Scrabble Cast Friday with Cherry

by: Cherry Enchantress

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li and 204 can you account okay okay see ya my gosh now I'm going to check on you guys what is today it is the 1919 the good day

Wow 15 already that's fast

okay sorry guys alright so oops hi Nina fed frigid Sun and Jenny Smits hi Alicia love is the window Martin all these things popping up I gotta get rid of okay Jackie Gina dr. Davie how are you hey Lindsay what's going on alright it looks like it's growing let me just reboot so that's a starts trouble cast right there so that's one part of it it's the casting eight the letters the other part isn't is the Alexa grandpa so I was going to show you thanks posted I'm gonna do I'm gonna try to see if I could find my letters I'm talking about all right is that spell out my name an example of what we're gonna do here some of you may know because you watched my Scrabble cast video my pickup I'll slash Scrabble slash Alexa Graham thing but you may not know deeply where all of this comes from I at the end of that video I posted an end note that shows you the the book that's I adore where I'm first learned about Lexi grams and that would be where I kind of got this idea from and I'm going to show you that in just a moment I'm gonna let more people hey Mina I wanna see you are you guys having trouble retrograde I know there's I mean poor uh it's buffering again poor me um it sound different she heard um computer exploded on her so yeah I I haven't had that serious of a situation but I've had some like wobbly communications I'm so glad though today is a better communication day thank goodness I got lots of rust I'm not I just like I don't know was feeling a little bit worried about it not really worried I'm just it was just um some you know had to do with my cards you guys I'm trying to send my cards I had these big dreams of wow my cards are gonna make it big and lalala and then suddenly my dream seemed busted overnight and it was kind of upsetting me but I think it's all worked out now so I'm not I mean I shouldn't be overdramatic about the situation I mean it's really minor compared to everything that is going on in other people's lives and I should keep that in perspective right and I always try to I just realize case girl discontent it's gonna be okay it's all gonna still work out I mean angel still got my back and everything then and stop caring it's just something's gonna be a little bit it's just gonna be a little bit of a turn but it might be turned for the better because I have a new idea anyways but just uh um indulge me a little while I show you something all right Dylan Jimmy D if you don't mind I would truly appreciate it because I like to like share things with you like my ideas with you like oh they think I think this is so cool I can't wait to show them and so I hopefully you do like this thank you you're my and my little friend and my friends my sparkles of light you know mark my kid dreads and there's not a lot of people I can share this kind of stuff with so it always makes me excited when you guys comment and say cool things that you see that I see - it's like really neat all right so there is that's my you know pseudonym I've done this before with my real name and I could tell you my real name is Johnston Borg but for the sake of this it's you know that I'm showing you hi Hawaiian guys I I just wanted to go ahead and show you something that I like to explain about lexigram as you know in case you didn't know or in case you just didn't feel like watching that video which is kind of old and the sound quality might not be so great I can't even remember but I did link it to that Scrabble capsule in the other had Andy here oh thank you I love him do and like I had a purpley kind of thing on I was like I don't want to get rid of my purple so I'm gonna get them you know a fancier purple here alright so here is what I want to show you so let's see who came today hi Morgan hi it smell different notes just talking about your computer blowing up high B chops jyothika and it's not funny but I mean I feel like you seem to have a sense of humor about it as you or one of those kinds of people you know we we talk we there's certain things that are just out of our control right like things happen or like we're just sitting there stunned like what the heck I wouldn't say something else but I'm just thinking you know you just think what the heck now what I do but um but yeah you know and then he put in a dis perspective - right you know I'm having friends who's had friends in a way and you know people that have dad's cancer and things I'm like yeah that's like big stuff you know me having you know a little wobble little communication there's nothing you know so I try to do that and I try to put things into perspective and but everybody you know is go stir things and I feel like it just seems to be so much stronger during Mercury retrograde right like come on give us a break already all right okay guys so we've got a good crowd now 22 watching and I think you know as you as people trickle on okay Hawaiian Gardens hold on hold your horses I got a presentation to show you all right so here's my favorite book it's well my first favorite is Linda Goodman's love sign and hey mr. Richie and my second favorite is this Linda Goodman star signs Linda Goodman star signs has like every subject matter you could possibly ever want to UM to look at and okay I know y'all are going oh come on already I want to do Scrabble cast I don't want to look at books but I just want to show you something so this has you know like you guys like go so cool I mean this it's just I don't here's in chapter 8 is about lexigram and the word druids the use the use of words to penetrate the meanings of ancient codes the profound mystery mysteries of the English language and how to lexigram the secret words names and phrases okay so that's kind of what we're doing here that's what I was kind of doing in medium and the Scrabble cast right I love numerology too that's another one of my favorites but we're gonna do like super you know so here we go the lexigram chapter and I'm just gonna give you a little idea how this works okay Linda Goodman so she's saying you know what are lies the grams how do they work and No so basically what you gotta do if you want to do this with yourself and your maybe your own name or with what you could do this with just about anything and she she goes she uses Jesus's name and comes up with a bunch of slicks Gramps and out of the LexA Gramps out of the words you can actually create phrases and things that have it's like a whole code of your I don't know I'm doing sorry I love me so it's like you can you can find like get a whole phrase about what your name means that kind of will tell you what what you're you know what you need to do is it's this to me it's like a type of divination it can be you know what your future holds and what um you know what your talents are and things like that so alright so I was gonna look at see if I could find hers her name but anyway I am NOT going to worry about her name I'm just gonna look at my name okay so cherry enchantress so within my name you probably are already figuring it out as I speak within my name there's a whole bunch of other words I'll just give you one example for now and then I'll show you a bunch of other examples and then we'll get busy alright so one example let's say is star so um you know if you haven't noticed I'm a star yeah but not so much as I'm famous because I'm not famous but then but I resonate with that star card for sure you know with the like they being it you know in touch with spirit and such like and giving people hope so I really um do you resonate with this dark card and hmm let's see um so okay I show you I show you what I've been working on for a couple of days it's kind of silly I know but it it's also very meditative so this this can help you with several things this lexigram thing it can help you find something out about yourself something about your future but it's also a really wonderful way to meditate you know just gotta zone out and I really was zoning out so what I did is like look at the the list of work words that I came up with right out of my name all of these words come out of my name okay cherry and chances name okay and it goes on and then I started making sentences and then I started making a poem and then I was like thinking or what kind of you know like is there any of meaning in this you know for ten planes or anything is there anything that I can get out of this well one very strong thing is that art jumps out and creating things so hey I'm gonna read you this poem really Clint and then we will begin so cheery cherry has starry eyes she sees a red thread an access sash cast near her shy heart she aches yearns rather than acts she hears cry a tear rarest star seeker harnessed away and then it goes down here narrate dying rarest sa stay trance sink try cherry enchantress encased by spent here sensor reads the earth urine test race taste the Easter try tyrion trances try anyway so yes so oh yeah and then um share a year and then three then ten some that to me that just talks about longevity you know anyway so all this whole little poem that I made up for myself was all with words in my name not a single one is not in my name I have the in mind may I even have like you sort of make surfaces looking your name if you have small connecting words like an A and the she an he and so on I had thigh so I just used by for your you know that kind of thing so yeah if you're a nerd like me and like language if you like letters then you might like to try that out for yourself just don't write your name or your business name or anything else so that you might want figure out if there's a deeper meaning behind it let's hexagrams and that's what we're gonna do tonight we're gonna lexigram your you guys as divination and Scrabble casting okay oh yeah so this will be fun you guys try this later all right it is divination it is you have Asperger's oh my goodness all right all right okay guys so first up who wants to scrabble cash this week now you guys will see letters that I won't say in words that I won't say sometimes you might be faster than me and by the way is everybody hearing me okay because my battery wasn't as high as I wanted it to be I asked them and I had to plug in and there's been time so I plugged in and I had a buzzing sound so I just want to make sure no buzzing gets going on tonight everybody thumbs up no buzzing sounds okay great awesome okay all right so who's voice first who is going first Sarah want to go first okay

all right Sara's going first this might take a while I don't know well give it a few minutes okay we want standard forever but let's see what you got you got you got me already me you might have a star in here see hey Dee I feel like Vanna White he got a pea we could play we should we should play Wheel of Fortune that would be so much fun I got to figure out how I can play with you guys come here oh boy Jim he I feel like I see I see a stop I don't know what you have to stop but we we get a laugh over here hmm hmm stop girl you're too fierce all right let's see what you're under something oh do I have a D maybe I don't have tell you I have is e um so I got under yep and what are you gonna get marry me um after you have a sip of gin okay so let's see what else we got you see pal and dirt and top and Tom okay yeah make some Tom guy you want to get married Sarah good do your twin flame well that that is a go let's see you don't have to win here but almost you had you're missing an eye Oh twins you got two in here so you might vary your trade you might wet your twin let me see if I can get wet and no wait that's not w-was I using the M of the wwhen in there okay so so oh one of the rules you're a twin that's crazy so one of the rules as far as your name goes like I'll show you this really quick just so you guys know the official rules okay see here my name is the cherry enchantress so within your name you can use all the arts like I have one two three are so a word that has 3 R's in it that's fine I only have one T so I couldn't I couldn't right start you know I can do star but not start I can do starry cuz I have two R's see so that's part of the rules it's you have to have that extra letter to make meaning out of it basically but just so you know that's part of the role so alright okay you're with them Oh awesome it does alright let's see you got a soulmate in here oh thank you guys for finding these things this is like group effort I love it so mate we're all divination people tonight isn't that nice we can all work together also but by the way I do have traditional other things here too so if you'd rather something else more traditional like romance angels my tarot deck keeper in Letterman's I didn't show you that well enough Kippur and Lenormand for other things then you can ask for those too but I feel like got a Scrabble thing is really fun so that's so exciting like I guess we should move on to the next person I think you got somewhere but you got some really good stuff they are you're gonna marry your twin flame soulmate it didn't say flame but you you're a twin and that's your soulmate and you're are going to Wed well let's see yep and so you have soul mate and Wed and I also feel like that's cool like the the largest amount of letters was used you know but oh maybe I was gonna say maybe have spring it let's see what we can do with the rest of them with the rest of the letters and you're gonna Wed in in a great colored outfit crap but anyway so whatever this means you're gonna win and grab that is the date grab okay let's go on and oh you got ring oh my goodness got ring to love somebody has love wedding ring wedding ring oh I don't have another D but that's okay all right you guys all right that was fun alright so here we're gonna do next let's see and I put all the Scrabble letters in there of one box but we can do that later and do a larger collection I can find another Scrabble box a bit more you're welcome Sarah okay Sophia who's that let's see I got okay Flores who'd try to be an order here Hawaiian goddess I'm gonna let you go next because you were very helpful our Hawaiian goddess and everybody Thank You P P P B well I mean if you want to do this I would say put a cherry put um you know put in emoji that has like little letters in it or something like that

and another thing to wage a Mayan goddess has their name spelt out in large capital letters that is also recommended when you write your name down to do this divination thing you gotta put your and caps all caps like Hawaiian products good like I wanted to write out your names like okay let's see what we got again I own TV I die don't die but you know that in the death card is always transformation you did you've already transformed I've I've done that already and there done that oh you got a day singing and now in the meantime you guys just you guys find you know works for me in here you can be my co readers that's fun because everybody can do but it's like you don't need having a special connection the spirit although having a connection with spirit sometimes leads you to certain phrases that that you might not have normally but we all have connections with spirit and this might help you get closer yep so are them got a lot of oh you got God and you got dog okay let's see what she I think you got God's love over here oh my god let's see let's see love love thy neighbor and I got another Oh for God okay we need a you so skewed so like quid pro quo kind of thing I got good you know you need a year right yeah okay let's see you're gonna um you know s alright what do you guys see and what he see him he what's that with your hand Hawaiian goddess you see star good good you are start to you beautiful star so you bring people hope let's see your are you happy do we have Pino definitely love and start you have a light let's see do have any yeah now let's see light G Delta G yeah G H yeah you have light love and light honey look upon and it's the speed move oh you got voyage awesome huh thank you guys helping me with this voyage that's right voyage nice bridge okay so it's gonna be lit a

more of course and if you're a different language that's another thing that could be so exciting like you can spell out things in your language too you know

let's do it else giver I like that one yes sweets giver you never knew a bee could do so much di let's see do you have any beads no don't look very toy

la so that is so him you know what it is it's so me so divine are you kidding me you guys are good at this you would divine babe divine you guys are better at this than I am I'll wait I don't see em Oh close let's see what else you can see I'll lay right lay for the lake in Hawaii ah so Hawaiian goddess are you from Hawaii whoa ah you just got a closer look at my boob it's because this it's connected here awesome divide there you go Johnny what are you gonna divide you get it you get to divide and share that lay with all of us actually and I have gotten way straight straight from Hawaii when my my sister wants to go visit Hawaii she brought me back a whole bunch of goodies I need to go to why am i myself let's see what else we got with her tea here developer Sara you're too good at this I'm not you're hired alright develop we don't have another eat you got to have multiple letters do you think the developer but that was good MA yes mom is good nice see how that works if you have another Ian your name then that that definitely would be developer but it's cuz you don't oh you might have mother oh shoot are you a mother you gonna be a mommy do you want to be a mommy or maybe your mommy is concerned about your or just saying hi to you Mother's Day what what happened on Mother's Day something happened specifically to you on Mother's Day maybe you gave a good press present maybe you're a giver All Right see ya yeah moth is really good I've heard that before too and I think I remember Melanie had some cards with the mop and the the meaning behind that was so spiritual is really beautiful fertility yes it's story nice the neverending story so that's nice story get one I think you got Maude like modern Maude Maude hmm yeah her see when you start writing sentences you got a you got a bunch of good ones like her and and be these three that kind of thing look story perfect let's see if I can put all of it love story and without having to borrow there we go well you're gonna be a mother parents you have if you don't already you can have a beautiful love story on your hands hey all right you guys I'm gonna go on to the mix now if you can't see let me know I I like this lighting because the overhead kind of too much glare but with fortunately these letters are Zoe okay Zoe's next you're welcome Hawaiian goddess all right so hi Tracy what's going on hey potato King all potato came look at all the little emo chicken feet all right Zoe and then potato cake okay all right exactly fairly Martin okay yes you see this is free Zoe and then railing so are you still okay judo food that we eat that'd be funny with your names in here okay so we good we are glad that you're here went hmm you went you went bad don't be bad near you see near okay near you went near

time it's about time right it's very time for something to happen let's see what's gonna happen tell me what's about to happen I feel like something exciting is about to happen oh there's my letter J for my first name BB dr. D D is a it's in the house G hey mega did something mega is gonna happen I swear something mega alright let's see what else being wise yeah wise time wise

definitely could be about some divine timing happening here Oh yep cuz look I think they might have time wise we don't have another need that's okay oh we can't use this time lies lies time budding awesome good one like it's budding that's also great to have the ing because you can make up so many words with the ing and you have timing to I see it told you to find timing let's see if you have divine I'll maybe do sorry I could see this crazy that's this well we had to part we had to get that eye right there we don't have any bees anyway but that was kind of a cool idea let's see what else they got alright so what some I'm a potato King it's thanks hmmm garden I like that's pretty and guardian oh well no guardians of the you if we're happy you know let's see I'm sorry guys garden so you know this is could also help you figure out where to move you got cuz there there is a place called the Garden State Garden good and then we also have Guardian right yeah Gardi I and whoa that's the biggest one probably here well Guardian guardians of the galaxy

but oh you also have word everybody's getting married where I see a wedding you got big a big wedding who decided another day we'd have wedding oh we do look you have the whole word Wed now this isn't wed means already married but wedding is so this could mean getting you definitely getting married or you're gonna go to a wedding wedding hmm miss you will no longer just be a miss you will be Amazons do we have we have a mr. yes sir it was your mr. there's some mister in your life right some kind of mister coming in your life if you're not in there yet ding I hear Bell ding okay let's see what else you guys are coming up with big wedding yeah beard maybe your misters got a beard my twin has a beard up yeah you got a beard well you'll be one of those bearded mrs. or you got missed when is your wedding do you have June in here let's see yes oh girl you might have a June wedding you might have let's see if you have you know I'm July but I see June maybe a day wedding I don't have any wine Hey sugar tell plain sugar than scrabble somebody go tell Queen sugar go text her tell her I'm busy with Scrabble she's wanted to do a hold on I got to tell her for a second she's taught she's messaging me and I think she doesn't even realize that I'm troubled nothing yo yo yo we need ah see if I could get this message part of me for just a moment why didn't Queen sugar waste good I don't see why Queen sugar didn't have a notification bell going off when I'm on online that is just wrong my bestie didn't even know I was live waste ooh I think someone's getting the slender waist for their wedding hello I keep getting bad though I think you know a little bit naughty because you're getting sexy here you getting a nice waistline let's see we got a girl we got a girl sexy girl I don't think we have anything else no you got a gig okay I think it's any rug yeah Roberts kidding no he could get kind of not if you want to I as long as everybody's on board with me the wasted little bands yes your weddings gonna be a big wedding because you're gonna have a band on this could also be mean wedding bands hello like a resin ring and there is ring here too isn't there right you guys said ring oh you're gonna get engaged everything in here was about marriage just about wedding bands yeah wedding band all right I'm gonna move on now you guys I could stay with one person forever now I'm gonna do a daddy-o spooling again

you're welcome Zoe I wonder if I don't have Martin oh do I let's see I have Martin this was your reading see Zoe Martin's reading writin okay so it's race day I think you guys could still see and then in a minute I will put on the overhead oh no it's just romantic like this and Ansel that soft lighting all right okay potato keenya that wasn't an example just use me but that was okay here we go we got a lot of our so I'm sure we got ray in here some winner look at three hours what's going on with that so a deer meat is stuff I say I got that's why I was thinking ray means a name I call myself ha the long long way to go you got the our Zoe you're in here you're in you're in the relationship with Ray I was just because Zoe and rare in the house together Zoe [Music] fan maybe Zoey's your fan thank you hello s2 going on oh man are you getting married to name again and we had another W why is everybody getting married I don't see ad though okay good oh do I still have an umbrella you let me see me my umbrella no peace oh yeah here it is my um Briella ella ella i don't have a lot of ours friend there we go I found a big one umbrella so you must be live in the place where it rains a lot well of weather I know and like that's a good good word of Lila okay so let's see

what we got rain I just said you're following some place that rains a lot but when it rains it pours Bella you like to eat your figs let's go look see what you guys are finding yup neener can you guys hear me okay my computer says that we're spooling somebody checked with me and say they can hear me can you meet down here me my fonts okay thank you Sarah my phones fine it's just the computers being silly huh that's okay but like the chat is moving that's weird okay so oh you guys we got figure here - oh hi clean uh-huh welcome to Scrabble cast Friday all right so um so yeah we got um what do we have oh you're almost home okay after this maybe we can do our private reading together okay so yeah look at that figure it's you so another person is fixing their figure because you know you don't want to get caught in the rain look you got bigger rain an umbrella Wow

Ren this bird might have some clues take for you a wren if hmm figure if I made a really big group of words here all right let's see what else foul yes bird like I said um I ran right there could be an important fowl that that shows you a message do you guys have friends II do you have it weird if that we're gonna eat grain I don't know why I'm doing this but this woman's name has popped out to me eat grain so eat grain there's a I think it's a goddess look up eat grains using meat goddess or maybe it's spelt differently with an e be great like that something like that then I have like do we have a gland some really pretty words here I don't see any these to be gonna be R let me really have like no but okay let's see what else y'all I got rare good what's rare rare mine mine oh you know you might have that red line which you know could be that that red that string or you know how many DS C it's like this is what's cool about us like you have so many letters and yet you can only get certain amount you've got long tho long something is long might take a long time maybe or it's you're being lost a lot of time you got from you ing - so let's see what we can put with with an eye on Jeannie we got like rise don't have any essence

I have airing do you have an earring earring really from it flower yeah flower Haley you can have an flower earring alright so right be on the lookout with for a girl with the flower earring named eat grain can't see oh yeah you got John that's good yeah we've got lots of use here gotta make use of them make use of the use where's the key no sandy oh wait I think we have brain brain that's good you have a strong brain and you have a strong minds all right do you have the D oh no we don't have the D we have a brain that's that's part Oh butter your name is Brian we also have Brian maybe there's somebody you know named Brian oh I think you have murder no we don't have any DS what all right look I think we have Weiss Weiss brianna is your wife I think and we have a Brianna maybe look at all these girls names Rihanna all right well that was a look whoa Oh Julie learning balance and Zen awesome I'm gonna do right out learning and then I think they'll does me learning learn that's a long one learning yes and balance nice one

and where's my see we don't have a scene you know how I seen you I think we have ballet no tease either good ball maybe you'll go to a ball what it is is it

see oh yeah we do have the Zen Zen ball a Zen ball then that's good learning good son and a wife and yeah you had a flower here run a women's names so you have a lot to choose from out there I think that's what yours is about you're gonna have a lot of choices and the girls are gonna flock to you love Zen nice good one ray-ray just for clarification you are a deed right because I keep saying guy okay where's the baby I'm Suzy oh well you still then

Lou you got Lou hmm fine he'll be fine all right ray are you a guy that likes girls let's make sure it's not you don't have to beat them tell anybody if I know just because we had a couple of guys names into your mom's name is Lou ah nice

yeah well you get the ring so you might be proposing to somebody and there's some female opportunity out there it looks like and I feel like you know your mom's gonna approve there's a beak there's a bee BAM there what what did I need to be for battle I know for balance um but what did I need a be for Karen mm-hmm oh well I'm gonna run the speed oh wait no no see that's the problem we have error I mean we could do this forever right so you guys I mean I know a lot of you guys probably have Scrabble out there you could do this for yourself and also you can do your name write a bigger name for yourselves so all right I'm gonna move on to the next person I hope you enjoyed that ray here we go

okay I iced eyes like stars I mean the eyes like stars because she's the next one I saw eyes like stars eyes without a face okay good bunch good bunch yeah pour and pour some sugar on me the F you're the Divine Feminine [Music]

the money my dawn and I was thinking that so cool that Lou came out for race reading maybe we got a body so like we have a hidden body who's hiding the body here no bud are you getting married - we got Wed for some wedding cake on me let it be doesn't see any offer here with you - alrighty let's see what we got here okie dokie you guys go yes wine good one we got wine so pour some wine on her because you're gonna get married oh I see you're gonna win of those kinds of weddings what everybody's gonna go nuts and somebody's gonna pour some wine on you you're gonna have somebody's gonna ask for your hands possibly a bra that's a good one abroad I see you'd where's our okay always a broad abroad oh is that it oh wow have abode are you gonna get a new house food I see I already have clients yeah you're kind nice one

and I already said find it a night all right Oh kid my kid got like a little kid in you finer yeah finer you got her and okay like a diagram a diadem and my mom would be in trouble you guys played Scrabble with her we are he's talking to you somebody saying we are fine we are fine we are fine

[Music] Hurdle good one Wow good heard all the other yeah I'll see you oh there it is you and her doll you're gonna get over the hurdle that's like that's promising definitely have an L you don't have an O but we have heard you've been heard they hear you they can hear you and they say they're fine and they say boo somebody you know your ancestors are somebody or talking to you they're trying to scare you here yeah it says we ate we ate fine okay let's see what else you guys got booked nice look the book of love and fire yeah fire a nice one somebody in the fire there's somebody earned a book in the fire oh I have proud good one proud we have Dan I don't know if anybody big Dan or knows Dan or cares about a band and a daisy I have but that's you need an s phenomen and a white for all we got Brook so maybe um something outdoors needs to be happening here a Brooke Brooke

we got days based and shapes used a little bit dazed what do you need you need I think you need bed I need that same bed but you also get in red I don't know if you have to like thing let's see I think orgy no you're just wet so you only went with me oh I think we have an I owe you somebody owes you something and they'll pay you back yeah and I owe you oh we don't have any scenes could have had a fiance but it was no seams or anything like that or ands i think okay they could see oh we got head head head head head I'm on it we don't have any wise and head in the body and yeah oh you have potato over here no no it sounds good one okay so a lizard that's a good one lizard we have oh I see oh no there's no but yeah that's Z it's like what do you want you tryna do stuff with the V don't ya one of these don't do with it and over to you we have friend I'm there and Zane friend where's our friend okay three and and also the end that's nice maybe you'll add your friends you have a headband so you know something about your headbands maybe something to do with those headbands or a band you know it could be a band a ring but it could be used to be playing in advance I see bud like buddy but somebody in your as a bud band bud like a band mates

okay all right I could go but I could do this forever you go I think you got a IKEA you know shop for at IKEA for your store ideas your father tried you okay your guys I'm gonna go on to the night-sun oh sure Stella Stella Stella Stella snacks yeah good I got kids Stella Stella is next you're welcome eyes like stars okay here we go Stella Stella okay see how Stella Stella did it she hit it right at the right time landing on our spending it but you can't ever predict exactly when it had varicella and what's the first word that I can see oh do we have anyone coming running cover Lori mr. Lawry in the house all right kind of dark right you guys can still see pretty good it's like Twilight pay nice hey pal you anybody now let's take it give me money it's to do that in order to do that you need super chat and then in your super check you can say I want scroll costs pennies or whatever you want oh we got um something fun we've got a thong don't the thongs on the phone definitely got pay do we have day yeah paid day we have song song that's why I've been singing what's going on I keep singing

can we have an ax star for you team I think we have a star Lord uh my Stella Stella that's perfect cause you're a star oh I think we might have Stella no wait how many well I have one L we gots tell Stella's felt different me what CD I feel like we're having to use it do you have the ring awesome ring only Nana's ring a ring a ding ding ring is coming Stella Stella Stella your star the stars are shining bright for you yeah stars the stars and the other person's eyes and pierced ello everybody that's got a star Themis out tonight you are doing great you're doing things what are you doing you're doing oh my goodness you guys sorry about that hey happy bird you're doing things it's like the camera keeps wanting to take pictures of my chest yeah I could be a sign hikes all right hike hike uh nope okay guys okay but we have we have fits wonderfully I know we got hanging said hey yeah yeah yeah we have shy the Stella Stella she's kind of shy oh we have um see I have trip maybe yep that trip Oh shy trip all right the sling one else uh-oh hi into just sharing my ah my computer closed up hold on moment you guys okay people are so silly when it comes to looking at hotel and spraying nice one nice line a side trips where you gonna get a hotel

and letter up um and spring or sip so sipping and spring

yeah spring hotel you might be a von de 30 come when coming along okay died a little a bike trip okay let's see a bike trip so and to to the messages with sherry just came so you guys fill her in on what we're doing here oh I don't think we have a K this time okay so we just have our hotel trip a hotel and we have let's see a bed bed so I say some activity going on oh we have sponge sponge bob i bet we have spongebob is there any spongebob fans out there SpongeBob SquarePants no we don't have another bead Oh too bad but a spongy body no you don't want spongy body but you have a nice bun you have a nice body I think your body's nice oh we do have a me them I mean it's let's see we've got nice or do we know see how about sexy you know no accident a good body not a good body but not together okay guys oh they did oh and I had sponge yeah I mean my kids love spongebob - I happen something like I'm very much myself like him very much or very nice let's see order order in the courts border but orderly you know you could be a very orderly person that's good and I'm an ordinary person or you can order my tarot cards which I have my first shipment going out tomorrow to England I'm so excited I'm so excited you guys it's gonna be back in the market place pretty soon and I might have a next the next version will be um silver edged so that could be happening oh we don't have order because we need another arm and that's the rules you know you have to have like in your name - ours to make order but that's okay it was it was almost there Teddy so let's see coming up with left over see that's a good one Stella Stella okay let's see what we can get over and I was just saying I'm sending something overseas didn't I just say that yes well good would Stella Stella overseas nice nice one

Hey and you guys um stay tuned on Sunday nights I always have tarot cards which is my Game of Thrones Tarot and that it really it doesn't exactly it doesn't even follow the Game of Thrones storyline per se it's using the T the Game of Thrones cards which is just like a weekly update of what's going on your life and it's pretty good like I think a lot to come out of that so you might like to watch that on Sunday nights let's see so one if I have Tarot in here so let's see a ah we don't have a second team but we have like maybe there's a Terra Terra person no no Terra person oh don't hit stone we have stoled stone alright we spend a lot of time on this visit I do so uh-oh nice and vibe I like that yeah we're gonna figure out how to use this V these are unique they need some attention v we have phone let's see I think we have fun it's time to call somebody phone yep don't be shy and go and call that person don't be shy you know call the mama Timmy all right okay so that's it for that one you told me only good one holy see now we're starting to see them even though it is getting dark and hairy guys can still see these holy look look what I found okay this is how we're gonna end this one holy all right you guys okay I'm gonna turn on the light and then we're gonna go next okay okay darling you're next okay darlings next only that was getting a very very romantic they're a little bit too romantic so okay darling is next okay darling oh my darling oh my darling you're welcome Stella Stella oh my darling okay darlin so Stella stay with me and help me sell is good at this whoever's good at finding words please stay with me okay here we go here we go okay and what you already found out how did you not know about okay we got ants you guys do we have an aunt

thank you yet we do have on your psychic how did you know there was gonna be a you in there see some of you guys always more psychic than I am no need to be doing this tiny ant tire maybe your aunt just tired tired of Grisham anagen a K Darlene okay meant to be are you kidding me well good for you and you're also gonna have a meeting I see your meeting do you have a G do have a G you're gonna have a meeting and Stella Stella fountain found notes to varys's bead and we got plenty so that is fair in the game i we have the beautiful ing again so let's see what else we can we have a ring and we it's like get ready get yourself ready get yourself to the get your look you know you get the way now get your oh my goodness get your bling on get your being


one year it's only gonna be one year for you and you're gonna get married I think one one yeah one year and AH flat time oh my gosh yeah time time is falling vodka method to the sea ah isn't that creepy and cool at the same time one year in time - what - web can you think of what it says together ah good we'll have the steel from the the others others oh I don't think we have an H no time now agents - so let's think of what's a good - when you to go to key the gank - yeah - back to bake to be to be one year to be okay let's see what's going on so you guys got bay yeah young holiday tonight I know right that would have been perfect one year to one yoga nice getaway I like that one how about when you're dead away GATS let's see where I have to steal to get away I don't know my computer it's being silly but at least my phone is being ok get away I almost don't have to steal it my niece so one time get away that's like a kind of oh man you know like going away and it kind of made me like this is like a chance in a lifetime take it bring it in bring hope you also have reading so you're gonna get a ring you are you oh you're gonna get your rain get your ring you mean be oh I found I got a letter for work for eat every part of it one time get away beauty ring you be ring you bring your we OBGYN do on ok great Toby like maybe you got a Toby in your lives Toby let's see if we can find guys names um Toby I see one that you like oh yeah we've got we've got Greg okay see what else we have do we have a ha nerds [Music] maybe at an awesome mind big Tom got big time over there Big Jim big Tom oh we do have rejean that have Regina Regina get the Nets Oh what woman do it woman yeah wow you're a big woman I mean not in science but as a maybe famous big woman okay okay so what else Tom Hiddleston Susan you have an uncle Greg huh Oh 1/8 that's good angel oh you're an angel angel and your angel is guiding you for sure do we have a no no but we have Angie Angie Amy and Loki are no Loki he's a fun one and he's in gods and Titans too by the way he's a God in the in the Oracle decks that you might want to look up do I even have an L know you know how Luke where did you get Loki from Oh Tom Hiddleston is Loki okay nice he's cute I like him yeah I think I've been catching up on my adventures and so I I saw the I'd seen infinity Wars but it took me forever to see stupid endgame and before I saw endgame I decided I need to see Captain America because I haven't seen that and then I like Miss hooked and I just had to see one multiple but I'm so glad I saw Captain America before us on in game that cuz main end game even prettier and sweeter good stuff but yeah anyway so yeah I'm a nerd I'm not a nerd I just you know I'm I'm a pop-culture fan to be honest with you I like everything that's that's cool and poppin and you know I love interesting stories and storylines and characters and connections of characters that is I guess where I am the nerd I don't know you see game okay let's see games what if we have end game that would be funny all right is this an end game I think it is speaking of end game oh no we don't have a dijo yeah that's that D that we needed that would have made the perfect friends if we had a deeper wedge but we have a game we have the big game what's happening at the big game you know which is code for Super Bowl so you have arts you got aren't somebody to stick here an artist yeah I kind of had an s guess the arts well we certainly got a lot of words out of this without having an s eat so somebody's also neat well that's the smells like your needs yeah gosh a good thing I could spell otherwise I've been really embarrassing myself alright I was you guys yeah yeah yeah I found wounded tell me that's a good one so maybe you know it's on Tony Tony or Tony can spell it all kinds of ways or or tone Lok we have bigger we're not just big we are bigger and you know what I bet we even are big s big bigger and I guess no no we don't have the s so we just bigger that's it that's as far as you go just a bigger you don't beat them all aren't kidding but you can go as far as you want to go it's all up to you so you have a win you have a win and you might have a more more and let's me what else might you have you got a lot of fun stuff here but you might you know like a lot of good things to come to you looks like a lot of abundance and you have the possibility of a reign in your life and yeah you have a bunch of good ones let's see if you guys late yeah don't be late for that important date no we don't have you got it's not this one doesn't have any else let's see what else teenager I love a good one teenager I have teen in my name and it's funny my my real name and my pseudonym both have a lot of both have star in it and both have a lot of similarities and leather so it's just kind of fun so let's see we got the team eating and the aged and teenager you also have age age and oh you can have them that's why we already suddenly you're gonna have a special meeting and eat yeah so okay good one good one I think that's that's good near me nice I like that one I'm gonna end it with mountains because I like that so much it sounds like this fun times notes do you like horses no and you know we don't have a D so it just has to be mounts what if we do have Mountain I think you're a mountain but I like to Kalon fountain yeah this is the mountains it might even be a big mountain you know big mountain so go see that big mountain today I feel like go go to the big mountain you know we are waiting we are we are big mountain go go to the big mountain yay go to the big mountain okay guys oh the wet OB our way oh okay all right so who's next Danny's next Danny's next Oh Rosalie you almost made it Danny Danny's next pick me pick me Danny was the next person I saw Danny's no almost no Joey this is fun isn't it let's do it for two hours and then we could go good night Danny of course basically what happens this on my phone like right there is is where I see your names and stuff and whenever I'm about done with it us you know the one I'm working on I just take the next one so it's kind of just left

all right and then I like any of you want to have a private Scrabble cast with me hey you know email me maybe we can work something out like private Scrabble cast or 5 bucks or something like that so just email me let me know well we can work out a little thing we can do charms and what all my readings if you want to add charms to the reading is $5 extra and yeah we've already got you already thinking this stuff ok Danny Danny Danny 1489 what's for 1489 about Danny 1489 Danny your hots oh my gosh Danny that's the first word I saw hot hot are you allowed or less hot Ladd or latus coming into your life Danny okay see ya Oh Nina Hotel good one hotel do we have an L yeah Hotel you two are going to hotel what's up ladies so I hid in the hotel you're an aspirin okay and are you a less that likes legs oh nice no L because I want to make it's sex appropriate and dad yeah dad are you uh do you like dads how do you dad doing do you like hot dads I like hot dogs so anyway mmm-hmm so nothing greater than a handsome man who is sweet to his kids to me that's attractive all right let's see let's see yeah yeah and India is also in Spanish este dia let's see where we might have money but we have a diner though that's just me X that we can do something fun with and why D Adam oh sorry okay okay well you guys have a see you later okay darling we had fun to get them do you know what a diadem is it's kind of like a crown right it's like it's yeah it's a crown it's a sexy crown and actually it's one of those harem type crowns you know where you're all dripping in jewels and that's your hotel room with your hot guy with your hostage oh my goodness okay meow meows for me on yeah that's neon light at your hotel that's tiny oak it's gonna be at the oaktree hotel okay we oh yeah yo Lea Lea Oh who's Aaliyah do us have lion you guys are so fast I can't even get off the letters flipped over we also have lion Leos and lions

okay we have exclamation you've got his ex is out of here yes let's see okay here we go guys okay let's go Mia Oakley yeah guy Oakley uh yeah okay okay and Oakley Oakley oh please Annie Oakley do you have any yeah we got any anybody named Annie Annie ox kid that's right and why for New York one if we had and why see that would be even better there is an in Oakley well I'm so sorry I didn't fit it's not like it wouldn't I did put a thing we also have PE that what I mean and we have Ken maybe we have a can here or a Kenny me Timmy dad Kenny

wow we got two with two DS what can we do with all these DS did the time on a dime I'm gonna like just go on a whim a dime hot-hot-hot dying hot time you have any teeth right this one I only have one team for that but we can do something else like you also have the time which is good and let's see what kind of time are you gonna have a fine time a fun time yes you can have a fun time fun time at your at your hotel at your holy that's your holy something all guys guess what I see I see I see sex alright this person's having sex Danny you're having sex it's obvious you have the hotel and stuff but it's wholly sex oh that's good oh my gosh once my brain Colbert now tell it to stop KOAT maybe you will just go to one of those campsites instead oh but you also have hands you know maybe he'll propose to you first before you have sex with them and and oh oh I see you know I thought I had cold and oh look I found a word for the whole thing so what does this thing fun time and Holy Hand and old an old koa fun times okay we get into this one time sex and holy koa and out an old and an old holy koa holy okay Kol a holy hands I don't know old holy hands absolutely thank you of course you can't be naked sex well you don't have to be but it's it's more fun that way very good so maybe I can have naked sense here yeah make it so there you go make it six fun with Tim or Tom oh we got home to home on sex fun home naked sex bagel I like that one oh we need another e fun hold hold oh man yeah it's good Danny you gonna hold them in I - yep hi keeps the lasing high yeah yeah and also some icing you yeah okay let's see what I'll see you guys good yep that's Alex all right all right on dude bean right we have Sun yeah we sure do got Sun Sun Sun sucks well I don't have a second s yeah son hold naked Sun it gets onion don't visit the naked Sun man and hold him hold hold him hold him to have and to hold yeah I figure yeah my my huh token I like that one no kiddin

um hi princess in Japanese nice right I'm somebody's a pretty japanese princess here yeah okay we gotta hide don't hide your I'm hidin him oh do we have sudden Oh something said it's gonna happen yeah sudden very nice sudden I sudden oh we got Tok she likes me like to get high let's do it got high and we how many keys do heaven - how many bees mmm we have hello hello yeah we have hello we got the long version is awesome hello so so me sing hello anti and yo greetings from your spirit guides hello hello nan yeah oh maybe hello from nana fofanna donna what is she saying I want she's having fun watching this trouble she wants to play look you'll see good so I said so me is that there let's see okay this is a good group of 11 letters we do we have - oh yeah we have em - wow it's you so don't feel bad I'm the guy you have sex with that's probably gonna be your soul needs and there we have we had to UM we don't bring for you but yeah man and yeah so that's good don't smoke yeah we have smoke so me and smoke I like to keep it with so neat though let's see what let's see what else about your so neat here you can figure out [Applause] somebody said Dean right Dean was a good one for somebody's name at once so you might have it named Eenie or maybe even Deanne but maybe an an oh well we got dead but dead is like I was in life in a way do we have also a life yeah we have life life so make life and okay and

you're not not we have not cannot as a tie the knot so there you go so my cell mate tie the knot but that was hot was the first one you know like a hot band and sex so this sounds really fun did good to me sounds good to me yes ah somebody else loves me everybody keeps that make love notes to me so sweet thank you for your love Oh hound you see I'm not dead whoa that's an interesting message what see if I can spell that out I'm

well that's good I'm glad my soul mates not dead he's been awfully quiet but he's not dead I'm not dead but your soul is is life hmm life your soul has life somebody might like to call you hon doesn't buy you Han with an old Oh hon with you punk punk your horn yeah yeah i honk your horn all right so I'm Knox yep I got not okay guys I'm gonna go to the Nexus next module is next hey Rosalee then Nina I was you'll eat I saw the Rosalina and then you say okay you guys I don't believe anybody wants to try this this is nobody likes this game it's not fun okay Rosalie you ready are you ready here we go [Applause]

full of goodies for you all right what do we got I'm not dead yes somebody's with you you're gonna make a home with somebody

it was damn good wines and zoom-zoom-zoom I see we're gonna zoom I said with my we're gonna me doo doo doo doo doo doo we're gonna soon we're gonna sue if anybody knows where that comes from that's not as in that or as connect my god oh my god oh so we're gonna let's see if I have my name oh you'll maybe y'all might be able to see my name let's see here we go JEA oh and almost I just need the end and then that's my name my first name I real name JEA enemy okay we also have doom gloom and doom don't be gloom and doom rosalie you have a lot of beauty in your life let's see what else we got

and maybe you'll find a guy named John let's see maybe somebody's name this name is important I seep dork does that mean anything no I don't have a car oh well okay you guys yeah y'all need to help me oh good Adam Adam that's great Adam do you know an Adam Mosier me Adam I think I smell love for you almost there we just saw on TV if Jennifer Jennifer and what else it look we got Joe Joe and I'm and Joe you're one of them another person that's good and then you got a lot of guys interested in you I think

where's Cody Cody's good Cody Cody is also interested in you man well as up visually you've got Adam and Joe and Cody all interested in you oh one of the things we're gonna need aged names interested in you pal pal and I hailed you have and we have Dan another Dan yep and even Danny even Danny Danny Cody Joe

moe Moe and Joe and Danny okay here's all your boyfriend's names and how there you go how Moe Joe Cody and Danny they're all Kenny and Kenny so we'll put Kenny over here Kenny and also Joe well it likes you Joel likes you and I think we did Danny Kenny well we have a and we have Kyle we have Kyle oh my goodness you know all dudes names Kyle see why does spirit do that why do I see why don't we hope you have Johnny spell a little different but sometimes they're spelt like that Johnny Aaron yep mode and so a - so maybe you're friends with Zoe oh you have Hank oh great Hank Hank

Joe is your brother's name that's the last day so you brother my people to hook you up with somebody dang Hank name I'm dawn dawn also Donny Donny Donny uh yes enjoy Julie and yeah we got Adam yeah right where's the minute okay let's see if we can figure out where the men are at what are you gonna do with all these guys or whether they come in and you're like so you're gonna find them in the daylight so that's not a clean right there because we don't have nights here so they're in the day well and you know it's a man not a boy you know this is gonna be a real man and maybe his name is Edie oh I got one he's gonna be a leader we have art no but he's gonna take the lead anyways he's gonna take the lead in this situation oh we've got oh well I'm wrong you know I said day but we also have the mood but it could be like you know the mood when in the daytime it's gonna make a difference there or also your communication is going to be like a moon communication you know kind of quiet and under the radar kind of thing yes Leah that's a good one yeah yeah yeah you know I miss Stella Stella she always confides that I really do wait till I have got had to wait I don't know oh Diane's but like with an eye why Diane and Leah and muted

we'd read with joy lead the joyful moon fancy of ska just skis okay hardly Neddy money yes money good one so definitely your guys gonna be have money and he's gonna take the lady and you're gonna have money you're gonna do it all on your own and um you might have to sit you know go through a maze the maze to find the right man the maze of men right but you'll find them you'll find your honey you'll find your honey he'll be nice and sweet yeah you'll have joy with your meat with your honey man yes cuz that's a good lad you might also go to the Kenya way you might also go camping Zach yes Zach exactly that's another good name like Zach and Cody we had Cody with the cave Zack and Cody mm-hm and Zeke I love that name Zeke short for Ezekiel yeah so really I mean the choice is yours you could and you are yes you are a gorgeous lady beautiful and desirable obviously everybody wants to be with you now maybe you're just not noticing this but they are they're they're looking for you I'll let you and you got joy the moon and Zeke all ready to go on a special date I fell keep your eyes open cuz this is gonna happen no yeah like that's good one two I say do a little astrology and look at your notes and see what's up with your nose North node your North node and yourself note about kind of help get you in the right direction and also do some food studying and rituals and stuff because that will help you yeah and really you don't have to go far from home for any of this information you know just google it and stuff do I have Google no I know how many to use that would be silly if I did okay so let's see oh honeymoon there you go that is the end word of your reading honey you're gonna go on a nude honeymoon see I found the honey and the moon but I didn't put them together lady you're going on a honeymoon yes with with dad with Jack Jake with Jake that's it Jake is your man so we figured it out we went through a lot of guys but his name is Jake Wow good good Shirley okay yeah she your next yeah she smacks the oh she's fresh I told you when I see your name right there and I've done that I'm doing this yes I can't scroll up you guys I have to just pick this number this name right here so not yeah she is next yeah she yeah she I won't remember yashi if I do Nina's right now I remember okay rushing me yeah let me know up with a Jake I have honeymoon with the Jake I like that name I named my own spend all Jake because I thought Jake was a good name right dude okay Ashley next then um intuitive mystical is Cherie if y'all can help me remember that order entail different we haven't done use yet have we done until the front all right I'm getting high oh man is to our we could do two hours now it's 207 206 all right but it's I'm gonna do my best okay I'm being a she okay yeah she Nina just um call me and I'll tell you what you're good night and module is a all three a.m. we'll do this again next week how about that everybody liked it and I didn't get too tired and it's already been two hours so it wasn't too bad and we we went through a lot of people but thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry if you didn't get one like and if you want just post below and I can do one for you off camera it's not quite the same thing though you know but I could still do it if you want me to so just let me know and post in the comment section section yeah Nina if I don't get to you maybe I should quit when we with Josh because I am kind of tired now but if I didn't get to you and if you want I can do a just I could just do it just like this throw it on like on my tray and then email you I'm gonna email you post in the comment section what works I found you know even if I found like a whole sentence I'll just tell you what the census or something like that you know well working out amazed yes Alicia okay fine emoji so when this video of posts there's going to be a comment section doesn't always show right away but when it does then you can post your comment in there and then just you know you know have to say anything you just say hey this is emoji can you um I go oh my go I'm sorry embargo and I am on go ETA and I would like a scrabble cast and that's all I have to say you know garlic ask me something like that okay here we go for last but not least I still need you guys to hang out with me though to help me find

okay y'all need to help me find words look look at air I can feel it call it a night hold on I've been waiting for this moment all my life hold on oil air and oil and ba yes address I miss getting just that Joe again dream nice let's see if we can get a dream like this but a dream oh I don't have any ends nope duty too no no no no love we have love good job love somebody's in love love no ends did we got dibs somebody's got dibs on you did somebody did

you found the VI no yashi bliss right

that's why I was singing this song like this did it because you have enough did you need you're out back right there no and you don't have a kiss bad we have kept a bar we have we have really yeah read and read never read trust we have an extra D not see so you might go out get dressed up in a red dress ah wear your red dress don't be shy people's and beautifully be wear that red dress go to the ball mm-hmm only have one open up those hmm

dear last year dear let's see if somebody's gonna send you a message here dear love come with me in your red dress dear sis are you s

you know another way you guys can do use these they all have numbers too so if you guys need timing stuff do a scrabble caster your name and get some timing you know can get some divine timing messages of that you have bod beyond food you have abode so this is a whole you have real tail be real real well if we had all those extra letters we have real love but I still think you got real love d ha you don't have the ring though do you have eyes eyes oil oil royal boy do well

soil we have let's see what you guys think gee I like that one bTW maybe gonna go to the Fiji Islands Fiji is a good place to vacation Fiji and flora Fiji has a lot of floral flowers Laura that's a nice one you got another L flora and yeah so we also have bad and more so you're gonna I moved from the bed down to the down to the floor oh here I go again you also are going to have sex see I told you you guys are so wholesome and I go here I'm gonna lick lick lick you from your head to your toes and I'm Donna and my name's Jane sweet Jane fine

I thought we had two these I was like we don't need that many bees oh look you're going to make a sex video haha oh no what am i doing gosh y'all we're being so sweet and here I go being all terrible there's gonna be a flood mmm it's it's rare it's a rare love we have love okay this is not this is it might be sex but it also love where oh yeah food I'm gonna eat some food do you like your steaks prayer put a lid on it cherry enchantress okay but is quite a mood Hibs thanks six verbs needle like that one doodle doodle of day bar did Deedle let's see if we have dang oh we have oh I like that one giggle oh gee no no giggles here oh you guys are giggling at me okay door mm-hmm the door of course a door you also have old just like the other gal Oh sold something's gonna be sold your video sex tape it's going to be sold

right oh this is a name to erase

we have saying let's save my favorite name for a favor there's somebody a favor mm-hmm yeah here we go again sex favors just could also be ex exclamation you guys are so nice to hang in here did y'all have time I have mmm okay b-side nice besides being in love you will also do sex favors I can handle that you're not that's like what we're in love and so you can having a boat together and everything I got rose to somebody might not be named Rose I give you a rose see I think this is nice it's a it's a mix of love and sex I like it nice lid on it cherry see it's X's and O's that's you know hugs and kisses yeah so far right so far so far so good sucks so far so far will be no little EE oh are you still there Geist right my computer goes to sleep I'm saying good night okay right yeah right let's see if I can so it's a long ride so maybe you're in a long-distance relationship my my computer went to sleep it's my phone still alive it's good thing I plugged in to goodness I would never lasted this long yeah this this has been a fun ride here that she had you know this love so far well bucks something old maybe something special in a box you know what's in that box so yeah I feel like a good sexy love here that is um maybe a little distance but there's promise here for your future I feel like you're gonna get unbowed hi Queen C and yeah I'm even see weddings or rings personally and have any of that did we but we definitely have love and sex so I think that's really good yeah she you have a long-distance relationship and this is promising that you probably will meet so that's kind of good you know that's exciting it's exciting you guys see anything else all right so I am Pete you guys if you haven't noticed Queen see look up there I've been here for two hours and 22 minutes that's my that's the longest I've ever done this stuff you're loved uh oh and you got a rose you know so that's something you got a roast and and doves are flying duh that's a good promise yeah that was good that's good a jar yes a jar leave that door ajar you also had door you know and so don't close door leave it ajar alright well you guys thank you so much for your help - you've been Co Co helpers in the yes Jafar is a good one Co helpers and this divination stuff and it's been really fun so thank you so much oh my God where you're still here thank you so much for hanging in this whole time and being supportive of your fellow sparkles of light all there's still 20 people here so that's pretty amazing so thank you guys yes I will go rest and anybody that wants me to do a Scrabble cast for them you know I it's not gonna be quite as fun like watching it live being spelled out for you but I can certainly throw some some letters and see like what I come up with so just let me know in the comment section and we can do that and I'll bring these out again that's funny because I think everybody had a lot of fun with them all right you guys will have a wonderful evening day morning afternoon wherever you're from I love you all thank you so much for your support in your love and having fun with me and

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