by: Rinozawa

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Oh Marta curanto cheetah but you can't escape it to me Oh Sydney are you ready Oh Marco Marco Marco go roaring aah groans aah oh my nose and it's not a nice car Marco's Moyna let's connect up with the video camera

oh gosh II oh ha de kere Akana oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah sangeeta know oh yeah oh good it in by that hmm welcome letter need to see little more at the no no digit a turn-off monitor meet our we're at the top didn't I know GGC now I know hey Tommy Luther gonna know page of the raw material yo Mitch could eat this video

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2012年3月12日/Y:0歳4ヶ月/R:2歳9ヶ月 Rino came home from a nursery school. The mom conveyed that Yuuma was able to roll over by himself. And the mom watches his roll over with her. However, she seemed to think that he cannot yet roll over, and she helps him. やめてよー(゜ー゜ Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rinozawa/232183876872295?sk=wall

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