Has your zodiac sign CHANGED? The 13th Sign of the Zodiac aka Ophiuchus

by: Written in the Stars by Rux

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[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel it's good to talk to you again so I thought this was a good day to start tackling the elephant in the room I know some of you have asked about this already in the comments some of you have emailed me and it's about time we discussed the controversial a ficus or a ficus or how other people prefer to call it the thirteenth sign of the zodiac so this has been in the news a couple of weeks ago if I'm not mistaken basically people who have little to no knowledge of astrology whatsoever have tried again to discredit this magnificent art science which astrology is and they pulled a ficus out of the bag once again as if this guy hasn't been this guy I I don't know why I'm referring to you the consolation and as if I were talking about a person because it's actually a constellation and it's not as if it's been discovered two weeks ago because guess what Tomi discovered it like 2,000 years ago so astrologers and astronomers has always been not always but for the past 2,000 years they've been aware of the existence of a ficus the 13th constellation in our system a ficus is also called the serpent bearer and it fits somewhere between Scorpio and Sagittarius so it occupies most of the Sagittarian degrees on the elliptic on the sky the question that people keep asking is why has a ficus we're filming sorry we live here we live here so guys most of you are probably asking themselves or astrologers that they know or whoever has your zodiac sign changed because of this discovery of aphaia cos this recent discovery which let's clear this once and for all it's not recent at all so if I because has been around for thousands of years astrologers have always known that it touches the ecliptic so the ecliptic is like this circle which is divided into the zodiac signs and it's not news and people keep treating this these astronomers who are announcing the discovery of a fire gas as news and as if Oh astrology doesn't make any sense and now we have the proof well guess what guys you've got nothing because you're trying to discredit something that you have no idea what it's about so let's clear things up constellation there are 13 constellations one of the constellations is a ficus also how many zodiac signs are there there are 12 zodiac signs and I will explain to you right now the difference between tropical astrology and side aerial astrology because this is what we're interested in actually so tropical astrology the one that we deal with so classic Western astrology the one that I said that I have studied the one that I follow is a bit different than side irreal astrology so in tropical astrology the ecliptic is divided into 12 sections and each section is 30 degrees wide those sections are actually called the zodiac signs so you can put the equal sign between the 30 degrees division of of the ecliptic and a zodiac sign so there cannot be 13th divisions of the equipt ik however inside Uriel astrology these guys they fall these guys sidee real astrologers and the science the art science of sidereal astrology doesn't just take into account the division of the ecliptic it also takes into account fixed stars and constellations whereas tropical astrology does not tropical astrology follows the vernal equinox and it follows the seasons basically it doesn't follow the constellations and let me give you an example so right now because of the procession of equinoxes you can google that the sign of Aquarius is actually covered by the constellation most of it it's actually covered within the constellation of Pisces so it would be wrong to put the equal sign between zodiac sign and constellation because there are not one and the same thing so that's what you guys need to keep in mind something else that I need to tell you as I've said if you follow this idea real astrology then you might want to look into this further your zodiac sign might have changed inside irreal astrology but if you have been following Western astrology tropical classic astrology your zodiac sign has not changed because the ecliptic the division of the ecliptic in 12 never changes so it follows the vernal equinox the equinox that takes in the Northern Hemisphere and the equinoxes takes place in March and that's it my friends I've been rambling and rambling and rambling I I hope I haven't missed any facts basically the gist of it is that your zodiac sign has not changed there is constellation does not equal zodiac signs they astronomy and astrology are two very different things and astronomers and scientists who want to keep on bashing and slashing astrology they better do their their homework before dishing out accusations and that's all I've got to say for now if you've got any more questions about this called 13th zodiac sign let me know in the comments below take a deep breath of air my friends your zodiac sign has not changed I'm still in Aquarius you guys are ever or whatever you are when you were born and that's that I'll see you next time guys don't forget to subscribe

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** With all the hype around Ophiuchus, or the so-called 13th sign of the zodiac, people have started asking whether their sign has changed or not. I thought I'd to a video to explain what you need to know about Ophiuchus and whether your sign has changed or not. Also, join the Written in the Stars Community group on Facebook for more astro-talks, useful information and some astrological fun: https://www.facebook.com/groups/200137870621042/

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