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tears of the robbery incident which of course happened in just plastered Plateau State on the 12th of September 2016 the media both print and electronic I've been I've got with a report of an armed robbery attack on the father of one of the super goofs player a chaplain Isaac the father is wincing or bandy or nezzie who resides at number 57 a GRA Luton Johson Plateau State was attacked by Gangaram robas on the 12th of September and in the cause of the attack a Georgia island achieve which registration number GMU 300 a a was taken away from the victim the ego half of the police within identity hugs is led by the DPO they led to the arrest of five of the robbery where the robbery suspect that attached mr. Ranas he five of them had confessed to being the robots that attacked Mr honest I didn't know Mia Dino so his later on so we say down one job returned the car back to him when you for now discovered at least when your father yeah the one drop the car boxing at foreign gotta should want to keep the did you people call you Tacoma pick his buddy decode him Cornie yes I think sure how are you so now alley-alley-oop my name Kingsley David I taught you your progress not doing so we went to Cabo San Lucas a lebryk which is the capital a break when to use the capo celebre for salary - assalam I didn't go Adam go to that attorney attack anybody I think the key Martin Ashley damn week I float the meeting I think attacked anybody I didn't go I didn't go with them you didn't get a dingo with that thing I talk anybody yes sir cause when they move the crime I met them at the roots sitting just I say just hear something I came to tomorrow business I saw a second route I saw you my name is Joseph awesome awesome yeah I just got it from investor just much the same they called me that's the Aussie car I want me to drive two levers since I'm Luhan I can drive good in them now where Legos before you come back the research on you know so

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In this video, four young robbery suspects paraded by the Lagos state police command admit being behind the robbery attack on the father of Nigeria international footballer, Ogeyi Onazi on Monday September 12, 2016, in Jos Plateau state.The

fifth person paraded is the would-be receiver of the proceeds. They were arrested by the police in Ajangbadi area of Lagos just days after the robbery.
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