Improv: Freeze

by: CornerstoneSF

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so right now this is the game freeze we're gonna have two people come out to the front alright so what happens is they're going to do some sort of action scenario I'm you know I'm in yell freeze or one of us is gonna yell freeze they're gonna have to freeze it whatever position they're in the person is gonna have to come in tag someone out go to the exact position they were frozen in and start a new scenario the person that comes in starts the new scenario so I'm gonna shout freeze or you guys are as well so we'll just have it a free-for-all my shadow I send you in yeah the world

okay Justin first it's a shame you shimmy shimmy oh yeah yeah no more hip a little hands to me sooner yeah yeah I mean the second time while you're swimming lift those hands in the air really high one two three yeah moving them this good the hands go

go ahead it can't use lipstick to color your hair with it's for your lips that was so pretty oh you gotta put it on your lips like it okay

sometimes if you have dry skin you can just rub the lipstick on your guy's skin I'm scared free Matthew

my music teacher told me we can make music with our body give it a shot okay so I'm gonna start with my shins now we can make big movements with our whole body okay now for the finals of synchronized swimming or Olympics

and then on the count of three the Frog

Justin there's not where he's supposed to be when we're practicing the army drill you're supposed to get on my back and I'm supposed to carry you geez yeah yes Justin because they do this in the army every day I've never seen army every day that's what we're training Caitlyn you you don't mind that can show me how to do with that you're supposed to go like this now you gotta get up and carry me I'm gonna tell mom I'm gonna tell him up she's coming home in five minutes go Chris

look look wait maybe if we maybe we touch it it'll give us like superpowers yeah all right let's do it on three one two three I warned you her - the boy the exhibits in the museum are not to be touched I'm sorry teacher I didn't know it's just really fun look it's a big dinosaur bone God little more hole in the glass oh my gosh curses that is fine

I think the game turn it okay

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