Vacuuming Your Sand Filter in Waste Mode, Sand Filter Part 4

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while you're still cloudy the problem with the sand filter it only filters up to 30 microns so if you have fine particle debris from algae that's settled on the bottom or this pool here has a lot of ash from the fire it won't filter it out because of that reason so it'll just blow it back into the pool so it's got to be less than 30 microns to filter out so again if your pool was green the algae deaths that cells on the bottom will definitely go right back in through the filter into the pool and you may need a flocking agent to knock all the stuff out of the water if the water is cloudy and so if you have a sand filter like this one here the clarifier will work as a flock agent and kind of clump the organic material together to help it filter better but this helps a lot to bring the organic debris together and through the sand filter allowed to trap debris you can see a lot of this stuff was knocked down to the bottom gonna put some more clarifier in to help can you to knock the ash and stuff out of the pool it settle on the bottom they can be backing down


we're going to want to do is fill up your pool with water and then we're going to vacuum it out on waste mode

this particular filter has a drain right here so I need this hose but if you don't have a drain by your cleaner you can clamp a hose on to the backwash you can use this hose and put out to an area where it can drain out properly

okay so you want to take your multi-port handle waist right there waist we're going to go ahead and turn on the system we're going to go ahead and vacuum the pool in that mode

that's why I'm selling at school you don't really quite a bit of water when you do this and go ahead and just vacuum the pool like you normally do but keep that waste mode put it back in regular mode now as I finished I went ahead to move that back to filter mode and the waste mode just bypass the filter entirely and it shoots the dirt out into your waistline or your drain and that wasn't too bad I lost maybe a quarter inch of water by vacuuming the whole fool out you still see a lot of fine particles from the ash all over the top of the pool so maybe the second treatment and waste mode

if your pool is newer to be clearly marked it'll have a backwash on it we have in filter mode now you want to make sure everything is off and to handle back to backwash but I'm going to pull on

ever you want to turn it off and you want to put in rinse for at least 30 seconds turn it back on that way it rinses everything out of the line otherwise some dirt may go back in

now I'm going to put it in filter mode and everything's back to normal here the filter trenches without 10 dry back watched it and you can see the school's bounced back quite a bit from the ashes fire with that process of vacuuming waste mode two weeks in a row and using me see clear clarifier as a flock agent kind of help it clumps up all their

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If your Sand Filter pool has recently turned green or there is a lot of fine particle dirt, ash or dust in the pool you will need to vacuum the pool in "Waste" mode to achieve the best results. After a green pool clean-up this is essential as the dead algae tends to make the pool very cloudy. WEBSITE:

In fact it takes a longer time for a cloudy pool to clear using a Sand Filter since the filtration is on the poor side. The benefit of the Sand filter is that it is easy to maintain of everything is going right. So a green pool clean-up with a sand filter needs two additional steps. You will need to add a Floc Agent to help the Sand Filter work better in clearing the debris in the pool. The Floc will drop everything to the bottom of the pool and also clump it up to make it larger and thus able to filter out. You still need to vacuum on Waste Mode until the pool has cleared up. This may take 2-4 weeks of vacuuming the pool on waste mode. The Seaklear I show here has a built in flocking agent and it is also a clarifier so I use it exclusively on my route. It does two things at once so it saves me time and money. But if your pool is really trashed the Aluminum Sulphate found in straight Floc Agents will work better for you. I also included a backwashing tutorial just in case you need to backwash your filter as you do this. The manufacturer recommends to backwash only when the filter pressure goes up by 10 PSI as frequent backwashing when it is lower than that effects the overall filtration process -- the sand filter will run better when it is a little dirty. Adding a small amount of D.E. diatomaceous earth - add it until the PSI goes up by one on the gauge -- that is the recommended dose of D.E. So if you follow this method your pool should start to clear up over time. It is just a bit of a process with a Sand Filter. Follow the Green Pool clean-up metho - Day One: Brush the Pool Clean the Filter Add Shock & algaecide **Add Floc Agent** **Add Clarifier** Run Pool For 24 hours Day Two: Recheck the Chemicals & add more chlorine if needed **Backwash the Sand Filter if needed -more than likely** **Vacuum to Waste** Related Videos: Pool Sand Filter Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting, Sand Filter Part 1:

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