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hey folks map is that here back with another watch review got something really nice for you today today we have the sake GoPro specs 200 meter kinetic quartz diver model number SBC Z 0 to 5 and as usual we'll open it up look at the fit and finish the features in the functions the build quality and I give you my overall impressions of this really nice Seiko prospective JDM which stands for Japanese domestic market version of their kinetic quartz diver a typical sake of pro specs watch box these are always white and the actual box inside is always black there you go as well as whenever you get a kinetic watch the manual is always in green whether it be the normal big size kinetic manual for the Americas or the overseas versions especially the Japanese domestic market which is basically the small little folded up manual inside this plastic sleeve right there that's how you always can tell when you're getting Japanese domestic market version of a Seiko it comes with this type of manual so there you go alright this comes on a black watch pillow let's go ahead put all this stuff away let's get into the review alright as usual we would put all the specs on the left hand side of screen then we'll go more into detail and this actually replaces the old model which is the SBC z0 11 this is the old Japanese made version without the pro specs branding and also replaces the non pro specs branded non Japanese model which is the SKA 371 so this basically replaces all of those different models okay so you're looking at a 45 millimeter case it's 14 millimeters thick it's on a 20 millimeter bracelet it's 200 meters water-resistant which is 660 feet it's got the 5 m62 kinetic movement it's got a six month power reserve it's got a hard Lex crystal of course that has luma bright all over the indexes and hands it's got a unidirectional bezel it does have a dive extension because this is a dive watch it does also have a screw down crown again because this is a dive watch as a date function over here at 3 o'clock it has a power reserve pusher up here at 2 o'clock and of course being a Japanese domestic market version of this watch it is made in Japan so again there have been many iterations of this watch this to me is kind of the pinnacle with prospects now being sold in the United States basically sake it was rebranded all of these the SBC z0 11s these are now the SBC z 0 to 5 it's got the prospects branding on it you can see that it's actually made in Japan so I like you know what they've done I don't think it's too much lettering on here I mean I like it I think it's the first of all it's a fantastic watch I've always loved the look of this watch so let's check out the case typical case you have brushed areas you have polished areas now if you look right here this is not your typical case in the fact that if you look at these these are kind of like allen head screws for the bracelet really interesting kind of a real industrial look to it I like it so it's not going to be quite as easy to take this off the the bracelet off the cases it normally would be interesting the design feature for these new watches really cool so again like the case you have a polished crown polished pusher um of course the case has a nice little curve so it really does hug your wrist I really do like the case typical Seiko bracelet and being a dive watch you're going to have a dive extension and I always like to demonstrate this for people because I get so many questions about how to work this dive extension basically just take your fingernail go on in there you pop it it pops open and then you extend it and it gives you what about an inch maybe about an inch of extra room and this is meant to fit over a wetsuit if you're a diver and that's its only purpose it's not really meant to actually size the watch if you want to size the watch actually you know get the links either get a new link or go over here to the micro adjustments and actually adjust the watch you can see right there I have it on the second one in you know you can actually go further out it'll make a little bit bigger go one more in will make a little bit smaller so you don't use this the size of watch you use this just to put it over a wetsuit so then all you do is you go over here you hook it and then go in here and you snap there you go that is your die of extension so let's also look at the dial I love the depth of this dial it really does have a kind of a three-dimensional look because you have the inner chapter ring the cysts on top of the regular dial all of the marketing all the markers the indexes are applied a lot of depth I like the hands honestly I love the look of the swatch I kind of wish they had put some sort of white bezel around the date window to kind of you know delineate it a little bit from the rest of the dial I don't know why they didn't do it maybe they just they couldn't do it because right here you can see a little luminous PIP over here three o'clock I'm not quite sure why they didn't do it I think would have been you know kind of cool for them to do so anyway there's your dial of course your bezel now this is my probably my only pet peeve is this bezel this bezel is pretty easy to turn I mean it's not you know loose and just kind of turning by itself it's a little bit loose I wish the bezel was a little bit tighter because even kind of a moderate little bump that's going to make the bezel do that and if you wear this watch you'll notice that the bezel will do that once in a while again not a big deal but I wish it was a little bit tighter no big deal other than that I have no qualms with this watch I love the way it looks obviously it tells great time with that kinetic quartz movement inside and having a six month power Reserve is also great and I'll demonstrate this pusher up here what you want to do is you want to wait until the second hand gets to 12 and when it gets to 12 you go ahead push the pusher and depending on how far that second hand goes from 12 to 6 tells you how much power reserve you have left so let's go ahead and do it right now I'm gonna push it there you go so went to 20 so I think 20 is about three months I believe now after it's done it's going to go back to regular timekeeping you'll see that second hand start moving again and I'll just go back to regular timekeeping and probably a couple seconds here I'm guessing you'll see it start moving there you go anyway I think like if it went to just five it's like three or four days if we went to ten and be like a week three would be like a month for be a couple months and then six it's a full six month power reserve so it gives you a really good idea of how much power you have in reserve for this watch district fantastic looking watch and I like the fact that it's made in Japan some people don't feel that that's a big deal I don't know why it is but it is to me I like my watches made in Japan you do pay you do pay more of a premium if you were to get your citizens and psychos that are made in Japan I mean they make great stuff bottom line the whole world knows that I know it you should know it by now - it is the watch is this watch because basically Seiko has manufacturing facilities in Japan and Malaysia is this watch any better than the Malaysian version of this absolutely not I just like the defense that it says Japan down there and if you look on the case back you see let's see where I can find it um right there where my fingers pointing I don't if you can see that or not made in Japan right there I don't know I just like it they've got me their marketing gimmick gimmick has definitely hooked me there you go so anyway now another thing a commenter about a week or so ago thought he knew his stuff and I had to I had to smack him down a little bit if you buy a gym if he a domestic if you buy a Japanese domestic market version watch bottom line one that's made in Japan he said well you know the sake of service center in United States won't services that's absolute bull they will service any watch the Seiko makes whether it be a Japanese domestic market version or one and made Malaysia they service any watch that's made anywhere in the world at any other manufacturing facilities the Seiko service center which is located in New Jersey will definitely take care of your watch I've sent back a couple watches to Seiko couple watches that were made in Japan have absolutely no problem and another thing I wanted to let you all know about and I've said this in a couple of my videos but I like to reiterate it that if you need a couple links for any Seiko watch I don't care if it's a watch it was made 50 years ago Seiko will send you up to three free links absolutely free for any watch that they make so for instance you know if you want one of these you call sacred service center say hey look I need three links for the SBC Z zero to five which of course are the same links for a couple of these and watches they'll send them tea absolutely free free of charge no shipping no cost to you whatsoever they'll get to your house about three or four days which I absolutely love actually citizen does this as well as well as Seiko they really really are good to the customers I actually had a couple links sent from citizen for a titanium watch that I had the satellite wave and those links apiece if I were to have to buy them those links are about 25 dollars apiece for one link because they're titanium but anyways citizen sent them to me for free free shipping again so I love that citizen and Seiko do that for their customers really really cool let me clear try this thing on real quick again as usual Seiko watches fit me out of the box with next to no adjustment there you go great risk presence just a fantastic looking watch man I love this this new these new lugs right here I like that really cool so there you go that's what it looks like on the wrist again I wish this bezel was a little bit tighter see there you go if I do a little bit harder it's going to move and it's not again not a big deal it's not like if you just barely touch it it moves but if you if you apply any sort of force it's going to move a little bit and I can probably send this back and have them adjust it make it a little bit tighter I'm going to actually do that but again not a big deal something I can definitely live with for this watch I really really like to swatch let's go ahead test out the loom let me kill the light here the studio light it's good pop this with some loom you can already see it shine a little bit there and as usual you know what's going to happen luma rights going to light up like crazy there you go man Seiko I don't know what they did how they engineered this loom to be so much brighter than just about anybody else out there but god it's just great great loom you can easily even that the actual index is light up the hands almost a little bit even though the hands actually have loom on them themselves I mean it just really lights up the dial and I guess I'm a little bit of a loom geek I like good loom on watches I don't know what it is I just I mean I love it let me go ahead turn the light back on alright so there you go folks I mean that's been about it for this one again this is just another reiteration of this kinetic quartz again there been a few different versions of this this is kind of like like I said the pinnacle of this version it's the pro specs branded Japanese made version so there you go really really cool watch I like it there been a ton of reviews on this already but I want to give you my take on this Japanese made version the latest pro specs iteration of this watch so anyway so you liked this video please click on like if you want to subscribe to my channel please do so I really really do guys and gals appreciate all the subscribers I try to give you all the best reviews I can so anyway with that being said I've got something really really special coming up in about a week that I'm just I'm like a five-year-old kid I cannot it's like Christmas for me I cannot wait with it for this watch to get here I'm so excited I can't even talk anyway it'll be here in about a week it's brand-new and I cannot wait to get you to do a review on it but anyway I'm not gonna tell you what it is you know what it is but it'll be here in about a week the review will be up and probably a week and a half so anyway that's it for this one again this has been the safe Seiko prospective see I'm so excited to came and talk the sake of pro specs 200-meter kinetic quartz diver model number SBC Z 0 to 5 until the next review I will see y'all

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