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hey what's up guys come David here from the grabbing I'm here again with Rhys and we're going to have a look today at an awesome position I love I really feel it's been ignored in this whole world of leg blocks and that's a like reverse leg attacks or I guess a reverse I should go army position as we would say they are gym here you're gonna love it let's quickly to have a look hey guys reverse atcha gourami everyone Maps feel whoops these days people love toads and knee bars not when they're getting done to you of course but we know that they're very powerful attacks in particular heel hooks and as we learn about inside and outside and straight actually grabbed me attacks the leg blocks if you want to be a high-class grappler and you don't know leg locks you're basically a sitting duck waiting to get annihilated by a blue belt who knows how to do heel hooks so let's have a look at a position that people are okay understand that if I've got my partner here my ability to get into a dominant position on Risa do this on your back point my ability to attack Theresa's legs is directly proportionate that a high level to my ability to immobilize women some form of a sheet around Japanese fore leg entanglement more less so if I could get him inside are she like this violate control it would not be unreasonable at all to expect me to be out of finish race in this position okay just as anyone for finish me but of course people learn the basic actually gramming positions so to demonstrate the more we learn the straight actually grow okay Oh normal actually gravity or in my academy we just call it acting around we then learn outside action gravity and it's fifty-fifty counterpart as well okay of course inside a sugar army I just demonstrated but just in case you missed it here okay so these are all common and it's becoming harder and harder to get into these positions because people know that this means kind of bad right so we're going to have a look at one that's quite easy to get into it's probably one you may have found yourself in before but if you're not using it to attack legs then you're not really living a so let's have a look so anytime I have got someone from this position and he might be doing a wrapping around the leg here doesn't matter where we get here but we always know we can step around but what a lot of people don't recognize is this position where I am sitting atop my opponent okay both his legs are pulled in he will normally you can grab around my waist or something Reese's fine they will normally grab around part of your body in an attempt to get your back I would call this position reverse achieved around the earth that's the way I was taught it so that's the way I teach it now my right leg cuts in as a hamstring curl my left leg cuts in as a hamstring curl and forms a post which opposes my right hand post otherwise you'll find strong guys can roll off and then I clamp my knee in because of course I want to control this leg now upon getting to this position and I'll show you a few ways to get here he will immediately worry usually about a leg bar if he does not just stay there for a second race I will simply collect that leg and fall back here for my leg bar but after being leg bad once that will stop to be convenient easy option him so you will triangle off that leg that's actually what I look for I predict that if guys don't do that then they're not really understanding her leg but it's very well so what I do with my right hand I take a little step I put my knee on the ground okay I keep a firm control of his leg and now my right hand is going to be removed from the map and watch where it goes straight under his right foot here from this position you've got a wonderful triangle leg car which can be locked off now from here I give him a bad decision that I like toe holds myself and I like them I think they're more dangerous than yours of the fight well we have a toehold here okay move right to the toes just don't you know put too much leg in try to minimize the amount of opponent you have here and now I'll be taking this to his bar and pulling at the heel as I extend my here be very careful with toe holds I believe they're far more dangerous than humans it's controversial I believe so if he doesn't want to be titled it's okay he has an easy defense okay he can use his other foot and he kicks my hand off however one two three if he wants to stop this leg bar which is not too hard to do during the early stages of acquisition before I get here he will clamp his hamstring down and lock his other leg over giving me access to my toe hold of course he can kick out one two three but he could kick that back look and now once he's locked it off one to fly so you see he heard me has bad decisions right now how do we get into these positions that's a good question well we have a look at this scenario here he might put me in a half guard now for instance right and I can go forwards back and now be out with my feet and hammers post he will protect his leg because he fears the leg bar go triangle on the other side for him that's it and now my right hand it's gonna go to his right foot and I try and loft tight very tight don't allow any rotation from here instantly go to the toe hole you may want to go for the leg buffers if you wish but I prefer to a halt first he will kick out if he doesn't want to tap one two three if he wants to get this back he has to lock it off with something to avoid me attacking it and when he does he's brought his other foot in if he wants to extend it away and kick out if you have where well of course then we're batters okay however I found early on the hook in fact it was the first submission that I really put off against growing out on as a young person exploring grappling and it's been a special place in my heart ever since so considering that I will show you my two favorite entrances to the heals from that position because you don't have to that's I'll be judging legal guys you can do that in the game Brown load up but if you want cool York's there's a couple that I do I'll just show you much your favorites so I might be inside control one roof yeah like this and I'm minding my own business maybe looking to mount something like that sometimes I'll feel that you know I don't have enough time to attack him well he's so worried about mounds and stuff like that that I don't feel I'm gonna have time to get to my good positions they're all let me get to my submissions he's off the body feels quite secure I can simply put my own leg in when he trying was his leg off roll and I tell however I promise he looks say if I want heel hooks what am I gonna do I really like to look attack I'm gonna show you both of my ways I I rotate to the left and to the right to keep my system very simple I either rotate around to my left or to my right and normally actually which way I go dictates either my favorite heel ball do you like the inside or outside yes but it really depends on what he's doing to me so let's have a look at the outside who look first which i think is a fantastic attack and it does solve a little problem here so if I ever feel that his legs aren't tightly crossed over like this okay so maybe they're like this okay watch what I can do even if they were just lightly cross just as long as there's room for me to insert my torso I'm going to stop turning the corner so I hold is carefully tight I keep my me through to the toes falling in the car set my fault Krim get my outside lock and I'm ready to go right here I'm holding my light up on my elbow kind of awkwardly but once I set this fulcrum and extend this nothing in it just be careful like then I had to hold my own weight up it can be a bit dangerous but is a very fun attack I really like this one because if he's trying to push his feet I like to get my body in but move my box see how I break his grip with my bus now off my feet off and fine okay so that would be an outside we can also have a look at an inside he looks back so okay feel free to triangle off your legs guys but I always use my left hand to hold that leg so I didn't see a need for it sometimes he holds his legs shut and if I try to his right that he he might take my back or something so I don't want that so I forgot the other way too so now everything is in reverse so I wanted to get my name through now I'm trying to hold you and get my knee out I pulled his legs to me I'm trying a lot and now I'm gonna secure with this leg here now some guys like to crank this I didn't think it's very good so I'll snake my rod out Honda to hold right at the ankle now I knew head to the toes get my lock set my fulcrum that one will be done quite quick again Pizza toes come under the heel set my fall crimp and then just millimeters guys elevators all right don't worry about rotating focus on more of a bridge taking the toes down towards the bar okay so you guys know now that we've got to yours inside Google outsider hook okay and we have the toe hold and the leg bar all from this position but it's easy to get here guys so I encourage you to try it out for yourself reverse actually Guerard me or the reverse reverse leg entanglement position whatever you prefer play around find which of those four attacks is your favorite okay I use both IBJJF toehold and leg bar for my ghee and Nagi IBJJF comps and any other comps I get to attack through as heel as well I'm happy to do that too so there you go guys one position for cool submissions I hope you enjoy it take care


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