Chiblee And His Testers (GMOD Trouble In Terrorist Town)

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hmm we also I started my girl recording as soon as I step foot into the basement down here and all that's down here just crickets and it's quiet for like five seconds it's very fitting there's a large bowl over I love this huge beach ball looks so bilities you wash can I get my inner tube well oh wow I think the beach ball hurt me alright people hurt me too woah that's candy I really want to get on the beach wait put the beach ball under the diving board it's what I wanna get to but I'm not well shooting it away now okay we don't know that you run away from me oh well should we die or not notice that there's a dead body no way a dead body yeah where it is whoa dude did that hurt you Jubilee done dang died that's fine right jog your hilt Italy I didn't I put me on the ball do what if we get the car to hit the ball loose why are you shooting the bull car I got a ball hit the car seat the ball if I start trying to jump on the ball I'm sorry I can that's very difficult Justin jumping on the ball just didn't look cool removing the balls of the cars right yeah alright sucker great yeah god oh here comes the ball oh there it is hey oh whoa cars are fast I've seen you try to kill him yeah dude scaring and pushing them around for a while I know and I don't like it and I got sick of you shooting the ball okay so turn over the car and Street that was that Gore home from that guard hahaha look at the cards oh well they are they're driving hey Thank You axis now I get to play about a ball by myself where's the ball where's the car thumping they're together the driving to get there every time a car comes out there's two and inside of you killed oh yeah look at that double count did we do that I think we did that there's no nature documentary on mating habits of cars dude there's there's a thing underground and when you're dead it looks like a roomful of melons and a face picture oh this firework it just burned my can I want a really burn thing see who's a dance pole pull down like visser detail yeah this is the viscera cleanup detail as play now

whoa Elson before right some of them do whoa whoa land boom outside okay let's rock burns look at his photo on my dad how I can you read am your dad yeah your dad's just a Goron how long has it read a new round I mean not really yeah I'll get out of there bananas per long time yo burning that chair you don't jump on the bullet house key what about this propane tank you think we could bring that I could jump on about it we should give it a shot pushed it all you have to push it hey can actually pick it out there yeah it's close huh what oh oh it was pretty disappointing oh wow oh there we go there we go there go let's push it oh yeah these nodes are up to get a little more in the fire yeah if you can hmm oh that's like perfect oh no you pull back you pull back okay whoo Paul's just teaching Justin how shallow you have to do a mangina you can pull it back oh it's perfect for fire I got to thank for a fire are you here under the manage a burning yeah you can for the bananas oh my shoes shell what's that what's that oh the fuck was that [Applause] Oh true to that why the t we fall down let's put it in microwave enough yeah and if they're enough you know fucking health is hood can we get a detective to place some healing for my lovely guy in the black over this lovely man in Black Will Smith oh um - who do not what's going on the draw now me um who's left there was a lot of matter that just happened because of that everyone except for your identifier you can simply go ahead and knock me down to sanity hearing from his grenade and I medically I gotta kill with mine so I go back there's music right over there yeah this thing right here where is it I like right hand I just hear crickets what did I go with this whiz it's rap oh yeah they're here music playing yeah a weird angle at whoa mr. ins got a stripper pole in it that's mine I got a stand-up stool I'm confused by the school pitch man I put the single amount this is where I practice my hybrid stand-up comedy short reviews get chilly here there's going on cocktails can show everyone my dick good hi hello you're not gonna kill me right they okay I her here to see flex and up 2/3 public I am finds a stand-up / strip show I'm just going to take a quick seat in the back I want you to cool movie I'm coming to find it I'm waiting it boil it movie theaters up those lights behind you flash between green and red weird what does that mean huh this is a test of sundown that it's a stir up a dancing Custer I don't know I don't see how you would make it test the register I might just come to the table okay listen is that know this great place please shut the door when you come inside I think you just stand on it right maybe no oh hey there's a guy constantly switching out there's that there's the tree like a sign it's a trigger Testarossa little pathway where to here outside in the garden oh that's enough as it sounds like I'm marching like that we're definitely sounds like yesterday my sister just just Anna Duggar Justin and Jos key my boys hotel we're coming down here just me here come on look at this girl oh my god that'd be properly looks so suspicious - suspicious it does say trader tester but now watch out watch out but I know that I don't understand how to get to work I'm going in here I'm going to enter a tester I need truth about this yeah doing it oh don't you get out one of you need something I'm innocent I would kill you Oh what the fuck oh my I'm leaving this what's wrong with the machine guys give her like all sorts now over your greetings it's very strange

why did you kill me Justin what I'm sorry go you felt like you're the traitor everything right I didn't get this radio to work I threw it on the ground as I'm playing any sounds I have to make it play sounds from the trailer menu you've never done that no murder shed the movie I didn't know that we are YouTube all Justin yeah god obsoletes radio here is dude I go dude there's a private theater here

can we actually try this is this time I mean you guys did and then monarchy I killed why we put this boom box next to my head nipple oh oh please get that away from me narator i would like to see the trader doctrine oh don't you do okay this is how we're doing ow you can only comment you can under come into the trade since the one by one into the room and I'll test you okay one by one so do you Natalia no one else come in Justin's going to test me after I kissed him and then and then only two people ever allowed in this room at the time what is that is that a clear gesture yeah okay okay weird noise Justin's innocent thank you test me so so they know that watch out behind you they're not allowed on the river watch out behind shoe yes that 11 ruins oh fuck then I fucking hate the same way I'm gonna summer why it's the same thing does a kiss babies entrainer dude I just want to I want to be normal I'm um you can pretend to be normal and do anything yeah like well I bet at by a naked murder everybody Saturday games like a little let it go never come on boys great I just wanna play more with these cars meatballs personal get whatever to say a white kid we wants to do the traitor does it so bad interest I haven't had any gonna shit already your god she's just traitor testing I want innocence in the world all you want to land on this beach ball I've lived just inflating the men wow I had anybody in post the door they left themselves in what's murder whoa you know shorty with that where's my barrel gun traitor again oh wow the ball I love them always shit fuckin just if your flame can eat up the bottles you're retiring your order uh what's going on this is murder police whoa look at the deep end of the pool this is real wage or something um well this is crazy come down here yet um I don't trust to be well crazy that was crazy man wow you traitor yep really this is a lot of dead bodies here Oh God come on this office wife fuck hahaha and that's a hell of a show you you gotta you're gonna move quick before before the boy starts counting those so Craig's a lot of love a lot of dead people I didn't know I started drowning I'm almost there don't sweat down here to be like just nothing or I just stabbed just and done I think you step cone I step you got a load up oh yeah blow up Justin over the other hand this is a movie - yeah yeah private one it's just as obsolete just absolute variation is Paul back into the ball the ball stuff set oh wow

Tim I'm gonna blow up some some barrels in of trust barrels that's what that that was okay Dibley I want to blow up those barrels you move whoa I felt like someone died to be just a tional murdered jibley there was no gunshot let the record show there was no gunshot I heard something in trembling a baby I grew yeah yeah you got shit carcass she's so hard to bounce on his ball are kisses yes yes yes paws want to test me I don't know you and Shibley were like we're just chit-chatting and he died all of a sudden he didn't talk to me he drove argh explosive barrel he blew up probably trying to frame he crowbarred it he crowbarred it now he said there was no shot but it will freighter however does have silent weapon yeah oh I don't have any sign up it's if you wanted on Twitter or not we can go to the trader tester but I want everyone to be there so that if I die we all die you need to go oh fuck you boss I don't know meanwhile Justin isn't completely waiting just away from me I'm coming I see you Justin help me out I have to die i fret Hey look don't mean to have my foot in the door but are you interested in purchasing a new vacuum today hey yeah no all right well you have a good day holy shit your wee trader testing well we bring in my Chum bring it we need to test the ball first and foremostly this is the traitor I think cabal because the fucking traitor get it in there he might have two bullets in him I have an idea oh yeah come on it fit it down yeah I don't think both getting in you guys hmm my boots I got a new one yes he leave Oh mmm that was awkward wonder what it's to say oh I mean it's green right you get in oh well I mean we have been tested I just got tested no you didn't I literally just got tested no you didn't hear that but your booty in there anybody in that box so imma shoot that's what happens with two people in the arrows going together ah this is the worst yeah why carry balls possessed it's like fire it's flying and it's done out okay okay I'm just gonna get straight superteen and oh wait so how's that Destin go I really ought to go yes oh good that's he I'll set the ball in sitting I know I've been so happy what about the small ball OOP whatever

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