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so thanks for joining us today we are cruising in Beverly Hills and we're going to answer all the questions and thanks very very much for sending in the questions unfortunately we can't answer all of them but we've picked a select few Adam actually selected the question so if your question wasn't there he's to blame mr. Blaine and I want to thank before we start Jake dots underscore dot P because under questions he went ahead and answered a ton of them from reference from earlier video so Jake cheers mate thanks for doing that that were very accurate good answers appreciate it so I don't let's far away what made you want to start collecting watches that's a that's an interesting question and there's a good story to it actually when I was growing up just want to make sure don't get killed here okay when I was growing up my father who was probably my biggest inspiration he said to me every time that you achieve a goal in life buy yourself something now that didn't mean it had to be expensive it just meant buy yourself something that you keep it as a memento and something to remember that you did a certain task so the very first thing that I ever achieved I went ahead and I bought myself a watch it was it wasn't anything you know notable I was I was young I think I was maybe 12 or 13 and maybe it was a good exam result in school and with the pocket money I saved up I bought myself a watch might have cost the equivalent of 20 bucks but for me that was a really really big deal and because I bought myself that watch every time they were on forward I started buying better watches better watches until I got my first Rolex which was like the biggest dream I could ever imagine it was it was really really cool and and then that started me with the watch collecting so now I don't buy them because you know I do something spectacular to to do it i buy them because i enjoy them and that's the story of how I started collecting watches do you still have that first watch unfortunately I don't remember it was a no-name brand but for me at the time it was exceptional I absolutely loved it it was a big achievement for me although it was like I say inexpensive but for you know twelve year old kid it was you know big move big move yeah it's always nice to be able to save up your pocket money and then gone buy something and feel that sense of achieved yeah and they turned it took me forever as well because I wasn't getting a whole lot of pocket money trust me today pennies so speaking of watches that's gorgeous I was gonna eat you I see that it's spectacular and I want one of those whatever that is tell me what is it so this is as info now I saw these guys on Instagram send those info yeah how do you spell that Zed I envy oh that would be Z in America CIMB oh and so basically yeah they've been marketing a lot through Instagram I saw the poster and I've been watching it for awhile and so I said you know what why not so it's I feel like it's about a quarter of the way between a g-shock and a knee it's gorgeous I mean that is a spectacular looking what you get a mystery dial the whole dial Reid yeah because you don't see hands you just see the it's called a mystery dial yeah so that those hands will be on a simple of a glass plate that turns that you don't see interesting which is look how cool this is so it has see-through back as well see oh that's really cool show to the camera it's really really cool obviously these are GoPros I'm not sure you can see very clearly but yeah it's it's a good looking watch I really like it I feel I feel as though people stop giving me shit for having a g-shot now and you know that is gorgeous that's a huge upgrade from the g-shock let me tell you yeah Jacob Jacob which is certainly becoming my brand of choice I've been really delving deep into Jacob watches and that technology is insane it's upside the last upside down I didn't remember what you first got you want to shit I'll show it to you and then you can stick it on the camera yeah it had a red strap I put this on which is alligator and rubber which is really cool and take a look at the back of that too while probably massively out of focus on the GoPro actually they're pretty good focus so everything is usually in focus well cool all right so next question this one is for well it's for me but it's for both of us it's from dot dot floated said how did you and Adam meet so I guess she told me to take that one yeah it's your question all right so me and Michael now I'm gonna get hit by this car if you get to any closer we'll open the door and let him in wow that's a lot of Lane there go ahead sorry so Michael and I met and I think I think we'd briefly touched on this in one of the early q and A's but we met when we went on a drive a super car drive one morning on Sunday about three four year three oh it's gotta be four years ago here gotta be four years at this point and we had mutual friends on that were on the drive and so I went along and we got chat and I was taking some pictures of some of the cars and Michael came up and asked what I was doing and you know you were riding a bike I wasn't on the dirt Michael yeah yeah yeah so yeah we just kind of got chatting and I told Michael that I was looking to move out here and that I was commercial advertising photographer and you invited me to your office and said look if I can help you out in any way like let's let's see let's see what we can do and so I didn't expect anything I expected maybe that you could introduce me to somebody or whatever and I left your office with you offering to represent me through electro star management and we also got you a visa and yeah and then from that the visa now I'm here so yeah so Michael is actually my manager so a lot of people think that I just do the YouTube stuff like I'm your little Lackey that just been a far from it it's a busy man yeah what what it was is obviously I'm represented by Michaels agency by his talent agency and then through that through our friendship building Michael said hey actually a management company not telling a beauty okay sorry sorry boss well is it different right okay so Matt management management company I come all right so three Michaels management company we our friendship kind of grew and he was like fun to do a YouTube channel wouldn't it I think I think it was your idea to do the YouTube channel what's that I believe it was okay yeah I didn't even know what it entailed because our first one we did a car week in Monterey he did right so I didn't even know what to say or how to do it and I I also said who the heck is gonna want to watch me you know but it turns out a few of you do so I appreciate that and thanks to Adam who late makes it look fantastic yeah we're on our way to hundred thousand subs now yeah yeah keep going guys we love it really doing we appreciate all of you really do so so yeah the YouTube stuff kind of came out off the back of that and we do fun things as well as YouTube so we've become very good pelv right next question is for you this is from our toxics says what do you hate most about being rich and successful ha what do I hate most it's a very interesting question I don't hate anything I totally don't understand people that don't like successful people so when I say that haters jealous people that's the one thing that unfortunately happens you know there are people on Instagram and people on YouTube they make nasty comments and nasty remarks they make false allegations I have no clue why these people want to do that they they've never met me and I guess if if I was someone that made 8 bucks an hour and drove to work on a bicycle there would be nothing to talk about but that's not the case and you know when you are successful it does attract those horrible people and they are horrible people because they've obviously got nothing better to do with their lives and it's upsetting I wish they would generate energy to themselves in the faucet positive way and that way you know they too could become successful and let me tell you if they were successful they'd never say a bad word about anybody because that's not what successful people do unless they feel intimidated by another successful person and they've seen that happen too unfortunately there's a couple of people that are that way but for the most part I can't complain so I'm happy it's not a bad life visit no it's a great life but I brought only Hills in your eyes work for this nobody's given anything to me I work 12 13 hours a day I studied for years and years and years I put in the sweat equity to be able to do the things that I do now and and I tell you all and I will keep telling you all knowledge is power study study study set that foundation for your futures and you know pick up a book whatever the book is you will learn from books you'll your vocabulary will increase vocabulary and their tongue twister will will get better your knowledge will get better and and you know you can never have too much education I try to learn something new every single day so you know I recommend follow in those footsteps it works absolutely the only thing between you and your dreams hard work that's exactly right that's exactly right nothing comes to you you have to go and get it all right next question this is from Finlay this I wanted to stop you one second because there's one thing I keep looking at you and you're wearing these amazing sunglasses right and these arrived actually today at my office from Walton and Mortimer and you know you mentioned the watch I want to mention your sunglasses today I'm wearing these crazy sunglasses I don't know some of you might have seen the episode where we visited luxurious ridiculously expensive sunglasses these particular ones they're platinum and diamonds and they cost a fortune and today these Walton Mortimer sunglasses arrived as a total surprise to me I had no idea and I gave Adam a pair and I'm now going to actually get another pair out and swap them because these match my outfit better and these are also Walton and Mortimer which came in the same package how do I look very very they're very chic right very chic I'll put those away and put these in the glove box real quick and a huge thank you to David at Walton and Mortimer these are better than the expensive ones oh yeah yeah I mean these are not cheap but they're fantastic and what please put a link in the in the description to date - David's company because they're amazing and even looking through them right now everything just became beautiful I feel like I'm on some kind of like trip right now when I when I look through the lens the sky goes from blue to this like crazy yeah it's but they're really stylish they really stylish and have little gold tips on the ears I mean amazing maybe I so thank you for that becoming fashionable I tell you what is hanging around these I'm not wearing all black today I decided to put some color on that's a big movement right there go changin I I interrupted you a question sorry Finley Donald asked me what's the biggest goal in life and have you reached it yet so my biggest goal in life no I would say I haven't reached it yet that's the reason why I'm over here I moved from the UK I sacrificed everything that I had I saw my house I was doing very well in the UK my advertising photography career was going great but I wanted to move to California I wanted to come out here and I wanted to live this lifestyle and enjoy the sunshine and the beaches and the palm trees and so yeah I'm basically continuing to push my career to push my it's actually since coming over here my career path has changed somewhat but are you happy with the move that you made did it work for you it's working for me excellent so like that that's the thing is every single day is progress and I'm not taking any day for granted because I know the sacrifices that I made I moved away from my family from my friends I like said I sold I bought my first apartment when I was 21 years old because I had a successful advertising career you know I was doing very well for myself and I have to let all of that go to move out here and now I spend a ridiculous amount every month on rent which I hate because I was paying off although it's worth it's worth it absolutely yeah and this is what I'm saying is that the only thing between you you and your dreams is hard work and that's what I'm putting in so my biggest goal it's difficult to say really I want to be content with where I'm at and I think that's a constantly moving target I think you always strive for better you know you reach one goal you make you people Lillian and then you want like you said people always ask what is success success is the continual move to better yourself and if you're able to better yourself every day you're successful I agree it'll make you happy and it will allow you to do other things where if you just sit back and do nothing for yourself then you'll be stagnant nothing's ever going to change you know else makes you happy tell me jet skis sunshine it's jet skis of jet skis want a jet ski that's when I know I've made it when I have two jet skis two jet ski do jet skis one for me and one for my friends I like that I'll come jet ski with you perfect all right next question for you Michael is and this is from ww Donaldson why are your cars so unique especially the trim and wheel choice I like to put my own signature on things not just cars but everything in general I mean the way I dress it's it's me that doesn't mean everyone's going to like it and I really don't care if people like it or not as long as I like it and I think everybody should think that way as well don't ever care about what other people say I like to make my cars different I like bright I think bright is happy I mean we're setting a Rolls Royce here with the brightest red interior you can ever imagine it's fun right and to me it's boring to have a black car with a black interior with black stitching some people love that and they totally respect it and I totally get it me personally I want bright makes me happy so I put funny wheels on and I say funny because some people say oh my god you destroyed the car to me I didn't to me I made it look great and when I look at it puts a smile on my face that's why I do it I hope that answers the question mica has known your car has no seats we have we have questions about my college I'm excited to talk oh I can't wait finally people might understand it's done it's a bug sprayer dude the number of comments where people are like you know oh why is my eyes Adam running around in that old Mercedes because he wants to well I I got to tell you I have tried so many times to help Adam upgrade his car as far as that was concerned his car is the best car and he doesn't wanna change exactly and I'm glad you say that because it's actually a whole lot of fun same thing I like my craziness Adam likes his craziness it's not everybody's cup of tea okay makes us happy right and do you know what I I have this epiphany about six or seven years ago I have a friend back in the UK who I won't name but um he can be a bit of an idiot let's call him Fred Fred Fred Fred could be a bit of an idiot at times and when I say an idiot I don't mean that in a like a bad way you know and when you have that friend that just does things and you just go why did you do that like just just why you they're good people but they just make dumb choices sometimes he is that friend of mine and he called me up once and he said Baron he had a car worth less than my Mercedes like he had a real old piece-of-crap car and he called me up and he's like hey guess what I've just bought I was like what and he's like I just bought a 15,000 pound sound system for my car by the hounds as in English currency that's about $25,000 have you seen the dollar in the town how is it oh yeah but anyway it was a it was a lot of money considering that his car was worth probably 500 pounds and I was just about to say what are you doing Fred like what why would you do that and then I caught myself and I thought you know what he works damn hard he has a girlfriend that he looks after he has a dog that he looks after he has he pays his rent he that is what makes him happy who the hell am I to tell him that that isn't the right thing for him to do if that makes him happy and in turn makes him a better person he should absolutely spend that money that's exactly what I believe anybody should do whatever they want if it makes them happy it doesn't and it doesn't hurt anybody else greed who cares what other people say I don't care if you say I'm wearing a stupid hat today or my car's hideous you know what I don't care I actually respect your opinion doesn't mean it has to be the same as mine but hey each to their own if everybody had the same opinion every car to be the same color it'd be the same shape we'd all be wearing the same color clothing and that's what makes the world go round do what makes you happy do what makes your tooth totally totally just be good to people That's not me so that leads on to the next question that we've got from Zachary underscore three eight zero four Adam what is one good thing about Michael and Michael what is one good thing about Adam so I go first um yeah and I really have to think so the one thing that I'm most like about Michael is his motivation and his positivity there I implore anybody that meets you to come away not feeling like they want to do better like they want to be better you you have this energy about you that is always uplifting and I think that's super important especially for me with you you know being my manager like that's important for me cuz I want to come to you and talk about projects and every and as a friend and spend time with you and come away feeling better about it and I do I never come away from our meetings or us hanging out and feel like Michaels on down today I don't think I've ever been a downer I've seen you I don't think I've ever been I don't think there's any need to be on a downer because however bad something goes in life and guys just because you know I might have been successful and you know financially stable that doesn't mean that I don't have issues that you know what would be concerning but my attitude to all of that is hey that's terrible so how do we fix it what do we do to make it better there's always a way out you just have to look forward positively and you're absolutely right I try to pass positivity on to anybody that I deal with and I appreciate those comments Adam thank you yeah absolutely so for me now to answer what is the the best thing what was the question was the the best thing about you yeah what is one good thing about Michael and one good thing about well there are many good things about you Adam if I had to pick one I would say your loyalty and professionalism and I know that's two but they kind of flow together the you know the experiences I've had with Adam any time we've ever arranged to do anything any time that I've presented a project anything in fact you've always been on time you've always come applicable to the situation you've always done a fantastic job and I could never find one thing to complain about so you know that to me on top of being a great person and just a super good friend not great English they're a great friend I'm honored to know you I am I am wanted to know you I feel I always tell people when I try and explain this YouTube channel I'm like we are each other's yin to they gang like we are polar opposites and that works incredibly well yeah it really it really does certain way alright next question for you sir LCD sneakers one says what advice would you give to younger men and women to strive and achieve their goals well the first piece of advice I would always give is believe in yourself and your own abilities because if you don't believe in yourself nothing will ever get accomplished the second part would be obtain as much information and knowledge on what it is that you're trying to achieve and that way you'll be able to deliver it in a very professional and educated manner so stick with whatever it is you going to do never give up on it another thing is negative people are I think the very worst that can happen to anybody if you are around negative people what will happen is they will kill your dreams and they will pull you back so avoid negative people and if they are in your life just don't associate with them any more because you're going to lose they're going to pull you down and the reason that people are negative is because they're not successful themselves and they don't believe they can be so again knowledge get knowledge believe in yourself and never give up and get rid of the the negative people absolutely they say that you're the average of the three people you spend the most time with so choose best there's a very clever yeah that's good I'm loving these glasses by the way I am more Rushton powers with the white ones right all right so this one is from our Isaac he's hates for you for me and he says who first inspired you to take your chosen career path well I there's there's two answers to this question really so I kind of fell into photography when I was a kid sort of 14 14 15 I used to ride mountain bikes my friends and we would go and we would ride in the woods and I would take a camera with me and I was always loved like - snapping pictures you know I didn't know what I was doing but I just loved snapping pictures so he's gonna take pictures of us shewill videos was riding and then it quickly became apparent that my talents would definitely behind the camera and not on a bike I kept falling off I had one big crash Ryan that I'm smashing up my face pretty bad and I was like to know what I'm done and now you choose karate to do the damage to your ribs and everything else sorry for interrupting grunting I've been new classes of sport he doubles up as my bodyguard there you go fourth degree black belt over here so yeah so anyway I saw my bike use the money that I got for my bike to go to fund my first Canon L Series lens my first professional lens and then just started taking pictures more seriously and learning more going online seeing how to do different things and get different effects and then my friends started to get sponsored by mountain bike companies and so because I was always there with a camera those companies then came to me and said hey you know can we pay you like 100 pounds to put this picture in a magazine up there so I was like yeah great you know 16 years old is gonna under quit - she picks my mates on a weekend and that was when I realized the job you know I could do this for a living so fast-forward I went from mountain bikes and then I got into martial arts photography I got into modified cars so I've always just shot what I love but in terms of who inspired me to take my chosen career but my biggest inspiration in photography is a photographer called Chase Jarvis he's based out of Seattle and I followed his work online for probably three or four years and then I saw that he was teaching a workshop out and Dubai so I raided my piggy bank I spent every single penny that I had say and I've booked a flight return flight to Dubai and I gone to his workshop with a few other photographers that I followed and I literally spent the entire week and this goes back to you saying about investing in your education I spent the entire week doing photography courses being taught by these amazing world-class photographers and it shows this yeah there's I'm not going to write if I'm not gonna dress either okay yeah we're in for shower umbrella and so yeah I basically became friends with chase and then we chatted and I asked if I could do an internship for him I was like I will literally sleep on the floor of the studio if I need to but I just want to be around what you're doing and he agreed and so I went to Seattle so I was in Dubai 18 and I went to Seattle a couple years later I've never been to Dubai Dubai is amazing I've got a girl I keep telling him tell me so I'm gonna go I've been to Seattle many times yeah so yeah that was it and so I learned from Chase and I just watch what you did and I just tried to model my career and my decisions on what he had done in his early career and worked up just fine and now I'm in chase still good friends and he's killing it now with a thing called creative live which is a sort of an education platform online education platform and it's like amazing Bellona I think it's the number one online education platform in the world that's impressive yeah I'm gonna throw something out there because we've been chatting for a long long time there's a strong possibility we'll chop this video into two pieces right sign off right now and tell people come back on Thursday okay that's exactly what I'm doing I'm gonna sign off right now and tell people to come back on Thursday so guys you know what I'm gonna say I'm gonna tell you to hit the subscribe button please hit the bell please come back on Thursday and let's all be in it to win it we'll see you [Applause]

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