to have my kid ready

man yo shred up Skippy met you know every time that song come on like that dude would be so Dale man oh they like soon as you belong and I don't even know why he'd be so mad about the joint like he just don't like me and I'm like look me buddy don't like the way be honest and Wow I don't know what they'd do he'd be so deal man yeah that should be funny is I don't know what didn't you can't even get the homes freakin Wow oh you just be like wow he's even there do be pissed he doin else singing if he bids fish saying wild thoughts in his house he better lovingly better learn to love his stepmom yeah you know that's boo no way back now and I'm a Colin went out to a club sure she she nope babe

she's on you she's in denial bro I'm gonna call her when I get off his blog and let his I want to make sure that she got the stuff I sent them just get it together all right get your shit together now she be jealous man imma catch now when we get to the crib thank you guys for watching the first blizzard oh thank you I hope you guys enjoyed it and you know we just really appreciate you guys taking the time to watch us on our journey to becoming parents ready I'm ready to do it yeah like dance serious you know we appreciate everybody watching you this video of thumbs up let's like it up let's like it up and comment down below comment share share say man yo you know sending some cool ass it's a cool ask up on YouTube man I gotta check them out you know do that say that hit into a lot of people everybody our family you're not a mere he had to continue to go up that series but thank you guys for tuning in and it's the next time



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