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alright guys we're here out here today we're here out here and we got a box baseball is never my strong sport a box opening however is my strong sport so be careful when you kick the box to make sure you don't wreck everything inside right yeah these are rad the original plastic skateboard penny skateboards pushing plastic that's sick actually it's cool because inside the box is two other boxes I know you guys are shocked I was shocked as well so the smaller box just got a little bit ripped because I kicked it so let's I shouldn't have kicked the box when you guys open your box don't kick it since forever so penny skateboards hooked me up with a couple of these decks I'm gonna make a video and talking about them the thing about Penny is like these are the original skateboards I don't know that they're the very first skateboards that were ever made I think the very first skateboard that was ever made was probably like a 2x4 with some what do you call it rollerskates yeah like literally a 2x4 with rollerskates painted on the bottom but then the day after that was invented this was invented please don't look that up online because I'm sure that's not true but basically yeah this this is like it says literally since forever that's how how long ago these were invented so a long long time ago people made plastic skateboards and these are like replicas of those basically what I'm trying to get at here is a lot of people learn to skate on these their very first skateboard is this might be this one it might be the bigger one I'm gonna actually open both of these so you guys can see the difference so we have the penny board and then we have the nickel board see penny is one cent and the nickel that's five cents right math crew boom so this is the nickel the penny nickel and these boards came all the way from Australia just wanted you guys to know that they came in a bag in a box in another box so the nickels really sick it's straight black which I like so we got a black and a purple you guys can see the obvious difference in size right there 22 inch 27 inch so since this video is for brand new skaters who have literally never skated before because that's where a lot of people begin to learn is on a board like this I'm gonna go through all the various different parts and just explain to you what they are and what they're called and what they do I guess the main thing is just the board itself you have this plastic board on top it has a very specific shape this is the tail this is the nose the tail is goes in the back and you roll around you push down on this to lift it up and you cruise around like that so the rest of the parts are the trucks the main piece right here that is it's just a basically a chunk of metal that attaches the wheels to the board right and they're attached by what's called hardware the hardware is just literally this the screw that goes in and that side you can see that another important thing to understand about the trucks is you have these things right here they're called bushings they're basically just made of hard urethane hard or soft soft or hard or whatever you want to call it but basically the thing that's important about this is if you take this bolt right here and tighten it this is going to tighten down harder and that's going to make your truck's tighter that means there's less give like this so if you're standing on your board and you're going whoa and you're wobbling all over the place you want to tighten your trucks and then your board's gonna be more solid and gonna give less from side to side basically if there's one thing you're gonna understand about the truck that's what you need to understand tighten that this is gonna get tighter loosen that this is gonna get looser so if you're like I'm having trouble turning or you want to be able to turn faster or sharper or harder just loosen that guy up and you're gonna be able to turn faster that's the board that's the hardware that's the trucks now into what's inside this wheel that makes it spin bearings so these are penny skateboards ABEC seven bearings and yeah they're just super smooth super fast bearings now the wheels on a penny skate board are softer than just your average regular skateboard wheel and that's to give you like a smoother faster ride you'll notice that this board compared to a regular skateboard that you'd be doing tricks on is a lot smoother it definitely is a very nice cruise so that's the 27 inch the 22 intial you'll notice has all of the same parts as a truck as the bushings has the hardware bearings wheels it's really quite similar the only thing that's different you'll see this size you see the trucks on the smaller board are actually less wide than the trucks in the wider board just to accommodate the size of the board right it basically just comes down to personal preference if you want to ride a smaller board ride the smaller board if you want to ride the bigger board ride the bigger board obviously if you're bigger and your feet are big it's going to be a little easier for you to ride this if you're smaller and your feet are small it's gonna be easier for you to ride this because it's wider still right you understand but yeah a lot of like smaller younger people would probably have a little more fun on this it's just a little bit more maneuverable but again it's it's gonna come down to personal preference alright so since this is a video for people who have never really skateboarded before a beginners video I'm starting to skateboard the first thing that you need to know about skateboarding is which way you're gonna ride you might be wondering what does that mean I'm also wondering what does that mean well actually it's quite simple it means either you're gonna ride with your right foot forward or your left foot forward so if you ride with your right foot forward that's called goofy my natural stance the way that it's more comfortable for me to skateboard is with my right foot in the front so just like that so that's called goofy because that means I'm goofy in both character and skateboarding stance now if you ride with your left foot forward like that and then you push off like that that's called regular so you're either gonna be regular or goofy and when you've never skateboarded before you might be trying to figure out well how would I know and here's in my opinion the best way to figure out how you would know if you were to run and slide on anything with your feet you're naturally gonna put one foot forward so when I was growing up I grew up in Montana so we would be like there's some ice and we would run and I would slide with one foot and I would just naturally put my right foot forward so I would already know because of that well I'm right foot forward that's the more comfortable way for me to ride so you guys can either simulate that situation take a running start and pretend like you're gonna slide and see which foot forward feels best for you if it's your left foot forward well then your regular if it's your right foot forward well then you're goofy super super simple keep it very simple and that's all there is to it so once you know which foot you're going to put forward the actual method of pushing is also very simple you put your front foot on just like that straight on the board and the way that I teach people how to learn to push because that is the first thing is just learning to push right is it's basically like well can you walk you can walk good it's glad I'm glad we covered that I lost my board but it's simply like walking because when you start out your front foot is forward like that and if you notice I could just be walking like this only with this thing under my leg and that's how you're going to push right so literally put your front foot forward just like you're walking take a step take another step take another step and eventually you're going to be comfortable enough to put both feet on so just like learning which way you're going to ride keep it super simple it's very very easy take a step take another step put your foot on and once both your feet are on then you want to turn your feet like that that's your foot position for cruising it's super super simple so your foots going to be there then you're going to be pushing and then you're going to put your back foot on and turn your front foot like that and you want it like that because your balance is going to be like this and you're going to be over the board right if you're if your feet are like this well how's your balance now it's terrible you're gonna fall off so you want your feet just like you're standing just like you would stand you can think of like the rock-bottom basics how do you walk how do you stand well you stand like that that's how your balance is all right sweet so you got your pushing down you know the stance the Cruze you're cruising around now the next thing you got to learn is how to turn you're gonna need to be able to turn around things okay so there's two basic ways to turn on a skateboard not already returning that way or turning that way there's two different ways the first way is you're going to put a little bit of pressure on your back foot and lift up on the board and go like that it's just literally ba-ba-boom ba-ba-boom we would call this a kick turn you can kick turn that way you can kick turn that way I personally think that that's a little bit more difficult than the other way to turn which is just standing on the board with your weight centered and leaning in one direction or leaning in the other direction you see I'm not rolling so I'm not turning but if I were to roll and lean there oh now I'm turning I did a full circle or I could go like this it's actually a little bit more difficult with the balance and everything to do that one that's in my personal opinion but it is important to know both of those because on the kick turn you are going to have to learn how to put some pressure on the back and keep your balance going so that then you can put your front foot back down and have it turn right but those are essentially are the two ways of turn the kick turn or the cruising where do you call this I guess I always called it like a carve turn or something carving turn personally I think the second one also looks a lot cooler because you're just rolling down the street like oh what is magic except for this one you're like it's like oh what it just doesn't look as cool right so those are the two ways to turn after you've got the push and you're turning and you're cruising and you've got all of these steps and you know about all the parts of the skateboard and we've covered a lot in this video you're gonna want to learn how to stop again like the turning there's two ways to stop one way is a little easier the other way is a little harder I guess I guess this is what I would generally people think like oh that's how you stop on a skateboard but personally I think it's a little bit harder it's like this you drag the tail right I guess you would call it like a skid stop or something it also is not like super great for your tail because it will it will wear your tail down as you can see plastic coming off the tail right but it definitely does stop you and if you're going down a hill and you were going really fast or maybe you're not going down a hill you're just going really fast and you're trying to go like this you're probably gonna eat it more than likely you're gonna fall probably pretty hard the other way to stop also is really not recommended when you're going really fast but it's simply you know how to push so you're simply gonna take off your foot if for a beginner I would say that's probably the best way to stop just get comfortable pushing also get comfortable stepping off now if you're cruising and you're like oh no I don't I'm just too uncomfortable and you try and step off you might fall so you want to start out going really slow getting your balance on the one foot your front foot so you can step off step on step off step on step off you want to get that well enough so that you can step off at any time if you can step off at any time then you're simply gonna be able to step off the board without falling you want beyond the board so you're like oh and fall over start out taking it easy taking it slow one foot on step off right so that's basically what there is to know about stopping if you get really good at that and you go okay I can step off then you should feel comfortable enough to crew and roll and learn to turn both directions and once you have that then now you're golden you can skate everywhere skate down the street skate in the park skate that way skate that way it's good that was good that was good that way skate over there so this one is a 22 inch penny board and this one is the 27 inch nickel board and like I said it's really just personal preference of which one you guys like better some people will like this one and have more fun on that some people will like this one and have more fun on that obviously if you're bigger and your feet are bigger this one gives you more room and if you're smaller and your feet are smaller this one gives you less room it's just a skinnier shorter board both of them are super fun you can do tricks on both of them so yeah it's just it really just comes down to a personal preference so see which one you guys like the best and have some fun skating so now let's do some tricks on these

all right so a huge thanks to penny for sending us the nickel and the penny these are really fun skinning what do you guys think obviously I did a couple tricks I didn't think I could do cause really hugs yeah it's red so if you guys are first starting out this skate and it's your very first board and you want a cruiser check out penny you guys can click the link to their website down there in the description below there will be a link it will say penny you can go there and check it out so yeah again huge thanks to penny you guys are rad thanks for the penny and the nickel and as Australia say cheers me skater dine definitely check out skateboarding made simple it's available on all these platforms ibooks rail skateboarding calm and Google Play it's the most comprehensive video we've ever made and it teaches skateboarding better than anything else out there you

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