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namaste I am such a girl and I welcome you to our YouTube channel ekunji cholesterol is one of the most dangerous disease of modern Paige it propels a person towards death silently it is dangerous because no symptom appears in body due to raise level of cholesterol unhealthy diet obesity lack of exercise inactivity and bad lifestyle are the main causes of cholesterol let's know easy home remedies for cholesterol you can print these home remedies from our website equal G calm

take 500ml water and add 2 TSP coriander seeds in it boil it for 10 minutes on medium flame now save this water let it cool consume it in one day in 3 parts in morning afternoon and at night its daily used controls cholesterol levels in body and lowers the cholesterol in body in long run

take out juice of bottle guard in mixer drinking one cup of bottle gourd juice daily helps a lot to reduce the cholesterol levels in the body remember the bottle guard must be fresh and good in taste it must not be bitter in taste

take one glass of lukewarm water and add juice of half lemon in it

drinking it daily in morning on an empty stomach is the very good remedy for cholesterol

daily one kilometer brisk walk lowers the cholesterol levels in body surprisingly within few weeks subscribe our YouTube channel ekunji to know more natural home remedies


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