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hi I'm Ron Matson and welcome to learn the Bible in 24 hours with dr. chuck Missler Chuck will be taking you through some interesting oversights of the Bible and showing you some amazing facts for more information on how you can join this group click here

well we are in our three of learning the Bible in 24 hours and which will undertake to review chapters 4 through 11 of Genesis the first 11 chapters of Genesis are viewed by most people as prehistory this is the first unit of a to unit review of Genesis from chapter 12 on Abraham Isaac Jacob and Joseph are the patriarchs but we are in our three in which we're going to talk about chapters 4 through 11 and so as we look at the panorama of history where we've been through the creation and the fall of man and now are undertaking the story of Cain and Abel we'll talk a little bit about Noah the flood of Noah of course but what will surprise many is we talked a little bit about the days of Noah most people have little insight as to why the flood really came and what that's all about and then we'll conclude this session with a quick look at the Tower of Babel and what's called the table of Nations so that's our challenge for this session our three Genesis chapter 4 is the famous story of Cain and Abel the two brothers and they both had offerings Cain was a farmer Abel a shepherd and they both gave offerings the significance of the offerings is often misunderstood Cain of course being a farmer gave an offering of the fruit of the ground Abel gave a lamb but not just because he was a shepherd one of the insights that most people miss and you wouldn't get this unless you've read the rest of your Bible and come back to this is the lamb was the designated offering to be given and Cain may have meant well but he wasn't following the directions so Abel's offering was accepted and Cain's was not now the first question that should occur to us is how would they know when you put an offering in the offering plate in church you can be pretty sure it'll be accepted but in any case you would have no knowledge if they didn't but in these days apparently there is some scriptural in the that the offering was consumed by fire from heaven let me sound strange to us because that's not our normal practice but it's clear that both Cain and Abel recognized the acceptance are not acceptable their offering and that was what gave rise to Cain's envy or hatred of Abel and so Cain's offering was the fruit of his own labors Abel's the lamb and Cain's offering was rejected and that's what caused him to or should say motivated him at least to murder his brother Abel rather extreme so we have the second murder many people call it the first murder in a sense it is but the real the really the first murder was when Satan deceived Adam and Eve and in effect they lost their immortality they were mortal they were they were consigned to death ultimately so let's take a look at this though both Cain and Abel came from the same parents okay fallen parents both of them more outside of Eden this did not occur in Eden so they were judicially alienated I'm going to suggest that we're all in that same boat and they had a differing basis though because Cain's offering was of his own works the fruit of a cursed ground but in contrast to Abel's offering which anticipates representatively the offering of Jesus Christ and it's only the offerings that are acceptable to God that are going to be acceptable and he's been very he has been very specific on his specifications it's interesting to realize that death was required see it was the substitutionary death of the Lamb that pointed to the fact that there will be a substitutionary death on our behalf to be given and that was just emblematic of that which occurred of course on the cross 2,000 years ago and God would provide and will see that very dramatically dramatized we get to Genesis 22 in very clear terms and it's when you've read not just through Genesis but the rest of the Bible and come back and reread Genesis you begin to realize how this fits in to the picture reading the story on its own may leave you hanging there but another question I'd like to deal with as we get into these early chapters the story of Cain and Abel I think all of us know I know everybody likes dad whenever we go around they always ask hoot where did Cain get his wife well he married his brothers sister because he was able so I just leave that with you to his 12 that time we should realize it Adam Eve had many sons and daughters the scripture indicates that and obviously there's a sick there's a non-trivial population at the time because remember the combination of the many boys and girls that were born in the family and recognized that the years go by these are extreme longevity there's quite a population so much so that Cain was in fear of being attacked that's why God gives them special protection but there's another issue as we get to Genesis chapter 5 it's a strange chapter the first three four chapters are exciting you got the creation you got the story of Adam and Eve and then Cain and Abel when you get to Genesis 6 on you have the flood of knowing all that action but Genesis chapter 5 is one of these strange chapters you tend to sort of skip over it's just a genealogy a family tree why bother I mean is it what why there well I want to suggest to you that one of the exciting discoveries that you need to make for yourself is to discover the hidden messages they're all through the Bible I don't mean just the Bible codes that create some controversy but messages both in terms of what the lessons are from the narratives but also there's some other hidden messages and the scripture says that there are in proverbs 25:2 it says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing and it's the honor or duty of kings to search out a matter well let me start this with a riddle who is the oldest man in the Bible anyone Methuselah but those who lived 969 years yet he died before his father whoops how can that be he's the oldest man the Bible yet he died before his father that little riddle you can spring on your neighborhood Bible study this week because everyone forgets who his father was his father was Enoch who didn't die and so and he knocks a very interesting guy when he was sixty-five years old something happened his life that caused him from that day on to walk with God in fact he did for 300 years following and among the things that happened there is that he had a son by the name of Methuselah they should understand that the flood of Noah did not come as a surprise it had been preached on for four generations in fact what God told Enoch was that when his son was born the judgment of the flood that was coming would be withheld for as long as he lived as long as he's alive the judgment of the flood would be withheld so he named his son Methuselah it comes from two Hebrew roots the word muth which means his death it occurs 125 times in the Old Testament and the verb schlock which means to bring or send forth the named Methuselah made up of those two roots is his death shall bring strange name but it's a prophecy because he his father knew that as long as his son's alive this judgment that was coming would be withheld and indeed if you look at the genealogies that are presented in Genesis chapter 5 Methuselah was 187 when his son Lamech was born and Lamech was 182 and his son Noah was born and it's the six hundredth year of Noah's life that the flood came and if so if you take the 187 the seven eight - you get the 969 years that Methuselah was alive Methuselah 's life becomes a symbol of God's mercy and it's interesting that it is thus the longest lifetime in the Bible deliberately because of gods as an expression of God's mercy not infinite there comes a point at which it's cut off but it is what should I say extravagant but there is this genealogy in Genesis chapter 5 Adam Seth Enosh Kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech and Noah well if there's all this insight behind the name of a thoose Allah what about these other nine people see our problem in Genesis chapter five it's not translated for you rest of the Bible of course is translated from its Greek or its Hebrew into English but we don't translate prot normally proper names and my name my legal name is Charles what does it mean who knows there's all kinds of conjectures but it's been lost in antiquity and but in Hebrew the names are all Hebrew words are made from up from a three-letter root if you know what the root means you confer the the meaning of the word and the problem here is we don't translate the proper names even if you go to a strong concordance or something of that nature you'll find that it doesn't deal with proper names and so what they do here is they transliterate these names they approximate the way it's pronounced in the English let's take a look let's take a quick look at the Hebrew that lies behind these names the first name is Adam comes from Adam ah which means man and that's pretty straightforward Adam and Eve have a son named Seth after Canaan a after Cain kills Abel Eve has another as a son by the name of Seth the word Seth means appointed and you can infer this from the Hebrew dictionary something about nature but also Eve explains it to you at the end of chapter 4 chapter 4 verse 25 when when Seth is born Eve said for God hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel whom Cain slew and when you look at a Hebrew Bible and select the word appointed you'll find it's essentially the equivalent word of Seth appointed me another that became soo okay he has a son by the name of Enoch now this comes from a root which means mortal frail or miserable and that the root the root is a nosh which is an incurable thing usually used of a wound or sometimes of grief sickness that sort of thing and so that's kind of a rough handle to go through school with you know hey miserable you're on our team you know doesn't it doesn't quite work but he names his son Kenan some of your Bibles say Canaan that's a misunderstanding Kenan can mean sorrow dirge or elegy like a funeral and now he was tired I think of his name and his father's name so when he has a son he gives him a mouthful but a fabulous name Mahalalel Mahalalel Mahal which means blessed or praised one and L the name of God Mahalalel means the the praised God or the blessed God that's pretty slick Mahalo has a son by the name of Yared and it comes from the verb yaw rod which means shall come down that's very straightforward and there's more behind that but I'll leave it for now his son is Enoch now we've mentioned Enoch because of as the father of Methuselah he's an interesting guy for many reasons but what does his name actually mean it turns out it's an academic term it means commencement or teaching and so it's interesting that the oldest prophecy in the Bible uh turd by a prophet is a prophecy of the second coming of Jesus Christ and it was uttered before the flood of Noah by Enoch you won't find it here in Genesis you'll find it in the book of Jude the second to the last book of the Bible and Enoch also seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his Saints to execute judgment upon all and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him Jesus Christ so it's interesting that before the flood of Noah there are prophecies of the second coming now we know a lot of from this prophecy in Jude we know that the Lord's coming is certain it sure we know who will come with him we know the purpose of his coming and we know the result of his coming all from this little prophecy of Enoch you know the Enoch was translated that is raptured if I can use that term and he was apparently roughly midway between Adam and Abraham we're going to discover another guy by name of Elijah will be translated midway between Abraham and Christ these are personally the persons that we'll deal with when we get there okay now in Hebrews 11:5 there's an allusion to Enoch being translated by faith Enoch was translated that he should see death and was not found because God had translated for before his translation he had this testimony that he pleased God so enix quite a Enochs quite a guy and he walked with God that was not a casual stroll it lasted 300 years and he was in agreement with he was surrendered to he was a witness of God and that privilege that he had is available to us today Colossians Galatians and second Corinthians will point the way for this for all of us in our own way to do that but let's get back to a son Methuselah I mentioned that his root means his death shall bring and the year the flood came as the year the thula died okay well then we have Lamech his son and here's a route in the Hebrew that we have even our English today that the evident in our English word lament or lamentation and what does the Hebrew root really suggest despairing or its equivalent and Lamech has a son by the name of Noah which of course we've heard of but what is a word mean it comes from knock'em which means to bring relief or comfort okay comfort or rest now let's take a look at this genealogy again we have Adam Seth Enosh Kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech and Noah so far so good let's read this genealogy in his family tree in English okay man is appointed mortal sorrow but the blessed God shall come down teaching that his death whose death God's death his death shall bring the despairing comfort arrest yeah every time every time I do this I get goosebumps man is appointed mortal sorrow but the Blessed God shall come down teaching that his death God's death shall bring the despairing comfort arrest here is a summary a one-sentence summary of the Christian gospel tucked away in a genealogy in the Torah in the book of Genesis in the it specifically the book of Genesis has several implications first of all it demonstrates that God's plan of redemption was not a knee-jerk reaction to Adam's sin he knew before Adam was created that he would give given the chance it would get himself in a predicament that nothing less than the death of God himself would avail to to extricate him from that predicament so it's a summary in that sense but on the other there's another aspect of this even more practical in an apologetic sense there's no way that you will ever convince me that a group of Jewish rabbis contrived to hide a summary of the Christian gospel in a genealogy in the Torah no way no this is a fingerprint of the Holy Spirit so we have one integrated design here the New Testament is in the Old Testament concealed here's an example and the Old Testament of course is in the New Testament revealed so again I want to underscore the basic pillars of our ministry the thing that they are the focus that makes it somewhat distinctive is based on two discoveries the first discovery is that these 66 books that we have in our laps called the Bible even though they're penned by over 40 different guys over thousands of years they are an integrated message system every detail of those 66 books is there by design a design that could not be anticipated by the pennmen over those thousand years but it all fits together it's just like you you've built you find a bunch of pieces and you put them together and find that they're perfectly meshed jigsaw puzzle with no pieces missing and no pieces left over you begin to realize that was designed it wasn't by accident now if you go that far in your understanding you did and again you need to discover that for yourself but once you discover that for yourself there's another insight that emerges and that is that the origin of that message system had to come from outside the dimensionality of time and once you discover that it alters your entire approach and understanding of the Bible you'll have an awe or reverence that comes no other way now let's get back to the the text that we're getting into but a little bit of background you know Jesus made a strange remark when four disciples came to him for a confidential briefing on a second coming he includes a strange remark he says as the days of Noah were so shall the coming of the Son of Man be now most of us don't really understand what he meant because we don't know what the days of Noah were like we know all about Noah's Flood but we may not have studied the reasons the flood came what problem was it solving well the world was very sinful if that's the case we better get some life jackets know there's something deeper I believe in Genesis chapter 6 it opens up with a strange passage it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and took them wives of all which they chose now the first point I'd like you to notice because most people miss this is those two verses Genesis 6 verses 1 & 2 are a single sentence and that that will aid us from making some mistakes here it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born into them it's men in general and daughters in general that the sons of God we'll come back to that term it's a very special term saw the daughters of men that they were fair and took them wives of all which they chose this term sons of God is the is B'nai hoc Elohim sons of God this term is used in the Old Testament of angels every place it appears it's of angels and the Old Testament appears in job three different places job one six two one and 38 seven and in the New Testament the equivalent thing in Luke chapter two chapter 20 verse 36 there is a Hebrew book it's not part of the Bible I'm not going to suggest that it's inspired but it's a valuable book for grammar and vocabulary it emerged about two centuries before Christ was very popular for several many centuries called the Book of Enoch it wasn't really anak it was compiled by some rabbis but it does demonstrate the leaf that they had in those days and it also helps us with the vocabulary and the grammar and it uses this term the same way of angels in great depth but perhaps even more effectively the Septuagint translation three centuries before the Ministry of Jesus Christ the Hebrew Scriptures were translated into Greek the Greek is a very very precise language the best scholars they could find came from Jerusalem to Alexandria to do this work it took 15 years for them to to make the translation and the Greek is very specific and it does illuminate this passage in the direction we're talking about we also find this passage the daughters of men been offered on these are daughters of Adam I want to emphasize that because some people try to make this something else that's it's the daughters of Adam and so this is the same term as in the earlier part of the sentence in Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 when you get down to verse 4 of chapter 6 of Genesis it says there weren't Nephilim in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bare children to them the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown so this word Nephilim is another word that's important understand it's a very distinctive word it means the fallen ones it comes from the verb to fall which is to fall away to be cast down away to fall away to desert if you will the Nephilim are the fallen ones these give rise to the Hajji Berean the mighty ones and we'll we'll hear more about them as we get through the scripture down the Septuagint that is the Greek translation of this the word Nephilim was translated giganta's and which is rendered in your English Bible as Giants now they did happen to be Giants that's another issue but the word gigantis doesn't really mean Giants it comes from G Goss which means earth born so in the Greek there the earth born and the Hebrew there the fallen ones these are hybrids these are something unique and strange furthermore when you get to verse 9 of Genesis 6 speaks of Noah's family tree these are the generations of Noah no as a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God same phrase we used with Enoch interestingly enough but he was perfect in his generations this word in the Hebrew is Tamim which means without blemish sound helpful without spot unimpaired it's a term used of physical defects what this says in the Hebrew is that Noah's genealogy was not tainted was not blemished by the goings on in the end so what we're suggesting here is that a fallen angels came down to the earth and contrived some way to generate hybrids and I believe that this was Satan's strategy to try to corrupt the human line to try to avert any possibility of a redeemer and we'll talk more about that as it goes so this is what's called the angel view of Genesis 6 and we'll get into this more but if this is valid we would expect this is a very strange idea I grant you but if this is valid we would find it confirmed in the New Testament that things are always confirmed by two or three witnesses in Jude verses 6 and 7 is the following Jew says the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication going after strange flesh are set forth for an example suffering the Vengeance of eternal fire Jude is making another point but he makes reference to not only Sodom Gomorrah but these angels which went after strange flesh in in Genesis chapter 6 in 2nd Peter a similar remark is made Peter says for if God spared not the Angels that sinned but cast them down to Tartarus he uses a strange word it's translated the hell in your Bible but it's a strange word it's the only place that this word occurs in the Bible cast him down Tartars and delivered them into chain of Darkness to be reserved unto judgement and spared not the old world but saved no and he goes on he adds an interesting thing he ties this strange going on to the days of Noah but this word Tartarus probably deserves a little comment because it's a it's unique here it's not unique in Greek it's using other literature but it's the only place in the Bible that occurs Tartarus was to the Greeks it's a term for the dark abode of woe it's the pit of darkness of the unseen world in Homer's Iliad it's described as being as far below Hades as the earth is below heaven so I still don't know where it is but I don't want to go there now this whole idea of angels fallen angels coming down and mixing with human women to create a hybrid is a strange concept but we're startled to discover that legend it gives rise to legends in every ancient culture the Greek titans are probably familiar to most of us from in the Western world the Titans were part of the Greek mythology partly terrestrial partly celestial they rebelled against their father Uranus and after a prolonged contest were defeated by Zeus and then condemned into Tartarus that's all part of the Greek mythology but apparently embodies a memory of some serious things that did happen in those that are in the prehistory these legends will find in Sumer Assyria and Egypt the Incas Mayan the Epic of Gilgamesh you'll find these equivalent legends in Persia obviously in Greece in India Bolivia South Sea Islands even the Sioux Indians it's interesting I'm told by the anthropologists that the American Indians when they met a stranger they would hold up a hand this business of how is Hollywood stuff but holding up a hand they if you had a stranger you want to count his fingers because they had a terror of the six-fingered men and they have legends in the of all kinds among the American Indians of these giants that populated the earth came down from so they call them some called the star people they were very very large very powerful and there's even find allusions to these and Buffalo Bills autobiography and so on so in the classic art we have at that we have Hercules who was a it was a Nephilim in Hebrew and Atlas these were these these legends derived from these hybrids now there is an alternative view this is there are many people that are graduates from seminaries that have never been exposed to the angel view that I'm sharing with you they've been taught many people have been taught that the sons of God term really refers to the line of Seth Seth these were presumably the good guys and the sons of God is a term they try to ascribe to the Seth eyed leadership and the daughters of Adam and say what really wasn't that daughters of Adam as daughters of just Cain and I don't know what's wrong with the daughters of the others but anyway and their sin that that's involved there is they failure to maintain separation they try to make the phase that the line of Seth should be separate and they commingled with Cain the daughters of Cain they should have done that so the failure separation they assume is the the sin involved and they don't explain why the offspring of these two families would be supernaturally weird the Nephilim which were the this obviously distinctive this view the so-called line of Seth view emerged in the fifth century Celsus in Julian apostate used the traditional belief of these fallen angels and so forth to attack Christianity and Julius africanus resorted to this fi theory as a more comfortable way of defending the scripture and that was fine except and Cyril of Alexander use it to repudiate the Orthodox position they said the Orthodox position was quaint but not true and Augustine embraced the satellite's theory and by his doing so it became the primary doctrine of the medieval church and has endured through the derivative denominations from the Reformation the rest of it so it prevails right into the Middle Ages however the text itself said the sons of God is never used of believers in the Old Testament Seth was not God Cain was not Adam these are all contrivance --is and there's no mentions of the daughters of Elohim it's unbalanced and there's also some grammatical antithesis that is ignored now we'll get to that here the lines were separated layers until Genesis 11 that we have the separation imposed and that was only on Isaac Ishmael not so and furthermore Genesis 6 says all flesh was corrupted there were no good guys if you will and Noah found grace and that's a whole nother issue but only Enoch and Noah's ate or spared now think about this God chose to wipe out the entire world except for nine people he removes Enoch first and then these eight on the barge or boat that we'll get to are spared and and also these bar huh hello he took wives it doesn't sound like they had any choice in the matter they chose who they wanted to if the set fights were the good guys why did they perish in the flood and furthermore Enoch who had Seth son is the guy that initiated defiance of God if you study the the text carefully see in Genesis 4 verse 26 in the previous chapter we discover if it's true there's a mistranslation men began to call upon the name of Lord it says no men began to profane the name of the Lord and that's in the doc targum onkelos the targa jonathan the hebrew translations that are the most venerated translations among the rabbi's make it quite clear that Enosh was bad news so the slides of the south were the line of Seth was not the good guys and came the bad guys quite the contrary Kane murder his brother and he yes he did sin but you'll also notice if you look at his genealogy his children for several generations carried the name of God in them I believe they were believers believe they're repentant believers so but anyway in the in the rabbinical literature this this is the one that supports this angel view of Genesis 6 the whole idea of the Nephilim being unnatural is important the they had supernatural officer the so-called copy hog Gabourey of the mighty men and there's also there were no women every now and what's going on here and what made Noah's genealogy so distinctive see it's a gene pool problem that underlies the flood of Noah now this angel view of course is a traditional rabbinical view the Book of Enoch supports it not that it's a third not that it's inspired by one and grammar as well as other literature testimony twelve patriarchs Josephus presents this the Septuagint the early church fathers taught this phylogeny Alexandria Justin Martyr Irenaeus and the rest of them well modern scholarship gh Pember de Haan McIntosh Tillich cabling Arthur W pink Donald red Barnhouse Henry Morris Arnold fuckton bow Hal Lindsey Chuck Smith modern the scholarship also embraces this the set view that most people have been taught even in seminaries is unscriptural the text itself refutes it the inferred separations nonsense the inferred guidance of Semites is not true the inferred K night subset adam i'ts the unnatural offspring the New Testament confirmations but perhaps the most important thing and that's one reason I'm spending this time on it you will not understand much of what happened in the Old Testament and you won't understand some of the prophetic issues unless you understand this view I used to think well it's just a view and that's it there's two different views and that's fine let's go on until I realize that this undergirds a great deal of understanding or misunderstanding of the Old Testament if you whether or not you understand the age of you you see there were Nephilim after the flood also and Genesis 6:4 said they were in those days and also after that and you'll discover when Joshua goes into the land when he finally gets in land there are at least four tribes tribal names that he's instructed by God to wipe out every man woman and child of these tribes the refa em that he mean the jaurim zum-zum him these were vestiges of the Nephilim Arba anak and his sons the Anakim when they encountered key notes and numbers 1333 when Moses sends the twelve spies into the land despite the land the ten of them come back and say we're grasshoppers in their sight they're terrified two of them Joshua and Caleb said no let's the gog Lords on our side go and they because they trembled didn't go they wanted for virtually forty years in the wilderness what did they encounter they encountered Nephilim numbers 13:33 there were Nephilim in the land so it's important understand this aughh the king of Bashan was the king of the Giants they were Nephilim up in the Golan Heights that's a Deuteronomy 3 in Joshua 12 and so on Goliath and his four brothers were anakim sons of anak and so forth see these are stratagems of Satan he was attempting to corrupt Adams line when we get to Genesis 12 and God calls Abraham and announced that his plan of redemption man isn't just his Redemption doesn't just involve man it's going to Baal specifically Abraham and his descendants Satan could then focus his attack on Abraham the famine the destruction of the male line and the Exodus Pharaoh's purse even after he released impared pharaoh pursues them to wipe them out Satan is trying to wipe out the Jews because he's trying to wipe out God's program of redemption when they finally return to well when God announces to Abraham that his descendants 400 years later again returned to Canaan that gave Satan for centuries lay down a minefield and he'll populate Canaan with these strange creatures when God reveals that his plan is going to involve David that allows Satan to focus attack against David's line and as you go right through the whole chronicle from 2nd chronicles Isaiah so what you'll discover again and again is attempts to wipe out the royal line but there's always somebody that gets saves a servant that saves a child and so forth to maintain that line and even when you get to the book of Esther the Persian Empire Haman tries to wipe out the Jews again it's a satanic plot very analogous to what Hitler tried to do in more recent times when you get to the New Testament continues Joseph's sphere when Mary's pregnant that was a Capitol situation there Herod's attempts to wipe out all the babies in Bethlehem when they try to throw Jesus off the cliff and mazzaroth there were two storms at sea and I personally suspect that those storms were not normal storms they were exceptional storms that the disciples aboard were professional seamen that knew those waters and they were terrified something strange going on there and of course the element things the cross and it's still not through one we need to understand this because Satan is still add it in a variety of different ways you'd understand that let's talk a little bit about angels because I think they're often widely misunderstood angels always seem to appear in human form at Sodom and Gomorrah they were there the homosexuals wanted to attack them it tells you something about angels they're always in pairs at the resurrection at the Ascension and other places angels spoke to men they took people by the hand they ate meals with them the New Testament tells us that many of us have entertained angels unawares so they apparently can take human form they are capable of direct physical combat the Passover in Egypt was the result of the death angel needs this one angel after dinner one night slaughters a hundred and eighty-five thousand Syrians and so this is this is it we'll get into some of this as we get into those descriptions but the point is angels are capable of materializing and engaging in physical combat we do know that angels in heaven don't marry because mérida procreation is for mortal bit is a way of multiplying mortal people these are not the they're not designed it's not intended to be reproducing because they don't marry in heaven many people assume they can't have sex let's be careful here I think the scripture makes no restriction on angels technically a technology available to them especially if they're bent on mischief and that's what we're dealing with here angels are formable demons in the New Testament are very different creatures they always seek embodiment angels can are materialized demons can demons appear to be powerless except to the extent that they can end well a host of some kind and they have to do that with permission apparently so will you want it what you study your Bible try to summarize what you think you learn about angels and summarize what you learn about demons I think you'll find there distinctively different see in Matthew 22 and also mark 12 he says speaking of believers that are the resurrection body for the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven and that simply means that the sex and procreation is not part of the program there that doesn't make any comment about angels that are up to mischief might do this word habitation is a fascinating word the word in the Greek is Oka terian it only appears twice in the Bible it refers to the body as a dwelling place for the spirit but it's used two places in Jude 6 it's that which the Angels had disrobe from in 2nd Corinthians 5 2 it's alluding to the heavenly body that we aspire to as believers and in Jude 6 the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation there's that word Orkut Aryan in 2nd Corinthians 5 it says we know that if our heavenly House of this Tabernacle resolved we have a building of God how it's not made with hands eternal in heavens for in this we groan earnestly desiring to be clothed upon with our house or a habit or habitation or our or cataria which is from heaven so it's interesting same same term I think this is a highly technical term used in a very specific way well Saul Sea has its roots in Genesis 3 when God declares war on Satan he says I'll put enmity between thee that the Nakash The Shining one and the woman between thy seed and her seed he shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel and so we have a conflict between two seeds the seed of the woman from that passage becomes a title of Jesus Christ it becomes a messianic label the seed of the one which incidentally is a contradiction in terms because the seed is the man that the woman is a contradiction in biology not just grammar but of course it's it's an allusion that Isaiah and 7:14 picks up as an indication of a virgin birth we'll talk more about that when we get there but it also leads to the seed of the serpent there's another seed so the serpent being the red dragon this is these allusions to the coming world leader who is assisted by a false prophet and this duo is going to wreak havoc and we'll deal with that when we get there too but these forces are behind the world today we need recognize that they have an agenda that agenda is to entrap you into and bring you to oblivion the flood of Noah now we get to the famous story of Noah Noah's Ark it's amazing how many people say well you know the skeptics say the ark was not big enough to hold all the species couldn't be well how big was the ark they don't know they don't know how many species were they were not sure well let's take a look at this the ark was 300 cubits long 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high it's specified there's some scholastic debate just exactly what a cubit is anywhere from 18 to 22 inches is the typical estimate for our purposes we'll just assume it's 18 inches for the 1/2 that would make this Ark 450 feet long 15 75 feet wide and 45 feet high they would have a displacement then of approximately 24,000 tons 1.4 million cubic feet the equivalent roughly of 522 railroad cars that's a non-trivial volumetric space that would be room enough for a hundred and twenty five thousand sheep now taking a sheep as a nominal average obviously many animals are smaller more smaller than larger and there are of course obviously some large exceptions but in any case how many species a defendable estimate is about 18,000 on the high side so you've got 125,000 sheep you got room for 18,000 species that leaves you room for some a few large ones and now there's a couple of other we don't know we do know that whatever entered the ark a year later left they lost none gained none losing none okay finally a preserve none died that's surprising but secondly the fact there was no bulb there was no publication no editions indicates that God somehow we most scholars presume we doesn't say this but presume that some kind of in hibernation may have been established because God is in this thing obviously this is all based on the cubit of 18 inches the most common estimate you see in most the textbooks but there are qubits that virtually approach 25 inches if it was a 25 five inch queue but just to give you some feeling here that would be 625 feet long 100 feet wide and 63 feet deep and it's displace and then would be 65,000 tons 4.1 million cubic feet 1400 railroad cars and and of course that gets to be you know a third of a million sheep and so forth you still only have 18,000 species so the point is this estimate is not only very large in the original but even it's also vulnerable to being much larger by depending on what the queue it really was and as a Naval Academy graduate I have to talk a little bit about the marine architecture here the Ark as I say was a you know 50 feet and using the foot and half cubit about 50 feet wide and 30 feet high that turns out to be mathematically a very useful ratio because you have the center of gravity in a device like this and you have a center of buoyancy that depending on the water that it displaces and if it tilts over gravity is pulling down from the center of gravity the center of buoyancy is pushing up from the centre of buoyancy and you'll notice there'll be a tendency to milk to write to write this up it turns out with these particular ratios it can sustain an enormous tipping and still be stable this has these ratios have a a very very attractive stability hydrologically to them and so I it's it this is this is that consumed primitive contrivance here it's gets that there's some very subtle engineering behind this well the flight a train for 40 days but there's that's not that it's not account for all the water so it wasn't just rain The Fountains of the deep were opened up of theirs and these waters prevailed for 150 days it rained only for 40 days the waters prevailed 450 days there in the arc five months floating seven months waiting on this mountain now it's interesting again if you go through the ancient traditions you discover there are traditions of a flood a global flood disastrous flood in virtually all the ancient traditions many of them are quite fanciful many of them most of them in fact contain elements that are consistent with the biblical account the Egyptian Babylonian Persian Greek Hindu Chinese the druids the Polynesians Mexicans Peruvians American Indians again in Greenland they all have very colorful very interesting flood traditions now the question is wasn't Universal or local there are some people that try to indicate well this was just a local flood if it's just a local flood god did not keep his promises see every living thing was destroyed the scripture says all high mountains were under the under the entire heavens were covered you say Jesus some mountains that a lot higher yes they may have been disrupted since that's all another issue and the ark rested on the mountains of Ararat but God then promises Noah that he'll never do that again now if that was if that was a local flood there have been lots of local floods this means God didn't keep his promise if that was a universal global flood that God said I'll never do that again Peter warns us to watch the small print because the next time he'll do it he'll do it with fire not water that's this point now some questions here we know that dinosaurs apparently were quickly drowned and buried is that possible we believe that some dinosaurs on there were some on the ark probably babies I assume because we find dinosaurs talked about in the book of Job and we find that mammoths were quickly drowned in North America and quick-frozen in Siberia these are mysteries that the ones in Siberia where they're frozen they still have food and their digestive tract they can analyze their diets but the main thing is they were they died suddenly very quickly and that the petrified forests are found 100 miles from the South Pole by Admiral Byrd petrified forests in the South Pole really see was a universe of climate at one time land animals found fossilized locations below sea level now very fact you have fossils to talk a little bit about that but the fossils imply pressure and the absence of decay is also an indication of shortest time sea animals are found fossilized at high elevations you go to very high mountains and find seashells and so on one key thing about fossils you'd understand fossils are dead and let me sound silly to say but realize if that means they are after Adam after Adam and there's no decay which implies a sudden quick change and the dating depends on circular reasoning eg we found a ten million year old fossil here really how do you know it's ten million rows well it's because it's in the layer that represents ten million years oh really how do you know that layer is ten million years well because there's ten million old fossils there you see the secular reason you think I'm being facetious watch the reasoning in your textbooks you'll discover that they date the fossils by the layer and they date the layer by the fossils it's all circular reasoning very and based on all kinds of attackable premises and why are there no fossils form today but something dies it goes down the decays there is a theory about the flood that has to do with the canopy and that fact that there was the theory is that there was an atmospheric water shield that protected the earth from cosmic creation and this may attribute that it's made more these explanations to the long lifetimes before the flood we have these extended lifetimes prior to the flood and the water falls it complements the subterranean waters that are unleashed in the chapter 7 and also we understand from chapter 10 of Genesis this continental drift occurred from the fractured land masses now if you're interested in this area I encourage you to look at the books by the Institute of creation research particularly Henry Morris and John which comes book called the Genesis record and they get into this and you get into the whole canopy theory and it has its proponents or many scientists believe this is correct there are other sizes that have a slightly different view there are a lot of geological mysteries however the Grand Canyon origin is something worth studying that alone will certify all of this if you want to get into it the fact that the mid-oceanic mountain ranges have to deal with this the submarine canyons involved in on the earth magnetic variations on the ocean floor coal and oil formations frozen mammoths all of these are areas of study that we will discover all argue for support of a recent global flood a meta mark there certain Rock changes that are worth studying and the fossil great all these are geological mysteries that are explained by a universal flood and the jigsaw fit of the continents one of there's another it contrasts to the height the canopy theory there's another view called the hydroplates probably both of these are true to some extent hydroplate theory points out that the continents or inner are and work interconnected they're subterranean water underneath them with increasing pressures there's buckling that takes place its horizontal buckling that explains most of this and if your interests in this area encourage you to investigate the Ministry of Walt Brown in the Center for scientific creation Phoenix Arizona it's got marvelous materials on this and the whole creation area basically pointing out that the earth is had a cracking and a breaking and these things all fit there's a there is a great deal of technical background in their materials you can get into but let's get back to the flood rain for 40 days and again not just rain there were fountains the deep waters prevail 450 days they are there in the Ark for 377 days five months floating seven and a half months on the mountain now some perspectives as well as there's only one Ark there's only one way to be saved in that old world there was only one door in the Ark and when that door was closed it was closed and what an interesting question you know who closed the door God closed the door and I'll leave it to you to think about this could Noah have gotten out if he wanted to I personally think so there's no births or deaths everybody on the ark was preserved now all your theological speculations certainly would end when that door was shut and the people outside could argue all they like they were not saved there are only three groups of people that are dealt with in the flood of Noah those that perished in the flood of course most of all but nine people there were those that were preserved through the flood the eight that were in the ark and there are those that were removed prior to the flood and I suspect that there are some lessons here in terms how God deals with things I think there'll be all three groups of people are going to be dealt with prophetically as we get in the prophetic word there'll be those that we move prior there those that will be preserved through the judgments that are coming and I said other flood traditions all through the ancient groups Egyptian Babylonian Persian Greek so forth now you can get through it carefully you'll find some people quibble about the record if you read the record carefully you'll find it all fits and that's it that's not a true here it's true in general many places you'll find some critics say well here it says this and here it says that and they don't really seem to agree whenever you find that rejoice because behind that will be a discovery the Lord always rewards the diligent but getting to this that we have Noah enter the ark at day of the second month seven days later the rain begins and then we have forty days later the heavy rains stop and 110 days later our waters recede the Ark's now on Mount Ararat 74 days later that mountain tops are starting to become visible 40 days later the Raven is sent which can survive on its own then the Dove is sent no one has sent returns Deborah no two is sent returns to leave with indefinite number three is sentences not returned which tells them that it's safe now to leave the ark and so 22 days later the water recedes and Noah saw dry land and when land completely dry the ex of the ark that's in the so that's a that's the that's the chronology you can study it more carefully if you want to get into the details but basically it's seven days till the from the seven days there's 150 days at rest on Mount Ararat 163 days they saw dry land they wait the total of three hundred seventy seven days for you want to get into that but it's not an interesting thing this is something we're going to talk a lot about as we go the ark rested on the seventh month on this on the seventeenth day of the month on the mountains of Ararat and I want you know is the word mountains there is plural it turns out to be important because there's many people there's much tradition that's as ignored that why did the holy spirit want you to know this very day see if you if you're a well-adjusted person you're reading your Bible says the ark rest of the seventh month on the seventeenth day of the month on mountains of Ararat you say fine you read on but if you've been to one of my bow studies you are no longer a normal well-adjusted reader because you'll remember that I said everything in here is by design everything in here is deliberate everything here is result avoid spirit why did the Holy Spirit want you to know that the ark rested the seventh month of the seventeenth day of the month the mountains very well you need to understand first of all there are two calendars in the Jewish community the civil calendar is the genesis calendar the year starts in the 1st of Tishri which is in the fall it's called Rosh Hashanah the head of the head of the year the new year the Jewish New Year is in the fall but they have a religious calendar where it starts in ninth on which is in the spring because of Exodus when God sets up the Passover he tells Moses among other things this month the month of Nisan will shall be unto you the beginning of months it shall be the first month of the year to you so because of that the religious year starts in the spring in the month in which Passover falls month of Mazon so is the the old calendar history's the first month Nisan is the seventh but from the exodus on the religious calendar starts it in the Sun it's the first month and it turns out that history becomes the seventh month okay Jesus Christ was crucified on the offensive the fourteenth of Anna's on how long was he in the grave three days the resurrection then took place on the 17th of nasaan the seventh month on the Genesis calendar see God's new beginning on the planet Earth was on the anniversary in anticipation of our new beginning in Jesus Christ and I think that's very deliberate I think it evidences that God enjoys dealing in precise patterns I never used the word approximate and God in the same sentence but it fascinates me to see a pattern set down in Genesis fulfilled in the Gospels so be sense of that because there's many of these throughout the scripture the ark rested in the seventh month on the 17th day of month on the mountains of Ararat so Noah's new beginning on the planet Earth on the anniversary anticipation of our new beginning in Christ okay now Ararat in Turkey which many people think is the Mount Ararat is a single mountain they're not a lot of mountains around it which makes it suspect but let's move on here the in the Genesis chapter 11 we're going to discover the whole earth was of one language and one speech basically paleo-hebrew the ancient hebrew and it came to pass as they journeyed from the east that they found a plain in the land of Shinar and they dwelt there that's the first couple of verses of Genesis chapter 11 well if you take a look at a map I've marked on the map in the left there there's a place called Mount Ararat in Turkey a traditional Mount Ararat and you have babel or but later becomes babylon it's south of it I might point out to you that Mount Ararat is not only north of Babel slightly west Mount Ararat and Turkey is a site that was labeled by Marco Polo in the 14th or 15th century it's a traditional site and there are many people that claim to have seen the ark up there that have found you know pieces of wood and that sort of thing and so far the people I know that have tried to check that out get quite frustrated because it's all legend all myth at the defies confirmation but let's stay with a scripture Jessel m2 says they came from the east to Shinar which means if I was looking for the Noah's Ark I would look east of Babel that's where they came from and east of here there's a whole range of extremely high mountains and I anticipate I won't get into conjectures here other than say I anticipate that it's going to be found I think when it is found it's going to be found in Iran in the high mountains of Iran but let's go back to Genesis 9 we've got a new beginning now they're out of the ark there's a whole new order they're not vegetarians anymore God instructs them to use it to eat animals and so forth capital punishment is ordained and the human government is established there's a whole you can study that quite covered tonight sinful man has been wiped out by the flood but not sin man is still sinful and Noah's no exception he has a vineyard and yet there's some things that happen but but there's a prophet see may God and large Japheth and may he dwell in the tents of Shem and make a nun be his servant so ham Shem and Japheth there's prophesies here we'll pick up when we get into chapter 11 something else in back when we talk about the creation we talked about an entropy profile of universe how order was inserted in the universe in in the six successive steps and then rest we recognize that the fall of man and gods curse that the the order was disrupted that entropy was increased and increases and as you go down in this chart so the fall of man result results in a decay a destruction of the universe the flood also the flood was more than just a lot of water we know a great deal that of changes we don't know anything about the creation prior to the fall and we only have some conjectures about the creation prior to the flood and the history as we know it really is certainly since the fall of man but probably a history as we know it in other terms since the flood the post flood changes we know the thermal blanket that once protecting the earth is gone because the universal climate is no longer there it's the end of a universal climate we find these tropical creatures embedded the ice in the near the poles and we realize that the earth had a very different situation in those days atmospheric pressure apparently is reduced 50% because we know that entered act was couldn't fly unless that we had at least two atmospheres of atmospheric pressure and we also noticed that these extended longevity x' that are recorded start to decline so from going from the hundreds of years down altima T down to the threescore and ten of the seventy years that even to this day with all our improvements in medicine still hover around well let's move on to chapter 10 chapter 10 is a discussion of the genealogy of the sons of Noah it's called the table of Nations and Noah had three sons Shem ham and Japheth Japheth had sons and goes through all these Gomer Magog Madai Javan tubal Meshech and Tiras and if you study your Bible you may want to make note of these and try to learn especially the important ones Magog is very very important to understand when you get to Ezekiel because Magog is the forbear of the skiff ian's which in terms of the forbear of the true Russians and they're very prominent in the prophecy in Ezekiel and you want to watch that mad either from them came the Medes which of course we call today the Kurds and they're going to be in prominent in our current news broadcast to it as well to ball and make sure equit principal ingredients to the area that we know as a turkey so that's it no ham is the other he has cush myth ROM put and Canaan when you think of cush he settled south of the second cataract of the Nile it tends to be idiomatic of black Africa mid serene is a different guy and that's Egypt miss Rhema is the biblical term for ancient Egypt and put is North Africa which is quite distinct from cush the North Africans are yet another so you've got Cushman surround Pete alham i'ts but of different backgrounds and of course Canaan and it's interesting that all Israel has to do to find out who the enemies are is to take a look at the genealogies they would be their enemies so the Kushites that is the descendants of cush settled in South Arabia and in southern Egypt Sudan and north and either Ethiopia and they became mingled with some of the Semitic tribes there and so forth the first hand might it's really significant not this it is is of course the Kay night group the third cent son of course is Shem with the alam asher Arphaxad lewd and aram and Shem are the ones that were interested in because out of that will come a very prominent one he has Alam which is Persia it's interesting when Isaiah is called upon to talk about the Persian Empire a hundred years before it emerges how does he deal with he calls it he speaks of it in terms of the forebear the Alam Alam is what Bible would call what we think of as Persia which is modern Iran and we have others here are facts ed is very important under him of Sayla which in turn has Eber from which the word Hebrew comes and then we have Peleg during which the earth is divided and Joktan and we have some others but it's from a peg that we have ultimately Tara whose son is Abraham and our whole study of the second unit of Genesis the second half of Genesis chapter 12 2n is our study of Abraham very very important buying all the most important people in history for a lot of reasons kind of interesting they're about 26 mentioned in under the under Shem 30 under ham and 70 under Japheth there are 70 nations listed in Genesis 10 the table of Nations that's interesting because they're going to put in parallel to the 70 of the family of Joseph that family of Jacob I should say that goes to down to Egypt when we number them and so we have 70 nations from Noah ham Shem and Japheth will have 70 families that will enter Egypt and that's interesting that God indicates in Deuteronomy 32 that the bounds of both are set that the boundaries of these nations are determined by what God wants to have happen and so there are some discrepancies here in Genesis 10 we have 70 in the table of Nations and they're mentioned in 66 and 46 and 46 we have we have a total of 70 that go to Egypt but in one place is only 66 because there are already four down there and there are so you have the 66 plus the four still gets to 70 in acts 7:14 Steven mentioned 75 because he's including Joseph's grandsons which the Septuagint makes clear but so these discrepancies getting resolved but the main main issue is to recognize that the scripture clearly seems to set of parallelism between the 17 the table of Nations and the 70 that become the nation of Israel itself for what it's worth okay there is a person that emerges that out of him that is very important to be aware of that's a guy by name of Nimrod the first world dictators name means weary bail he's the first world dictator he founds two cities Babylon and Nineveh both of which become world capitals in their history babblin will be the capital I believe of his successor in a sense that there will be a world dictator that emerges out of Assyria that we call the Antichrist I believe Babylon will be as capital among others but anyway let's get back take a look at chapter 11 there's one language the book language of Hebrew there is a godless Confederacy organized by this first world dictator on the plain of Shinar you need to be familiar that term there word Shinar occurs seven times the Old Testament always it alludes to the plane in which Babel the Tarvin was built and Babel was originally some kind of astrological temple it's at this place that the zodiac as we know it or the matzo Roth and the Hebrew was corrupted it strangely enough seems to embody a record of God's plan of redemption for mankind if you understand the names of the stars and the order of brightness of the 12 constellations that link to the twelve tribes but all that gets corrupted at this time so most of what we know in the field of astronomy carries labels from the original Babylonian terms don't confuse this with astrology which is a cultic application of those things these labels are still used by astronomers today like in in a sense of form of geography you should also understand that your whole Bible can be viewed as a tale of two cities that city of Babylon which is regard to the city of man or the city of Satan if you will and the City of Jerusalem with all its faults is still considered the City of God in fact gets replaced by the New Jerusalem Babylon and Jerusalem from the beginning climax at the end where Babylon is destroyed in Revelation and the New Jerusalem replaces the the one destroyed so so we have the Tower of Babel very very prominent in ancient history going to be prominent again in prophecy and we'll deal with that when we get to the book of Revelation and and also Isaiah and Jeremiah will deal with it okay so we've we have now moved to the next unit we finished our survey of the first unit of Genesis chapters 1 through 11 in the next session will be picking up chapter 12 to the end of the chapter the time of the patriarchs we'll talk about Abraham of chapters 12 to 20 Isaac from 21 to 26 Jacob from 27 to 36 and then the rest of the book of the incredible colorful story of Joseph Abraham Isaac Jacob Joseph commonly called the patriarchs and we'll take that up in the next hour


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