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hi guys welcome to Nana's corner my channel is all about learning to DIY crafts and cook without spending a lot of money if that's what you're looking for be sure to subscribe and then click on the bell when it appears so you won't miss when I upload something new and if you enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up to let me know you'd like to see more the Easter Bunny is getting ready to bring some fun surprises so it's time to start decorating in this video I'm going to show you how to make this cute bunny to hang on your wall or even your door it's so easy and it's just made from a hat headband tool and some scraps of film so let's have some fun but before I forget if you haven't seen my other Easter wreath DIY I'll add the link at the end of this video okay for today's project we're gonna use a Dollar Tree bonnet they call that let's see it's a hat and it has a little flower up on top and it has a little like elastic ribbon around the sides we'll be using that so we're also going to be using some bunny headband but we'll be removing the hard piece that's inside of the band some tulle in which you can also get at the Dollar Tree some scraps of felt some black white and pink I didn't have any pink felt so what I'm going to use is a piece of a leftover ribbon that I had for the nose just use what you have on improvise I wasn't going to go out and buy a piece of pink felt just for this project and out of the black and white you'll be cutting some eyes white and black any shape you want I chose to do ovals whatever I may end up cutting them flat but we'll decide as we go along you may need a marker some scissors hot glue gun I'll leave a full list of supplies in the description of the video below okay so let's get started okay so the first thing that you're going to do is you're going to cut your going to need 8 inch strips of white tool and you see that they're a little bit better 8 inch so the roll is long what you're going to want to do is hold the roll this way and go 8 inches this way ok and I found that the easiest way to do this is to get a piece of cardboard cereal box shoe box cover anything that's going to measure 8 inches okay and then what you'll do let me show you this does measure I'm gonna get the right side 8 inches pretty much give or take a little bit doesn't have to be exact 8 inches and you're gonna take your roll of tool and you're gonna put it to the edge and then just wrap your tool around you can do the whole roll we're probably going to need more than one roll of tool okay so let me go ahead and do that but before I leave what we're going to end up doing is we're going to cut this side and then we'll cut this side and we'll end up with 8 inch strips okay so let me go ahead and do that off camera I'm sure you don't want to sit here and watch me roll the whole tool and then I'll come back ok now that we have the tool cut into the 8 inch strips what you're going to do is loosen up this elastic ribbon that's around the edge of the hat it's glued down with some hot glue but just be careful and you can lift it loosen it up be sure to leave part of it attached so that it doesn't come off I think I'm going to leave this little flower on you can cut it off if you would like but I think I'm gonna incorporate that into like so it looks like the the bunny is gonna have a little bow or something I may loosen it up and put it forward or or something like that but leave that secure for now and then you can always decide whether you want to take that off or not that will help us keep the ribbon attached as we're going to attach our tool and what we're gonna do is you're going to take a piece of tool and you're gonna just double it in half okay and then up under the ribbon you're gonna stick the folded end put it up under there and where it's hoped where it's folded over you're going to take your ends stick them through that well it's a little let's try that again keep it kind of like around your finger so you have a good hole pull that up separate the hole put your ends through it and then just pull your ends and tighten your tie around that and so there you have it it's gonna give it our bunny a little fluffy look okay let me show you that one more time gather up your tool in the middle put it around your finger stick it up under the ribbon let me move out of the way of this other one so that you can see better under the ribbon take your ends stick them through the loop pull it out and then just tighten it down and push them together so they're next to one another and as you can see it'll get fuller as we go along so what we're going to do is going to put them all the way around the brim of the Hat okay and that's going to give our little furry look to our bunny let me go do that and then we'll come back for the next step okay so this is what it looks like with just over two spools of the tool it's all around now you can either lay it flat you can puff it up so what's up against the top of the Hat if that's your choice next what you're gonna need to do is get your headband and I've already cut my my ears all you're gonna do is I'll just put it back in here what you're gonna do is snip the end and either you can push it up and then with some good snips or by hand just cut it or break it off and then you can either leave the fur on or you can cut it off as I did it's that's totally optional that's up to you and you'll need to decide whether you want them in the back in the behind the tool or if you're gonna want them in the front and when you glue them on you won't have that bump because you'll glue it so that it goes straight to the to the Hat so that's your choice of what you're going to decide to do okay I think I'm gonna put mine in the back I did end up cutting the flower off and so I'm gonna put my ears up there to cover that put them like that okay so I'm gonna put it sideways it'll be easier to hold okay so with your glue gun you're going to head go ahead and put glue right on there put a pretty good amount so that it'll stick and they won't flop off and then you're going to find where you want to put them go up underneath the Hat and be very careful you want to burn yourself because the glue will come through and just kind of hold it there to the hatch until it dries okay

and there we have it and if you need to reglue it again and put extra which I think I made just to secure it just pull it back a little bit stick some a little bit of glue in there and then just push it down the Hat will pop back up and you'll get a little shape to the head as well so it's not just one round face okay so there we go next what you're gonna need to do is cut out some eyes whatever shape you want out of felt and you'll start seeing the bunny come together some eyes the nose and then you'll want to either draw a mouth there's many ways you could do the mouth of marker you can take some embroidery thread and stitch through because the Hat does have holes you could go through you can paint it on use nail polish use with you have what you have okay let me go ahead and glue those on and then I'll be right back okay I've decided that I wanted a little bit more form to the face so that it kind of gives it a little bit more of a the eyes are a little bit back and the nose is popping out so what I decided I took the part of the headband that I broke off and I just glued it right up the middle and now what I'm going to do is just put some hot glue on the sides

and then just a little bit I'm going to glue the Hat just squeeze the hat up against that to hold it and it will give it a little bit of like a bridge of the nose of the bunny so we let that dry and hopefully it will stick hopefully there'll be enough there

and you just kind of play around with the and mold it the way you want it to be okay I'll be right back when that's dry okay so we've got the nose on the eyes well one eye and you can you see I don't know if you can see in the video that you can see a little bit how that little piece of the headband that's glued inside forms the nose a little bit more I mean that's optional that's up to you if you want to go through that or you can just leave the faceful flap and I'm gonna do the other eye on now

oh don't burn yourself

there you go the eyes are on the nose is on and now you just need to draw the mouth let's see I think to draw my mouth I'm going to use just a marker it's a fiber faber castell pick artists pen but any marker will do with sharpies fine I just like the brush tip on this so I'm going to I have a little outline here just color it in this forms his cheeks and his mouth

and the texture of the hat you may have to color it a little bit and like I said if you would like you can always embroider this part on you could paint it on

you might want to draw it on with pencil first then you want to go around here and get the bottom of the mouth part

well let's see is that that one side a little bit higher than the other then this is just your preference whatever kind of mouth or face you want to make you can google images of bunny faces and you'll find all different types of eyes you can do different shapes eyes you can use a upside-down heart I've seen four noses as well okay and then four whiskers you can use pipe cleaners you can draw your whiskers on I'm going to use I think this cord it is by derice you can get it in any craft store I think Walmart has it it's a plastic canvas cord I'm going to use this it has a little bit of stiffness to it so I think those would make pretty cute whiskers so I'm gonna cut some pieces oh let's see I'm gonna make them a little bit longer and I can always cut them short so let's see what do we got here I think these are about I just started with about three three and a half inches and they don't have to be all the same size you can do whatever you want so I'm going to cut those pieces and then glue them on and then I will come back before I glue them on I decided I wanted to give the the cheeks a little bit of a blush look now I have some chalks blending chalks but you don't need these you can just get a regular piece of sidewalk chalk that your kids use your grandkids use and just take some shavings off and with a little tissue just dab it off so I have some pinkish one here this is once again this is optional everybody's Bunny's gonna have a little character and you just want to kind of blush it on just rub it around with a tissue you

and it doesn't have to be perfect kind of just want it to blend in a little bit you don't want you know just a big ol little circle there just to give it a little bit of a wolf to your bunny and make him look a little cuter you can make it as light light or as dark as you want and you're getting a cute he's coming together and then what we'll do is we'll write in that area glue the whiskers on so I think I'm gonna cut mine a little bit shorter than when I have them I think I'm gonna probably cut them down to maybe an inch and a half somewhere around there and just take a little bit of glue put it on here rather than putting it on your hat you want to put the glue on too if you can get as little bit as possible there so it doesn't show too much and just place them on there where you want them to be it's simple and once I get my whiskers back on I'll come back and show you all together okay so there you have it we've got the whiskers on I went ahead and colored the mouth in a little bit just glued those right on trim them up to the size you want and that's the main part of the bunny now it's just however you want to if you want to decorate it anymore you could leave it like this or you can make a bow you can take some of the tubing from the Dollar Tree and just kind of fold it up and make a bow you wrap it around and you can tie it and then you can put a bow there you can use ribbon to make a bow you can take a flower of dollar tree has these clip-on flowers they have a clip and you can flip a flower on the money or you don't like it that big you can take that off they have these pretty flowers they come in all different colors just clip off one from the bunch and you can use one of those that looks kind of cute put it on the side or if you don't want a bow and you just want to put some flowers down here around the bottom of the bunny's neck and he has a wearing of she's she's wearing flowers around her neck that's totally up to you so let me know in the comments what you're gonna do to your bunny once you have the main part done are you gonna leave it like this and hang it up or are you gonna put a bow on is it gonna be a girl bunny or a boy bunny let me know I'm happy to hear and if you click the link and join my group for Facebook I'd love to see

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It is time to start decorating for Easter. In this video, I will show you how to make an Easter bunny from a hat to hand on your wall or door. All of the supplies can be found at the Dollar Tree, Walmart or any craft store. But remember to take the idea and make it your own by using what you have! Supplies I used: onnet/Hat from Dollar Tree 2 rolls of White Tulle from Dollar Tree bunny ears headband Scrap pieces of felt in black, white and pink Plastic canvas cord or pipe cleaners black marker ribbon or mesh tubes (optional) flower (optional) pink chalk (optional) glue This project is so easy and I'm sure you'll enjoy giving your bunny it's own personality! Let me know your ideas on how to make yours unique and/or if you have questions! I reply to all my comments! Join my FB group and share a picture of your projects and to share/get more tips, bargains, and updates:

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