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guys I'm obsessed with these slippers i'ma show you hold on with my pajama pants on and my purple socks wait hold on this this can be tricky how am I gonna do this is gonna be dangerous why don't I just take them off and then you can see that I'm obsessed with me look at they have little shiny sparkly bubbles on them to make some extra fancy mukluks love them I talked about them in my gift guide that I did on Tuesday go check it off my nails are already chipping again we need to get into this video hello everyone I am here with another picture sax video I've been excited about this video since like like September so I've been researching a whole bunch of different Pinterest acts for you guys all around sort of Christmas and decorating and food and like what else did I I just I found a whole bunch and so the last couple of days I've been putting them to the test for you guys and now I want to share the results of what I did and it will put links to all of them in the info bar below in case you're interested in going and checking them out for yourself and without further ado let's get into the first one Pinterest hack number one is all around creating these little decorative shapes like Christmassy shapes and whipped cream frozen whipped cream I'd never thought to freeze whipped cream but now that I've seen it I don't know why I didn't think of it before because that is awesome and so I decided to try it out because what I'm thinking is like if you cut it out is it gonna like shard or break or is it gonna defrost too quickly and I want to make sure that this actually works so what I did is I made whipped cream from scratch so you just pour some whipping cream into a mixer and then add some icing sugar to it and I really made this quite thick because I really wanted it to set and hold its shape so I didn't make it as liquidy as I normally would and once I got it to the consistency that I wanted I poured a layer of it onto parchment paper onto a baking sheet and I made sure it was thick enough that you could kind of stick a cookie cutter through it and it would still kind of be thick enough around you know I mean like it's not going to break really easily and then I also poured some into these silicone molds that I found that are like Christmassy shape so this one was Christmas trees obviously and so I poured a couple in there just to see if like it would hold its shape better in that versus the cookie cutter I like to experiment so I froze those overnight talked about morning myself a nice mocha coffee and then I decided to try out the cookie cutter now first things first make sure that your cookie cutter actually fits into the mug because if you cut one out and then it doesn't fit into your mug then that's sad no that's actually not that sad cuz that I would just I would just eat it but technically you want it to fit inside of the mug so make sure that fits first and then just put the cookie cutter into the whipping cream and then pull it out and make sure that the whipped cream comes with the cookie cutter and then plop it into the cup now I made the error the first time around and kind of just like pushed it in and like put it into the coffee it kind of went under into the coffee bit so it's stained it's sort of brown which is not the look that I'm going for it was really careful the second time around and then that gave a much better shape overall as for the christmas-tree silicone molds I found them not to hold their shape as well maybe I left them out a little bit too long but I feel like it wasn't that long that I had left them out so much better with the cookie cutters and I highly recommend it this pidge's hack was a definite win hack and number two is creating these really cute Christmassy lotion bars that you can gift to friends and family and I thought this would be really easy at first I was kind of going back and forth between like creating soaps or bath bombs or creating these lotion bars and I was like I want to make this simple and its really easy there are a couple of ingredients you pour it into a silicone mold and then you're supposed to have these beautiful little lotion bars that you can gift and you just break off little pieces melt it in your hands then you have a nice lotion that sounds awesome so the ingredients that you're going to need to create this is you're going to need beeswax you're going to need coconut oil or shea butter or a mix of the two I used coconut oil for myself and then essential oils this essential oils business I messed up a little bit I accidentally picked up peppermint extract instead of peppermint oil because I didn't know that peppermint oil existed apparently it does I didn't know this so this is where I messed up a little bit on the whole oils thing so I have lavender oils and I was thinking Oh that'd be really nice but I wanted something a little bit more Christmassy so I was like peppermint that'll work but I use peppermint extract because I didn't have peppermint oil never heard of it don't actually know if it exists I assume it does so the first thing that you do is you take the beeswax and you chop it up and you throw it in and you do equal parts of the coconut or whatever butter you're using and the beeswax and then you melt it over a double boiler in over a pot of water so the first thing I would recommend is taking the beeswax and cutting it into much smaller chunks that's going to make it a lot faster when you're trying to melt this thing down because I'm like stirring it taking forever with this giant chunk and I was like I'll make lunch so deceiving lunch loves stirring it it just took forever so that's first thing and then they wanted equal parts of the beeswax and the coconut oil so I tried to measure that out the best that I could and then for peppermint extract obviously it's not as strong as a peppermint oil would be I assume so I didn't really measure how many drops I use a lot like a lot a lot and once it's become a liquidize mixture then you pour it into the silicone mold and you let it set for a couple of hours I put them again into the Christmas tree molds as well as into these little bar molds that I found that are also super cute I got these at Michael's and then you just pop them out and they look really good like I think it's set really nicely and you can see everything really clearly and it just looks really cute and I think that's it as it is it's really really pretty although I will say the beeswax did make it more yellow than it looked like in the photo which I was kind of this point about I wanted it to be a bit more crisp white but then when I actually tried it out it does break off very easily it does melt down very easily in your hands however it melted down into this like weird film and it was like sticky on my hands and I was like I need to wash it off immediately that just felt weird I do like the consistency so I think overall this recipe was a big bust but I think that the idea the concept is really cool also the peppermint extract did not work I cannot smell a thing peppermint tea about it so I would definitely go for the actual essential oils next time and not make the same mistake that I did but yeah overall recipe big bust number three was creating a really cool chocolate fondue kind of DIY set so what I did is I went on to the store I picked out about four or five different types of chocolate chips so I picked out butterscotch white chocolate chocolate milk chocolate and mint chocolate I believe so basically all you need to do is you put these mason jars into the slow cooker pour in all of the chocolate chips into the different mason jars then pour in some water into the slow cooker not into the mason jars because that's going to mess with the consistency of the chocolate air trying to create you leave the lid off of the slow cooker and turn it on high that's going to melt down all the chocolate you stir it occasionally and then you have this really cool like chocolate fondue which is awesome for dipping things in like we did apples and we did shortbread cookies and stuff and so I wanted to show you sort of the consistencies that I ended up with can since I tried so many different types of chocolate so first of all dark chocolate was amazing it was so good it was nice and rich and gooey and silky and just perfect it was perfect for dipping and for drizzling on top of the shortbread cookies same with a mint chocolate since it's basically the same except has mint extract in it the butterscotch was pretty good as well it was still that same sort of like smooth consistency for the most part white chocolate though had some issues with this one it just doesn't have that same fluid smooth consistency that the other chocolates had it was very clumpy and just didn't melt down the same way and just didn't work out as well unfortunately so I would say avoid white chocolate if you can but the other ones were really great obviously milk chocolate be really good I'm sure like the peanut butter chocolate chips would be really good too overall the Zac was a big success number four was creating your own iced crystallized kind of glittery branches that you see a lot around Christmastime I find that they look really beautiful and the urns outside or for any sort of decorative things that you want to do in the house throw in some berries and some like pine leave things I'm not very good at this and then you create this beautiful arrangement that just looks really Christmassy and fun and so I know that these can sometimes be a little bit on the expensive side and especially if you want to do a whole bunch of them I thought maybe it'd be kind of cool to try out doing it yourself so all we did is we went out and we found a whole bunch of branches you can buy them at Michael's if you choose to do that or you can go out to a forest and get them for free and then you want to go and you want to get back of that vase filler like that really small little tiny crystals kind of thing that you pour into vases hence the name vase filler and then this website recommended getting German glass filler now about that couldn't find that anywhere in like an actual store I went into Michael's they had no idea what I was talking about so I just went with the glitter that I could find I didn't want silver I wanted more of like a clear sort of a pretty iridescent I wanted to add to it and then it recommended using tacky glue which is like a it almost looks like Elmer's glue but it's I guess more adhesive and it dries faster I also got spray glue because I thought that would be a lot faster and less of a big huge pain so we took everything outside and did it outside by hue I mean Chris did it while I filmed it so when you're doing is I recommend wearing gloves so that you can just peel it off in case you get any glue on your hands or anything like that and then you put your tacky glue on to the branches and then dip it into a mixture of the vase filler and the glitter or if you want to try this as well what we did is we put we dipped it into the vase filler and then we sprinkled some glitter on top as well now this was a very time-consuming process I found that the tacky glue did not hold the vase filler as well as I would have liked it to and you can't really go back over it because you're just going to irritate the face filler that's already on it it's gonna break off and just not work for you so it was a big pain I say overall you don't really get a lot of glitter you don't get those beautiful like crystallized chunks I think it looks okay from a distance but like up close it just kind of looks sad so I tried a spray glue definitely did not work it is not strong enough to hold onto the face filler so unfortunate that didn't work either I actually have a couple branches on the floor I'm gonna go get them at I show you dropping vase Feller all over my floor you fun to clean up later you look ok it's just aa vase filler everywhere that's all over the place I'm just looking the camera thing here they look pretty up close they look awful so if you can do them and put them in an urn and put them far away so people can't see that close I think it would look nice I may end up like throwing these into like a vase with some other stuff though putting it on my desk but yeah overall no really impressed with this one you'll hear them dropping on the floor it's terrible and last but not least number five is creating snowflakes out of glue like hot glue so many people have done them in really cool way so they'll put them on the the glass they'll put them on presents they'll put them on jars like it's just really pretty and cool and unique and something crafty that you can do and I was like oh I'll draw this out so all I did is I heated up a glue gun cuz that's basically all you need and then I laid out a piece of parchment paper and I just kind of created a snowflake design I picked up like a picture on on Google I'm just trying to like map it out and like follow it along other sites would recommend taking the parchment paper and then putting a design underneath and then sort of tracing it so if you wanted to do a more elaborate design that might be a good way to go and then while it was drying I sprinkled a little bit of the iridescent glitter that I had from the ice branches on top and let it set and let it dry completely and then I tried to put it on the glass it didn't stay at all so I went back and I checked it out to see if there was like something that I was missing and another website recommended putting little dots of glue on certain edges or corners of the snowflake not all over because then it's really hard to peel off your window afterwards and then sticking it on and that made a huge difference so once I did that now it stayed it's been there for like a week now and it stayed put it looks really cute and I think that if you do a bigger design and think it would look a lot better but doing a bunch of them would be really really pretty it is a bit time-consuming but if you like crafty things like that I think it looks really cool and you can reuse them year over year as well and put them on presents and whatever so I think it's a really good one I thought it was really cute so big thumbs up for me and that's everything for this edition of the Pinterest hacks tested give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed these videos and if you want to see some more in the future if you have any suggestions for Pinterest hacks that you guys want tested leave them in the comment section below I love hearing from you guys thank you thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys all in my next video

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