Hot Pepper Spelling Bee Challenge! *Goes Wrong

by: Mark & Najada

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oh that's different

[Music] hey guys we're back with another video and today we're going to be doing the hot peppers Spelling Bee challenge okay so basically the rules ours from poblano all the way to habanero and what we're gonna do is whoever loses around has to eat a pepper and so we're gonna go and order by round by like the easiest to hardest pepper so the first round will be poblano the second round via jalapeno third round serrano Jerome serrano and the third name the fourth week habanero so uh a little trick in there is we're gonna flip a quarter or the Oh so we're gonna flip a quarter if it's heads we have to only take a bite if its tail's we have to eat the whole time except for this peppers this one's like way Tuesday and yeah yeah but all the other ones so I'm gonna start off by giving the Jada a word so if she gets this wrong she has to flip the coin well she doesn't because we're on the first round so she I know that okay so the first word for this round is accommodate okay and just tell me when you have your final answer I'll give you a chance to look at the word and everything accommodate search over accommodate ACC om o dat accommodate na yeah it's ACC o m n o dat so you have to take a bite but luckily it's the first pepper so it's not gonna be that bad I don't think this one is that spicy but we'll see oh my god I feel so this is the poblano pepper okay just take a bite out of it take a chunk out of it right now

so crunchy ASMR that would be some good ass tomorrow actually he's back oh and also a rule is you have to swallow it it tastes so black that's not good it's not a high it's just nano breath about to be hot the next word is Oh provenance provenance provenance provenance whatever okay I'm not even sure what that is but okay alright whatever so that I'm just doing this cuz so nasty okay yeah provenance PR o ve and e NC provenance its PR o ve in a in C I've literally had no cuz I felt like I got the wrong yeah I can take a chunk I will and so disgusting so get ready it literally tastes so bad should I take it from the side or from the front Nicholas I go ahead I know it's so bad no after this is no more milk oh okay we can have water without any penalties okay next word is rhythm

okay so your final answer yes okay rhythm ry th in I don't know why there is forget I really I gotta sell rhythm that's up okay I'm flipping the coin if it lands on you want me to flip it since you have nails thank you okay if it lands on heads I'll an take a bite the lands on tails I have to eat the whole pepper so that'll be fun for me if I beat the whole entire pepper wind up okay actually these are pretty big - so I'm gonna say if it lands on tails you eat two bites yeah half or too much either one so heads is the easier one I kind of messed that up all right two bites yeah I suggest you eat them quick so it's like less spicy okay it's gonna be fun I love I love hosta yes yeah take two bites are you cooking big bite I know a smaller bite cuz that's not half oh oh oh come on no this small but just a small bite and I'll call it half okay there you go look yeah they make you eat the whole thing okay now you can get your revenge on me if I'm not oh are you okay you want to Bobby mm-hmm okay bro oh that's different well sure I'm sweating really that man you start sweating like a so serious [Music] you know I didn't find your word y'all this makes me scared of the next pepper oh oh I don't want to do this game give me a word that I've actually heard before in my life your next word is consequential Co and seq you enti a consequential two races yeah my mouth was still brain I'm gonna be bullying honest okay next word play right

and if I choose the wrong one it won't end well for me because I almost just throw up eating a jalapeno you know so I'm gonna go with pla y w RI ght and not pla y 2 w RI t so that's fun later that's my final answer Bing yeah that was so slow that was nerve-racking that was really nerve-racking I don't go thinking I'm gonna eat it okay I'm happy okay your turn wow that feels really good not to have to eat a pen see the marker yeah your word is synonymous you can smell this I know you came here smart

synonymous sy and ony M o us synonymous yeah right okay so since neither one of us had to eat a pepper in round three we are deciding to go into overtime first it has seen pepper indigo okay your word is intermittent intermittent like intermittent fasting

okay okay ITER MIT just give me the pill how you still know where it is I am te RM ITT ent put it in there I just didn't know okay so I'm gonna flip the coin it's gonna be fun oh you like it take one bite there's heads we got lucky ladies and gents okay how big does the boy have to be no big boy right so like I think to hear ya know okay yeah like right so right here yeah take that okay yeah oh my girls are gonna be high it's hotter than a jalapeno and it was a little spicy my pal for a little bit

hey I don't want to speak too soon it's not that it's hot a jalapeno made me sweat a little bit mm-hmm yeah what was that one Misurata yeah I'm sweating from just from the jalapeño and like I'm not even like it's not even hot anymore okay great actually I still feel it in like the rooms look like the room for my mouth a little bit it like around my lip which I don't even know why it's like I don't even like like put my lips around it hey right no Jenna I'm sorry but I'm about to make you eat this Habanera cuz I got a word you ain't gonna be able to spell it's a toe point okay why is he trying to do me like that yeah it's like easy on you tries to do me okay okay final word who are you kron4 is hankerchief your handkerchief

no because you look like I did it wrong you can't just say this is a hard word mmm you're so rude you're so rude I love you but this is good you're probably gonna have to drink the milk I'll give you one hint it's not spelled exactly the way it sounds handkerchief does she's away too late there's no chip in okay so I think I got it kids handkerchief AJ and ke are CH is CACI mc8 the what is it okay so you're gonna have to eat a habanero what is he it's boat hand kerchief it's not pronounced handkerchief you're a face it smelled H a and D ke r CH e you just can't get from this is like a hundred thousand three hundred and fifty thousands holy let me flip the coin of death I there's no I can eat this whole friggin pepper you got heads I'm taking a little goodbye I'm sweating already I don't wanna yeah it's way what I'm eating right now okay his was ten thousand or twenty three thousand school reunions minus a hundred thousand to three hundred fifty thousand that's coming us okay you just gotta take a bite yeah you have to take a bite - like I care at least like nibble off the top part yeah like right here I'll take a big boy but if I get it

today the trash cans right over there if you need it is that hot okay I mean you barely took a nibble oh my ladies and gentlemen and the jeredy just threw up into the trash can I gave you guys the courtesy of putting the trash can out of camera so you don't have to see the vomit my nose is literally running are you Candida are you okay enough to give me a word oh gosh ooh I definitely don't want to get this you said you would take a brick my mouth is getting hotter

oh my gosh my mouth is not getting I'm either drink that milk oh my mark hey you can drink the milk but you're accepting right uh-huh my tongue is getting hotter like so serious like this is not funny I'm literally you're gonna be okay trust me do you mean to drink the milk there's some milk right here you wanna drink it just accept your losses my nose is a little you're leaking I think you need to drink something like shit mark my tongue won't stop burning up well thanks for drinking all the water wait ah okay okay okay I'll leave the pepper anyways because I can take some spicy meat this one cuz I don't know this one looks like juice ears that's it y'all look at mine out of all these I took the juiciest looking one okay that was done go you know but I'm gonna eat more of this than you a to that okay do it oh do it oh please do it alright you guys are any of you seen see you I don't even need water I don't need nothing Todd's about to start burning okay alright so I guess that is the end of it nom oh no it's late let's play I feel the heat guys let's wait till we finally drink all the water that's that she drank although she drank all the water that's very it was pretty tasty y'all he's trying to act so hard he knows that that's a hot pepper you know I literally throw up in his trash man I'll give you that it's pretty hot like this thumbs up if you liked it general how you feeling I feel so great honestly yeah yeah yeah I'm just chilling I might go for another one okay yeah never know okay I didn't even get water you got water okay but don't he one but if you like a part two also tell us that in the comment section because I would love to do a part two now that I actually convinced the video thank you guys so much for watching this video I'm just burping I mean I didn't even get water okay so this is the other video please like comment and subscribe and we will see you in the next video bye you guys also come in a comment section any videos you would like us to do like any challenges that you think will be fun for us too I love you guys thank you so much for watching us and see you in the next one

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