I DIE: THE GAME | Dark Souls 3 with Friends! Part 1

by: Shootzki

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man oh man I've been waiting for an excuse to play Dark Souls and then I realized that I didn't need an excuse I should have just played it just because I wanted to so you know what Here I am I'm playing Dark Souls and I'm gonna make a character now similar face okay all right all right let's just keep uh let's just keep pressing this button here oh my god I don't think this is working quite right so the face Creator is a little off yeah how about no masculine-feminine what's feminine look apparently being feminine means having green skin all right what about masculine okay means having orange skin and tiny little eyeballs form emphasis weak strong let's be strong strong now that is the face of pure strength strike let's see how big I can make his nose though it was originally long those are step oh my god okay um I think I had no idea how long it was getting from this perspective oh my goodness that is incredible his eyes need to be bigger the eyes are the window to the soul after all so if the eyes are big and means your soul is big oh my god wait wait no no narrow eyes there we go every feature in his face has to be completely crumpled in and I positioned down now that makes him look that how about eye position up there we go he looks like a very very angry man but don't you worry he is strong uh you know what on second thought I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna start over yeah I wasn't about to play through the entire game of Dark Souls looking like a complete idiot Who am I kidding he still looks like an idiot I'm rolling with it anyway because that's my kind of idiot so let's see we got yes my name is rez I'm going to be a knight so I'm gonna Seoul okay perfect let's do this I'm ready hey as full disclosure guys I played Dark Souls like three times that's not the point of this run though once I get through the tutorial I'm going to be meeting up with a friend but until then let's just get through this thing die Wow the sword made no contact with him whatsoever but it still worked you know this Knights armor doesn't quite fit me for something take off my helmet I'm going to take off my shirt then I'm going to take off my gloves and the pants take the can't stay die got that left trigger to parry and then right bumper to repost after a successful parry like that I'm okay that was probably a little unnecessary revival no crossbow for you you know on second thought I kind of changed my mind oh the Knights armor actually looks kind of cool I'm gonna keep my helmet off though because style points look at this chasm turn back that's it why would I do such a thing what might we have here oh that's what we might have hello giant crystal wizard are you doing oh that guy's up gotcha that's rude dude okay I see where the stand now I'm starting to see why it told me to turn back no thanks ah come on come at me ow rude yeah that's what I thought you think I'm afraid of you let's stupid psycho me to turn back why would I do that you're nothing oh I regrets were made regret for me don't worry I'm still alive everybody Oh Rollie Rollie row okay no we're still good here all right all right all right all right yes you're dead you're done you're done got you Wow what a lovely view and this is the part where I get knocked off by an avalanche right annoying tom ow ow rude nothing but a distraction thought he could get the jump on me but I got the jump on him right now I act like I'm total hot stuff but these are the easiest enemies in the entire game I don't know why I'm Tooting my own horn here hi friend oh my goodness that was close yeah these are these things are getting a little too close for comfort I'm gonna stop messing around here ah-ha that's going to give you a headache in the morning so last guy and then boss fight well that was an easy boss it didn't even show up oh wait that's right I totally forgot I have to pull the sword out of his chest and then he wakes up you know usually that I kind of killed someone but in this guy's case it brings in to life let's get a head start on this guy ha ha ha ha wake up man oh my okay ow punch me okay big 180 no worries I got this how does he keep doing that and I totally forgot how ridiculous that society is phone president wow that punch is ludicrous [Music] all right that's it enough man enough right right cross okay okay okay he turns into a giant terrifying monster but everything's still fine I've still got this all under control oh okay almost there I have no more health potion hey we're good I win yes all right good start I'm still Tooting my own horn for things that I don't deserve any commits commendation for but I'm still going to take it anyway some gloves important guys self-love is very important don't ever town play your accomplishments and then behind this door is another bah other other boss another boss no other boss ok but a reward for all my efforts I got a broken straight sword a broken a broken straight as opposed to my not broken straight sword I got a broken straight sword instead yes this is the tool that will truly lead me towards victory a weapon with no exceptional qualities only a mad hauler would choose to fight with this you know what I'm feeling pretty crazy right now I'm feeling pretty crazy right now ah ha ha Amanda's weapon sucks I love it yeah oh boy you know I can actually work with this the in the game is telling me that this is a garbage weapon I don't think so I think this weapon is actually kind of amazing I don't have face cam right now but I really couldn't say that sentence with a straight face I'm more zombies I shall early okay hi I can't believe that was actually I was actually working for this hi there friend wow that spear was rude yes right in the butt alright finally inside this tower Firelink shrine here we are ladies and gentlemen and everything in between here we are I'm going to stick this guy in there and then I'll make myself this awesome bonfire and then I'm going to sit at that you know what I don't feel like sitting at the bonfire you're at high lady by lady I don't want to talk to you yet in fact I'm probably going to try to ignore you as much as I can I thought what this that's not what that's not what this was about that's not what this game is about I don't want to talk I want to I want to smite monsters and speaking of smiting monsters there's a very formidable foe here and I want his weapon I want his weapon very badly so I'm going to actually take out the normal long sword here so I actually stand a chance this man has a composite you see and he can kill me quite fast come on what are you doing oh my goodness mistakes were made I don't know why I tried to attack him there give me a break oh my god he's decimating me okay I'm not hot stuff anymore I'm not oh my god well that's the first of many that's the first of many don't worry guys I can do this I have come to reclaim my souls and then vanquish you naked katana man how I still have many regrets but I will defeat you just you watch out ow oh my god oh my god okay um not really oh my goodness I'm scared of you I'm sexually terrified of a naked man really mexicana oh he's clever he's clever and I'm out of hell wha I want to be here for a while okay naked katana man I'm here to reclaim my souls yet again but my souls are actually up there which means I have to run past you to get them no okay I need my souls back oh my God where are you hi are you kidding me that was a good parry no come on man no [Music] I have returned yet again I just want my souls back mr. katana man it's not so much that I'm okay I suppose it is since he's still attacking me like you're crazy dude come on man all right fine it doesn't stop from a pair of yours you're probably hey I got it I got the berry there we go that's a Santos unfortunately yes oh that's gotta hurt well there goes half your help too bad he can destroy me in three hit come on man come on top that particular food Oh what are you kidding me why did that you know the worst part is I don't even have to fight the naked man I just want to it's a pride thing come on this has to be the one this has to be the one wait I can't parry that move what am i doing I'm a fool it's got to be kidding me

yes okay that's a one hit you know what just get off the ledge yeah you know if I can't beat you normally I'll just beat you the cheesy way ah there it is the uchigatana and and rags but more importantly the katana which I don't have enough stats to wield why did I do all this I don't have I don't have the stats to do this I totally forgot how could I have forgotten all right I might not have high enough stats the wheel - katana yet but I can fix that because this lady helps me level up perfect all right here I am the actual game proper so I've said before I'm not really playing this game for myself I am playing this game because one of my friends got it and I want to help him through the actual friend though remains uncertain you guys are just gonna have to see oh and there it is can't wait I get claim it Dickie what the hell are you doing there wait what you eat what you need you're the one who summoned me yeah also what that was I ah somebody sent you - somebody summon somebody so I know I'll just summon whoever pops up and oh great I got you great are you serious I gotta get a guy sleeper sent hold on hold on a second this is all wrong I wasn't expecting you to summon me I thought I thought someone else was going to be playing this game with me well yeah I mean that's what parents will play this card game with like you know I'm a hard hard what are you talking about this game to sleep hard lie I died at their very first bus like 13 times I know you mean done dear yeah yeah yeah I beat him in once right yeah I mean so did I oh really where we going friend I guess I'm tagging along with you and helping you out all right we got invaded what we just got invaded by oh my god women whoops yeah you do full disclosure I didn't tell you this but when you summon phantoms to help you out you're more susceptible to be invaded by players I'm actually dealing online Wow his abs he tried press hello I know he's evil doesn't mean we have to be unfunded so you wanted you want me to fight him first or rnase all right all right I'll hey hey hold on a second hey get out wait a sec is just just hold all right I guess he's fighting I look he's running away together he's running I'm not really sure where this leaves the Thunder I'm gonna I'm game wait you you want me to do it dang you know this goes all right fine client all right right there okay fine I'll be I'll be a friendly helper phantom okay okay oh okay hold on you get don't don't help me I actually kind of want to I kind of want to do a one-on-one I got a good core right all right right he's taunting you neck no no I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry okay he just teleported what he just teleported for me did you teleport for you I think yeah hang on all right hold on hey can you stop hitting intercept oh my god he's floating to me I'm scared uni I'm scared now skin Beauty I'm so terrified of the question Tori's hand I don't know art oh my god that's a giant hammer nah beauty beauty this is what happens like I'm not sure if you help us with that detected us no it just makes us more able to cooperate with each other ah well if you nee I'm not sure if you realize this but when when people invade you they sometimes they actually do want to still be honorable and stuff they just want a PvP if I don't know like they didn't if they didn't they would they did this guy didn't want the two one wasn't this guy wanted a one-on-one so how about you stop standing there at XI tilde alright fine fine I don't want to die alright okay if I die I can't bury him I can't carry him when he's like this Wow how did he hit me huh okay oh no oh oh wow I did get hit okay okay uni cheer me on I need the support hey can you keep that man he can pay him oh my god oh come on somebody for the first five minutes and only I know we're all going we already got invaded by this fight by a pink a pink ghost why he painted by the way I don't know Wow okay that hurts uni I think unique yeah I think we're about to meet our end here sigh I think uni I'm not sure what you're about to try to do but Beauty uni could you actually do this I don't know why is he hurting me when he rolls into me what's the hole does he have that armor yeah spiky armor doesn't help out did you just blow you up hey fuck come on mr. pink man yeah yeah it's like time ah come on get over here oh dude all right you're gonna have to fight him on your own you know yelps you know anything to drink now I'm going to cheer you up of the craic be on duty now what a lovely start uni what a lovely fish I never wait what you on something he fell all right the the pink phantoms only need to kill a phantom or the hose that's right okay you don't start that again a carbon Lisa uni what do you think that was a pretty good start right yeah scared but my gosh Fred died me I can't believe you're the one who ended up summoning me like this is what you're leading me into man Yeah right really summon you again yeah yeah I put my sign down again I can't believe like great you're going to drag me on yeah a lot of all the I near weirdo adventures I can't believe I can just think of it like golden axe did you ever play gold Matt no I'm not really golden axe right now all I'm thinking about is how you're the one who's gonna be dragging me along told me I come along guys frankly gonna are you serious I have a sine wave I just kick it come on let's just I come on please dude all right come on come on you dick whoa yeah come on why am I even here right now you can do the rest I'm done all right

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