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[Applause] [Music] welcome to another episode of Emax edited and with us today we have one of the most loved and cherished nujin nepali musician whose music is a little too far from usual say hello to the dish down who are highly fish hello how are you I'm good thank you thank you for taking time in joining us today thank you for having me have you been what's keeping you busy I'm good I'm good right now just got done with some projects and the latest project is Saturday go home it has been a great year for me 2008 am I too scary no no not be smiling I just woke up just now so I think I'm I'm just adapting with the situation's I'm not wrong you you're taking a break right now yes we'd like to go a little personal here your dad has not been feeling very well and to beat mine you've been travelling going for gigs you know Kylie Chi the mono mono kiku that's all you got Sakura by Rho RT Portugal Newport Center right and is this the reason why you're taking a break at the moment it is one of the reasons to be specific because I never thought ki I would I would be recognized as a musician and I would travel to places when those opportunities came in my hand I was like okay let's do it because as an artist you should give time for the audience and also to the stage because that's your you know that's your platform the real platform is the stage but at the same time that was not feeling better he is recovering but I just think that okay this is fun I have to maintain that smile on my face every time on the stage but now the year has ended I have done my job and now I think okay I need a break and I to go back to that you know singer-songwriter feeling again to get some emotions out that is why let me let me cut you off here emotions out singer-songwriter feeling highly you've not been doing that I just relieved sat so they cool two days earlier and I was busy for a whole month it was a good experience because I got to work with a very cool producer his name is for sale he's a very good producer and we just got the job done and everything the video crew the sound cue you know the people everywhere the supporters were also there which was really good and I think I think it's done for now you know 2018 was really good so I think I should focus on writing more songs for 2019 because I just don't want to be that guy who just got his first song hit and it's just Charlie I'm always struggling and I'll be a hospital forever so maybe I live because everything is just so fine and you're there out there you didn't struggle no boy opening you maybe you're feeling a little fidgety yeah you you do you do used to put up because that's a really good question you you really feel that inside you know so you know when you when you dream of something and it's not coming to you but finally it comes to you and then you think what next you know I need to do because you enjoy when you're struggling you enjoy when there is there are hard times in your life and you just feel alive when you're you know when you have to do so many things just to get that one shot in a way I'm I'm trying to get back again but maybe it's just the way you're looking into things because you're at the peak of your career and you're looking at that peak with a different view of stagnancy maybe I think I I was just learning to play music I just took this rollercoaster ride all of a sudden to be honest I was not prepared for it yeah I was just learning to play music I mean we wish you a bucketful of best wishes thank you sure I'm sure everyone that is watch right now they all love you oh yeah what about Katti batti roundabouts and it's just starting to get fresh money I'm an adaptive person yes Martin are they fresh banana you you buy a Thomas hang up okay and so this is called truth or dance truth or that yeah so I give you a few situations okay five for dancing and five for truth okay so I'll start with truth yeah one thing you are inspired from Korean fashion I think have to be specific the hair style okay okay do you follow Korean fashion I don't know I don't follow that okay go in a fashion but I appreciate that so destination wedding or in Nepalese traditional wedding Nepalese traditional wedding okay if your dream director offered you a Hollywood script okay but you had to go bald for it would you do it yeah if I was an actor I have to accept with the script okay abide by the rules okay one musician you would love listening to accept Justin Bieber I just found out this guy's name is um Shawn Mendes yes yeah he's a very talented actor I think I was I've always been a fan of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer and I think this guy is a mix of both would you love eating homemade Momo's or homemade pizzas homemade moments because we tried pizza once and it was not that ok so what would you choose and why acting class or fitness fitness so ok so these are the situations for dance so you have to dance I have to you have to it is you have to first of all give me this ok you just found out that your girlfriend is pregnant ok ok so I'll give you the privilege Oh I mean because you're a guest ok be one you don't have to stand up you can just like me from your seat ok she's pregnant yes I did it it worked you just won an Oscar different you know I have to be prepared for a good you know you have to dance after dance yes I'm prepared for a good speech on there oh no you found your dance our dance I would do the chicken dance thing you know because it's the easiest ok and how do some Nepali moves like ok holding your camera and just saying this ok you just found out that you're getting married tomorrow ok to a girl you've never seen before I would not dance to that because something about it like sad there's you know there's a girl I don't know about and I'm getting married to that girl I'll just run away alright ok because that's the scary thing - okay so experience acceptable you just got rejected from Scarlett Ronson the first thing I do is I get drunk with my friends and I'm just danced with a bottle online on the top of my head and was you know move my body because it's it's a feeling of embarrassment I mean it could be well I don't propose you were just featured on the cover of GQ what do you call it the thing it's very hard for me to do I don't I can't do that what would you call we just you just do it do like this and just do like there's a popular dance move nowadays yeah exactly exactly that bad thing that's right okay what's that what's the name of that dance move I have no idea so I have another surprise for you since new tatius music like I said idea is far from usual I see a lot of poetic illustrations in your name thank you and I mean I'm sure you're very good at songwriting that way so I'll give you a situation and you have to sing to that situation okay you're stuck in an elevator with the person you hate the most you choking man - so no more lifts my are key okay try to keep munching so no more live more already make sidekick like that that person is really talking me okay okay just just trying to find some words that's all that was really good you're attending your crush's wedding shindig you know it is very difficult jalen one today is cabana boy that's okay okay this is a nice question for you okay when you want to take a leak and there's no wash from nearby IO John Day Ohio kind of thing it's like bad when you're riding without a driving license and you spot a traffic police back to my god it's all a that you know license being there I mean boy that could raise a checking or Guardi Gossard's on you but sorry take the town its own a bank earning some at Imola traffic daily kind of thing okay not bad day no bad you are you're all geared up for your concert okay and you forget the lyrics on stage it has happened to me we have sync to that one be takakuwa he remove me I know Nikki Kota Gede Maile I don't know I just go he's lucky because ya don't like wow look at me yeah you are you a sign oh yeah okay it was it was not bad I am bad I am a bad no you're not I wake up okay let's talk about this when you're on the stage and you forget the lyrics what do you do I just pretend that nothing has happened and I just repeat the same like once again okay and smart people will obviously get that because musicians will obviously get that because they can relate to it for the audience it'll just be like okay qrow and so the fish are you've been doing stage shows for a very long time now you'll be traveling for what straight 25 30 days yeah and and you are not really fine in the head when you're doing that right yeah how do you pull it off it just depends upon the audience I'd like I'd like to say thanks to my audience because you know that that happiness on my face I'm not just pretending I'm not just being you know that actor kind of guy on the stage when you go up on the stage and people are welcoming you all of a sudden you forget everything and you just realize that okay I'm an artist and I should I'm an entertainer and that's my job my job is to entertain people and if they are supporting me it would be a bad thing to me to back out of it I was always an entertainer before I was doing music I used to you know make fun of other people and make my friends laugh and you just you just say I used to create instant jokes and I was that kind of guy so you said you was what about what about it you are not that person anymore I am that person but you know I have to be with my those friends for that that very there needs to be a setting for that for me to you know open up in front of in front of other people I'm always like I'm always this you know like this down-to-earth guy which I am yeah I'm always about a very very nice which I write thank you so much for that so I'm sure this is not your kind of humor but something just crossed my mind ready for this say silk silk silk silk silk silk silk silk silk silk silk silk Wow more so keep on saying it so so so what is a cow drink it it drinks water milk okay came into my mind right oh my god I wish you had actually you were the first person who caught me off guard yeah thank God we'll also be talking about what were you doing before your first song made such a big hit I was working at dawn music store since I started working there I was surrounded by musical instruments all the time and there was nothing you know rather than music in my head all the time I was writing songs and we were doing our job but at the same time it's a music store what else you do right and then one day I was just you know playing my guitar on the terrace and I'm just recording it through a mobile phone I just expected my friends to react to it and there was a lot of you know like there was a lot of engagement in that video and one thing I noticed is since the moment you see people tagging their friends in a video you tend to get that vibe key okay this is going this is going out of my out of my timeline for for a bit you know I was like really excited a name seasoned I who has always been an inspiration for me he told me okay man they take the song out the video I'm at like autumn oh no no this is a very good song like under the word Gera is that a problem and I might've actually no problem man like it moves hallabong and everyone is using in the daily daily life so do that cool cool people will understand he told me and then I just recorded a song inside my bedroom I was just learning to record like you said earlier you feel saturated yeah I do because you know life is not no matter how much I try life can't be normal once again you know I can't be that I want the guy all the time you know I have to think about a lot of things my closest of friends I don't know where they are you know they are all I think they're all angry with me because they think okay this guy just got lost but it's not like that I'm just you know I'm just focusing to spend some time with my family right now and write some new songs because I'll always be a struggle I have you know I've I've come here because of my struggle and I'm always gonna struggle and this is this is the thing I'm going to do for the rest of my life I hope and let's all pray everything gets perfect with uni dish and before you leave I just want you to speak your heart out okay ready I don't have to Diane say you don't have to that's going to work what kind of food are you creating for right now a food to grab or not some food Marta some of people to Aikido - your hair it's operated from - have you tried the temple when it had its operating you know I don't know oh no you should you should try yeah I will because you are always you know like that too much character the villain characters of BOE Collider was like over like up in my screen and just it's - ball ball core al-qaida they retard Paco so easily customize your life you should try that good job it's crazy once the lab you look up - its mr. Santos bundler oh yes I think I was talking you up you DS yeah and then I saw a post with really respectful because I am friends with his son I'm accompanying Gonzaga so Tara I think he started to talk to me such a normal human being you know like such a wonderful human being with a with an aura I love people with to positive or at and I was really fascinated and I'm a big fan of yours since I was losing this little and can I have a picture with you he was like okay no worries I took it I was really happy so if you granted one wish what would it be I want my father to get better like the days before Rocking we all wish the same thing if you're a bird for a day where would you fly to the mountains because I'm always fascinated by the mountains so if you betrayed life with any celebrity for a day who would it be of course it'll be Christian another oh I'm a big fan of it right are you a morning or a night person I'm a night person if you could migrate to any planet which would it be I'd love to go to if it's I know that it's not possible but I'd love to go to Jupiter why because it's the biggest planet and it's just one big ball of gas and there's no land and Gary you know if I got the chance I'll go to Jupiter okay Oh what was your first job I was an intern for a bank because I studied banking and insurance right Wow I completed my studies and you know the system was banking and insurance and I never did that again okay I did it for six months and I thought to myself I'm not going to spend my life in an office sat on a chair all the time counting money over this is all going to define someone else's money I own my first day job was to count the money you know for two days I counted I tried my best but there was a I'm sorry where's the camera Amy I was counting money but you know like they're after that smell of money you just you know just like I think it's just I just took that smell with me and I was every time I was smelling that money even if I was not in that office you know because the toilet is I just do you really honest oh right what's your favorite midnight snack you know peanut butter and you know not the brown bread white bread okay yeah you toasted and you just yeah yeah yeah that's okay are you a cat person or a dog person a bit of both I have that cat side and that dog dude always been a big cat fan you know like tigers lions and leopards and cheetahs and I don't go you know like below if you could travel free where would you go mmm I'll go anywhere but to name a specific I would like to go to Serengeti like Africa I think he really doesn't like human beings at all you know one movie you could watch forever I would watch Forrest Gump forever okay if I have to name one okay or into the wild or Forrest Gump sadly these are the questions I have thanks over thank you know these few minutes fast just like this yes it was love had a great time nation I had a great time thank you for taking me up because I was not in a good state of mind I came here but everything is fine now it's just my aura I'm kidding now is it for today guys we'll see you next week and before he leaves any messages for your fans your followers your well wishes first of all as always I'd like to say thanks to them because they've been there forever and the love and appreciation is I really value them and I'll not take it for granted and I just work I struggle more hustle like I've been doing in the past days so thank you and take care of you and your family because family is the most important thing that's right see you next week [Music] [Applause]

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