Gemini March 2019 Psychic Horoscope *Smart decisions! An offer emerges. Freedom call!*

by: Joshua Lionlight

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hello Gemini welcome to your March 2019 general horoscope reading with me Gemini thank you for your patience I'm sorry these messages are a little delayed here from March I've been super busy a lot of home improvement stuff going on what have you but unless here we are Gemini and we have some things to talk about yes yes yes so I went ahead and got a head start pull a couple of rune stones for you here just so we could get a little inkling and just go ahead and begin with some of the psychic messages coming through so let's shuffle the Tarot just a little bit more here for you but we have Syd Joel and arrows popping out so this pairing that there is so much masculine energy with this pairing so much Drive and willpower so you may find your drive and willpower starts to really pick up especially at the end of March Gemini and one of the reasons being as well this really resonates with Mars moving into your sign into Gemini at the very end of March but you might be feeling the effects of that a little sooner leave it's on the 31st actually when it officially moves into your sign Mars is all about your Drive your physical force your energy being able to get things done your sexual drive as well so you might find you have a ton of energy here Gemini time energy to get blue cars officially things accomplished and things you can create some real foundations with as well you're like here we go now for most of the month we are in Pisces season and so that energy kind of has a mind of its own you have the eight of swords on the bottom of the deck here okay Pisces Pisces sorry I wasn't calling you Pisces Gemini I'm just like thinking out loud here all right let's I'm gonna take you back up here so we can chart thanks to face now all right so Gemini I'm getting the message here too with these room stones and especially with the knight of Pentacles it's looking at the ring stones there's something a recent or very upcoming sort of confrontation or even offer that you have to face that you have to be very decisive about but you're really being asked to make a decision about something is requiring some decisive action and even even while Mercury's in retrograde which is your ruling planet Gemini mercury is gonna be retrograde most of the month however your willpower and ability and just drive to want to like act and go for things it's still gonna be quite powerful and like I said especially towards the end of the month but I'm getting here whatever sort of accomplishment offer or confrontation that you're trying to receive that you're trying to make a decisive give your decisive opinion on or just make a decision on its it's gonna require some real effort may feel a little strenuous you know some strenuous effort but telly with the nine of cups being at the center of your reading Jim and I rewards here look beautiful it's like with this card I'm getting all of your efforts all the strenuous effort is gonna be coming together and it's going to be worth it it's gonna feel worth it and March especially once the Sun moves into Aries Mars goes to your sign there's definitely some feelings going on here could have been a recent job offer here that perhaps you're still unsure about Devils in the details still working out some details maybe you have to work out some of the kinks what you found in signing a contract but there's something here it's still showing really progressive but almost like I'm getting that some of you are moving away from a certain area of work an area of work that you have been doing or have been drawn to in the past something you're being asked to move away from now and here at the bottom area reading you have the devil's so you know this move is its make you feel a little trapped like you've almost lost your freedom I'm getting in some ways either with a relationship or simply a business partner or whatever job that was that we were talking about mm-hmm something is being asked here enough Pisces season for the majority of March here for you to look at that and really really speak to that issue to that problem - whatever that feeling of bondage entrapment is and this is you know even Gemini getting in touch with your dark side and it's this Capricorn energy it couldn't be dealing with a Capricorn relationship with the Capricorn here but simply just that energy of how has this relationship or this field that you've been working in job whatever how has it been making you feel limited has it been making him feel suppressed making you feel like you have to hide a certain part of your self certainly part of your passions even so it's gonna be about pisces season learning how to embrace that kind of that dark side to yourself to things and even I'm getting here almost forgiving yourself for staying in this position whether it's with person or staying in that position at that job not being too harsh on yourself understanding what it taught you what it made you more aware of coming through big time and with the set of swords popping up here this is a very complementary energy for you Jenai so I'm getting near especially towards the end of the month once mercury moves direct especially this is you running with the knowledge that you've learned C's gained some some swords here he's taking some swords it's really ringing as knowledge it's like you taking the knowledge the ideas that you have gained and learned the whole Mercury retrograde cycle what you've realized needed to be a Justin where you realize your path is now the next step yeah this is you making the next step towards the end of the month there's so much movement and almost breakthrough energy your willpower expands so much at the end of the month this is you almost I'm getting at making some really really smart decisions here you know he's looking at the knight of cups here since you making some really smart investments with your money so that you're living more financially abundant so there's an opportunity coming for you to make some better investments I'm getting an even with your time with your relationships here finding the better investment what is going to just work better for you what is smarter Gemini yeah it's almost like I'm getting almost like outsmarting yourself or outsmarting your past self you know who you were even just a few weeks ago to Gemini so it's really interesting and then you end with the king of cups so woohoo feeling in your gut feeling powerful feeling good about your direction about your assessment seeing results to same results with going with the flow and making taking that decisive action you know Kings are decisive they have to be there are the decision makers so Gemini embody this energy of the king of cups where you are the decision maker

understanding that other sort of side of yourself or understanding that other person's point of view it contributes it's contributed to your life for sure but this is you being decisive where you pick the decision you pick one side or the other but then there's always a middle decision - I'm getting here for you always a middle decision Jenai

and it's like I'm getting here once you deal with this devil energy where you felt trapped where you felt limited where you felt less been well where you felt suppressed all of those things once you deal with those emotions you face them head-on whether that's facing it with the other person with your job partner where whether you face it by leaving that job or that circumstance that made you feel these things once you take decisive action this month like that you step into this king of cups where you are feeling a lot more emotionally fulfilled in your role in your place now in the world in society in your community right now almost like a freedom call for you this month in March and you know it's really funny because the way I interpret like Mars going into Gemini it's almost like it's almost like that energy of Gemini is like the informant is like these strategists on the battlefield who's like oh if we sneak up on them here in the south and we make this move we go around this way and then we send these troops over here then we do this you know they're these strategy makers you are the strategy maker and then it's the Warriors who go out and do the dirty work and do the physical fighting in really make it happen so there's a lot of strategy that's moving with your strategy this month some really powerful strategies that come to you that just completely changed your inner world how you feel about something about someone you might find yourself at the end of March Gemini feeling incredibly empowered and almost feeling like a new person honestly it's quite extraordinary it's powerful I like this I like this a lot for you

you can have a lot of will power coming at you and you're really really aligning I mean there's some powerful investments that are being made here in March

in the word before we wrap up here the word self-preservation is coming up here with this as well Jim and I so however that's speaking to you take that make the investment to self preserve preserve your own feelings you are a legacy that's more of your focus you have permission alright Gemini that really concludes a March marches psychic message here so I will try to get up a another reading my Mars is actually in Gemini and my birth chart so I'm really excited I'm probably going to get a lot of things done and so you know I can relate to that energy with you Jim Knight so hopefully I'll have another zodiac in comedy video up soon so be watching out for that and if you want to do a personal reading with me or just want to connect with me more on the social media all the links and information are below in the descriptions box as always Gemini so thank you for bearing with me and my warning talk and voice huh here I'll see

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