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what's going on guys this is the first video of 2019 and we're gonna kick things off with the biggest project I've ever done because I have a little bit of time right now in between semesters I did a poll asking you guys what you wanted me to make if you wanted to see one bigger project or a bunch of little projects and you guys chose the one big project I personally feel this way as well I don't want to keep doing like small little builds forever I want to see what I could really do so that project ladies and gentlemen is a human flying drone no yes this stuff has been done before a lot of fantastic you've you a lot of fantastic youtuber the real-life guys I think Peters triple did one definitely taking inspiration but no one's ever done it like me a lot of videos just explain what they did but I'm gonna take you through the whole process as I do it so you can see what actually goes into making something like this from someone who has no idea what they're doing but I'm gonna take you through it hopefully do another entertaining way do not listen to me just drone on for well exactly what I'm doing right now off to a horrible start alright guys let's do it so in theory everything I need is in this box so I think I have all the parts to make something fly we just throw it in a bowl and mix it around in a helicopter should pop out plan is to start off with a quadcopter and then if we get that working right we can scale it up to an octocopter so we have 4 27-inch propeller blades also I should mention I will be taking a lot of safety precautions contrary to my previous actions [Music] I'm gonna do this as safe as I can I'm gonna remotely control it until I get it working then only after a bunch of testing will I get anywhere near it we also have the DJI flight controller this pretty much is the brains of the whole operation which means I don't actually have to know how to fly this I just have to press a button so we have to do is build the frame mount everything on it and see if it works so let's get to a switch camera actually 3d model the basics design of what this is gonna look like so we're gonna start off with a quadcopter design kinda like this with the batteries on either end in green then if this goes to plan we'll add some rotors in a coaxial formation and below it so we have an octocopter and if my calculations are correct that will be enough to lift a human alright get ready for the sexiest montage you've ever seen [Music] got a bunch of aluminum right here screwed up my leather right there I am pissed about that but honestly if this goes well I'm not gonna need this car anymore I'm just gonna fly over we got gifts so let's start building it [Music] all right so we made a thing this is gonna hold two of the motors one right here and one the other motor goes right here under the build another one of these for the remaining two motors and then if we want to add four more motors I don't to the other side but let's do a quick strength test to see if this can actually support my weight now if this can support technically half my weight or a little bit more I guess because there's gonna be batteries in the motor and stuff then we should be good hop on here real quick hey hasn't broken yet now we need to go ahead and make another one of these for the backside but sometimes this is one cool trick you can do it's kind of like two ply paper you can if you like if you peel it apart sometimes you can get ah another one exactly like it oh he's a magician now somebody stop it so now we need to connect these two things and actually haven't done that part yet so let's get to it [Music] and just like that we've got a metal box kind of this is going to be the frame of our quadcopter although I'm just realizing now that I built this whole frame with this pole in the middle so that means uh so we're gonna have to take it apart good planning Jake going well so far [Music] frame is looking nice at the moment pretty much all we have to do left is mount some supporting pieces and the actual motors themselves on each of the ends right now though I'm the wire up and test out the receiver module this tiny little thing right here takes signals from this remote control right here so this has a bunch of different pins that correspond to different channels so you can control with the remote so for an instance up-and-down is one channel side-to-side another channel these buttons or other channels yeah it transmits all of that information to this receiver and the receiver outputs it through these pins which we can connect straight up to the ESC or when we actually try and fly this thing the flight controller will take all of this input data and hopefully make this thing fly so this remote controller is a must because this is 100 cc motor with a propeller blade attached to it and we have four of them so chances are on the first time we turn it on it's gonna be like some Tasmanian devil type issue that's gonna be as far away from that as possible going to push one motor right there another motor over here one more motor over in that corner he last motor goes in this corner right there [Music]

all right let's do a little test hopefully nothing will explode you know what that's that's just a good rule life a little bit of spark oh that's a spark right there put a stand back here so it's not working so before we worry about anything with the remote I'm gonna use a servo tester that I know works just to see if we get the motor spinning it's a very loud noise okay I think we're getting somewhere now all right I think I got it figured out it's connect this to channel 3 it turns out let's go channel 3 right here move this joystick we got a giant giant remote-control helicopter first motor mounted on got the ESD strap down there isn't the highest quality method electrical tape [Music] now let's mount the other motors the propellers do a little bit wiring and see if we can get these motors to run so just did a little more addition to this frame pretty much we made a duplicate of the top layer about a foot and a third down so now it's a much more stable and the plan eventually is for me to sit right about here like this pillars on each side still haven't bolted on all the motors yet because I don't quite have all the parts yet plus one of them is still in that device over there which I'm gonna do another short little project with that probably next video but for now let's just throw a propeller on one of these things just so we can see kind of how this thing will work [Music] ladies ready so I'm gonna switch the plate and see how much thrust we can get going down [Music]

[Music] okay now it's really blowing down says it turns out I think I'm gonna have to get some new props because all these props have to be pitched the same direction and for a drone I need half of the propellers to be in the opposite direction that way it cancels out the torque and then the helicopters doesn't go off and do us tail spin if you have any ideas about giant quadcopter propellers leave them down in the description but that pretty much wraps up part one got a decent amount done so far if you want to see more of this project follow me on instagram posting stuff as I do it over there actually is your video get a shirt if you wanna help support this and also subscribe you know classic youtubers stuff really excited about this project though so I definitely look out for part two so that's been it for this one guys take it easy and we will catch you in the next video peace

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This is part 1 of my human flying drone project! In this video, I explain the plan, build the frame, and test out one of the motors. This drone will eventually be able to lift over 200lbs allowing it to carry a human and become a personal flying car!! Do not attempt this yourself, enjoy! Facebook:


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